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April 02, 2008

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Medal Finalists Announced

... Plus Alarming Campaign Developments

I would like to thank all of you who participated in the contest to create an award for lying public officials who get caught at it. Rather than pick a winner myself, I have selected five finalists and leave the final decision to you. Vote only once for your favorite, and watch out for hanging chads. The entry that gets the most votes wins. No caucuses here.

1. Medal of Misrememberment, from jack
2. Distinguished Lying Cross, from DINFOS
3. Bosnian Order of Omnipresent Self-Delusion, from BUMP
4. Richard Nixon Award for Honesty in Public Service, from Canuck
5. The Legion of Invisible Distinction, from El-Wazir

In the meanwhile, Mrs. Clinton continues to show an increasing disconnect from reality, comparing herself to movie figure Rocky Balboa who, by the way, ended his career penniless and speaking in tongues. Her aides, reluctant to incur her wrath, have apparently not told her that there was no Rocky Balboa in real life. The fighter on which Rocky was patterned was a fellow named Chuck Wepner, aka the Bayonne Bleeder, a no-hoper heavyweight who got a fight with Mohammed Ali in 1975, and got the stuffings pounded out of him. As Mrs. Clinton continues to lose her grip, it will be interesting to see where her mind wanders.


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John B

I kind of like the 'Richard Nixon Award for Honesty in Public Service'. The only drawback would be the number of potential nominees each year.


Mismemberment is such a great word. I vote for that.

Robert  W.  Sprague

I like them all, but Mr. Nixon set a standard in dishonesty for which Mrs. Clinton should be proud to carry the flag. My vote is for number 4.


Excuse me, I misspoke. It is misrememberment.

Scott in Ohio

Metal of Misrememberment


2. Distinguished Lying Cross, from DINFOS


David Boones

In the name of puns: Distinguished Flying Cross.

David Boones

And by Flying, I mean Lying


Distinguished Lying Cross.

(Misrememberment would have to be the name of a medal given to gajillionaire atheletes who take steroids. Maybe. Or not.)


gotta go with nix


distinguished lying cross


Distinguished Lying Cross
But boy, lots of good ones!


My votes goes to the "Medal of Misrememberment".


Correction: My ONE vote goes to "Medal of Misrememberment".

Chuck McRG

Just have to vote for #2, the Distinguished Lying Cross.


My vote is for number 2, the Distinguished Lying Cross. A second award would result in the Double Cross, a third the Triple Cross, with sincere apologies to the Three Stooges who first awarded the Double and Triple Cross.

I also want to apologize for apearing to vote more than once. Being from Illinois it is hard not to vote early and often.

This was great fun. Thanks Dave and to all who worked so hard.

Brian T

Has to be #4: The Richard Nixon. Tricky Dicky set a new low. I hope that the medal is a beer bottle cap suspended from a condom.


Too bad none of Hillary's imaginary bullets actually hit her. If she had been hit by one of her imaginary bullets, she could have been awarded a "Purple Fart."


Misrememberment, I don't want to mock the Distinguished Flying Cross.

jim in nc

Gotta go with Distinguished Lying Cross; no mockery intended.


Medal of Misrememberment

Rich Mitchell

I'd go with the Legion of Invisible Distinction. All politicians lie. Nixon also did a lot to setup the Communist bloc for the fall when Reagan came along and he doesn't get credit for it. If you're going to lie, at least get something done with it. For me, Invisible Distinction says it best - wasted effort and no imagination.


#2 the DLC and to think that she can be immortalized as the initial recepient although there are plenty more like her. We probably should arrange for a factory in China to mass produce the actual medals. Talk about operating 24/7, production would never be current.

Scott Mahl

Wepner recieved a beating from Ali but had the distinction of one of the only fighters that ever knocked him down. If you think that was bad you should of seen Wepner against Sonny Liston.
Anyway, I would pay top dollar to see any of these three fight Hilary-oh excuse me, I meant Rocky.


2. Distinguished Lying Cross, from DINFOS

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