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May 19, 2008

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So Who Knows? Politics, Presidents, and the Second Amendment

I feel obliged, as the presidential race becomes somewhat clearer, to weigh in with whatever semi-useful insights I have.

* Hillary is apparently finished as a presidential candidate. This is good news for us. All her Second Amendment b.s. aside, she despises guns and gun owners. A friend of mine at the National Shooting Sports Foundation ranks her and Chuck Schumer as the two senators who hate the Second Amendment most.

* Barack Obama doesn't hate guns or gun owners, but he doesn't see why there should be guns or gun owners, and would vote for any anti-gun law that landed on his desk. He might consider special exemptions for bitter rural people, but who knows?

* John McCain this past week went to the NRA Convention and revealed what a hell of a pro-gunner he is. However, if John McCain thought it would win him the election, he would go to the NRA and eat his grandchildren at the General Members' Meeting. The temptation, therefore, is to assume that McCain is just shining us on; however, he has the uncomfortable habit of speaking the truth every now and then.

* On the other hand, when he does this, he immediately panics and changes his story. So who knows?

* In 2009, Congress will almost certainly be controlled by Democrats.

* However, Congress will remain just as gutless and feckless as it was under the Republicans. So who knows?

* The Supreme Court decision on the Second Amendment is due next month. Any laws proposed by Congress will have to take into account what the Supremes say, pro or con. So who knows?

I am going off to look at photos of Ms. Jaime Pressley.

--- In response to overwhelming demand, here is a photo of Ms. Jaime Pressly. Ms. Pressly has the power to cloud mens' minds. If you feel dizzy or faint, stop looking immediately and switch to a photo of Rosie O'Donnell until your system returns to normal.



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Will there ever be a viable third party candidate? Are the special-interest big donors too entrenched in the current system for a third party to have a chance? I agree with your assessment of the candidates, and wonder if there will ever be an opportunity to vote for someone that doesn't make me at least a little queasy.

Chad Love

I will refrain from reading any more into your last sentence than I should...

R Riggins

Things look bleak indeed. More pictures of Ms. Pressley please.

Ed J

Going off??

I always thought you were off....

Dave Petzal

To Chad Love: Honi soit qui mal y pense. Swine.

To R. Riggins: I have not yet run a photo of Ms. Pressley because I don't think people are ready for it yet. Perhaps I could be persuaded.


please run said photo of Ms. Pressley, this Monday blog needs something interesting.

P.s. thanks for the knife sharpening vidio.


The only thing that a third party will do is guarantee at least two more SCOTUS justices ala Ruth Bader Ginsberg. Senator McCain is the only port in this storm. With the untimely loss of one of our judges, we could be looking at muzzle loaders and archery for hunting. I don't want to take that chance!

Dave Petzal:
Did you once study to be a priest? You seem to have an knack for Latin. Anyway, what does it mean?

I saw an interview with Senator McCain somewhere. I don't he'll lie about 2A. Plus, he's the only one with whom I feel confident about the war on terror. Just my 2 cents.


Not Latin. It's French.

It's the motto for the Order of the Garter. I think.

"Evil to him who thinks evil"...more or less. So I think, again.

DP is a man of the Classics.

Chad Love

Guilty as charged. Let he with a free hand cast the first stone...


YooperJack -
Why do you think a third party candidate would necessarily be liberal (appoint a liberal Supremem Court justice)? Couldn't a Libertarian or Independent candidate appoint a conservative justice? I'm interested in your thoughts.

And Dave, I'm interested in your pictures of Jaime Pressley, but not your motives.

Dave Petzal

To Mark-1: Correct on both counts.

To Yooper Jack: My motives in running photos of wonderful-looking women are purely artistic.


I didn't mean that. If a third-party candidate is serious, he will come from the right. That will ensure BHO's election. While Ralph Nader is running on the left, he won't make much of a dent. Someone on the right, however, will take votes away from McCain in states that he desparately needs, and also could be close. This would include a large portion of the south.

Senator McCain has an interview in the latest issue of American Rifleman. I don't see any reason for not supporting him from that interview. If your favorite SCOTUS justice is Ginsberg, you'll LOVE 4 years of BHO.


