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June 02, 2008

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Odds and Ends

A correspondent of mine just came back from New Zealand where he killed a very big red stag with a single shot from a .308 at 200 yards. The stag dropped in its tracks, and I asked the hunter how he was able to do this with a 58-year-old cartridge whose ballistics are modest at best.
"Easy," he e-mailed back. " I simply put a piece of tape over the caliber stamp on the barrel. That way, the animals don't know what they're being shot with."

In 1978, I had the pleasure of hunting in Botswana with Ian Manning, then a South African PH. As we sat around a mopane-wood fire, toasting dung beetles for supper, the talk turned to the Carter administration, then in its second year and setting new records for ineptitude.
"David," said Ian, "you people [Americans] must stop electing these a******s president. This is quite serious."

It is quite serious; we have not listened to Ian Manning; and we are paying for it.

I've been reading Frederick Forsyth's novel The Afghan, which contains the following information:
"Some snipers like a really tiny bullet, like the Remington 700 .308, a slug so small that it has to be sheathed in a detachable sleeve to go down the barrel at all."

"Heaviest of all [sniper rifles] is the Barrett Light Fifty, a monster that sends a bullet like a human forefinger over a mile with enough speed times weight to cause a human body to explode."
"It [a .408 Cheyenne] was a bolt-action rifle, which he appreciated because the total lockdown of a closed bolt gave that tiny extra stability at the moment of detonation."

"He had burnished and buffed the nose tip [of the bullet] to eradicate the tiniest vibration in flight."
And of course the American SF sniper under discussion makes a head shot at 2,100 yards. Oddly enough, this is do-able. The record for the longest confirmed sniper shot is held by a Canadian sharpshooter named Rob Furlong, who hit a militant in Afghanistan with a .50 McMillan rifle at 2,657 yards. The first shot missed altogether; the second struck the man's backpack, and the third did the job.

Excuse me; I have to go and burnish some nose tips.


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Rocky Mtn Hunter

I have one of the best Gunsmiths could be found. We a guy takes him a gun for what ever reason to be repaired, my smith has riged up stand to hold teh rifle and a string about l0 ft long that he ties to the trigger then loads the rifle with l round in the magazine. The stand has straps to hold gun and a Butt stop to prevent a lot of recoil. The smith says he almost lost both eyes years ago by shooting a gun that he was told shot ok but guy could not zero. The shell bursted wide open when hammer fell. So, he made this contracption for safety in checkig out guns before he begins to work on them. Kinda a safe measure I would say.He also has a simular setup for handguns. He , prior to becomming a gun smith was a tool and dye man and has all the equiptment to make a gun from scratch, and I mean scratch. He can make any part needed for most guns of any caliber. Loves working on real old guns, wher parts not available. He re-did a Custom Made gun I bought, that was made on a Mausr action. We never could find out the caliber when first made, but I love the 06 so he re-chambered and rebored the bbl for a 30-06. Its a tack driver, and much to pretty to wonder thru the woods with/ It's my Ground house gun now and then, but mostly my show and tell gun.The gunsmith says, he never saw one like it and it is suppose to be one of a kind as per where I got my hands on it,.Price, well, best I never tell or a divorse would be coming.. Shoot-um-straight and often. Gunslinger down South

Rocky Mtn Hunter

To above item, he does fire the gun with the string attached to trigger. Sorry I lef the firing out.He is about 10 feet toback when he does fire.

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