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April 07, 2008

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Winner Announced, and Charlton Heston Appreciated

The winner, by a landslide, in naming our award for untruthful legislators, is the Distinguished Lying Cross. Congratulations to DINFOS, and a tip of the hat to all the other finalists.  I will  award the DLC in four grades: Grade One is the basic decoration; Grade II is the DLC with oak leaves; Grade III is the DLC with oak leaves and crossed swords, and Grade IV will be the DLC with oak leaves, crossed swords, and diamonds.

And now for Charlton Heston. The American Revolution was set apart from all other revolutions because it was fomented and led by the people who had the most to lose by doing so. When the signers of the Declaration of Independence pledged  "…our lives, our fortunes, and our sacred honor." It was not a figure of speech. If the revolution failed, their families would be ruined, and all of them--except for the ones that would hang--would be imprisoned. They were all wealthy men who stood to gain most by toadying to the British, and to lose most by leading a rebellion. And they did it anyway because they believed in it.

Charlton Heston was a man in this tradition. He had a great deal to lose, and he followed his principles regardless.  In Hollywood, in the early 1960s, if you wanted to show your support for the civil rights movement, you hired Sydney Poitier for a leading role, or you gave a cocktail party to raise money for the NAACP. You did not actually go and march with radicals and activists like Martin Luther King, Jr., who then enjoyed nothing like his current status. Especially if you were a major star with a lot to lose, because there were a great many people who did not like Dr. King or what he represented. But Heston did just that.

And gun rights. If there is one thing that all of Hollywood agrees on, it is that guns are evil (except in the movies; the more violence the better) and that no one should have them (except people who enough money and influence to get them regardless of restrictive laws). But Charlton Heston did what he did, and it undoubtedly cost him.

In 1992, Heston stood up at the annual stockholder's meeting of the Time/Warner Corporation and recited the lyrics of an Ice-T rap song called "Cop Killer, " which celebrated the pleasures of murdering police officers. "Catchy little number, isn't it?" he said to the assembled T/W suits, and helped thereby to get it taken off the market.

He undoubtedly paid for this, too, because one does not embarrass entertainment-industry suits with impunity. So the next time you watch one of his movies, remember that he was that rarest of Hollywood leading men--a hero offscreen as well.


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Jim in Mo.

Ok buddy since your the winner its time to come clean and no BS. Me and Del have pondered the anacronim of your post and the best we have is a "military or defense term". So?

Dr. Ralph

Defense Information School, punch my name...

George in Hudson

I had the honor and pleasure of meeting him twice. The first time was at the local premiere of Julius Caesar. Mr. Heston was in the title role. I was a youngster in my twenties, working my first theatre management job. I couldn't believe my luck to be able to welcome him to Boston. We had just completed construction of a mini-theatre, one of the first, that small, around 900 seats. It was the end of the era of five thousand seat plus theatres and Mr Heston seemed interested in the phenomenon, and I bent his ear on the subject. Thrilling for me; too much information for him probably. He listened though, like the gentleman he was I remember thinking he was actually interested. What he was, was a great actor and he used his craft to make me feel like he cared about what I was saying.Im sure it was hot air and B.S. but, looking at the photo, they took of this auspicious occasion he really seemed interested. Twenty some odd years later the last really big theatre in Boston known at the time as "The Wang Centre," was showing old classic movies on their ninety foot "deep dish screen". I took mt youngest son to see the (enourmous) screen and a good print of "Ben Hur". The star was Charleton Heston. Unexpectadly,he was on hand and he said hello to me with my son standing there. He turned to my son and said "keep your eye on the white horse" Refering of course to the famous chariot race and his white horse. As for me I felt 9 feet tall. A hero for my son. What could be better?


Thanks Dave for the input. Ill be honest I like certain things about the movie Ghost and the Darkness. However you are, Dave, correct, the gun handling was, well, bad. Thanks to everyone else as well.


Dave, Iw was wondering ... and
Anybody else correct me if im wrong, but... the movie Shooter. Remember at the end when the guy was giving his defense , n was like "I always swap my firing pins" okay how many snipers, PH shooters, PH hunters etc. swap firing pins? Don't you just shoot them till ya need to replace then or if you know how many rounds you can put through your gun without the firing pin being damaged...and your a proffesional and want to make sure that the pin doesn't break while you shooting a match wouldn't you just, again, replace it? It sounded like Hollywood just throwing something in that sounded good and profesional, but actually just showed their lack of knowlege of guns.

