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May 09, 2008

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A Brief Statement of Policy

1) Why I Do Not Pick on Barack Obama

A blogger noted a few rants ago that I had not said one hard word about Barack Obama, despite my constant picking on Hillary Rodham Clinton, and asked if it was due to political correctness. It is not, and to understand the situation we must return to ancient Rome, where the legal system had an unusual system of disposing of people whom it really did not like. They would sew the offender in a bag along with a rooster, an ape, and an adder, and then throw the bag into the Tiber River to let its inhabitants sort things out among themselves.

Mr. Obama, a decent and likable individual of no discernable substance, finds himself sewn in a modern-day bag with the Original Werewolf, her increasingly deranged husband, and the very unusual Reverend Jeremiah Wright. PC has nothing to do with it; I simply do not have the heart to say unkind things about someone with that kind of trouble.

2) Why I Will Not Stop Talking About Expensive Stuff, Even Though It Makes Some People Feel Bad

In the most recent edition of Guns & Ammo, its editor states that readers will see the magazine's future product evaluations devoted to cheaper and cheaper gear. Considering the future economic state of our country, this is sound and logical thinking. Why should G&A waste pages on stuff its readers can't afford?

However, it is not the way things work. Reflect a moment on the photo of Ms.Elisha Cuthbert shown here.


Do you have even a prayer of hooking up with a woman who looks like this? Of course not. But is that any reason why I should not run the occasional photo of Ms. Elisha Cuthbert? Take away our dreams and it is a pretty sorry existence.

If you would like to buy some good, inexpensive gear, get a Marlin XL-7 rifle, which is a stupefyingly good rifle for $325 list, or a Cabela's Bell & Carlson Gator, which is $90 and about the best working knife I've laid eyes on.

Now leave me alone.


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Do you have even a prayer of hooking up with a woman who looks like this?

Chances are they are a nut job to begin with just like Britney Spears

Clay Cooper


Welcome to New York! How can anyone stand to live there is beyond reason!!

Trae B.

I had a bad day today. We almost got hit by a tornado it hit about 200 yards behind the house. At the pond where my sister was supposed to have her weddin next saturday. Leveled every tree for about 30 acreas. We had an old metal row boat down their and we still aint found it just the anchor and the rope. There were fish a good 30 yards away from the pond. Do ya reckon that'll mess up the fishin?

O Garcia

Miss Elisha Cuthbert is CANADIAN, btw. Aside from "24" she's also appeared in "Old School", a very short role that is still required viewing for her fans, even hotter IMO than her title role in "Girl Next Door". Also worth the DVD rental (or buy) are "The Quiet" with the very beautiful Camilla Belle, and "House of Wax" (it's a silly movie, but that hasn't stopped you before).

If we elect Obama maybe the nation of Islam will take over security for the secret service. That would be a hoot.

Del in KS


Forget about that kimber. You would probly be happier with a Savage. By the way where is that Kimber? I'll call that fella and tell him to stop trying to take advantage of you.

Trae B,

Those storms are scary. We had 2 hit KCMO last week. There was several in OK and SE MO yesterday. Is that your neck of the woods?


Speak for yourself brother. Love the logic and attitude in this day of vast attempted destruction of individuality, common sense and logic. Keep up the good work.


I was going to rip Obama, but I'm finding Elisha Cuthbert pics online instead.

mack b.

boxer,palosi,feinstein and spears are just as bad as slick hillary and willie. kalifornia is about 80% communists now with those four in charge.

Will Becker

The truth is,and let's face it,we're screwed with either democrat liberal.

Trae B.

Mr. No name five posts up. Well it wasent too scary for me I slept through the whole thing. And I live in middle georgia. I rode through the woods behind my house today and found three more spots that had been hit by a tornado. Still aint found the boat.

Del in KS

Trae B,

Sorry that was me. Got used to this machine signing for me then it stopped for no reason. I was born in Valdosta, grew up in Fla, and spent a total of 7 yr of my Army career at Ft Benning near Columbus. Tornados happen every year here in Kansas.


What did WV ever do to you that was so bad that you would wish the wicked witch of NY on us? Nothing could have been that bad!! With all due respect to DEP and the rest of the 2nd amendment supporters of NY, let her stay there with those that were foolish enough to vote her into the senate, they deserve her. Again, sorry, Dave.

WA Mtnhunter

Maybe after you have your Constitutional rights taken away, you can move to Chicago and join Rev. Wright in condemning America. At that point you might be appropriate in that position.

Obama is an unproven scary liberal elitist, Clinton is a proven scary liberal elitist. McCain is just sort of scary.

A sorry state of affairs.

Clay Cooper

There are those that will curse the darkness rather to light a candle!
What say you, Rev Wright?

Clay Cooper

Let’s face the facts, both Democratic runners are nothing more than smooth talking used car salesman with dreams of fantasy!
Show me a Person that has won a billion dollars and I’ll show you a Person that has destroyed them self!
Show me a Person that has worked hard for a billion dollars and holds them self accountable to all around them especially his/her family and I’ll show you a person worthy of the job!

Clay Cooper

Why I Will Not Stop Talking About Expensive Stuff?

It pays the bills at Field and Stream!

If I went to work at Wal-Mart in the Sporting goods department and did the same thing I did in Alaska, I wouldn’t have a job!

Clay Cooper

WA Mtnhunter
Some wonder if Obama is the Antichrist
The boy wants to invade Pakistan and Iran

What do you think?

Clay Cooper

I wonder what Ms.Elisha Cuthbert would look like at age 50


Ahhhhh, what we need is a nudder Bush ........ yo Jeb put down yer beer an suit up :-D .

WA Mtnhunter


I don't know about Obama being the Antichrist, although he might be the closest thing so far!

I hadn't heard that he wanted to invade Pakistan and Iran. LOL

If Miss Cuthbert looks as good at 50 as Jamie Lee Curtis does at 50+, I'm all in!

I wouldn't mind some more Bush, just not the politician kind!

Shoot straight...


3°26.6'N Lat.
5°35.5'E Lon.
WA Mtnhunter,
I thought Hitlery was the Antichrist, but BHO may be as dangerous as she is, through sheer indoctrination of "Hate America First" for the last 20 years.


As I noted above, Elisha is a beautiful young woman, but I prefer Marissa Miller. Maxim just posted their "Hot 100," and yes, Marissa Miller is #1. Elisha did well, though, coming in at #6.


Not that it matters.

WA Mtnhunter


One thing is for certain, us boomers have lived in some of the best and worst days of America.

I fear we have not seen the very worst which is yet to come. I will probably be too old to actively participate in the Second American Revolution which is likely to come. Hopefully, there are enough folks willing to stand up and take this country back when the time comes!

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