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April 14, 2008

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The Truth Revealed!

One of the rules of probability states that if you forced a million chimps to type for a million years, they would eventually reproduce the entire works of Shakespeare, or "It Takes a Village," I forget which. Similarly, the endless stream of Clinton/Obama verbiage was bound to produce a nugget or two of truth, and a couple of days ago, we got a couple.

According to Barrack Obama, citizens who are bitter about their economic hardships "…cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren’t like them…" as a way to explain their frustrations. Hillary, sensing blood, immediately called him an elitist, and went on to say that "Americans who believe in the Second Amendment believe it’s a constitutional right."

Barack Obama (Harvard Law) is of course an elitist, and he is an urban elitist, and among these folk, interest in or ownership of firearms is viewed as anything from a quaint aberration to a dangerous form of psychosis. Hillary is, if anything, more of an elitist, and what is really fascinating about her statement is her use of the word "believe." Believe means that you think something may be true, but you can’t prove it, so you have to go part of the way on faith.

"I believe the Yankees will blow it again this year."

"I believe I’m going to throw up."

Hillary Clinton (Yale Law) does not necessarily accept the Second Amendment as the law of the land. If you believe in it, she says, it is the law. If you don’t believe in it, by implication, it isn’t.

In the meanwhile, Hillary (who as First Lady urged Congress to buck the gun lobby; at least I think the word was buck) continues to prattle about her father teaching her to shoot, and Governor Ed Rendell, who is one of the worst of the anti-gun governors, blathers on about the great traditions of hunting and sportsmanship in Pennsylvania.

I believe I’m going to throw up.


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You guys can talk about unions, good or bad, all you want. Never belonged to one. I applied for closed shop union jobs, probably 5 or 6 times.

In Osama Obama, we have a candidate who is campaigning with a style almost identical to Jimmy Carter. His rhetoric, based on platitudes is the same. His lack of substance with potential solutions is identical. Many of you were to young to remember the results of his administration. We had unemployment rates between 12 and 15 per cent. The inflation rate was similar. Somewhere around 20,000 Viet Nam Veterans died (suicide) because they couldn't find jobs. These guys would apply for a job. Not satisfied with just sending a rejection letter, companies and Gov't Agencies would demand appologies from them for wasting their valuable time with those job applications.

You can talk union/nonunion. You can talk open shop/closed shop. But when you're faced with conditions like above, you're probably screwed.

Del in KS


You are right on about Obama and Carter. He is a clueless freshman Senator that can give a good speach without saying anything. He gets a free pass from the liberal press and 90% of the black people will vote for him because he is black. G. Farraro was exactly right and she had to step down. To criticize him is to be slapped with the race card by the far left.

Del in KS


I was a career soldier when that SOB Carter was POTUS. We got 3% pay raises while inflation was three times that. Many good soldiers got out of the service. One of my friends was on that C130 that burned in the Iranian desert during the aborted rescue of the Embassy hostages. The services did not have sufficient parts to keep aircraft flying and ships at sea. Ronald Reagan was a godsend. He righted a sinking ship. Now we are in danger of having another left wing idiot in the white house at a time when there is grave danger from radical muslims. You may recall that the Shah of Iran was one of our strongest allies before he was undermined by Carter and then overthrown by the Ayatolla. Carter, Pelosi, Reid and their ilk are and should be tried as traitors.


Dirty little secret of Wal-Mart health care the employees don’t know, if your picked up by an ambulance and not admitted, you’re stuck with the ambulance bill!

Jim in Mo.

Yeah, we had a sucky union. I have worked many non-union jobs since then and have done well. Filthy rich?
Not by any means, and I didn't have to "pay" for a job.



Steve S;

I think history will be kinder to George W. than the current press is. Since in office, he's had to deal with 911, a mideast ruled by idiots racing to see which of them could build the first nuke, and the most expensive hurricanes in history (Ivan and Katrina) that destroyed half the gulf coast. You'd have to go back to Franklin Roosevelt to come up with a president who took office with bigger challenges to deal with than W. As if that isn't enough, the economy he presides over is being torpedoed by fast rising oil prices, not anything he's done.

W doesn't run the country by himself; he has a Democrat ruled congress to help him. You don't have much to say about them, I notice.

And as we presently have a volunteer military in Iraq and Afghanistan, it is hardly fair for you to claim that 'your generation' is being singled out; those MEN (and brave women) are there because they know that someone has to be. If you and your buddies want to stay safe, sit home.

That W has made mistakes is obvious, but if you think either Al Gore or John Kerry could have done any better (or as well) as W did with what he had to deal with, you need to get your head out of your My Space and into reality.


Oh, come on Dave! You know perfectly well that no number of chimpanzees over any amount of time would ever come up "It Takes a Village". Natural selection would take care of such pathetic creatures swiftly. It is only in the primordial swamp that is Washington D.C. that the lower forms of life have been able to dodge the natural choice of elevating themselves or perishing.


Is this the same Hillary who, at one time, was telling a story about duck hunting in Arkansas with a rifle? Nuff said.

WA Mtnhunter

Enough Hillary and Ob(s)ama drivel.

I ain't voting for no F'ing Clinton or anyone named Hussein. I could give a rat's a$$ about the party. One is a lying thieving politician and the other has too many close(?) ties to radicals of several persuasions.

I think I'll be elk hunting on election day.

Del in KS

Go to NEWSMAX and read the report on Rev J. Wright. They investigated Wright and Obama and documented numerous lies told by both. Example Obama recently explained Wright's recent "hate America" tyrade. He said Wright went thru all sorts of grief growing up in a segregated school with discrimination. Ronald Kessler did exhaustive research even talking to Wrights HS classmates.
The truth is wright went to the best schools and was not segregated. He now is building a huge million+ dollar home in Chicago. There's lots more this is a good read. This guy is as big a poverty pimp as Jeaae and Al.

