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May 12, 2008

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My Range Bag

Thanks to the blogger who suggested this.

Here's what goes into my range bag.

Three pair of headphones, one with sound in them. (Why three? For people I teach, and for the occasional pitiful bastard who shows up on the line with a pair of cotton balls.)

Screwdrivers. Standard blade, Torx, Allen wrenches, and one great big screwdriver for Leupold windage screws.

Belding & Mull takedown steel cleaning rod for knocking out stuck shells.

Leatherman Wave.

Two pairs of molded ear plugs. (Used in combination with the headphones when I shoot muzzle brakes.)

Weatherproof notebook for recording chronograph readings.

Chronograph aiming cards and sunscreens.

Scoring gauges for .22 rimfire matches (sometimes I get to do this.)

Ball-less whistle. (For range officering.)

Stopwatch. (Same.)

A roll of heavy, black stick-on aiming squares. For when my geezer eyes need some help.

Three pairs of shooting glasses. One for me, two as loaners. If you have a spare pair of eyes, you can skip these.

Bug repellent. The little bastards love me.

Two Fisher Space Pens. One small Sharpie. One great big Sharpie. One big fat Magic Marker. Writing is better than trying to remember.

100 rounds of Winchester .22 LR High Velocity for practicing with my .22 rifle.

100 rounds of CCI .22 LR Pistol Match, for practicing with my S&W Model 41. Having the ammo on hand encourages me to practice. I need it.

The weight of all this would bring a mule to its knees, but what the hell, shooting is about having lots of stuff, so why not?


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You forgot pictures of Elisha Cuthbert.

SD  Bob

I agree, you forgot Elisha! I suggest a picture of her carrying your bag! Dang! Did I just draw the line with an innocent comment that can be read many ways?


And it's all in a Filson Bag right :)


I always carry a spare picture of Elisha in my range bag in case some poor bastard forgets his.

Will Becker

My trouble is I always manage to forget at least one thing.

I would add an extra battery for the Chronogragh to that list. My trip to the range was mostly wasted last week because of a battery that went dead. Seems like the wind always blows in KS. Even on a calm day all I have to do to make a breeze kick up is go to the range to test reloads.

Del in KS


THIS AIN'T NO SH*T. I have used Ultracoatings, Inc. Ultraborecoat in 3 of my rifles now and the results are excellent. Now I can load and shoot my muzzleloaders almost indefinitely without having to clean between shots. I was able to easily load my flintlock longrifle with tight fitting patched round balls even after 12 shots with no cleaning. That was with 20 gr of FFG and 60 gr of Pyrodex. In the past I had to clean after every shot. The 2506 cleans up with just a patch dipped in solvent and a couple dry patches. I keep thinking the other shoe is going to drop but so far the only drawback is the stuff stains anything if you don't wipe it up right away. So you can't be sloppy with the application. Anyhow if you would check Ultraborecoat out and give me your IMHO I would appreciate it. I am about to put this stuff in my most prized Shiloh Sharps and would like to hear from you before I do the deed. It's true that Bill and Doug over at U.I. are my friends. After the molycoat bullet thing I was very skeptical but Bill got me to try it. To me you are a disinterested expert 3d party and I would appreciate your honest opinion.

Jim in Mo.

I also carry a small set of jewelers screwdrivers. Can't adjust my Ruger MkII sights without them and you'd be surprised at guys coming over to borrow one for something or other.

Dr. Ralph

Dave you need some teenagers as my bag always contains at least 500 .22's... sandbags, foam earplugs, generic targets and don't forget thumb tacks! Throw in boxes and boxes of 20 and 12 gauge shotgun shells along with at least 250 .30 caliber carbines and two boxes of cartridges to match whatever other center fire rifles I happen to bring.
The Trius 1 Step clay pigeon thrower and two cases of blue rocks don't fit in the bag but always make the trip.


