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May 09, 2008

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A Brief Statement of Policy

1) Why I Do Not Pick on Barack Obama

A blogger noted a few rants ago that I had not said one hard word about Barack Obama, despite my constant picking on Hillary Rodham Clinton, and asked if it was due to political correctness. It is not, and to understand the situation we must return to ancient Rome, where the legal system had an unusual system of disposing of people whom it really did not like. They would sew the offender in a bag along with a rooster, an ape, and an adder, and then throw the bag into the Tiber River to let its inhabitants sort things out among themselves.

Mr. Obama, a decent and likable individual of no discernable substance, finds himself sewn in a modern-day bag with the Original Werewolf, her increasingly deranged husband, and the very unusual Reverend Jeremiah Wright. PC has nothing to do with it; I simply do not have the heart to say unkind things about someone with that kind of trouble.

2) Why I Will Not Stop Talking About Expensive Stuff, Even Though It Makes Some People Feel Bad

In the most recent edition of Guns & Ammo, its editor states that readers will see the magazine's future product evaluations devoted to cheaper and cheaper gear. Considering the future economic state of our country, this is sound and logical thinking. Why should G&A waste pages on stuff its readers can't afford?

However, it is not the way things work. Reflect a moment on the photo of Ms.Elisha Cuthbert shown here.


Do you have even a prayer of hooking up with a woman who looks like this? Of course not. But is that any reason why I should not run the occasional photo of Ms. Elisha Cuthbert? Take away our dreams and it is a pretty sorry existence.

If you would like to buy some good, inexpensive gear, get a Marlin XL-7 rifle, which is a stupefyingly good rifle for $325 list, or a Cabela's Bell & Carlson Gator, which is $90 and about the best working knife I've laid eyes on.

Now leave me alone.


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Liberals only get to be 'liberal' because the rest of we dispicable rabble defend their rights and person . What high profile, snooty , if not poofy anti-gun liberal leaves home without an armed security detail? None I can think of? Ol Dick Nixon released his secret service detail . I doubt Bill and Hillary would ever consider such action. With their $millions$ they could easily afford top notch security ... but nah 'The American People', whoever the hell that refers to , love them too much for that? Right!


I wasn’t going to jump in on this one but….

First; while Elisha is certainly a bonney lass I am not sure that her pin-up photo belongs on here. I am not sure it doesn’t either! Would rather see her holding one of those mega-dollar rifles DEP is always writing about (the ones which usually belong to Carmichael) though! Ah well, as has been said we can dream. Anyway my taste in women, horses and investments is comfort not speed!

On to hilabitch; every time I see her on the tube I hear Margaret Hamilton’s famous Wizard of Oz end line: “I’m melting…..melting…..you curs-ed brat……all of my beautiful wickedness….melting….!”

Obama concerns me because he does talk out of both sides of his face – so to speak. He attends a church for over 20 years the pastor of which is an avowed racist (at least that is what we would call it if he were white!) and only ‘rejects’ the man’s diatribe after his political advisors made it clear to him that he must… Yet he talks of reconciling and unifying our country. He tells gun owners he is for the Second Amendment then disparages gun owners themselves to the latte liberal set… Oh and just what has he actually accomplished as a Senator?


RJ is right. "...Obama scares me, not because he is a liberal, not because he is young, not because he is black, but because he has not done anything! His lack of experiance durning this dangerous time scares me to no end...."


Look at the FOREIGN POLICY mess our current inexperienced (when he got into office) President has got the country into!

Sd Bob

Don't bother with those Kimber's unless you want rifles that shoot sub moa, look great and scream value. There is no production grade rifle better! If you disagree you haven't owned one. I feel bad every time I call them "production grade" because they are so much more! Just like Elisha is more than just beautiful woman!


Can't remember the "quoter" but it was something along the lines of... "...good and cheap do not belong in the same sentence. Cheap saves money but will not get the job done. Expensive gets the job done, but at what cost? It is better to spend mid-range money for an implement that will "work" but doesn't cost an arm and a leg!" ergo: the Marlin rifle!
NEF Handi rifles are 'inexpensive' but do not fit in a firefight, but works extremely well in a deer stand. It doesn't take a $120K Purdey sxs just to kill a deer!
I believe in buying something I can afford that will accomplish the task without falling apart in my hands.
As for Ms. Cuthbert! Well, the photo speaks for itself. Nature favors some more than others! (be glad I don't post my pitcher!) Who ever said "life is fair!"?



