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April 28, 2008

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Home on the Range?

As you’re all aware, Hillary Clinton has become the Second Amendment’s Best Friend in the past few weeks; so much so, in fact, that she is thinking of opening a series of franchised shooting schools, starting in the Southwest—just in case things don’t work out in her current job. The trick to creating a successful franchise is to come up with something unique, and I have been contracted to provide ideas that would set these schools apart. Here are my ideas:

*All attendees will be flown in by C-47, which will make a corkscrew landing at the school airport.

*To create a realistic environment, recordings of imaginary sniper fire will be played at all times.

*All attendees will wear pantsuits.

*All attendees will run (or waddle, as the case may be) between classes to avoid imaginary sniper fire.

*When not actually engaged in classes, attendees will play pinochle.

*Attendees who are selected to shoot first in any class are entitled to whine about it.

*Female attendees whose husbands exhibit signs of incipient mental illness are entitled to a 20 percent discount.

That’s what I’ve come up with. What are your suggestions?


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anyone that votes republican next election needs to shoot themselves..5 a gallon for gas over 4000 dead men and women troops all so a couple of draft dodgers can get filthy rich

JAck Daniels Bottling Co.

Hey all, we could do worse, we could not have a choice but Bush 111 and MCain or Kerry. Do believe CcCain is a clone of Bush 11.Heaven forbid. Don't wory about your guns, worry about making a living, having a job with-in 100 miles or home,enough $ to go to grocery and buy l/2 tank of cheap gas.Do any of you remember how thoings were during the lae 30's and the 2000's, one and the same. Just wish could re-live the 90's again, at least had $, cheaper gas, lts of groceries and a job near home. Now is all gone. What don;t our DC leaders step in to big oil and stop this nulti-billions on our backs.I will take the 90's any day. McCain and Obama scare me to death. Like her, him ( Bill) or not,but you never had it so good s you did for 8 years. One thing for sure, could be no worse. About time some one in DC told Iraq, we got rid of Hussen for you, now it;sup to you to look after yourselves. Keep a few of our people over ther as adviss and let those people fight their Civil war as they have done since begining of time. With 4 different relgions in a country,you never gonna get any to agree.Where I live, we got word today that one of our local guys 26 yrs old was killed by a roadside Bomb in Bagdad Tuesday at 7 AM.I know him and his family,what a waste of human life. So its time to call of our men/women and let the goas ovefr there look afer each other. Let them use their own oil, instead of selling it to us at a huge profit, and we send Billions over. YOu know as well as I,as long as you let someoe else do things for you, what;s the point in you getting your hands dity? Sit back and watch and let us furnish them a good living,best they ever had .Better buy up Ammo if you load, as China is buying all the lead they can and our Ammo is going up like gas.Hey any you guys seen the new MArling gun? If so, what's your opinion? good buy,quality built or another Cheapo import from China,.Price is reasonable, which is apealing. It se bets what teh Major other Co's sell price wise. Maybe they shuld bring back the must have draft. If I had a Son of Military age, I'd take his butt to Canada and we would build a Cabin and hunt till we dropped.I'd love to hunt Canada once in my life for Moose or Caribou. Love to try out the new Marlin 06 on either. But can;t afford the trip now. Maybe never.Looking for a cheap pricedperson not cheap in preformance to guide me in WY or SE C0 for Mule Deer and Antelopes. Anyone coe to your minds? if so let me know. Might even send yu a jug of old Jack made down the road from me. I;ll take the run off,as its about 500% proff.Will lamost get drunk from just the smell of it.


Dr. Ralph
"I want abortions for rape or incest only"
Without getting into a discussion on a abortion here. I personally think that its none of the Feds business. Its a state issue not a federal issue. JUST LIKE NINTY PERCENT OF THE ISSUES THE FEDS HAVE THEIR FINGERS IN!!!!! Let Floridians do what best for Florida and the Buckeys do whats best for Ohio.

WA Mtnhunter

Cheap hunting guide, but not cheap performance? Hah!

Better acquire a taste for Ezra Brooks or Jim Beam and stop sipping the Jack and spend the change on a good guide!