YooperJack -
Gotcha. I'm not thinking about the current election year - the candidates are already set. I'm holding out hope for future elections, though.

Dave, consistent with the stream of (semi)consciousness in this thread, how about a picture of Jaime Pressley in a garter?



I agree with your assessment of the candidates, I only wish it gave me more reassurance.

None of the candidates for President seem to be willing to go to bat for gun owners. Everyone should be paying very close attention to State and local races as well.

Dr. Ralph

I watch "What About Earl?" every week and as such have had my fill of Ms.Pressly. No final e Dave, better sites if you spell it correctly. Currently I am exploring Mandy Moore images... just to cleanse the palate and clear my head Chad.
In my mind Barack is the ultimate Democrat Machine. He will say and do whatever the DNC dictates. Possibly more dangerous than Hillazilla errrr Ms. Clinton? McCain is not necessarily following the party platform, whatever that is... It used to be less government, less spending, tighter borders but after W was elected we all found out the hard way that it was not to be. I really haven't heard him say much about the economy but he won't back out of the sandbox like the Demo's and make us look even weaker in the world theatre especially to the Chinese. I wish this was a race between Newt
Gingrich and Ron Paul. I'd happily cast my ballot for either of these men with a warm feeling in my heart. Unfortunately it looks like Obama and McCain neither of which speak our language. Guns....


Hey, I got it right again, Dave? Where's that slinky 28-ga small frame O/U...aka: The Prize.

I’m glad I write in a neighborhood were photos of nubial, skimpily dressed women is considered erotic art and not smut.

I’m relieved Hillary and her crowd appear…mind you... appear on the outs. That woman had fatal personal flaws. …Difficult to recall a year ago that Hillary was considered a shoe-in. I have regained some of my confidence in the American People.

Obama and McCain I feel are both good people trying to do the best job they know how. I think both have made a personal commitment to the country in their own way, but I’m up in the air presently on who would have a better presidency. Both of them are mavericks and unpredictable.

2A wise neither is what I call gun friendly. It’s a gamble on what either would do once in the White House.

Black Rifle Addict

Does it really make a difference who gets elected as president? I mean with all the promises made for national health care and pulling our troops out of Iraq I think gun control will be a back burner issue,maybe?
Now Dave, about this comment" My motives in running photos of wonderful-looking women are purely artistic " this sounds like YOU MAY BE RUNNING FOR OFFICE!

Jim in Mo.

Black Rifle Addict,
I think dave has ulterior motives for posting babes. Perhaps to distract us goobers from his blogs message.


I don't have any problem with some serious babeage, I wjust wish he'd include a photo with the reference. I got a feeling that most of us are pretty harmless anyway.
Keep it up Dave!

Jim in Mo.

Its all in the mind.


Johnny Boy McCain is certainly the lesser of the three current evils, but I still don't trust him at all around my guns.

P.S. Whats the matter Dave? You and Elisha Cuthbert have a falling out?


Its as if you bend over backward to paint Obama in the best possible light.
I really dont get it.

The guy NEVER says anything strongly negative about much of anything.
Thats his method.
That means talking heads like you have a responsibility to to look at his record if you want to analyze him.

If you look at how he votes and what he says he supports. Hes clearly anti-gun.

Bernie Kuntz

The Obama supporters are having a huge "love-fest" tonight in Bozeman, MT where Obama is speaking. Thousands are expected to turn out. (This shows you what has happened to Montana, where things have drifted to the left a great deal in the last 25 years.)

One only needs to look at Obama's voting record to see how vehmently anti-gun he is. His supporters don't really care. The whole situation is scary.


How can any sportsmen vote fot Obama? He has proven that he has no connection with rural America.


DEP; a complement on your taste in cuttlery. You named four of my favorite knives in the current F&S article, but I have one you couldn't have known about. It is a custom Russel skinner, with a 4.5" blade as hard as Hil's heart. It fits my hand to perfection, and has a bone handle. I skinned an elk with it, and it would still shave the hair on my arm afterward without re-sharpening,(pulled a little bit out, though). My Ka-Bar has only a 6"blade, has it been broken off, or were some made that way? BTW, I aquired it honestly,I didn't steal it from uncle. I found it under the seat in a car I baught,in 1964.
Keep 'em commin.

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