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March 26, 2008

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What to Do With Your Gift From George W. Bush

Some time this year, most of us will be getting a check from the Federal government to make us feel better, spend foolishly, and keep us from sliding into a depression. (Since the government does not have this money, your children or their children will eventually have to pick up the tab, but that's not our problem, right?) If you are looking for something really nifty to spend it on, here is the Legend Sporter, made by D'Arcy Echols. Mr. Echols, of whom I have writ before, goes to extreme lengths to produce the best rifle possible, and the prices of his guns reflect this.


What is chiefly of interest here is D'Arcy's Legend Brochure, which lists everything he does and why he does it. You can read it by clicking on the link below. I think you will find it more than interesting. And, in case you're wondering, I do not own an Echols rifle, and he is not giving me one, but were he to do so, I would not have a fit of nobility and refuse it.

Standard Legend Sporter
1. The heart of our Legend Rifle begins with a current production, chrome-moly steel, Winchester Model 70 claw extractor action that has been extensively modified and refined.
2. The action is blueprinted by re-machining the recoil lug seats, recoil lugs, receiver face and bolt face. The recoil lugs and recoil seats are then lapped to assure the maximum amount of lug engagement. A select grade chrome-moly steel barrel is then fit and chambered to the action. Our chambering procedures assure that maximum accuracy potential of the barreled action is realized. The Standard Sporter Legend is available in the following calibers only; 7mm Remington Magnum, 300 H&H Magnum, 300 Winchester Magnum, 300 Weatherby Magnum, 338 Winchester Magnum and 340 Weatherby Magnum (see 300 and 340 Weatherby note below). All barrels incorporate our own barrel contour to further enhance the final balance of our rifles. The overall length of these barrels is 24” or 26” depending on the caliber
Note: 300, 340 and 375 Weatherby:
Please note that we use non-standard throat dimensions for the 300, 340 and 375 Weatherby chambering in our rifles. We use minimum throat length and an altered lead angle. These changes have allowed us to continually obtain excellent accuracy levels with these calibers. However, please note that we cannot recommend the use of all factory ammunition with this chamber configuration due to the possibility of increased pressure levels in temperature conditions above 75ºF. Consequently, these rifles are best utilized with precision hand loaded ammunition, specifically tailored for each individual rifle. Loading data can be provided with each rifle if requested. Our goal when developing loading data for this caliber is achievement of maximum accuracy and down-range energy consistent with safe velocity and pressure constraints. If you decide to purchase one of our rifles chambered for 300, 340 or 375 Weatherby, you must be willing to accept and use hand loaded ammunition to achieve the optimum in performance.
3. The underside of the action is re-machined to create a uniform bedding platform and to accept a proprietary D’Arcy Echols & Co. heat-treated, stainless steel magazine box and follower assembly.  This unique design is cartridge specific and allows our magazine box to hold one additional magnum round, giving the shooter a total of five rounds instead of the usual four rounds. This feature alone is almost unheard of in any currently available factory or custom produced firearm. This magazine conversion is not a ‘Drop Box’ design.
4. The receiver’s feed-ramp and guide rails are then modified to assure reliable cartridge feeding. Our rifles have established a reputation for flawless reliability.
5. The ejection port is lengthened to 3.600 to permit ease in loading of the magazine. A spring steel extractor replaces the factory extractor and is fit properly to fully utilize the advantages of the claw extractor system. A Williams steel floor-plate and trigger bow is re-machined and cosmetically detailed before installation.
6. The trigger, ejector, and bolt stop are re-pinned to remove all undesirable looseness or play. The sear engagement surfaces are machined to guarantee a consistent, crisp trigger pull set at 3 ¼ lbs. The safety wing and bolt lock engagement is refined to ensure smooth and positive manipulation of the safety. The factory sleeved bolt handle is then pinned and soldered to the main bolt body to prevent any separation between the handle and bolt body while in use.
