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May 19, 2008

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On Cops and Guns

The county where I pay outrageous taxes requires that if you have guns in your car, they either be in a locked hard case or in a soft case with a trigger lock. It's likely that of every 100 people who drive with guns in this county (particularly if they're from somewhere else) no more than 10 know about the law, and of those 10 five actually care enough to obey it. This would make for a bad situation, except that most of the county cops don't know what the law is, and don't care about it either.
Most people come to grief copwise/gunwise when they are pulled over for traffic violations or for speeding. Many police routinely ask if you have any weapons in the car, and if the answer is yes, I can assure you that what would have been a simple citation or a warning will go into a whole new dimension. It doesn't matter what you have, or how you're carrying it, or why, you now have trouble.
That's part one. Part two is, although most police are indifferent to gun laws, if you mouth off to them, they will want payback, and if you happen to have a gun with you, you are in deep doo-doo. A shooting/hunting acquaintance of mine told me last week about being pulled over for something and cracking wise to the officer. Then:
"He tore that car apart. He spent a half hour, going through the trunk, the glove compartment, under the seats, everything. If I'd had a gun, I'd be in jail right now."

For more information, on the subject, see if you can find Chris Rock's excellent instructional video, "How To Not Get Your Ass Kicked by the Police" Good taste prohibits us from running it here, but I promise you it's worth your time.


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To Dan D that lives in CT.
Do you have to have a trigger lock for Rifles too when transporting them to lets say the gun range?


Sexy Man

In a time of war, I would have probably reacted in the same manner the Philly cops did. But it wasn't a war.
As I stated, both my children are in law enforcement, I sleep lightly each and every night, hoping I don't get the "call", and I truly empathize with the Philly PD! But, the reaction of the officers was what makes "cops" of "police officers".
Yes, they were supercharged on adrenalin, that's what seperates the "goods" and "bads". They ARE NOT in a war time situation and should not react in such a manner. It's imperative that an officer maintain his composure at ALL times! Yes, it's very difficult at times, but must be done!
I could go on and on, but I won't.
A good officer must and can maintain composure throughout ANY stop and if he/she can't, they need to take a long break!


Del in KS

Me thinks a lot has to do with where you live, your age and any number of other things. A few yr ago myself and a friend was driving thru rural Kansas going duck hunting. I was driving 60 the limit was 65 on a 2 lane blacktop it was about 2 am. We like to talk and many a tale was told that night. However I suddenly found myself in a small town and the speed limit abruptly changed to 25. Next thing you know there are 2 cops on my tail. The officer that approached asked for my license, registration and Insurance card. My card was expired and I could not find the registration. He saw the decoys in my truck and asked what we were up to. I said we are just a couple old veterans going duck hunting and if he would like we could call my insurance agent to verify I was insured. He very politely said no thanks, have a good time and please slow down. He then gave me my papers back and we went hunting. There was no question about guns which we obviously had. In the last 20 yrs I've be stoped 3 times and never been ticketed. The KS law has always been very nice to me.


Most everyone in this part of Texas has a firearm of some sort in their vehicle all of the time. This is one of the benefits of living in a small community. Try that around Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, etc. and you can get your ass in hot water.


First I would like to address Scott's comment (a constructive critique). Speaking as a former LEO, I would not recommend having your license, CCW permit and registration ready until I asked for it. While it may seem like a good and respectful thing to do, the last thing a LEO wants to see is someone rummaging around on or about his/her person or glove box searching for something. One could assume the driver of said vehicle was looking for or reaching for a weapon.
I have been on both sides of the LEO fence. I have worked with and detested a few officers here and there. 95% of the time the bad officers weed themselves out. The only thing that bothered me was some other department or LE agency would pick them up because they already had a certification and would save that agency some money. Then the process would start all over again.
An unfortunate malady that tends to form around some police officers is the "us versus them" syndrome. It is an occupational hazard that some police officers fall into without really meaning to and actually wanting to.
By and large, the majority of policemen are OK guys who care about their community and their friends. Most of them also dislike unprofessional conduct and many complain to their supervisors about them.
Just trying to be objective here.

Clay Cooper

While driving south on I540 in Fayetteville Arkansas, the vehicle in front had a bumper sticker on is tail gate that read, I’LL PROTECT MYSELF AND SERVE MYSELF THANK YOU!

