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April 28, 2008

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Home on the Range?

As you’re all aware, Hillary Clinton has become the Second Amendment’s Best Friend in the past few weeks; so much so, in fact, that she is thinking of opening a series of franchised shooting schools, starting in the Southwest—just in case things don’t work out in her current job. The trick to creating a successful franchise is to come up with something unique, and I have been contracted to provide ideas that would set these schools apart. Here are my ideas:

*All attendees will be flown in by C-47, which will make a corkscrew landing at the school airport.

*To create a realistic environment, recordings of imaginary sniper fire will be played at all times.

*All attendees will wear pantsuits.

*All attendees will run (or waddle, as the case may be) between classes to avoid imaginary sniper fire.

*When not actually engaged in classes, attendees will play pinochle.

*Attendees who are selected to shoot first in any class are entitled to whine about it.

*Female attendees whose husbands exhibit signs of incipient mental illness are entitled to a 20 percent discount.

That’s what I’ve come up with. What are your suggestions?


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Mike Diehl

Yep, Chickenpoop. It's the public blog version of a word more commonly used in the US armed forces.

If you want to complain about Sen. Clinton's record on the 2nd Amendment, I'll back your play because we agree. McCain has my vote in the forthcoming election.

But alot of the nasty stuff otherwise tossed around in this particular blog isn't worthy of Field & Stream... IMO anyhow.

Jim in Mo.

P.S. PETER! Don't you think we missed that part of your post where you said you "might" register to vote. Get your young ass off the computer and do it now. Today its shamefully easy to register. Hell, I think you can now even do it at the license bereau or even on the phone!

james t

jim in mo... i'll build you one for free if that happens. just don't tell these other crazies...oops!
mike diehl...nasty or not it is true. they earned what is said and more. and don't expect hill or the terrorist to ask your opinion if they get elected because it will be about their agenda...the liberal agenda. look what the dems are doing here in colorado. and our gov. is chicken poop!

Dr. Ralph

Dave's got six more months give or take a few hundred million matching campaign funds to stir up the pot. It's like throwing a piece of raw meat to a bunch of hungry lions just to watch them fight... sounds like fun to me!


Hilary as a teacher. Brings new incentive for school shootings. (sorry folks just the teacher not the students.) Maybe we can bring in Chuck schumer, Sarah Brady, Nancy Palosee, and a few other Anti Gun person in on that fateful day. Kill them all off with a semi automatic rubberband gun.

Just being factious folks not serious.

james t

don't forget the esteemed and extremeist kennedy!

Mike Diehl

James T.

A calm look shows us the nature and likelihood of the threat.

Pres. Clinton didn't try to write you out of a job. The "Assault Rifle" baloney was largely the work of DiConcini and a bunch of others. I think WJC should not have signed said bill, but no one's firearms were confiscated as a result. So... "annoying yes, doomsday no" is my evaluation of his record.

Sen. Clinton seems mostly clueless about firearms, but as I read it her "spin" these days amounts to a concession that banning firearms isn't on her agenda. That said, if she gets another "AR" ban, she'll sign it. Look for such a ban from Speaker Pelosi, not from the Office of the Pres. (Unless, of course, Obama is elected. Then all bets are off).

The lesson from Pres. Clinton's tenure and where that AR ban came from is this: To get such a ban, it's gonna have to pass two houses of Congreff. If the GOP really are our friends, they'll filibuster any such effort.

So am I concerned? You bet. Panicked? No way. Some Dems get good marks from the NRA, and lots of Republicans do. We just have to make sure they continue to hear from us.


Dr. Ralph,
I hate to burst your bubble. But they can issue them drivers licenses with photo ID's on them. Like the Mayor of NY wanted to do.

Tom the troll.


It seems to me I think I heard rumors about the electoral college being paid off by the clintons in the first election against Bob Dole.

james t

mike...are you aware of the current legislation being introduced in washington. they are trying to register everything just to make it more difficult to and expensive to obtain everything from firearms to ammo. baby steps because an all out ban will fail. one step at a time they are going to try to get what they want, hoping we won't catch on until it is too late! look at california and their fascist, ignorant gov. california runs one way, many others follow. new york is no better. and the whole personalizing ammo is a joke! now there is talk of a ban on semi-autos. do you realize how many firearms we all own that can be classified as semi-auto?! give up your shotguns, .22's and many more firearms! hillary can say what she wants. we all know that she says one thing and does others. they even have gunsmiths on their payroll because they pay better. all about money for them. don't take it lightly, hill and the terrorist already know wha they want to do!

Mike Diehl

Obama has in the past endorsed banning new sales of semi-autos. I agree that this effort is scientifically unjustifiable and also a clear cut violation of 2nd Amendment rights. Not sure where he stands now. Anyways, I won't vote for him.

Sen. Clinton and before her Pres. Clinton were comfortable with banning "assault rifles" and magazines with capacities greater than 10 rounds... apparently because the backers of that badly crafted piece of legislation don't know the difference between semi-automatic and automatic.

I agree that we all must of course remain attentive.

As for confiscation, supposing that all our GOP and those Dems who are usually pro gun cave in to a demand for confiscation, and supposing the USSJC would find such a thing Constitutionally acceptable, who'd comply?

Jim in Mo.