As far as Obama goes...
It seems to me that the more he and the Clinton's talk, the more they show their true colors, and I don't mean black and white!
If the voting American public can't see through the hyperbole both spout publicly, well, we're in deep ca-ca!



BEWARE Why in hell have my 2nd amendment rights been violated !!!! by of all GANDER MT. i went in to buy a rifle a (LONG GUN) ,not hand gun i went thru all the hoops, filled out the paper work, and the guy made his phone call to ATF with the info, then told me i was delayed ? so i went home ,and found out there IS NO WAITING FOR A LONG GUN PURCHASE in NY at all.. salesmen told me it would be nine days till i recieved my LONG GUN??? why in new york state no waiting ha ha for those who believe it,there most certainly is a waiting time period from ten minutes to 9 days the first day of purchase dont count ? weekends dont count?it takes 3days mon-fri, and then if the call on background check hasnt come to store by then,, another day or two,another call to ATF.. i went to GANDER MT. and demanded my cash back as the (LONG GUN) WAS PAID FOR IN FULL i live in the middle of state hunting lands not in any city like new york city ,but up state i was so dam mad at the violation of my second amendment rights ,the sales man at GANDER MT. WAS MAD AT ME AND SWORE AT ME called me a fn idiot well ill never shop there ever again not even for fish hooks , would have to have a back ground check and wait weeks to get them



Whooaa ... I bet Gander has already folded their tent and left the state :-D .

If u like guns and the shooting sports then CA, DC, IL, MA, NJ, NY and maybe OH shud be removed from your ideal list of places to live


Bubba, Amen to everything you said!

If I had your address, I'd send you a sympathy card. I don't know why that store would make you jump through those hoops!

Dave Petzal:
Elisha sure makes underwear look good! You can show an occasional picture like this, now and then.
It looks like Barack is going to get the Dem. nomination. If he has any chance of winning, we're in for a really bad spell! Goodby to a lot of fine firearms and probably goodby to a lot of hunting and fishing.

George Cook

Has anyone been able to locate a Cabelas Bell and Carlson Gator?

Del in KS


I love my Kimber Mdl 8400 classic in 2506. Give me a pretty piece of wood everytime. To hell with plastic stocks.
With 61 gr H1000 powder, WW case, Rem mag primer and 100 gr Barnes XXX bullet it gets 3280 fps and puts 5 into 1" at 100 yd. Just make sure you put quality rings and scope on it (suggest Leupold VXIII) and you will be happy. Note that most folks go too cheap on glass and with too much power for the job at hand. More power equals less field of view which makes it harder to find your target fast in the scope (suggest 1.5X-5X or 2.5-8X variable). Remember the old timers did it all with open sights.

Chev Jim

I'd post more, but Elisha is taking me to a Cabela's in Kansas City. She said she wants to buy me that cased H&H Royal grade that's going for around $30K.

Walt Smith

If Hillary was smart she would have had a non-sexual encounter with a intern like her husband and she would probably beat Obama, Ha Ha. as for expensive guns , I'd feel too bad scratching them when I took them hunting to own one. Whats the use of owning something so nice your scared to use it?? As for Elisha, I'll keep my wife. I can't stand blonds! their all just trashy and not real smart. Redheads are where its at!!! They're HOT, FAITHFULL, and they'll wear you out!!

Dr. Ralph

Chev Jim nice. TIM the first time I bought a handgun the background check took two and a half hours and that was my longest wait. Usually they just pick up the phone, give your information and away you go. Nine days is a little weird, perhaps you should consider a change of address.

Dr. Ralph

Saw Elisha and forgot why I got on here. I caught 66 fish today and my son caught 61... we waded down Mill Creek for four hours with ultra lights and eighth ounce rooster tails and caught everything from 3" Pumpkinseeds to 16" Smallmouth Bass. Lots of fat redeyes... take your kids fishing! Make memories that will last forever.

Jim in Mo.