Dr. Ralph

Peter, I agree... states rights are where it's at but the Feds have all that gas and cigarette tax money they suddenly decided the states don't get unless they follow their rules. I voted for Ron Paul in the Tennessee primary and that pretty much sums up my views on letting each state decide. READ THE CONSTITUTION UNCLE SAM!!! HILLARY!!! OBAMA!!! MCCAIN!!! We're actually supposed to have different rules for people who live in the Upper Peninsula or Haight Ashbury or Eielson AFB in Fairbanks, Alaska or the Hampton's or Bucksnort, Tennessee. Imagine that...

Jim in Mo.

Concerning your post 4/30/08, 11:08 pm. 'Home on the Range'.
You and I actually see eye to eye? Your getting smarter every day!!

Jim in Mo.

Jack Daniels bottling Co.
If you want to run out of this country rather than defend it please don't hesitate we won't stop you.

Jim in Mo.

Dr. Ralph,
Ever hear the old saying, 'There ain't nothing that a Man can't fix with seven hundred dollars and a thirty ought six'.

Jim in Mo.

Dr. R. That was concerning your post 4-30, 8:30 meant to say

Jack Danels

Jim in Mo: Sure I'd take him to Canada, to hunt, fish, relax and get away from the mess we now have on our hands, and to take care of me. Why are we still fighting a winless conflick? W did tose people by getting rid if Hussen, now it's time for the Iraq people to look afer themselves.No way can we Police the world and tel all what to so. If moving to Canada will give me peace of mind for my remaining yeas, I coul be packed by in AM.I think we did our Job in Iraq, now its time fo them to lok aftr them selves. After 5 yrs of our men-women protcting them, it's their time now.I want to hunt Canada anyway, so wold be a great opportunity to become a hermit and live in a back-woods Cabin and live off the land and enjoy my few remaining yeas. We fullfield our commitment, now best we gt out and come home. I have a Nephew anda Neice both in Iraq and the reports from them is that the Iraqis sit and watch teh USA take care of them, They can hardly wait to get back state side . If e elect McCain, will be the same forever, if one o the other two, some troops will be coming home. Hey, what you gonna spend your 600 bucks on? I think will try to arrange a Caribou /moose hunt in Canada. Question: if by mistake, you fie a caertridge that is smaller than supose to, what kinda damage will be done to Chamber? and Me the shooter?

Jim in Mo.

Jack Daniels,
Don't know what your talking about cartrige not fitting the chamber but lets forget about that for now.
When I was drafted for the military ('71) during the Vietnam era I'm not gonna lie, I didn't want to go. I figured I'm a dead man. My father fought in WW2 and came back unscathed, my uncle fought in the Korean 'conflict' and came back smiling, my brother fought in 'Nam and came back sad but ok. When they drafted me I figured Las Vegas had my odds for survival, too many numbers to 1, to come back in a coffin. Friends told me to run to Canada. Screw Canada! I went, I'm proud of it.

Jack Danels

Mike, Jim and others it's good to see you were successful in getting Rocky Mtn Hunter off this Blog. But, also sad you now after others who shared some of his views. As far as I know, it is a free world. Some of you think different. Yes, we could do worse than the 3 running now, it's a matter of elimanation of one and then the facts come out. Can;t wait to read your thoughts on Mr.McCain. None of the 3 or any 3 could get us (USA) in the condition we now in. But, suppose Bush 11 with his $600.00 refund will fill all his voids.( now your kids and grandkids can replay it) Most of us will never live to see the good days return. Get use to 4 dollar gas and high $ groceries. As for guns, don;t worry, who ever ends up in the Wh will forget the gun issue with all the other problems he/she will face,.Never understood the thinking that only the Dems will take your gun??????? would like a few reasons. That should be our least worry now, just to survive will be about all we can hope for. As Long distance hunting trips, who can afford the gas to go now. So gonna plant a few deer food plots and hunt here at home. If they mis-print my $600,00 check and make it $6K, then could change my mind. Yes,I do want to hunt Canada and WY. Love the size of he Mule Deer in Wy, just need to make contact with a landowner and try to get a tag. My old Savage Bolt gun in 30-06 with Weaver 4 power scope sure would enjoy taking a shot at a 5 x 5 or less. I trust you guys, now that you have run Rocky Mtn Hunter to another new Blog( been in operation 2 weeks) that has opened, hopefully you are happy as he did have some interesting articles and quite knowledgable in regards to firearms and hunting out West. He and I do talk a little on the Putter and felt he was singled out for a wippin guy . For a guy who has the sickness he has, it's a shame you called him everthing but a human. Talking on the Putter about guns, hunting, reading an relaying some of his experiences was his life line. He has written his Autobiography of the past 50 yrs of sports is worth a bundle. Hopefully the publisher will agree and his book will be available by fall.Few men I know have lived thru his sickness and lived to tell about it, especially yet able to hunt and tinker with firearms. His interest in the above was the best prescription any Dr could have written for him. I've trid to let him know a few guys on this Blog were on his team, but most were 99% against him, just because he was involved in Politices. All of you know who you are, so no need to spell it out to you. He does now and then read some of the dumb assed stuff written here and shakes his head as he says. But, due to this attack on him has made he and I close friends.Hopefully he and I can hunt together this fall or next. Looking forward to meeting him and hopefully hunt. Find another guy to dislike, he wan't mind.I hope his health will allow him to hunt near his home this fall. Have fun guys, sleep well if you can.

