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May 09, 2008

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A Brief Statement of Policy

1) Why I Do Not Pick on Barack Obama

A blogger noted a few rants ago that I had not said one hard word about Barack Obama, despite my constant picking on Hillary Rodham Clinton, and asked if it was due to political correctness. It is not, and to understand the situation we must return to ancient Rome, where the legal system had an unusual system of disposing of people whom it really did not like. They would sew the offender in a bag along with a rooster, an ape, and an adder, and then throw the bag into the Tiber River to let its inhabitants sort things out among themselves.

Mr. Obama, a decent and likable individual of no discernable substance, finds himself sewn in a modern-day bag with the Original Werewolf, her increasingly deranged husband, and the very unusual Reverend Jeremiah Wright. PC has nothing to do with it; I simply do not have the heart to say unkind things about someone with that kind of trouble.

2) Why I Will Not Stop Talking About Expensive Stuff, Even Though It Makes Some People Feel Bad

In the most recent edition of Guns & Ammo, its editor states that readers will see the magazine's future product evaluations devoted to cheaper and cheaper gear. Considering the future economic state of our country, this is sound and logical thinking. Why should G&A waste pages on stuff its readers can't afford?

However, it is not the way things work. Reflect a moment on the photo of Ms.Elisha Cuthbert shown here.


Do you have even a prayer of hooking up with a woman who looks like this? Of course not. But is that any reason why I should not run the occasional photo of Ms. Elisha Cuthbert? Take away our dreams and it is a pretty sorry existence.

If you would like to buy some good, inexpensive gear, get a Marlin XL-7 rifle, which is a stupefyingly good rifle for $325 list, or a Cabela's Bell & Carlson Gator, which is $90 and about the best working knife I've laid eyes on.

Now leave me alone.


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WA Mtnhunter:
I pray that day never comes. However, to quote Thomas Jefferson
"The beauty of the Second Ammendment is it will never be needed until they try to take it."
I have not forgotten those hard learned lessons from SE Asia, nor have I forgotten that I once swore an oath to "Protect and Defend the Constitution of the United States against all enimies, foreign and domestic ..." Seems to me that this current crop of Demoncrats are about to edge over the line into that domestic enemy of the Constitution catagory?


Just wondering, Dave. You say Obama has "no particular substance." How do you get to be editor of the Harvard Law Review if you have no "substance." After all, it is an elected position. Obama did not get there due to family money or family connections. Do you think you yourself have the horsepower to be editor of the Harvard Law Review?


Dave, can she cook?

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