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July 21, 2008

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Instructional Video: Self-Defense

What with Justice Scalia deciding that it's OK for us to shoot bad guys on our premises and the recent case of the Texan who killed two men who were trying to burgle his neighbor, home defense is on a great many gun owners' minds.

This instructional video was sent to me by Chuck Windsor, a retired film actor, and we present it here for your edification. The Gun Nut, of course, makes no endorsement of the tactics seen herein, and all that stuff.


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Sd Bob

I didn't see that coming!


If your reference to the guy who shot two burglers who were robbing his neighbor came from the comment someone left after one of your posts, I am utterly disgusted. His comments were frighteningly racist. PLEASE tell us you are not giving credence to such destructive ignorance by referring to it.

Also disgusted

It wasn't deleted was it? That crap was still there the last time I checked.

Also disgusted

I am glad that Texan shot those two thieving pos's though, and that he was exonerated. They could have come back later, or decided to try rape or child molestation at some point if someone hadn't done what the law cannot. However, their ethnicity was irrelevant.


Oh come on, that was a major story and could have been varified through many media outlets. And if it was that racist guy who alerted us to the story it does not change the facts surrounding it. Many news outlets put their very slanted (liberal) view on stories, but that doesn't change what actually happened. Cut DEP a break.

Mike Diehl

Totally Awesome video!

The Editors

Hi All,

We try our best to follow all comments and delete those that are inappropriate. But with so many comments, it's hard to be everywhere at once. We recently deleted a racist comment in a previous blog, but what comment is being referred to in this post? Thanks



The Final say on the Western debate.

Troy Yaster at 4:07PM ON July 2nd.

How in the world did that even get past your spam filter?

My God!


Thank you Eds,

To Troy,

Many have put forth more honorable text, painting with their backsides in the bottom of a toilet after a long night of drinking.

You sir belong in a cage.


Back to the video...
My wife and daughters all know that any dangerous stranger in the house is the cue to get themselves and the gun between the bad guy and the bedrooms (no collateral damage) and pull the trigger 'til there's nothing but clicks.
I prefer to stick by the old adage, "I'd rather be judged by 12 than carried by 6!"


I don't think that lady will have any more problems.


Thank you, Editors, for your concern.

Dr. Ralph

Instructional video my a$$... I like the "I haven't got a couple minutes" line. Truer words were never spoken.

Jim in Mo.

Very realistic video. As required scantilly dressed babe goes searching for bad guy. Four stars ****

WA Mtnhunter

The wife prefers the 12 gauge autoloader with BBB shot.



Far out and groovy!!!

Boy! Am I upset!

How dare they suggest someone possess an unregistered ROCK! Don't you know that advertising rocks as "NOT A TOY", it will cause known derelicts to arm themselves and attempt violent acts! AND THEN, suggest that any person who can blythly wear lacy panties - WELL! (very well indeed!) - may own a full auto! How are rapists to continue in their chosen fields with such dangers! Let's notify D.C.!

P.S. It's BS, okay!

Blue Ox

Coolest video I seen in a long time!
That chickie refused to become a victim. Simple as that.
Sometimes you just don't have a few minutes.
(now if we can just get "Da Mayer"
and "Da Guv" of Illinois to watch this vid!)


I'll say one thing Blue Ox, if I showed up in a dark hallway wearing the same clothing (?) she has on would probably have the same effect on the bad guy! AND, I wouldn't even need a gun!! He'd probably turn himself wrong-side-out puking! LOL!!!

I agree, "I refuse to become a victim; willingly!"



Dang, does she have a sister?! :)

P.S. Concerning the little disturbance down in Texas, my humble opinion is that my property is worth more than the lives of some two-bit human filth in our country illegally for no purpose other than to leech off law-abiding citizens. The grand jury's aquital was one of the best pieces of news to come out of the courts in a while.


I saw that video a year ago. It was awesome then and it's awesome now!

Blue Ox

That is NOT a pretty picture you just painted!!
[runs to wash off brain]


My kind of gal...rock & roll

Mike Reeder

First of all, the video was funny as hell.
As to the elderly Houston man no-billed for shooting two burglers ransacking his neighbor's house, a couple of points:
1) The story was widely reported and Dave's reference obviously did not depend on some idiot's previous post;
2) The case did not fit the legal requirements of the Texas castle law, but was instead an obvious instance of jury nullification. In other words, the D.A. let the grand jury come to its own conclusions, and jurors relied on a much older, common-law precedent in Texas -- the SOBs needed to die; and
3) Ethnicity as nearly as I can tell had zero to do with this case. However, while it was less widely reported, it should be of some interest that the two shootees were both illegal aliens from Colombia who had been previously deported, and one of them was a convicted drug trafficker. Not sure about the other's rap-sheet, but I'm sure he didn't while away his Sundays singing in the church choir.


It's a beautiful thing! Was she bump firing or was it full auto? You can count on that criminal never committing another crime!


The clip is Monte Python-ish. There’s an ironic edge to it.

However, the clip really states….and I think its unintended…..the obvious fact a person best not depend on gov’t to save their butts. Physically, Economically, or Administratively.

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