Jack Daniels

Old Jack here: I talked to RMH last night, and the new Blog is going great. By far better than this one, as this Blog has been taken over by about l/2 doz peons. Plus he's going to NM for a Elk on a Indian Resv. He is hopefuly you guys are all happy now that you gonna have a choice of either Bush Jr(jughead). or McCain. (War mongal)McCain will allow the war to continue till Hell freezes over(his words 100 yrs ) or A Muslim( not legal, was born in Panama) when Panama was not in the USA, running this country for 4-8 yrs, you will think Bush Jr. was a saint compared to the Muslim. You better get a C Carry gun, as his race will run this country(they say pay back time) If RMH moves to Canada and I feel he will, I may decide to tag along. We both single and have grown childred who don;t need us now. So our last few years in that game rich country ,living off in the back Country would be great. Lots of game to be had, and I love Trapping, which RMH does not do, but a few lessons and he would change his mind,especially after he sold a few hunded dollars worth of hids/furs. Hopefully his grown Son will visit often to help with the winter fire wood cuting. Now that you belittled RMH, sure you all feel well and happy. Now most of you can kiss THe Muslim or McCain's A--- on Jan. 20.When the Muslim been in office, don;t care to hear any of your bitching when he picks his cronnies out of the wood-work.O, maybe Jessie for VP or the Rev. Wright, his press secretary as he can really blow steam. Have fun,don;t forget to vote in Nov.

Jim in Mo.

Jack Daniels,
Your a fake, RMH is not single so go away. Don't need ya.
Oh, take Hil with you, she's gone.

Jack Daniels

Jim in Mo:I see you an expert like all the above idiots. How would you know if RMH is single or married with a bunch of kids. It's jerks like you that create ill-will on this Blog.You better hope Hillary is in the WH rather than any of the other jerks. With so-call experts such as you is one reason the Blog will sink. O hell I better folks to chat with than people such as you. You know it all's write junk that has a great inflence on younger hunters and prevent them from taing up the sport. As for Canada I sure hope I don;t see you in the woods up there.

Del in KS

Jack Daniels,

As for me RMH was intertaining and had some good tips. I suspect nobody would wish him any harm or poor health. It's just that most of us did not want to hear the political tripe. As for you. My guess is that you are RMH with a new name. At the very least your writing, spelling and opinions are very much alike. Most of us enjoy you right up until you start sounding like a fugitive from San Francisco. If you decide to go north drop us a line once in a while but save the liberal stuff for the left coast.

Jack Daniels

Del in KS; I wish I had some of RMH's guts. Would not care to be in his boots. His health is going south weekly. Hope he gets to go big game huntng someplace this fall, as doubt he will be able to hunt after a few months. As for knowledge of firearms, hunting, etc. wish I had l/2 his knowledge and some of his experiences. Watch for a new Outdoor Magazine from Montana that has been out only a few months and you will see a story of one of his hunts. Do believe you will be impressed. Yes, he is a Died in the Wool Democratic and will defend that party till Hell freezes over. No way could they be worse than what we now have or gonna get. Thanks for thinking I'm RMH, quite a complaiment. Wish I had his knowledge and ability to hunt and know firearms. Hope he will read this Blog soon. You would have to meet him to appreciate him. He's been living on borrowed time for many years. One of the few who lived through his sickness. Doubt many on this Blog cares, but I do. I wish him many more years of life and as many hunting trips as he can make. A good friend of RMH and live near him.


