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May 12, 2008

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My Range Bag

Thanks to the blogger who suggested this.

Here's what goes into my range bag.

Three pair of headphones, one with sound in them. (Why three? For people I teach, and for the occasional pitiful bastard who shows up on the line with a pair of cotton balls.)

Screwdrivers. Standard blade, Torx, Allen wrenches, and one great big screwdriver for Leupold windage screws.

Belding & Mull takedown steel cleaning rod for knocking out stuck shells.

Leatherman Wave.

Two pairs of molded ear plugs. (Used in combination with the headphones when I shoot muzzle brakes.)

Weatherproof notebook for recording chronograph readings.

Chronograph aiming cards and sunscreens.

Scoring gauges for .22 rimfire matches (sometimes I get to do this.)

Ball-less whistle. (For range officering.)

Stopwatch. (Same.)

A roll of heavy, black stick-on aiming squares. For when my geezer eyes need some help.

Three pairs of shooting glasses. One for me, two as loaners. If you have a spare pair of eyes, you can skip these.

Bug repellent. The little bastards love me.

Two Fisher Space Pens. One small Sharpie. One great big Sharpie. One big fat Magic Marker. Writing is better than trying to remember.

100 rounds of Winchester .22 LR High Velocity for practicing with my .22 rifle.

100 rounds of CCI .22 LR Pistol Match, for practicing with my S&W Model 41. Having the ammo on hand encourages me to practice. I need it.

The weight of all this would bring a mule to its knees, but what the hell, shooting is about having lots of stuff, so why not?


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Dave Petzal

To Tom the Troll: Push-in plugs is all I ever use.


"...a few life size pics of Rosie O topless and in thong panties..."

One thing about it, hang that pic and the range would be yours! That is if you could refrain from heaving every time you looked down range!
Thing two: if you can shoot well with "that" hanging around, I'd say you were either brain dead or ready for ANY situation!



We should all thank Dave for the picture and reference to Elisha. It's done more for my accuracy than anything to date!!


Easy Bubba,

I figure to use da Rosie pic to pattern some of those 120 mm cannister rounds the M1 A1 carries in its ammo locker. It's one of my 'Make a Wish' things.


Dave Petzal

To Del in KS: There is nothing humble about my opinion. That said, I tried Ultra Bore Coat in a .25/06 Savage Tactical Rifle made in the late 90s. It's a button-rifled barrel, and very rough (but a shooter). I applied it a total of four times, and while the powder fouling came out easier, I could see no difference in the amount of copper fouling, or the way it cleaned out. Bill and Doug say there must be a point beyond which it's not effective.

However, Charlie Sisk has used it on custom barrels and has had good results, as, I believe has John Barsness. I'd go ahead and use it, and let me know how it works out.

Clay Cooper

Sounds like Dave is giving the Snap-On Tool Truck some competition!

Clay Cooper

Yep! By’ Golly!
When I was growing up, didn’t have all that fancy stuff of David’s! Instead of making holes in paper targets with rimfire, charcoal briquettes work fantastic with both rimfire and centerfire! Toss them as far as you can and rock and roll baby! Shooting small rocks out in the desert at different ranges 100 to 1000+ are great too and just think of all that gravel I made out their!
There is a difference of growing up shooting 22LR on the range and those raised totally on High Power in the field! O’Ya BABY!
Ishawooa, after thinking about it, you a right Sir!

Ralph the Rifleman

Off the subject here, but have any of you seen the new reality show the "Alaska Experience"?
Basically, a group of city types live in Alaska under survival conditions far removed from city conviences.Many have never shot a rifle before let alone field dress a rabbit, and now their survival depends on it! I think this show gives hunting a much needed positive image in today's world of fast food mentality.
I recommend you all check this program out on the Discovery channel for further info.

Clay Cooper

Ralph the Rifleman
Watched it a few times Ralph. One thing I learned living in Alaska, either you loved it or you hated it! Did you know, the longer you live in sub degree places like Alaska, the greater chance of you become vulnerable to frostbite. As a person adapts to the extreme climates, it makes you more prone to environmental related accidents from hyperthermia to heat stroke. One of the deadliest and overlooked conditions in Arctic Conditions is dehydration. Heat triggers your thirst and cold doesn’t.

Clay Cooper

The weight of all this would bring a mule to its knees?
O’Brother, with a shooters equipment list like this, I wonder what all he takes in the field? WOW!
I tell ya’David, how in the hell do you move around on the firing line with all that crap! I noticed you didn’t have a spotting scope or binoculars on your list. You wouldn’t be firing on a 1000 inch range are you??
No wonder you have only enough room for 22 ammo only!