Del in KS

Thats Jesse and Al.

james t

if hillary or obama get in office will they be the first pres. to not have served in the military in any way, shape or form? talk about out of touch. mcCain has more experience than both of them put together and is a gun owner.

Mike Diehl

We have an amazing economy going here. A very high ratio of noise to signal.

WA Mtnhunter

james t

Tell me what branch of the military Bill Clinton served in?

Dodging the draft doesn't count either.


WTF is a Sierra Club advert doing on this page? The liberal tree huggers have a meltdown or something?


Mike Diehl

The sixth President of the United States, John Quincy Adams, never served in the armed forces of any nation, and was an outstanding president.

Military experience seems irrelevant for knowing whether or not a leader will conduct himself morally, ethically, or will faitfully uphold his oath of office. Our current president is a lout in every measure of integrity that a sane person can devise.

I think Senator Clinton has what it takes to be a good president. Certainly she could do no worse than the George W. Bush. The only remaining Presidential candidate that of whom I take a dim view is Obama. Huckabee, however, would drive me away from McCain should Huck show up as the Veep nominee.

Clay Cooper

The only relation the Clintons have with the Military is, the don’t ask and don’t tell policy, and gutting our Military to a point that we had to pull engines out of our F-15’s and F-16’s and install in another Fighter to keep is out of “Hanger Queen Status” which counts against the Squadrons rating of excellence. O’yes and let us Military Folks not to forget, cannibalizing parts from one aircraft and other equipment to fix other aircraft and equipment, then had to order and install missing parts that was removed . This happened to a RF-4 that was totally striped and when they reinstalled everything, they had to fill out a Air Force Form 486 to permanently taking it out of the Air Force Inventory due to unable to resolve massive electrical and hydraulic leaks. And barrowing personnel from another Squadron to fulfill their lack of ability for deployments due to manning cuts. Bill or Hillary joining the Military? That’s a first one on us Arkansas Folks! I’m still waiting for someone to ask Ol’Slick Willy about Mena Arkansas!



Hillary as a good President? Whatever you have been smoking, please pass me a hit! Besides the obvious fact that you can kiss goodby to anything more powerful than a Red Rider BB gun (these of course, will have to be registered and trigger-locked), prepare for an America that would make Lenin proud. The bastard who helped co-design her disasterous and failed first health care package is working on her current campaign. If she gets into office and you get sick may God help you. Expect her to coddle up to the UN far more than Bubba did. She has expressed support for every hate crimes bill and "thought-police" legislation that has come up. We already had one Clinton running this country into the ground. At least the first one was too busy getting blow jobs now and then to really mess things up. Dubya may be a worthless twit but if you think Hillary can't do any worse, be prepared to eat those words.

Clay Cooper

The problem with Unions is simple. Everyone wants to be taken care of, from cradle to grave! Take General Motors for example, the last figure I read is, 60 percent of their revenue goes to taking care of the cradle to grave group. There was a die cast business next door to Saint Clair Die cast in St. Clair Mo that talked about going Union. I told them not to do it and if they did, there job will go south of the border. The outsider Union recruiter told them this would not happen when they go Union, which they did. A short time later, they all lost their job and the work went south!
Stupid People deserve it!

O’BOMBA and SHRILLRY are nothing more than Judas goats to take America down the road to destruction! And everyone of their loyalist are singing “O’HAPPY DAYS!” to their false prophet!

What I don’t understand is the Rip Van Winkle finally waking up and another Sir Isaac Newton rediscovering gravity crowed, realizing what O’BOMBA and SHRILLARY stand for? It’s simple; they are what crowd they are with!

Had A Woman from Sierra Club Member walkup to me while watering the lawn last year and said that they realized that both those is the Sierra Club and the Hunting community share common goals so they were out to recruit them. I wonder if was to recruit them for additional revenue and numbers or was their some truth behind what she said?

The day that the Sierra Club and Clubs like North American Hunting Club truly join forces, I’ll let Davis E. Petzal shave my head personally on national hunting television for all to watch! Personally, I would welcome that day!!

Clay Cooper

Hillary saying she duck hunting with a rifle? It wouldn’t surprise me!

Del in KS

Clay Cooper, Hillery said she was in the duck blind with her rifle and that she shot a banded duck. I saw the film clip on Fox news.

Clay Cooper

Del in KS



Duff you are right. Idiots don't know when and lets face it, they just can't shut up. Let them enjoy the long primary and suffer the consequences of thier lack of substantive comments and abundance of silly lies. Wake up people who love OHB and HRC. They will be a disaster for America.


Great piece and great responses. Esp liked Silver Arrow's resp - right on the money. These bastards will say anything, promise anything, do anything to get elected. Remember Dukukkah Dukakis in the tank turret and "fast Boat" Kerry in well-pressed duck hunting garb?? And Bill and Hillary have made $100 million bucks in the last several years - jeezuz, the only way they could do better is have their own mint. It is mostly about power and money folks. How could the Dems (the donkeys) have allowed these two morons to get this far in the process. Heaven help us all.
The Skippah


A guy on local radio read the whole "elitist" transcript. He first played part of it, and the sound is terrible, that's why we don't hear the recording firsthand. I'm no O'bamian, but his words were taken out of context, totally blown out of proportion and (she) picked and chose excerpts of it to present. He wasn't really talking about middle Americans, as much as alienation most people EVERYWHERE feel by our current government. The way the whole thing went, I didn't feel offended by it, as a proud gunowner.
It really bugs me when statements are presented out of context like this. Especially when the accuser can hide behind an unbroadcastable, almost inaudible recording.

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