Answer this question even Rush Limbaugh will not answer!

What Government entity is responsible for your personal protection?

Dan D.


Yep, trigger locks on all guns, rifles/shotguns included that are being transported anywhere. I believe we are supposed to have them on all guns in storage in the home also. The exception being Concealed Carry Permit holders.

Dan D.

Sexy Man

I dont know if you are illiterate or what but i Said i DIDN'T ask for special treatmnt when i first got pulled over i could have told him who i was but i didnt because i didnt wnt the treatment it just so hapened tht my uncle was driving by and saw me handcuffed... what i was saying is that there are good and bad cops in the world but for every bad one there is more that are good..when the cop apoligized to me i told him straight up i wouldnt accpt his apology because had it not been for my relationship he wouldnt be apologizing... also i repeadtly said i DID NOT agree with what they did all im saying is if your not man enough to do the job then don't whine about what they do if you wnt to sit and whine about it then why don't you become a cop and chnge things...it's like the Old saying goes "don't complain about the president if you didn't vote".. And for your information Since you decided to be personal the accident i was in fracture 4 vertabrae in my back and left me physically unable to perform the duties the job would entail seeing as it took me 2 years to learn to walk again...

P.S.- i Dont think i'm God's gift to the world, Just his Gift to women.


Sexy Man

I do agree with what you are saying and i will pray for your and for son's lives... I will Say Again that i DO NOT believe what they did was right what i was saying is that they lost their tempers which you are right it should NEVER Happen with a Police Officer and thats why they were given a break i believe 2 of them were fired and i dont knw what happened to the other 2... i do believe that it also has to do with the policeman experiance. a lot..but not all... New officers are the ones who are the d%$ks now ther are old ones to but alot of the new officers on the force are the ones who get what our officers call the "Badge High" whn they first start wering the Badge they do think the cannot be touched...



They're human and pron to mistakes. You have bad cops ,doctors,lawyers and so forth. I had one trooper tear my car apart years ago and it made him madder that he didn't find anything then my speeding. I live in Texas and have a CHL. As of Sept. 1st the castle doctrin gave us the right to carry in our vehicles as long as it was concelled.Didn't mater where. It could be loaded also. I've already had to pull mine twice already. I told the cops that when and if they ever catch the guys to tell em to find another line of work cause they almost died tonight.

Jim in Mo.

Sexy Man,
Check your grammar before you call anyone illiterate.

Dr. Ralph

Cops are humans just like the rest of us. Sometimes they have a bad day just like you and me... instead of going home and kicking the dog they take it out on us. It's called displacement in psych 101. I can't complain because every time I get pulled over I have a nice conversation with the officer and drive away. Guns, open containers, 80 in a 55 you name it and I have walked away untouched. It helps if you look like a cop and can spew copious amounts of bull$h!+...

Hey Nut, it would be in the best interest of anyone owning / carrying a gun to know the laws in their state regarding this privilege. And if you "crack wise" to an officer when pulled over, you get what you asked for. They have a job to do, and aren't paid extra for your dumb comments. Nor did they ask to see your stand-up comedy routine.

And whether all of the cops in your area know (or care) about the law is irrelevant. It only takes one to know it, and that would probably be the one that would pull you over.

Like you said, the Chris Rock video teaches one great lesson: "Yes sir. No sir." If you want to be a smart aleck, then you are asking for the officer to do his job because most sane people aren't going to mouth off to the police.


Sexy Man

Both my cowboys are cowgirls. They both hunt, fish, garden and ride horses. They are both, I think, exemplary officers. They don't take their attitudes to "the window", nor will they accept "attitude" coming out of the window! The "local PD" one, refuses to work speed traps. If she catches you being stupid behind a wheel, she'll redlight you in a heartbeat! She has taken down, cuffed and stuffed more than one drunk and she don't mind the paperwork! So beware!
The other, being federal, don't do the "speed" thing, but, you best have your "bidness" together if she heads your way!