By the way David, if I didn’t pick on you, you would think I‘m mad at you!
Equal opportunity harassment!
Your turn David !!

Clay Cooper

If you want to see a great show, go to Branson Mo. and see the Yakov Smirnoff show!

Dave Petzal

To Clay Cooper: I would not go to see Yakov Smirnov if he were appearing in Irkutsk or Petrapavlovsk.

Branson is for what passes as country music these days, and I lost interest in country music in 1971 after Jack Blanchard and Misty Morgan's "The Legendary Chicken Fairy" went off the charts. There just didn't seem to be any point after that.

WA Mtnhunter

I think Mr. Yakov has been drinking too much Smirnoff and yacking off waaaay too much.

They say both will make you go blind....

Clay Cooper

Dave Petzal
The only way I will play country music is backwards, were your dog comes home, your truck by some act of God renews itself starts running and your wife/girl friend comes home! Other than Yakov, it’s on my way to Springfield Mo Bass Pro Shop, THE CANDY STORE!


I disagree about That Alaska show .Episode I seen the guy was using an expensive borrowed gun as A walking stick and the other 3 stooges with the .22 were random shooting at A buffalo. Ps i seldom use A range bag my 600 yard is my back yard ,life is good.


Got to disagree with yall...love country..always will. don't like all the artists out there... but I still love it. I play Guitar and banjo..so I sort of have to.

Hey dave...certainly a celebrity such as your self could pull little ol Elisha. common crazier things have happened. Look at Anna Nicole Smith and that one old guy she married (not that your old)
And what if he was a billionare...is money really important.lol


Wait Anna Nicole Smith killed that guy....DAVE DON'T DO IT MAN!!!WE NEED YA. WHERE WOULD THIS BLOG BE WITH OUT YOU!!!


Hey clay. there is a country song with your idea. The artist is Rascal Flatts. and the song is.."When you play a country song backwards" its hillarious.


Wow do we digress!

Country music isn't so much any more. CDB and JR still play it, I guess the Oaks are still around some. Past that it is all sap.

Only things I add to my range bag are a bottle of bubbles to judge wind and a pair of binoculars. I take out one pair each of earmuffs and shooting glasses. Of course if we have a crew going then there is one pair of muffs and one pair of glasses apeice plus one extra. My Leatherman is the Original and rides on my belt in a combo sheath with a small flashlight.

Clay Cooper

By the way David Petzal
Don’t care what they say about you, if I was still in Alaska I’d take you out on one of my hunts in a heartbeat!

Trae B.

Ralph the Rifleman: yea ive watched the alaska experiance and thought it was funny as hell when this lady said "Oh look a buffalo quick get the 22.". Although this makes me think that every school shouls have an outdoor ed class so people will have a bit of common sense. I mean a piece of lead smaller than your pinkie nail. They should have figured that one out.

Ralph the Rifleman

Trae B.-
Yea the .22 and buffalo act was funny..but we talk about rifle calibers getting the job done on game and when you see animals in there natural habitat, and not behind a zoo fence, it helps put NATURE in perspective!
The hunting guide's caliber of choice was the .338 Win mag;can't go wrong with a proven winner!

Philip Brown

Sounds like a standard issue "range bag".

I do not carry ammo in mine - that's a big NO-NO in California South - but I carry several calibres in "bore snakes" and a collimator, plus a copy of local legislation, to balance that. My doctor says I need exercise and the range bag is like a short weights session especially balanced by five rifles.


Dang! I thought I was the only one that hauled around a truckload of stuff! Aside from the guns (usually 3 rifles and a pistol) and ammo, I take targets(paper and the spinner), tape and tacks, sharpie, binoculars, spotting scope, hearing and eye protection(of course), sand bags, cleaning kit, leatherman and flashlight on my belt, pocket knife, cell phone, band aids(just in case), bottled water, and last but not least, my wife(she loves to shoot the .223!). When the kids go, I add snacks, batteries for their MP3 players, and a folding chair. I got a new target for the next time out - it's a picture of HRC HA HA! Years ago, it was one of the I-a-toll-a!

Brian T

Range Bag? I use the back of my old Chev Caprice station wagon. Flats of ammo, 5 gal buckets of useful tools and stuff and gun cases. Hindsight has shown me that helping other, inadequately prepared shooters is kind of fun.

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