I figure Dave actually has a FATHEAD of Elisha that he unrolls and attaches to the rangehouse wall so as to distract his competition.

Trae B.

Cant argue with the bug spray.


I always bring lens cleaning cloths, dry and the moist ones in the packet, dirty glasses don't help my old eyes. And band-aids. The screw drive/wrench kit is a plus. One more thing, duck tape. NOT FOR MY REVOLVER OR RIFLE, but for sand bags.

The shooting benches at our club are made of concrete. I always carry an old Army poncho liner to cover the table and a sandbag to rest the gunbutt on when loading a muzzleloader.

BTW last week a guy next to me left his rifle on a rifle rest and the wind blew it off onto the concrete floor. It was a new Savage bolt gun. He was sick after that and left.

Del in KS

Sorry, computer again. The above 2 posts are me.


Sounds like someone needs more than one "range bag".. I don't see taking ammo for guns i don't take. I would only carry ammo for what I do plan on shooting.I don't believe I would take .22 ammo If I'm shooting muzzleloaders that day. Some times a small can of gun oil is nice to have..


Be careful of the Pic's of Elisha, they can affect the shooter as well as the comp...

reired waycar rider

Dave , Don't know about you, but, I always take a large standard tripod for my spotting scope. sets right in front of me with the scope on it---saves space o n the shooting bench. also have my cell phone close at hand---just in case-- put it on vibrate, that way it won't bother any else. at our range , we built our firing line large enough so we can back our pick-ups right up to the shooting bench and leave them there---its really a handy thing if you have the room for it. out here in the high plains we never have more than 5 or 6 shooters on the 300 yard range at onetime any way.


Well, I feel I got all y'all whupped!
I don't carry a range bag. I don't carry anything but a spotting scope, gun, ammo for said gun to the range!
If I need anything extra, I just go back home!
Did I mention that the range is in the back yard?
The nearest range of any consequence is 30 miles away. At today's fuel prices, sixty miles just to shoot when I have a spot in the back to shoot all I want?
But, (there's that but[butt!?] again!) by the time I get through shooting, it takes me a wheel barrow to get all the junk I drug out to the bench back into the house and shop! Normally, at least two trips are necessary!
Sometimes, I don't shoot because I know that by the time I get everything to the bench, I gotta put it all back up and it just ain't worth the trouble. In those cases, I just shoot, grumble about the problem and go back inside!



How the hell do you manage to fold Elisha up and get her in the bag?


Better question, why not have her carry the bag? Makes her nice to look at AND useful. (As that's the only use any of us is likely to get out of her!)

lost my zero

these comments relate to previous blogs. Regarding a sling stud unscrewing, coat the screw(stud) threads with contact cement run the screw threads in finger tight, then back it out, wait ten minutes, then reassemble, it is NOT going to back out with out tools.
If you have a swivel stud that threads into an escutcheon under the barrel channel use contact cement to secure the escutcheon, then when you screw the swivel stud into the escutcheon, use loctite #271 on the threads. aint nothin gonna unscrew, unless you want it to!ref: Brownells catalog, page 201

To avoid slings slipping off your shoulder, get a LARGE button, 1 inch or so, sew it on with "spider wire" or similar wonder line.NOTE secure line/knot with superglue. the button trick has worked for me (hasty sling) over 60 years.



Any ya'll from West Virginia? I was just wunderin HOW warm n fuzzy ya felt havin ur kin Hillary back home :-D ?


A few life size pics of Rosie O topless in thong panties could be useful too :-D

What you need is a rolling tool caddy. Basically a square milk crate with wheels and a handle. They line it with a canvas pouch with pockets and slots for all your tools. The screw driver slots work great for what else screw drivers and the Velcro closure pockets work for your scoring gauges and small stuff. Then you can put your pistol bag and ammo and muffs inside.

By the way do you prefer the push in plugs or flat sheets or do you use both for your scoring gauges?

Tom the Troll

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