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May 09, 2008

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A Brief Statement of Policy

1) Why I Do Not Pick on Barack Obama

A blogger noted a few rants ago that I had not said one hard word about Barack Obama, despite my constant picking on Hillary Rodham Clinton, and asked if it was due to political correctness. It is not, and to understand the situation we must return to ancient Rome, where the legal system had an unusual system of disposing of people whom it really did not like. They would sew the offender in a bag along with a rooster, an ape, and an adder, and then throw the bag into the Tiber River to let its inhabitants sort things out among themselves.

Mr. Obama, a decent and likable individual of no discernable substance, finds himself sewn in a modern-day bag with the Original Werewolf, her increasingly deranged husband, and the very unusual Reverend Jeremiah Wright. PC has nothing to do with it; I simply do not have the heart to say unkind things about someone with that kind of trouble.

2) Why I Will Not Stop Talking About Expensive Stuff, Even Though It Makes Some People Feel Bad

In the most recent edition of Guns & Ammo, its editor states that readers will see the magazine's future product evaluations devoted to cheaper and cheaper gear. Considering the future economic state of our country, this is sound and logical thinking. Why should G&A waste pages on stuff its readers can't afford?

However, it is not the way things work. Reflect a moment on the photo of Ms.Elisha Cuthbert shown here.


Do you have even a prayer of hooking up with a woman who looks like this? Of course not. But is that any reason why I should not run the occasional photo of Ms. Elisha Cuthbert? Take away our dreams and it is a pretty sorry existence.

If you would like to buy some good, inexpensive gear, get a Marlin XL-7 rifle, which is a stupefyingly good rifle for $325 list, or a Cabela's Bell & Carlson Gator, which is $90 and about the best working knife I've laid eyes on.

Now leave me alone.


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Thanks for making me laugh on an otherwise cruddy Friday morning. The photo of Ms. Cuthbert was also a welcome contrast to today's weather in NY. Please keep your reviews (and nicely illustrated analogies) coming.

Jim in Mo.

I like to daydream which is exactly why I look at pictures of the H&H Royal and Miss Cuthbert.

Ralph the Rifleman

Now Dave, you know we bloggers are not going to leave you alone..as for the beautiful photo of Ms. Cuthbert,I personally detest not sharing one's talent such as hers to us dreamers.

Scott Mahl


I was going to attempt to put something witty on the blog today but after seeing Ms. Cuthberts picture all rational thoughts completely left my head. Thanks Dave.

Blue Ox

We can all dream, can't we?

Del in KS


Well said and the young miss is a fox.


Last year they had a cased H&H Royal grade in the KC Cabelas gun room for around 30K. That beats the hell out of 120k plus 18.5% VAT for a new one in the London store last June when I was there visiting my son. I suspect they don't sell like hot cakes.

Jim in Mo.

I believe your wrong. The story I read yesterday by Terry Wieland said the makers of high dollar sxs rifles are in full production. And a waiting line to boot.
Also your right about the 120grand. You should have picked up on that one for 30.


Im no fan of Clinton and Im not a Republican - but Im a bit tired of people giving Obama a pass despite long standing anti-gun position.

If a politician takes your gun with a kind word and understanding - he still took your gun.


Dave, well put! May I add a bit of recently developed policy of my own? After a recent expedition to the local Nat'l Forest in search of brook trout and a bit of solitude, I came home more stressed than before because of all of the litter along the stream. For your consideration I offer the following: 1. Make littering a shooting offense. Catch someone droping anything from a cigarette butt to an old refrigerator, just shoot 'em there and save the government's time and money. If this won't fly, then we go to item #2: Get caught littering any given stretch of stream or public road, it becomes your responsiblity to keep that area litter-free for the rest of your natural life and three years after that. Clean-ups will be conducted under the following conditions: A. Temperatures must be either less than 20 degrees above zero or higher than 85 degrees above zero. Cleanups will only be conducted during driving thunderstorms or heavy snowfall. Can you get behind this? Best regards.


I must agree with DP, Obama strikes me as being a well-intentioned shmuck. The Clinton’s and the Clinton-ites have revealed themselves as boorish despots. They don’t even have that neat James Bond-istic villainess and villain aura about them. I quake at the idea of Hillary being Prez and Bill being the De Facto VP, running the country, nor can I imagine this Lot quietly accepting being cut out of the Power.

