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April 14, 2008

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The Truth Revealed!

One of the rules of probability states that if you forced a million chimps to type for a million years, they would eventually reproduce the entire works of Shakespeare, or "It Takes a Village," I forget which. Similarly, the endless stream of Clinton/Obama verbiage was bound to produce a nugget or two of truth, and a couple of days ago, we got a couple.

According to Barrack Obama, citizens who are bitter about their economic hardships "…cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren’t like them…" as a way to explain their frustrations. Hillary, sensing blood, immediately called him an elitist, and went on to say that "Americans who believe in the Second Amendment believe it’s a constitutional right."

Barack Obama (Harvard Law) is of course an elitist, and he is an urban elitist, and among these folk, interest in or ownership of firearms is viewed as anything from a quaint aberration to a dangerous form of psychosis. Hillary is, if anything, more of an elitist, and what is really fascinating about her statement is her use of the word "believe." Believe means that you think something may be true, but you can’t prove it, so you have to go part of the way on faith.

"I believe the Yankees will blow it again this year."

"I believe I’m going to throw up."

Hillary Clinton (Yale Law) does not necessarily accept the Second Amendment as the law of the land. If you believe in it, she says, it is the law. If you don’t believe in it, by implication, it isn’t.

In the meanwhile, Hillary (who as First Lady urged Congress to buck the gun lobby; at least I think the word was buck) continues to prattle about her father teaching her to shoot, and Governor Ed Rendell, who is one of the worst of the anti-gun governors, blathers on about the great traditions of hunting and sportsmanship in Pennsylvania.

I believe I’m going to throw up.


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Well, this guy really stepped in it! Between Obama's Pastor, and Obama's Wife, with this speech, we now have an idea as to his true feelings towards us "little people" in flyover country.

I'm starting to feel a bit optomistic about Sen. McCain's chances this fall. "Osama" Obama should be an advocate for Gun Control. He just shot himself!


When Hillery starts talking about shooting with her father, then you may be assured that she was asked about her feelings re. the 2nd Amendment. Bill, when asked the same question, would mention that he was probably the only recent president to go to a gun show. While both "answers" are technically true, these responses are really non-answers designed to deceive people into thinking that the Clintons are at least somewhat pro-gun. As we all know: THEY ARE NOT!


Is this a new Outrage, or is it the old Outrage?

It doesn’t surprise me much the Democratic Candidates and the DNC are frustrated the middle of the Middle Class is not all that responsive to their platforms.

My sentiment the Democratic Party was hijacked and has been run by Leftist Radicals masquerading as Liberals is reaffirmed.

Will Becker

Tie their wicked tails together and throw them over the clothes line.We'll stand back and watch em fight it out.We're screwed with either winner.


Dave P.
I can think other verbiage for saying that the Democratic candidates make you believe you are going to throw up. For example: spew, hurl, up chuck, blow chunks, regurgitate, loose you lunch. But any way you say it listening to the candidates just makes me want to barf.

Tom the Troll


Let's leave the fate of my Yankees out of this!

HRC calling Osama/Obama elitist is the pot calling the kettle black; she is at least as bad! Almost all of the current crop of politicos are though. GWB seems to think he was elected King George!

I believe that few politicians are in 'our corner' on 2A issues; they just know the consequences of opposing us!

Both parties have, to some extent, 'left' their members behind. The Republicans in the shift to radical right certainly aren't 'The Party of Lincoln' or of Teddy Roosevelt anymore! As for the Democrats their leaders have more in common with Chairman Mao than JFK! We in the middle are just chopped liver, throw us a few one liners and we will vote the party our parents did.

Obama is correct in saying that a lot of us are fed up! Disgusted is more accurate. Fed up with a Washington DC where the DC should mean Detached from Country. We do want change, change we can believe in and embrace. Change from 'free trade' which costs good American jobs. Change from decisions made to benefit the few at the expense of the rest of us. Change that NONE of these politicos will bring.

As a former colleague of mine used to say on every election day "If they are in, vote 'em Out!"


My fears and trepidations over the coming election is, well, excelled only by the fear that HRC or BO have a "chance" to win the damn thing!
It's just down right scary!


Dave Petzal

To Tom the Troll: And let us not neglect those great classics, doing the technicolor yawn and trumpeting tomoatoes.


It's impossible to separate economic freedom from 2nd amendment freedom, or the right to assemble. Conservatives generally trust individuals and markets and hold people accountable for their own actions. Liberals trust the government as our savoir and often blame society for individual failures. In his heart, Obama wants to ban handguns and require background checks and licensing fees to buy any sort of firearm or ammunition. He's signed papers saying he would ban the sale, manufacture and possession of hand guns ( Obama denied this until they found his hand writing on the documents) and has been very inconsistent when talking about the 2nd Amendment, the individual right to own guns and the DC ban. I had the misfortune on living in New Jersey, where you need a permit to buy B-Bs or a B-B gun. That is our future if Obama has two years with a Democratic Congress. It doesn't mean he's evil or that there is conspiracy to take away our guns. Obama just doesn't trust the "bitter" masses "clinging to guns and god" anymore than he trusts people to keep their own money or parents to chose their schools. Unless there is a 13 year old seeking an abortion, Obama will always chose government over freedom.



Thank you for the difference between conservatives and liberals. I have long wished for a simplistic statement, and your's really hit the nail on the head.


Mike Diehl

To be fair, "believe in" is also a phrase that demonstrates commitment to a cause. Thus one can, for example, believe in renewable energy, despite the fact that the existence of renewable energy is a substantiated fact.