Jack Daniels:
While I disagreed with RMH on political matters, I have no desire to see him suffer. I wish him well with both his hunting and his health. I remember him in my prayers. I did enjoy reading about his new Marlin rifle and would like some updates on its performance.
Good luck and good hunting!

Jim in Mo.

Jack Daniels,
Concerning your post 5/10,6:16 pm
Never had a man er maybe more woman threaten to kill me before. Oh, thats right your a follower of Bill and Hillary's school of thought, 'If they don't agree with you kill em'.

Rocky Mtn Hunter

I read the above replies to JAck Daniels articles. I was called everything but a white man on this blog due to Politics. This entire section is of nothing but Politics, especially by Del and Jim. Think it's odd that what one person thinks is stupid, then you turn around and discuss the same subject. Maybe you will get your wish and the Muslim will win and then see how close to Hell you will be.Also, McCain is a Little W in a Monkey's suit. I assure you Jack Daniels is not RMH. We kinda know each other, but not related or one and the same. I am RMH and always will be till I die. I speak for my self and apparently you guys don;t like to hear the truth or this entire section on Home on the Range would not be Political. Sarg: To answer your question I was suppose to give , it's great. Could not ask for more , especially in that price range. Its not beautiful, but pratical and functional, well built and all pieces fit proper. Not pleased with the Bases, but will change that shortly, soon as they decide which set fits or if have to be built. l" at 100 not bad and 2 l/2" at 200 better, almost as well as my 24" guns . boy Ammo gone out the ceiling, like gasoline and both continue to climb. Not sure the wild west hunt is in my bilfold now, hopefully KY is. Should know later this month. As my friend's states, I would like to hunt Canada or Alaska for Moose and bear. But doubt in my lifetime, the economy will ever allow such a venturer. No tears, done and seen my share, hopefully MR Big Shows up on my farm come Fall. His tracts yet around,so he made it thru the winter and hunt seasons.Now to keep the food plots free of weeds and etc, so the petty grass will be there come Nov. Surely he will pass by or come thru oer l50 acres while we hunting. Maybe a few Tons of Corn would help especially if weather turns dry as did last year and game left for better food.May even try Bear hunting in the South come fall, cheap hunting compared to a Wesern gig.Ok , bring it on guys, I'm a big boy, old and still Vote.

Cecil L Orsburn

Bloomberg is the most threatening to our 2nd amendment , simply because MONEY controls the Government , not morals !Osama B. Laden will NEVER be as great a threat to our freedom as some of the "people" in Our Uwn Government!It is time to use our voteing power to purge our government of this anti-American,Greed-ridden TRASH !


New Rule:
If someone accidentaly gets injured due to firearm safety you are entitled t say this:

"I did not shoot that person. I did not no the chamber had round in it. If I knew then what I new now, things whould have obviously gone otherwise."


*Only big bore rifles. .22 rimfire and below.

Jack Daniels

O, the many experts we now have on this Blog. Too bad none are running the country now. By the time November gets here may be a new write in for President. Many more qualified that now in the race. From news tonight, sounds as if Bush stuck his foot in his mouth as usual. If we wanted too, just tap the oil we got and some from Alaska and we would be in somewhat better condition. Maybe we could buy some from Bush and Chaney, do believe they having smaller oil Companies buy up oil and storing till the price does hit 5 bucks, which wan't be long now. See old RMH did come back on, pitty him now. You guys can really kick his A--.

Jack Daniels

On second thought, do believe you have kicked him enough, try someone new. Many on this Blog you could replace him with. Better hurry as his health is not well at all. Just wish he could have gone to the Rockies one more trip. He really loves that country,filled tag or not.I hope and pray he recovers and able to hunt in WY,C0 or Montana next year. His comments were no worse about our appointed officials( in office by l vote by the Supreme Court and his Brother in Fl.) than what you guys are saying about Hillary. Be honest, if truthful you will have to say that you lived better from 92 -2000 than you ever did before. For sure the past 8 years have been H--- and I pity the next guy/gal who clears up this mess if possible. Did you ever think you would pay 4 bucks a gallon for gas, and your grocery bill double?Don;t forget all the lost homes, jobs and vehicles. Spend your Grandkids $600,00 wisely. Have fun with your remarks against those who don;t agree with you.JD

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