I’m certain all sorts of matters regarding the outdoors and shooting sports will soon change, especially when gas hits that $4/gal mark. I doubt you’ll be seeing the casual yuppie invading the Uplands and Mountains. Transportation costs will make it more difficult for us sportsmen, too.

Also, inexpensive hunting items aren’t necessary “cheap” items. I hope folks maintain this perspective.


Now all we need is a photo of the lovely Elisha holding a Holland & Holland or some similar work of art that I can never hope to afford.

But to touch on Obama, how he handled his scumbag preacher say a lot about him. And I don't mean dumping him when his spin doctors finally told him how much the twit was dragging him down... I mean refusing to distance himself from Wright in the first place and instead going off on some tangent about race in America. Fine, Wright is black. Who gives a rat's ass? People were pissed at the guy for saying we had 9/11 coming and for claiming the feds invented AIDS. And don't tell me Senator Osama can go to the guy's church for two decades and not know he is a raving lunitic. Finally dumping Wright only shows he is smart enough to cut his losses (unlike Dubya who has spent the past eight years refusing to get rid of incompetants like Rummy and Alberto). He is still part of the "Blame America First" crowd and I am yet to hear him say anything bad about his other terrorist buddy out in California.


It's your blog, and you should write what you want. I suspect those who rag on you for writing about expensive guns are just jealous. The videos are great (I'd like to see one of you firing a H&H double in .700 Nitro Express - because I'm thinking of buying one for coyote extermination here in the Midwest). Elisha is a very nice touch, too. I'm particularly fond of Marissa Miller, but that's me.


I may not be able to have it or to afford it but I sure can appreciate it. That includes both material things and trophy ladies. Ahhh..To sleep, perchance to dream. Ay there's the rub. (Apologies to Shakespeare)

Dr. Ralph

Dave, Dave, Dave... so many women and yet still the fascination with Elisha. I know you hunt with more than one gun why limit your fantasies? As for Bla errrr Barack Obama you'd better watch your step. You know you're immediately a racist if you call him out. It would make the Zumbo fiasco pale in comparison. On second thought, why not? It's been a while since we've had a public flogging and your hide seems tough enough to make it a good show.

jim in nc

DP: Your self-restraint and decency regarding Obama are praiseworthy. But surely we can expect some less well-modulated comments about the Senator from Illinois after he disposes of his rivals, cuts his way out of the bag, and swims back to the surface? Don't disappoint us, son.


Dave I feel your pain. Between my home state of Illinois and your residence in New York, I think we field the worse four U. S. Senators.

P. S. Where can I send money to help Ms. Cuthbert buy some new underwear?


New underwear, old underwear, or no underwear I believe Ms. Cuthbert is a fine specimen of womanhood. She probably would make a better prez than Obama or Clinton.



Obama won't seem so funny if he finds his way into the
White House.


I just came across a really nice Kimber I could never afford at a price I happen to have. Keep talking, there was a time someone had to explain to me what a Kimber is. And since O'Connor is gone, it may as well be you that's doing the talking.

Trae B.

I was thinking and future field and sreams will be how to hunt the perfect horse to get to work and back the way gas prices are going. 70 dollars to fill my damn truck up today.

Trae B.

And really. Which person are we shootin for to become president?


Trae B. just today at work we were discussing how long it would take to ride the nine miles from my home in the country to work in town via one of my good Missouri Foxtrotters. One of them is very comfortable at a 7 to 10 mile per hour trot. If I took wire cutters with me on the first trip it would decrease the trip by a few miles but no doubt anger the fence owners unless I reattached the wire. I could hobble the gelding on the lawn of the BBHC and he would spend his day happily munching away plus saying the Museum the cost of having to cut their massive lawn. I suppose I would have to pick up the poop or get one of those bags that hangs under his tail like you sometimes see on city horses. I guess I would save quite a bit of cash by leaving the 2008 Duramax Allison 1 ton 4 x 4 in the driveway. One thought was that my son could ride in with me every day and give the dudes (aka tourists) horseback rides around town all day for a few bucks. Like they always said the opposite of PROgress is CONgress.


Some of us are living "the dream"!


Here's my dream ... Hillary running a shot-n-beer joint/brothel in some West Virginia coal town with Bill the pastor of 1st Baptist across the muddy, somtime creek, street.


that's no dream, it has been going on for years now. Obama scares me, not because he is a liberal, not because he is young, not because he is black, but because he has not done anything! His lack of experiance durning this dangerous time scares me to no end....That he might try to take away my guns so he has "done something" is very likely.That he will be appointing a Supreme Justice or two is scary.

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