Rocky Mtn Hunter

A few Cops are Ok, working for a living as no other job offeredin area that gives them the feeling of Mr. Big. We have many nice oficers, but now and then a nut slips past the BOSS. So many of these young tough thugs, give them a Badge, hang a 40 caliber on their belt and enough equiptment on the belt to camp out for a month and you are at their mercy. Bite your tongue, say yes-sir;no=sir and you could live. I have a CC permit and you better tell the cop if stopped you got it. Here as per the Law, as long as the firearm is not concealed it's legal to walk down main street. Rather than go thru the hassell, I just got teh CC Permit, to be on the law's better side. Granted some areas you need a gun, others maybe not. But I feel naked with out a firearm that is not within arms reach, house, car, walking, etc. Love the little 380 Kel-tec at 7 oz just for that reason. Never leave home with-out my gun. Peace of Mind. As a rule, I have 2 guns in my vehicles, one in my pocket, the other in the trunk or tool box on my truck. Got a good story =, will relate later, now headed for bed. Kinda worn out from all the Dr's, Hospital, Drug Store Visits in pst 3 days, but news better than i expected. Now maybe can get back to guns and hunting. Still looking for tags for Mulies out West.

Del in KS

Forgot to mention earlier several times police have run up behind me like I was about to be stopped then just go on by. Must be something about my truck.

Sexy Man

That is great i realized after the post that you said Children so i apologize for that i have a daughter if my own who is 2 1/2 and just held her first Worm and we had our first Fishing trip wich she lost intrest in after a little while but thats to be expected i cant wait for her to go up and hunt with me...

Ohh yeah i have my first son on the way due in August!!!!

The Sexiest man Alive


I am a police officer in a small to medium size town in MO. As I approach a vehicle on a traffic stop the first thing I look for is movement. When someone reaches into their glovebox while I'm still in the my car, it makes me nervous. The best thing to do is wait until the officer asks for the insurance card or information before reaching for it. Also, when you lean over to get to the glovebox, lean back so the officer can see inside. Keep your free hand on the steering wheel or in plain view, away from the edge of the seat. DONT keep your insurance in the side of the drivers door. Officer's can't see when you reach down there and it makes them very nervous. If you have a gun in the car, let the officer know right away and let them know where it is. If you dont tell the officer and he sees it you will probably find yourself looking down a barrel. If you do not have a gun in the vehicle and have a CC permit let the officer know that you have the permit but no gun. This is so when we find out you have the CC permit we won't wonder why you didn't say anything about it. In MO we won't know you have a CC permit until we check your driver's license NOT the license plate. I personally don't expect "special treatment" as an officer, just be polite, just as the officer should be, and realize we are doing our job, just like everyone else. Cops have bad days too, sometimes.

Jim in Mo.

I live in small town on eastern side of state. If you can tell I have a CC permit by looking at my drivers lic. then why the hell do I have to buy and carry a completely separate license for CC? Money?

G Miller

Thank God I live in North Carolina where both the lawmakers and the police have some common sense. I have been approached by police for various reasons and have always told them I had a concealed hangun and a CCH permit and have not once been asked to see the gun or the permit! They know the difference between good guys and bad guys here.


CHL (as they are called in Oklahoma) holders have and are taught a routine for dealing with officers at a traffic stop.
No. 1
Roll window down!
No. 2
Keep both hands on the steering wheel until the officer addresses you.
No. 3 AS SOON AS THE OFFICER ALLOWS YOU TO SPEAK, SAY: "I have a CHL and there (is/is not) a firearm in the vehicle!"
(The entire time this is going on, clutch the steering wheel!)From that point on, respond to any orders or commands the officer may give you!
Generally, there will be no problems unless you are doing something stupid like driving under the influence OR start with an attitude!
I have been stopped twice since acquiring my CHL. Once I recieved a warning ticket for a tail light problem, the other, 62 in a 55. Neither time did the officer have a problem with the CHL or my attitude, though I did say to the latter, "Gee, my speedometer could be off that much!"
His reply?
"Gee, I'd have that speedometer checked!" as he handed me the ticket!


