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July 15, 2008

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If You Really Want to Feel Bad ...

Prudent gun nuts, upon visiting Safari Outfitters in Salt Point, NY, are advised to bring a change of underwear along, because the odds are that you will wet yourself (or worse) at some of the guns you will see there.

The most recent shorts-stainer is a one-of-a-kind matched pair of Purdey 28-gauge hammer guns, complete with three sets of barrels. The original guns were built by Purdey in 1878, and recently went back there for a complete re-do. The original engraved lockplates, hammers, triggers, and trigger guards were retained, but everything else is new: locks, stocks, and barrels. (The stocks, incidentally, are what is called “bookmatched;” i.e., the blanks are sawed from the same log, so both stocks are nearly identical.) Even the case is new, and of course it comes with a set of handmade tools.


But this does not do justice to the pair. When you pick them up and swing them, they seem to have a life of their own. They are living proof of why the British remain Numero Uno in the world of scatterguns, despite  being an otherwise degenerate race whose great days are long past. The two guns are as slender and graceful as magic wands, which in a sense they are.

How much? I thought you’d never ask. If you show up with $180,000, Niles Wheeler will let you walk out with the cased set. If this sounds extravagant, be aware that if you order a new Purdey 28-gauge today, you will wait 4 years and then pay $130,000 for the one gun. And when you consider that two are unique, and will certainly be worth far more in a few years, you would be well advised to forget about the new Bentley and grab them.

Yes, I know that right now some of you are considering killing your dogs for food and selling your children to fill the gas tank. We’ve been all through this. Life, as John Kennedy said, is not fair.


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Dr. Ralph

Now this is a Purdy gun! It's a really good time to buy expensive things because people like Ed McMahon and Crocodile Dundee aren't paying their bills... Ed maybe doesn't have any guns but I'll bet Paul Hogan does. When I saw him on TV calling the IRS ba$tards I was cheering!

Not fair? The Kennedy's love it. They've switched from illegal liquor to politics but one must chase the money... I was talking to a preacher's wife today and she said her husband hopes and prays America doesn't get the president it deserves.

At $180,000 this gun is a whole lot cheaper than a Lazz if you ask me, but nobody ever does...

Get your links right boys!

Black Rifle Addict

Isn't it ironic to think a $180k dollar gun(set) is bound to be worth more in the coming years, but if someone could afford to buy it in the first place why buy it for investment? It's a gun; shoot the darn thing!
If I could afford it, I would be busting clays with it tomorrow.
ps.Knew a hound man that called, it seemed, every other pup he raised a "Jed". Said he,"I don't care if all my dogs come runnin to the same name makes it easy for me at feedin` time."

Del in KS

Clay Cooper,

As an old infantryman with 3.5 years in Fairbanks been there done that many times.

Black rifle addict,

Maybe thats why George Forman named all his sons George.


Jim in Mo wrote:

Tonight a few miles south of me in STL, there will be a reception/dinner for John McCain. For you and your spouse to actually dine with the man, meet the man, and have your pic taken with the man, $100,000. And yet there will be people falling all over themselves to fork out the money.

Gee I wonder what kind of political favors 100k buys you today?


To build on the notion Clay put forward, here's what I would do if I had $180,000 laying around: I'd quit my job and take a few years off to just hike, camp, fish and hunt. To heck with a real fancy gun -- the experiences are what we're after.

Of course, those Purdies are still awful nice to ogle and drool over. And it goes without saying that if I had enough money to quit my job AND snag those Purdies....


Actually was thinking of killing the children for food and selling the dogs for gas money, the dogs have to be worth more than my kids. At least the dogs can do their job and get it right most of the time.

Clay Cooper

Welcome to,



I supplement my income with a section of clear plastic hose at the bingo hall every Tuesday night. JUST KIDDING!!!!
Actually, it is a high speed electric siphon at the local truck stop. Diesel cost more then unleaded. They are not gonna miss 5 gallons when their tanks hold 200-300 gallons. You hit the ones in the back row. You wait till they are being serviced by a Lot Lizard and they never even notice the extra sucking noise. Although you do get to see some pretty neat guns. One guy pulled out a Tackleberry Special. It had the longest barrel I have ever seen on a gun. Swear to God it must have been 14 inches. It would have made John Holms proud.

But seriously folks the price of Fuel is going to bankrupt this country. The price of food has already gone up and anything that is made with oil is and has gone up. Rubber, Plastics, fertilizer , and so forth. If it cost the American Trucker over $1000 to fill his truck up the cost gets passed on to you. In direct and indirect ways. It cost the farmer more money to run the tractor, he charges more to compensate,it cost the trucker more money to bring the food to the stores. The grocery store has to pay more so they charge more for the food. The power companies charge more because it cost more for the oil. And so on down the line.

Tom the Troll


Beautiful guns -- but could they possibly be worth $180,000? Yes, it would be a good deal to get the two if only one is worth $130,000 -- but again, who says that one gun is really worth that price? While the craftsmanship is certainly second to none -- the inflated price is in the name not the gun...

PS = Zermoid, I want to believe you are cracking an ill advised joke. Just in case you're not... bad kids are primarily the result of bad parenting. I guess if you eat your kids there won't be any evidence to prove that you're no good as a Dad...


Love my 870s and my BPS


Must...regain...control....must turn...the wheel...no. can't go to bank....no....wife will kill me....arrrrrghh.




Now, Dave, give us a rifle, hmmm? Come on, you know you want to. Give us the good stuff, man.


I admit, I like to look at all the pretty toys, and I closely peruse all the Cabela's catalogs they send me, but at the end of the day, I still just have my stuff, most of it "seasoned" (some would read "OLD"), but it is mine. I have everything that I really need and a lot of stuff that I don't.

In the same vein, a lot of guys would spend hours looking at scantily clad sweet young things and dream. And still have go home to their Mrs. The problem with looking at too much stuff that you know is out of reach, you get a sense of ingratitude for what you have. Even though Christie Brinkley is now free from that jerk, I don't think I'll be writing to her to hook up.
I'm satisfied with my woman at home, I don't need more trouble (that's all I would get for scouting around).
As far as more toys, it would be nice, but I don't want to get my "wanter" stuck on too much new stuff. The problem most of us in the US of A have is we want to much stuff and don't understand how the stuff gets in the way of what's really important. If I was independently wealthy (I'm not) stuff might not be an issue. So if you want it, it's up to you to decide if it helps or hinders.


I agree I get lots of use out of my Remington597's. Yes I own a pair of them one is the heavy barrel then other is a plain jane with a stainless steel barrel. Both shoot excellent right out of the box. With no work needed for trigger pull or after market barrels.

Tom the Troll


Call me slow but it took a long time to figure out what 1:30 comment you guys were talking about... then I realized its already gone!

Any WAY One of these days ill own a gun like that!
(you see im still young a foolish enough to think owning things like that are possible!)


Wow! Does Dick Cheney know what the British did to his 28 ga? An interesting point about a culture that can't build a car you can trust to run on a warm, sunny day but can still build a shotgun that is truly art. Still, they also did rather well with Kate Beckensale, whom I really, really do hope (dream)is somewhat of a degenerate, as well as a Brit.


"They are living proof of why the British remain Numero Uno in the world of scatterguns, despite being an otherwise degenerate race whose great days are long past." Kinda funny how if you would have made this statement about another race you probably:
a) would have lost your job and any sponsers you and your magazine might have
b) would have been apologizing to anyone who would listen in a zumbo like fashion
c)have in the very least lost my renewal to field and stream


you stated "They are living proof of why the British remain Numero Uno in the world of scatterguns, despite being an otherwise degenerate race whose great days are long past." Aren't you afraid some Brits will sue you, that kind of comment sounds like something a British barrister could really get their teeth into... Oh, never mind, they would have to have teeth, wouldn't they?

Dr. Ralph

Eat your dog? Is that some kind of hidden message to the spammers... besides everyone knows cats taste like chicken and you've already had some at the local Chinese buffet and there's some serious overpopulation going on around here and wouldn't it be nice to just throw that kitty litter and the accompanying smell right out the window of your gilded palace boom right onto Park Avenue?

Jim in Mo.

Dr. R.,
Your a weirdo. I love Chinese food and I ignore the stereotypical stuff said about their food. Damn yu. I had just convinced myself that couldn't happen.
Got to go check where my cat Willie is.


I don't care if it's cat or rat, still tastes good ;-)

And yes I was kidding about eating the kids, they are all fat anyways, not much real meat there.



Oh, and BTW, even if I had money to burn I wouldn't spend that kind of dough on any gun, there ain't nothing they can put into it to make it worth more than the cost of many people's homes.

Jim in Mo.

Theres nothing wrong with eating kids, taste like chickn'. Cats and dogs do the job their kept for, so they're ok.

Ralph the Rifleman

Gotta admit you guys can sling some funny hash on this post!

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