I don't know how old you are or past experiences in your life and I don't want to bum you out but, are you going thru a divorce, do you have an x (wife, girlfriend) with an ax to grind. In either case that is why you may have been delayed 9 days and the fact is after the waiting period you won't be approved to make this purchase. If the above is true, at the end of the waiting period you will be told the ATBE folks denied you. This is another way most people don't realize our 2nd. amndmnt rights are being stomped on and the anti's have seized upon it. All it takes is one 'innocent voice' saying 'he hurt me, he scares me' and the police/lawyer/judge can quietly get a restraining order on you that you may not know about and gun purchases are stopped.
What you should immediatly do is go to the police dept. and ask for a records check, see if they have anything. If they have nothing keep your fingers crossed, you may need a lawyer. I have a bad tale of a man going to Canada for a bear hunt and his ex of 6 mos. filed a complaint on him just to ruin his fun and at the Canadian border he was turned away, at least his guns were. Get this straightened out.


On Elisha Cuthbert -- would you *want* time with her? She's a very busy actress, hard working, hard to tell what she'd want. I'm often astounded by the simple joy my own wife gives.

There's an old joke about guns -- they don't complain if you try out your friend's (which usually won't bother him, either).. but I'm not sure I'd want to marry one. I've been surprisingly happy with what I've ended up with.. and yes, SOME of them I've put some $'s into; many are not that remarkable.

But the one thing you said that gives me greatest pause: HOW can you tell which is the adder, the ape, or the evil politician sewn into that bag?


Jim in Mo.

Your comment, 'would I want time with Miss Cuthbert?' Yes I would. Would she want time with me, I doubt it.
Someone else made a derogatory remark that the innocent madam needed new underwear. Why? I'm waiting for those to rot off.

Jim in Mo.

This is just for you:



According to one of my college professors from long ago....
Dreams are what reality is based on
Thanks for the lines on Obama. As one Texan (Kinky Freidman) said, "about the only way Obama will win the presidency is if he can get Ayers to bomb Rev. Wright" A few more pics of drop dead gorgeous ladies will certainly be appreciated.



Just a bit of personal opinion on NCIS. NCIS is a Politicly Correct and therefore lousy implementation of fantastic technology. The voice of the techies was politicly suppressed in this implementation. The only proper way to do such queries/searches quickly requires that the search item(the buyer) be somehow unique. The chance was there. The SSA#(Social Security Account #) is the uniqueness all qualified purchasers possess. It is 'optional' on the yellow sheet.To required it would most likely have meant that the legislation would have failed. To not provide it on with your affadavit could mean a seemingly endless delay with your request and/or false returns. This is especially true if you have a proud but common surname i.e. Jones, Smith, White ... I can hear the 'Black Choppers' overhead ... so the repellers shud be on me anytime. To close quickly ... If you're clean and want speed put your SS# the sheet or be prepared to wait! :-D


I never mentioned this several days ago because I figured most folks saw through the master's reply. Guys you will NOT find a Bell & Carlson Gator knife anywhere just like you will not see a video of Dave demonstrating how to castrate a jackass colt with said blade.

Dr. Ralph

I'm still trying to figure out the inside joke here or if there even is one... I know Bell & Carlson make replacement rifle stocks and aftermarket accessories for guns but hadn't heard of their knives and didn't give it a second thought. Does this have something to do with his statement that he would lie to us on his knife sharpening video? Obviously over my head... maybe someone can explain. Ish let me tell you how to handle this delicate situation. Always tranquilize any equine species and rip them out before he wakes up! This is a tricky business as it entails guesstimating the weight and tolerance of the animal. Unfortunately you can't ask them to start counting backwards fromm 100. With a full grown bovine bull you can sit on his back, pull the tail straight up over the spine with much pressure and somehow this makes it impossible for the bull to kick... as an experiment you might want to try this with your jack. As for technique make a slight incision, well... maybe this part is too graphic.

Dustin Hoffman on a full bottle indeed...


I am not questioning your statement, "Elisha is more than just a beautiful woman." What I would like to know is your source of that information?


Dr. Ralph thanks for the info, however my long used method is much simpler. Haul the colts to the vet and pay him or her to deal with them. Actually most local vets will travel to your place if need be. I figure they all use Bell & Carlson scapels as I think there are Gators sometimes hanging from their belts. Of course I could be mistaken about this observation.

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