Rocky Mtn Hunter

To G. Miller: I too live in N.C. and have a CC permit. I don;t know wher you live in N.C., but it ain't that way here. I was stopped about 6 months ago for a validation sticker had expired l day and I was on my way to NCDV to renew. I Highway Patrol ws in the left lane to pass me, he spotted that sticked ws l day past due and he slowd, fell in behind me. I knew I was in hot water. Sure enough about 200 yds he pulled teh blue light on a 4 lane busy highway and pulled me over. He walkee ujp to car and informed me of my sticker,so happens I had teh renewal card in my short pcket and I handed it to him statingwas on my way to buy another. I told him I had a CC and a gun. He asked where was the gun, was in the glove box then, he ask for it , was in a holster, and he and the gun back to his car, was gone l5 minutes, returned withn a ticket which he presented first and then my gun lastly I do not believe your Drivers Licenses state you have a CC, if so it's coded. But if you gonna carry a hand gun, you better have a CC permit in N>C> , it was too early in Am for this Cop to have had a bad day. That Damn badge and pistol turns them in to Hung Fu in most cases. And, they use that authority to the fullest.Hey, do you get your coffee and meals FREE? neither do I.I;m surer ther are some good cops, but bet 2 to 1, more Non qualified than qualified to carry and gun and wear the Badge. It all boils down to one simple thing. (((( POWER)))))

Ed J

"Gee, my speedometer could be off that much?"

Didn't work for me either. 66 in a 55

Rocky Mtn Hunter

A bad day does not give yu the right to give the John Q Public a hard time. Wher i live they held a seminar for all law enforcement in a large city,all cops were instructed to begin writting more citations for infractions of any time. Budgets in all counties, cities are needing more $$$$$, so best you abide by the laws of the land.They gonna get the $$$ one way or the other at our expense to fill their coffers wants. Best, if you gonna carry a pocket gun, better you have that CC permit are you in a world of S--t. Drive like you suppose to and kiss that Cops A-- if necessary to avoid court.Plus all the points added up will cost you dearly on insurance. Check the laws of the states you will be traveling in , if you can afford the gas to travel and learn which stats honor your CC permit. If not, best you put that gun in the trunk. Can you see what is coming to us who fly to hunt soon??????? will be better to ship that gun to the outfitter. Drive the posted limit and keep your eyes peeled for the hidden cop in these small towns.


First off, if you travel anywhere and you are ignorant as to the firearms laws in that particular area then you get what you get. Now then, Assuming that most of you only encounter police on a traffic stop......Please keep in mind that 99% of the time, Police (at least where I work) deal with absolute ****bags over and over and over again, who's behavior defies logic and reason AND 98% of the time if you are stopped in the city, it is because Police may be looking for something else or enforcing traffic in an area where traffic stops lead to drug arrest, seizures, ect. Suddenly you feel like a CRIMINAL, because you have been stopped by police and oh my god, the officer is so indifferent and seems to have an attitude. (You suddenly think to yourself, "he must have been picked on growing up")

SOOOOO Heres a few things you can do (just a few of my personal favorites) next time your stopped by an officer, to really piss him or her off, so you can give him a piece of your mind after the mean mean officer scolds you.

1.the instant your stopped, jump out of your car and start walking back to the cruiser with a quizical look on your face, as if I should know you personally and shouldnt have stopped you and I should realize you couldnt possibly be a threat to me and I want you to meet me half way.

2.become annoyed at the fact that I now wont allow you to get back into your car after the above.

3.carry on a conversation on your cell phone after I approach the window.

4.begin to tell me a story about how you called police ahwile back for (fill in the blank) and we did nothing, but we certainly have time to pull you over and **** with you.

5. Carry on about how you work for a living, tell the officer repeatedly that your not a criminal and you dont deserve to be treated this way. Dont forget to slip in some silly comment about how I have to fill my quota and I just want your money (like it goes directly into my checking account?) and the always favorite, man oh man if I didn't hide behind this badge.

As far as the "if cops cant maintain professionalism and not get upset, angry, so on and so, spare me, most cops do maintain the above in a way that defies explanation, and then do it over again the next day, despite the fact that we deal with turds constantly, get spit on, shot at, run over, complained on about anything and everything, you name it, as well as deal with the all to often spineless douchbags that cant make decisions for themselfs and want us to raise there kids for them, not to mention instantly fix a bad situation that they have seemingly spent a lifetime developing.

So if you have had a bad encounter with an officer thats to bad, next time you need one dont call and you will no doubt avoid a second bad encounter.

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