No one asked me, but I think the radical right and others less radical but as political such as Mr. Petzal do overreach when carrying on about Sen. Clinton. Yeah, she was for the black rifle and magazine ban. Back in those days, which politician wasn't? We all agree it was a stupid ban, but it's because we have experience with firearms. Politicians are almost universally sheltered, elitist urbanites, or the intermittant rural person (only so darned busy selling "access") that they rarely know the first thing about real life anywhere. I'm surprised no one has told us that it's our duty to buy a paperweight to save the economy yet.

So what in the end would you all do about it? It's not like King Geeorge gives a damb about the US Constitution (or any part thereof) any more than Obama or Sen. Clinton.

If by some miracle of divine intervention Sen. Edwards would emerge as the Democratic party nominee, would those who constantly hump the legs of democratic politicians suddenly leap up and say "Hell Yeah!"? He's by far the best candidate for presidential office with respect to the 2nd Amendment but he's off the radar because he had no backing when it was needed.


Obama and Hillary both are just trying to say what it takes to win an election.

He stepped in a big pile of $hit with his comment, but let's be real, if Hillary knew how to shoot a gun, Bill would have been shot long ago!



"If by some miracle of divine intervention Sen. Edwards would emerge as the Democratic party nominee, would those who constantly hump the legs of democratic politicians suddenly leap up and say "Hell Yeah!"? He's by far the best candidate for presidential office with respect to the 2nd Amendment but he's off the radar because he had no backing when it was needed."
Posted by: Mike Diehl | April 14, 2008 at 03:06 PM

Are you serious? Do you even know what the 2nd amendment is?????

Jim in Mo.

Hillary said 'they believe'. Thats us. If elected she'll waste no time letting 'us' know how silly we were having such foolish thoughts like that.
I don't think HilOb want to be president they talk like they want to be king.

Scott in Ohio

I really appreciated the comments by SilverArrow and Mike Diehl. I don't find my beliefs aligned with either the conservative right OR the liberal left. A few weeks ago a former colleague sent me a politics "test." After having answered fifteen or so questions the test identified which of the nine candidates most aligned with my beliefs on: healthcare, the war, 2nd amendment, abortion, immigration, etc. The "best" candidate (i.e. the one who voted or campaigned on issues most important to me) agreed with me on only 46% of my answers. Regardless of who ends up in the White House I'll disagree with over half of what they are trying to accomplish or change in the USA.

As long as we're discussing politics I'd invite you all to read an article published in this month’s issue (April 2008) of Field & Stream by Bob Marshal on page 35 (or in the FIELD NOTES blog at the following link):


If you want something to shoot at with your second amendment-protected guns, read this and write your congressman now. -I did.


I recieved the same survey. Mine came out to be John McCain that i agreed with the most and i believe it was 76% of the time. i don't believe any two people will agree all the time and we all know politicians ain't people.

Jim in Mo.

Timberline, I agree. Don't trust anyone who agrees with everthing you say or think. Somethings up, don't they have a thought of their own? They'll screw you in a heart beat.
The best conversations is aroud a breakfast table or a fire laughing and talking about some idiodik(sp) idea one of your good friends just said, and then go to bed knowing its ok to agree to disagree.


Troll and SilverArrow are both on to something. We always seem to be voting for te lesser of two evils because both parties have left us. With the Democrats, however, I believe it might be fatal. The leadership of that party is detached from us, the "little people". Excacerbating this problem, is that they have been bolstered by both Main Stream Media and Hollywood. I honestly can't see them coming back. When was the last time that a Democratic Presidential Candidate actively hunted? I mean bought hunting licenses prior to running for that office. If one actually did, he would be laughed out of that party!

Clay Cooper

Is Rip Van Winkle finally waking up or is it another Sir Isaac Newton rediscovering gravity.
Everyone been standing chin deep in this crap and the smell has been horrid for as long as I can remember and now someone is saying, The Truth Revealed! Talk about someone being out to lunch!

Hey you sleepy heads, it’s time to wake UP!

Remember when Wayne LaPierre said along the line that the Clinton administration has accepted a certain level of death and destruction to achieve their political ambition. The Democratic Party has taken that idea and went all the way with it. It has become the common goal and the norm for the Democratic Party to allow the death and destruction at any cost to further their goals!

Remeber Mena Arkansas? We do!

Clay Cooper

And Jimmy Carter wants to do what!

Clay Cooper

Two years ago, the Montana Governor said that his state can produce fuel, Diesel, Gasoline, Home Heating Fuel and Aviation Fuel for a $1.25 a gallon regardless of the price of oil. Yep, you al asleep on that watch! And think of all that phosphorus from all that fertilizer that is running of all those corn fields into the Gulf of Mexico. Phosphorus is a Marine Pollutant.

Clay Cooper

One more thing, if you made a large tub and burned corn cobs, a substance called lunkers will accumulate on the bottom and yes, it’s a radioactive substance!


I believe that I finally figured out who the true NUTS are concerning gun NUTS, plus like most nuts there is a pair of them. I don't trust either candidate's words or actions.
We all know people who would make substancially better presidents than either of these two purveyors of smoke and mirrors. Surely Teddy Roosevelt has a near identical descendant somewhere that wants to be president.


Dems are trying to fix urban crime prolems by passing gun laws. These are really econmic problems and their gun control ideas are misguided. It is unfortunate. The republicans are trying to control the same problems with stiffer sentancing laws and more drug laws. Once again it misses the point of the huge economic probles in the inner cities. These are symptoms that come with low wages and no economic advantage. That is why neither have worked very well and will continue to not work very well. It is not that both parties are not trying. It is that they don't realize the problem.



The crime/drug problem in inner cities is NOT an economic problem, it's a personality problem! Gun laws can/will affect these personality flaws, if they are relaxed so that the inner city "people" can protect themselves from the sinner (pun intended) city "slime"!


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