Dr. Ralph

I think maybe he was talking about an upgrade... you can buy firing pins made from lighter materials that supposedly decrease your lock time thereby increasing accuracy? Never saw the movie but it sounds good to me. (Not the movie, my answer LOL)


One thing about getting firing pins for your 1911 pistol that are made of titanium: they will supposedly eliminate that tendency of the pistol to discharge if it is dropped on its muzzle. The lighter titanium pin doesn't have the moxie to ignite the primer from the momentum of a mere fall. A steel pin has enough mass that it can pick up the requisite steam to fire the pistol if the pistol lands muzzle-first on a hard surface. Incidentally, if you have an AR-type rifle, and you chamber a cartridge and then unload the rifle, you will very often see a mark where the firing pin "kissed" the primer as the bolt slammed forward into battery. Military specification (MILSPEC) primers are harder than their civilian counterparts to lessen the chances of a discharge when chambering a round. I read on one forum where a guy shot his dog accidentally when he chambered a round in his AR while the muzzle was pointed at the dog. Needless to say, the guy's wife didn't like that very much. Now, what was that rule about not letting your muzzle point toward anything you're not willing to destroy?


Dr. Ralph
hm i didn't know that good comment. But no thats not what he was talking about. (it was a good movie for the most part.. good plot. thats unfortunaltly more true than wed probably like to admit.) But ...i dunno. if anyones whos seen this could help me out...i might just have to see it again. lol.


What impresses me about Mr. Heston is that what it "cost" him to stand by his convictions was of no value to him.

Clay Cooper

You’re absolutely right!

Mr. Heston knew

EPHESIANS 6:10 says

This is the place both Mr. Heston and Dr. Martin Luther King drew power and comfort from!

Want to rattle a Black African American, then ask them this question,

Was Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

A: a Republican
B: a Democrat
C: an Independent

If they answered one of the above, they don’t have a clue what they are talking about and most probability going on left wing talking points and cannot think for themselves.

The correct answer is
None of the above.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. belonged to GODS PARTY!


In the book by Stephen Hunter, the main character shortened the firing pin to the rifle. He suspected that he was being set up to take the fall for the shooting.

I am still rather miffed at the Author Stephen Hunter for allowing Hollywood to basteredise his book and character in the movie.

Read the book "Point of Impact" it is better then anything Holly can come up with.

O Garcia

what price did Mr.Heston pay? He was ridiculed. Suddenly his acting was described as "wooden" and bad, when it was acceptable before. and then there's George Clooney.

What really amazes us about Charlton is how easily he picks up John Derek (Joshua) in Ten Commandments. Every time my brother sees that, he's amazed at Chuck's strength.

I really have to say this, though. The earlier black and white versions of "Ben-Hur" and "Ten Commandments"(also directed by Cecil DeMille, the colored version was his own remake) are probably better than the ones where Chuck starred. Both B&W movies were made in the 1920's and were silent. "Ben-Hur" starred Roman Novarro.

But that's not Charlton Heston's fault. He was a great star. And a great hero to us.


To Thomas
Thanks, that clears it up. Leave it to Hollywood to muddle it all up. Another thing about guys like Charlton Heston and some of the old school from the golden age of Hollywood is that they were actually "actors" they were acting out parts.. not just playing another part of themselves if that makes sense. The plots were clear and the ends had a reason. It makes you wonder how many real actors there are.

There were a few. Like John Wayne. Who was said to not really act. but he was himself in every movie. But They were few and because of that they stood out. However. its almost like everybody does that now. I don't know if that makes sense to anybody and im not sure exactly how so say that..but there it is.


Thomas. Your absolutely right, Hollywood strips characters. for Example. The movie Last of the Mohicans. Totally different from the book. I mean ..even the wrong people died! The wrong people fell in love! Hawkeye was totally stripped from a wonderfully colorful character in the book, to a piece of crap in the movie. They took away all his personality.

And if anyones wondering what this has to do with Charlton Heston...ill tie it in. He didn't do this. He played their parts as best he could. He didn't stip the story of Ben- Hur or Moses. He made the characters come alive instead of stipping them. Good man.


"stipping" was supposed to be "stripping" just incase someone wonders. if anyones read any of my comments, i unfortunately do that alot.lol


to clay cooper

Good Word!

Clay Cooper

Believe it or not, Ol’Rush Limbaugh doesn’t have the backbone to take my call on this subject saying the exact same as above! Talk about being spineless himself!! Go figure! I wonder if it’s because he really wants to prevent the TKO PUNCH!


Dave, may I humbly suggest we add one more grade to this prestigous award? The Distinguished Lying Cross with oakleaves, swords, and diamonds in gold shall be awarded to the most distinguished (indicted, caught in the wrong hotel room, etc) politician or other lifeform upon the conclussion of the current sorry campaign. Seems to be a good idea in keeping with the pedigree of this award, with apoligies to Hans Ulrich Rudel :)

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