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June 25, 2008

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Best Western (Not the Motel)

It occurred to me that we need a contest for best Western movie, so here are the criteria for your nominations:

*Only one nomination per blogger. This will create some painful decisions.

*Authenticity. Clothes, guns, etc. The HBO series Deadwood would get very high marks here. The Searchers, great as it is, would do poorly.

*Qualities as a movie.

*Reality of gunfights

My own selection is The Culpepper Cattle Company, a low-budget, no-star 1970s masterpiece filled with chaotic violence, death, and viciousness. You can practically smell the cow flop.

Go to it.


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Missouri Breaks...it may not be the best ever, but you can't beat the end when Nicholson is describing to Brando how he just got his throat cut

Dan D.

Blazin Saddles!!!!

Ok not the best western, but one of the funniest movies of all time. Sorry, had to throw it out there!



The Good The Bad And The Ugly. Eli Wallach was gold in that movie!


Once Upon A Time in the West, got to be one of the best.

Shane S

The Outlaw Josey Wales, though its not a true cowboy western


I am going to go with Unforgiven.




I've been watching a lot of Westerns over the last two weeks, but I'm also going with Unforgiven.


The Jack Bull. It's probably not as "tough" as some guys would like, but it is a phenomenal movie. I've actually used it to help teach some left wing chicks about property rights since it takes place as these issues were just being worked out during a transition to statehood. If I can use it to convert, and it's a good movie, well, that's worth gold. :)


Open Range.

Everyone dislikes Kevin Costner these days so it seems, but any movie with Mr. Duvall is good by me.

WA Mtnhunter

'Open Range' without a doubt.

WA Mtnhunter

Yep, a lot of actors don't share your values, but they are just actors....

There are many actors and musical artists that are liberal Democrats and worse, but I like their work. After all, it's just an entertainment form.


Tough call here,...Josie Wales, Deadwood, what is the name of the one about a greenhorn trapper starring Redford--Grizzley Adams? But I think my vote would go to the first Lonesome Dove, the portrayal of the Indian war party setting up the ambush, how stealthy and naturally camoflaged in the rocks and bush...by the way the books are outstanding. How about another blog about best western books? Grey, L'Amore, McMurtry, Lewis and Clark's journals....

Ron H

Without a doubt it must be the American classic Lonesome Dove, a story of epic proportions. Robert Duvall was Gus McCrae and Tommy Lee Jones was Woodrow Call in this brilliant rendition of Larry McMurtry's masterpiece.


Open Range, is that the one with Duvall and Costner where they dislodge a crooked sheriff and land baron, with a great shoot out at the end, Duvall finishing the job point blank? Great one, ther is another Duvall western where he is driving cattle north to Canada that is very good as well,..and I hate to admit it but "dances with wolves" has some all-time great scenes...


3:10 to Yuma...the new one...

David Boones

Ripper, you're thinking of Jeremiah Johnson, easily a classic, but I think I need to go with True Grit


I nominate True Grit!


I have heard that someone made a movie loosely based on the life and exploits of Jim Bridger...and I heard it stunk. I would love to see an accurate depiction as described by Stanley Vestal in his biography of Jim. I think it would make an outstanding movie.


Thanks Boones


Thanks Boones


Winchester '73

SD Bob

The Wild Bunch!


Out of all that I have seen I have to go with 'The Magnificent Seven' Yul Brynner's performance alone is enough, add in the rest and it is the #1 best!

jersey pig

toos up between "the man that shot liberty valance" and "silverado". although,"rooster cogburn" is not far behind.

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