7. Years ago I developed my own scope mounting system which provides simplicity and great strength needed for reliability under heavy recoil and adverse hunting conditions. To achieve this goal the mount system is designed to accommodate the specific scope (of the customer’s choice), and the mounts are fitted to the rifle with great precision. The front and rear action rings are carefully ground to a precise profile, concentric to the centerline of the bore. Once these critical surfaces of the rings are ‘true’, we install our proprietary scope mounts. Our mounts are made of steel, and designed to provide maximum strength without excessive weight. As a final step to assure maximum strength of the entire scope mount system we carefully hand-fit each mount to its individual action ring.
The bottom half of the scope ring is machined as an integral part of the scope base. This unique arrangement provides several important advantages:
1. The mount does not overhang the ejection port
2. The scope can be mounted as close to the bore as possible
3. Eliminates the joint between the base and the ring which is a significant weakness of standard scope mount systems
We change the factory scope base holes to 8x40 and use five Torxâ head screws rather than the standard slotted or Allen head screws. This change adds integrity to the mounting system by providing an exceptionally strong joint between the scope base and the action ring. Our mounts are available in either 1” or 30 mm.
This is the only scope mount we have used that will prevent heavy 30 mm scopes from sliding in the rings under severe recoil generated by such calibers as the 458 Lott. Our scope mount system has a proven track record and is the only system we will install. The customer should be aware that no other commercially made scope base will fit our rifles and they cannot be replaced by any other factory scope mounts on the market.
8. The Legend rifle is fitted with a synthetic stock of my own design that stems from over two decades of Classic Rifle design and construction. It incorporates many-advanced accuracy enhancing features, allows the shooter to control heavy recoil and has the styling, feel and handling features of a best quality French walnut sporter. This stock design fills a void in the current inventory of commercially available synthetic sporter rifle stocks. Our stocks are manufactured by McMillan Fiberglass Stocks exclusively for D’Arcy Echols & Co. This Classic sporter style is available for both Left and Right-handed shooters. Either version features a straight comb (with no drop from comb nose to heel), contemporary style cheek piece, functional point-style checkering pattern, open grip, and cast “on” or “off” both at the toe and heel depending on if the rifle is made for a left or right hand shooter. A 1” red or black recoil pad is standard.  The actions are pillar bedded and barrels are free floated.  Length of pull is available from 13” to 15”. Factory trigger guard and floor plate screws are replaced with high quality heat-treated Allen key screws.  All stocks (except for the Heavy Sporter Model) are fit with standard sling swivel studs. These stocks are available in the following colors only, Black, Brown, and Sage Green. The Sage Green being preferred by those who hunt in warmer climates.
9. All the appropriate metal is carefully hand polished and then caustic immersion blued.
10. Then one of the most critical phases in this rifle’s construction is under taken. The rifle is then test fired repeatedly at our range to confirm that feed, function, accuracy, scope viability and safety requirements are completely met. A variety of factory ammunition is used during testing to determine which ammunition delivers the best accuracy for that particular rifle. We have found that most of our customers are knowledgeable and experienced riflemen that want Precision Load Development for their rifle. We are pleased to develop such data when requested.
Standard Sporter Model in right or left hand configuration…………………………….………$14,000.00
Sales tax will be added for Utah residents.
Client is responsible for shipping and handling charges.
Optics are not included in the above price.

Heavy Sporter 

This version is available in the following calibers only: 375 H&H Magnum, 375 Weatherby Magnum, 416 Remington Magnum and 458 Lott.
This version is identical to the Standard Legend Sporter but does require additional time and labor to insure that these rifles will feed perfectly with the larger caliber solid and soft point ammunition.
1. The front sling swivel base is mounted on the barrel.
2. The Heavy Sporter is equipped with either our scope mounts or our aperture sights, but not both. At this time I offer no provision for detachable scope mounts.
Scope Mounts
We use our proprietary scope mounts for all our Legend rifles. