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June 16, 2008

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The Sounds of Silence

The blog on sitting still touched on the fact that some of the stuff that happens while you're just waiting is sometimes more memorable than the actual hunting. My late friend, Norm Strung, was once in a stand of live oaks in Louisiana, and there are few places eerier than a Deep South live oak forest with the trees all hung with Spanish moss. It's dead still; even the air seems unable to move. The light is dim, and
filters weakly through the branches. So Norm was waiting for a deer to come by and what he saw instead was another hunter creeping toward his tree just like Natty Bumpo. Norm waited until the guy was right underneath him and, in his deepest voice, he bellowed:


The guy on the ground screamed in terror, flung his bow away, and went bounding down the trail in great leaps. Norm never did learn what became of him.

Another F&S editor was once hunting ducks in Canada, and it was a true bluebird day. Nothing was flying, and the hours dragged by. His guide, a Cree Indian, had said nothing all morning, but finally asked:


Our editor replied with a single word, a vulgar euphemism for the reproductive process that none of us would ever dream of using. There was a long, long silence, and then the Cree said:



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Jose Hemanda

WTF David?


Was hunting a few years ago up in a tree stand when an ATV came roaring up the trail, its archery season so I'm in full camo, Guy and girl, mid 20's, start .... well you know...quite the education for a 16 yr old. Completely forgot I was hunting. Shot a deer too later that evening from the same stand.


I have often heard the story of a family friend, who while on his shift of guard duty outside the barracks during basic training, fell asleep sitting with his chin on his chest and his arms folded. As his sergent walked up, he awoke. Seeing the tips of his sergent's boots, and thinking quickly, he said, "Amen," and quickly stood up and saluted the sergent.

Jim in Mo.

Don't know where your from but here its about March the horned owls get in the mood and act almost goofy as deer in rut.

Jim in Mo.

Dave P.C.,
Had a hard time understanding you. If your saying one FFL dealer per one million people, agree NO! Explain a little more, that makes no sense at all.
Perhaps TK got his hands on a computer. NURSE!


In all my years hunting and fishing in Ontario, Quebec, & Labrador I never met Cree or Inuit
who started a conversation. I think there's a lot to be said for not saying much. Most whites will talk your ears off.

Will Becker

All these tales make me think of an old deer hunting freind,who by the way held the world record for several years.His name was Lloyd Goad.As he told me, one afternoon while in his tree stand,a man and his small son apeared close by.They had no idea anyone was around,and the man began to dig up a small pine tree.Lloyd waited a couple minutes,then in a deep voice said,don't you know this is state land?The fellow just fell over in the weeds for a few minutes,then grabed the boy and hightailed it out of there.

Trae B.

Jim in Mo.
If you did have daughters wouldent I be the kind of person you let them date?


Pretty funny Dave, oh yeah, there are 2 p's in Bumppo.



I used to hunt moose with a Cree north of Cochrane,Ontario all the time. His name was Wally. Best I ever got out of Wally was a smile...usually as he watched me (perenially) pulling moose out of the swamps they always manage to die in.
Funny one happened to a friend of mine when we were hunting rabbits along a very remote abandoned rail ditch south of Cleveland. We were several concessions back from our car in very deep snow and middle enough in a field along the ditch that we weren't near any trees. We hadn't seen anyone in hours and the snow was so deep that the road running alongside the tracks beside the ditch was indiscernable. Dan had a sudden and urgent gut ache. Nearby a large old tree bridged the ditch (which was probably 20 feet across and 10 feet deep). While I held his gun, ne kicked snow off the log and found a seat with his drawers down. No sooner had he "sat", than a vintage Dodge pickup came crawling along that road with an old man and his wife in it. Looked like he was plowing with his front bumper. They tooted, waved and went on...Dan did the same because that's all he could do. Wish I'd had a camera.
Even in the quietest (and most remote) moments. Ha,


That old story was form me...sorry for the absence of name


Jim in Mo.,
This happened in lower Alabama, I'll probably have some more "spooked" stories after this weekend, as I am going to scout my new hunt lease for the first time,...I have never been in thick woods by myself,...I envision rattlers by every pine, moccasins around each bend...oh my


I wish the people who, over the years have asked me, "why do you hunt?" could read this blog. It's not about the actual killing of an animal, but the memories.

Tim Foltz

I was bow hunting one foggy Halloween with the wind blowing. I was on the ground. A fox squirrel ran across my boots. Afew minutes later he came back, across my boots. Then I watched a dead tree fall down into the wind. I went home.


Hey Michael and Tim, you said it! It's the memories as you feel in all the posts. The quail coming up and hitting the peak in your cap, or your dog looking at you like you're nuts...no words need be said, but stories are worth a million.
Thanks Dave.

Del in KS

Back when I lived at Ft Wainwright, Ak. a friend,his wife and I went moosehunting south of Cantwell. At one point we was all taking a break beside the Parks highway very close to a RR crossing. My friends wife had to answer a nature call. The only place out of sight from the highway as behind a high bank near the tracks. She just got her pants down when an electric passenger train car full of tourists came by. That thing was right on top of her before she heard it. All those folks saw more than a little wildlife that day. My friend and I LOAO.


You all have commented on things out of the ordinary but no one as said anything about things you have seen out there. Being a truck driver I travel this fair country and do a fair share of night driving. So to keep my mind occupied I listen to talk radio. I admit it I listen to Coast to Coast A.M. with George Noory at night. Some times some of his shows will spook the pants off you. Trust me I don't believe in the stuff that he has on there. But some times at night when you are tired your mind can run away from you and you see stuff that is not supposed to be there or exist.

Tom the Troll

Chad MCcucumber

If Obama becomes president things are going to get like "Conquest of the Planet of the Apes"

Dr. Ralph

Wow Chad, you and Buddy have the same link on your names... you guys related?

Dr. Ralph

Strange things that have happened to me while waiting, which is a much bigger part of hunting than killing... climbed up a tree in a stand and looked over at a pair of green eyes three feet away. Bobcat! He growled, I screamed and thank God he decided to leave.

Walking to a tree stand about ten or more years ago in the pitch black eeriness I heard a lot of animals running very fast towards me so I dropped to my knees and turned on my flashlight and a pack of coyotes was headed my way. The light made them scatter but I was shaking in my boots...

Once I was sitting in my tree and heard what sounded like a thousand soldiers tromping through the woods. I was dumbfounded, what could it possibly be? Turned out there was a flock of Turkeys 100 yards wide and fifty yards deep headed my way.

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