Mike Diehl
God I hate political talk. As I told RMH, 'don't get involved, you can't win, only get mad'. I'm far more right than you, but when you said 'who'd comply'? Ask the folks of other counties who thought that.
I'm outta here, hate this talk. This is 'Gun' nuts right?
Well thats my rant.


As far as the ID cards for voting, I believe a federal law or rule will go into effect that will standardize drivers licenses. I think we're getting a new license format pretty soon in MI, Tom.

As far as blog topics go, I'm a little light on shooting rifles 800+ yards, hunting okapis, etc. Hell, a pronghorn hunt would be an exotic adventure for me. While I enjoy reading about the 416 Barrett, I can't really get into that stuff!


Chicken Poop? CHICKEN POOP!! Young man, whoever taught you to cuss, probably a Boy Scout Troop with a liberal Scoutmaster, left some abhorrent holes in your education. Apparantly, he also left a lot wanting in your other areas of education, if you will believe anything a Clinton says. Any Clinton, especially Hitlery. If you haven't caught on by now, she was the brains behind the other Clinton presidency,(i.e. Slick Willie the Rapist), and she will do, say or lie about anything to get to be the REAL as opposed to the CO-president. Don't get me wrong, an Osama in the White House would probably end the United State of America as we now know it, but Hitlery has a proven track record of anti-gun, anti Second Ammendment, anti-self defense. Remember Janet Reno, and Waco, TX? Remember Ruby Ridge? Hitlery KNOWS she cannot make her schemes come to fruition if America remains armed, and relatively free. Osama is of the same ilk. King John? Still a question mark in my mind, but not as blatently anti-Second Ammendment as the other two, and probably looking down the road at re-election. Knows he cannot alienate that many American gun owners, ala Bush-Kerry, 2004.
Pull your head out of it, young hero, a vote for Hitlery is a nail in the coffin of the Second Ammendment, or a harbinger of another Civil War. To put a point on it, Bush is not perfect, but he is far and away more honest, honorable,and better for the Country than either Slick Willie, Hitlery, or Osama will prove to be. AND, to properly say what you intended, the expression is bullsquat.


crm3006, before you tell anyone to pull their head out of anything, maybe you should first get your facts straight. Ruby ridge was under the Bush I administration. Right wingers seem to love to lay the blame on the Clintons for this. I guess it just shows that most don't know the difference between facts and paranoia.


All attendees can not work at walmart!!



When I said I "might" register to vote ..let me explain. I DON"T LIKE ANY OF THE CANDIDATES at this point so why waist time in line for candidates I don't like. Unless McCain gets a strong running mate.

The old USSR had "free elections".. thats right.. a person was allowed to vote. THe trouble was both candidates were pretty much the same and it didn't matter what the people chose...they still got a Communist. . .so whats the point.

I know voting is a privilege and America is far from the USSR. But currently..its almost like the same thing. At this point it doesn't matter who ya choose for the presidency.. Its not a real clear good vs bad candidates election. Its more like which bad leader do ya want.

Sen. Hillary is a blatant liar, Sen. Obama is either a liar, or a bad judge of character. And from what I know of McCain. Hes a bit of a flip flop.
None of those things are really good traits for the Presidency.


And just incase someones getting ready to chew me out....yes I know theres more people to vote for than the next President. But im moving out of state...while retaining my residency for a while during school.

Yes Ill register to vote Jim . But it will be a while.


Dr. Ralph

I think the Republicans have a chance now. Im not sure theyll win. though.

james t

see what you started dave? i agree, this is the scariest choice of pres. candidates i may have ever seen. either way we are all gonna have to watch our backs!

WA Mtnhunter


And here I thought we had poor candidates in the last 3 Presidential Elections....

Bush II
Bush I

Mike Diehl

"Young man, whoever taught you to cuss, probably a Boy Scout Troop with a liberal Scoutmaster, left some abhorrent holes in your education."

Someone who knew the right circumstances for the right cuss words. ;)

"Apparantly, he also left a lot wanting in blah blah..."

I'm pretty sure that those of you who don't know everything annoy those of us who do. ;)


You are correct about Ruby Ridge. That miscarriage of justice
and masterpiece of entrapment DID
occur under Bush I, who also is noted for resigning from the NRA. Didn't clarify myself enough on that point, which is, I DO NOT TRUST ANY POLITICIAN TO DO THAT WHICH IS NOT POLITICALLY EXPEDIANT AT ANY GIVEN MOMENT. Reference my statement about King John McCain. Bottom line is, go for the best of the poor choices that we are offered, and stay away from those who have stated their intentions to disarm America.

Dr. Ralph

Looks like we'll all be holding our noses as we do our duty in six months and four days. I want abortions for rape or incest only and secured borders especially to the south where millions a year are pouring in and raising their standard of living while destroying ours. I want increased refineries and domestic oil production and a pipeline running straight from Iraq to my back yard to help finance their release from the death-grip of Soddamn Insane and I want the Saudis to kiss our... I want Big Brother to stop taping our conversations, viewing us via camera while we drive down the street and stopping us for no particular reason except that this is a DUI/ auto emissions/ mental and physical health/ got your seat belt on road block... Guess I'll have to find a couple hundred million and run myself.

Dr. Ralph

40 acres and a John Deere and an M-16.... the new "New Deal".

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