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May 21, 2008

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Sit Down, Shut Up

In the early part of the 20th century, Dr. Saxton Pope (one of the founders of modern bowhunting), became the caretaker of a Yahi Indian (the very last of his tribe) named Ishi, and got to watch a genuine subsistence hunter at work. Ishi, said Pope, was not a particularly good shot with a bow, nor were his bow and arrows very much, but what Ishi could do was sit and wait. It was uncanny how still he could remain, and for how long. After a while he would seem to melt into his surroundings, and any game he got a chance at would be taken from only a few yards.

Learning to sit still is one of the great pleasures in hunting. In some places, it's the only viable method. But it's also difficult to acquire the discipline to sit truly still. Years ago in South Carolina I was on a hunt where I shot lots of deer and no one else shot any, and there was ugly talk about the Field & Stream bastard getting the best stands. But it wasn't that at all.

I had learned by then that these deer were highly clued in, and would watch a stand from the woods before coming out into the open, and that sitting still did not include nose picking, scratching, yawning, lifting one cheek to fart, stretching, moving your rifle, or anything else.

I think that if you can sit truly still you can go into the woods wearing purple, lime green, mauve, and Prussian blue and you will still fool the animals because they see movement, not color. And the other benefit of sitting corpse-like is that all the other beasts of the field forget you're there, and you get to watch all sorts of critters going about their lives. Sometimes that's such a good show that you forget all about what you're there for.


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Jim in Mo.

Duck Creek Dick,
I have never heard of him or the series but I will look for it, sounds like fun. Hope you realize I was joking around before.
I have a brain freeze right now but the Chinese guy that pretty much replaced Bruce Lee really cracks me up. He's good and funny.

Jim in Mo.

Jackie Chan!

Rocky Mtn Hunter

At age 73, I've hunted W-tails for 50+ yrs.All this fancy junk advertised to get your game is just that, a game of salesmanship. Two things required to be successful on hunting is, Sit still completely motionless and a good blind. I can;t climb a tree so I have ground blinds and a Buddy Heater. I can sit in that blind all day. I carry a bag of zip lock bags to use and some snacks plus a lot of coffee. I never read, I;m too busy watching Nature. By far better than any TV show. So sit still, be hidden and warm if you can. AS one guy stated, start with correct underwear(no cotton)then the wool. I yet have not bought a plaid woolen shirt, I plan to buy in Nov. so I look the part of Jack O'Connor, as I finally decided to try a 270. Bought a New MArlin XL7 and love it. Hey, I know a guy, near my age, who carries his dog with him hunting. He uses a ground blind or a wooden 8 x 8 building one with heat and screen wire. That dog is the best deer spotter/smeller/hearier in the world. It can smell or see a deer many yds from the hunter and especially before the hunter does. Dog only wants to be let out once or twice in a 10 hour day to relieve himself. Yep, dog biscuits go along as does a water for the dog. Two very happy hunters. What is exciting, is when that dog hears or sees the deer, it does not bark, his ears stick up and he becomes errect on all 4 legs.The remained of the time the dog lays flat out with head in his front paws just looking or listing???? for game. Dog is not for sale at any price. This guy will stop hunting when the dog dies as no other hunting companions near by. Breed????? Jack Russell

Jim in Mo.

Rky Mtn Hunter,
I love sitting in small ground blinds if weather is rainy and cold. With small propane heater have sat from 4:30 am to after dark with peanut butter sandwiches and coffee. Four yrs ago wouldn't have got the only deer of year without the blind. When I saw the deer the deer had been lookin at me.
I would rather have a tree stand. Have always done better.
Never thought of bringin a pooch with me for warmth and entertainment.

Great advice Dave. Its true. Ill have to work at it...only trouble is IM movin to FLorida..as some of yall will remember..and there is just one little issue that might make it tough to sit still..SKEETERS!!!! But if i can master that with all them skeeters biting me into oblivion ...hehehe. Navy Seals eat your hearts out>>LOl

Clay Cooper

Cutters is and has been my #1 choice especially in Alaska. Just stay away from the Bens 100 with 100 percent “DEAT”. It will melt plastic and if you get it in your eyes, it will burn like hell!

Clay Cooper

Jim in Mo.
Because deer now look in trees, I found that my Dog House Ground Blind is now my #1 choice. Up or down packed away in seconds! Just got to make sure you hold it when it pops open, pretty loud 4:30 in the morning!

Clay Cooper

To the person moving to Florida, you better check the wages before you go, $7.50 is considered premium wage in the Fort Walton Beach a few years ago and the don’t give a rip how experience you have, there is always a warm body willing to do it!!

Jim in Mo.

Mine is called the 'outhouse'. Seriously. A bit smaller than your design I believe. One thing to be aware of is set up is a snap but be cautious on take down. The plastic tubing in the seams will kink as your making your twists for storage. I know.

Rocky Mtn Hunter

Jim: When was much younger and not disabled I preferred the tree stand due to distance up high and could see better.However,how and where I now hunt, a ground blind works great. I have 4 locations and I put the blinds out about a week prior to season and leave out till season over. My last 4 Deer killed here at home were from the blinds. Plus, on a very cold Am, that Buddy heater keeps me still. Some times if weather mild, I will sit on a porch on the old farm house with carbord all around me . I do beliieve a Deer's hearing and eyesight are his key defence methods. All this Junk the stores sale to get your game is hogwash in my book. If was gonna use any cover scent would be Turpintine as a drag line. Soak a small piece of cloth, tie a l2 foot piece of stringe to the cloth and drag behind you to your Blind or stand. The Turpintine smells just like Pine as you know and will kill your odor. I leave the cloth outside my blind till thru for the day, drag back to vehicle so deer will not even know I been there. Experts say never hunt the same stand more than twice a week. Bull again, I've hunted the same stand every day for a week or more and seen game each time, just not what I was wanting to shoot.The price of a good Blind about $l00.00 best investment you can make for hunting. One rainy, windy, cold day with your heater inside will more than re-pay the cost of the blind. I have a folding chair in each blind, stays there, good nor a quick nap now and then. Where my Son and I hunt is a nautual crossing for Deer, with beans r corn between our place. We do plant covr crops on our land as well to keep the Deer in the area if possible. Hopefully a new Boss deer has moved in, as I killed old Boss Buck.

AS for a Dog: I wish I had one as my friend does. That Dog can see, hear, smell more deer than l0 people can and never barks, kinda whins a tad when he really sees the deer, but stands still like a bird-dog. A great hunting partner. This guy really did a number on training him to do as he does. O well,, we all can;t have it all just be thankful for what we do have and the opportunity to sit out in Gods great country and enjoy the day. Shoot-straight and often. The old Gunslinger

Jim in Mo.

Rky Mtn Hunter,
I do believe name of this blog is correct. I firmly believe a deer will spot you more if you move than if you stink.
I've got to be honest, I never heard of using turpentine.

Rocky Mtn Hunter

Jim. Try the Turpintine, it realy kills your odor where you walk, plus leaving the soaked rag outside your ground blind helps with any odor from you. It's a lot cheaper than the stuff sold for drag lines. I think a quart cost about 3 bucks and will last many years. Also, if push comes to shove, it also will help get a fire started if need be. I keep a small spray bottle mixed l/2 and l/2 with turpintine and water and sometimes if grass is wet I will spray the bottom of my pants a few squirs to leave the scent on the tall grass. Give it a try this fall, it does work.


well, for a different type of hunting recepie, try the Partridge
cooks or BobWhite Rosters..

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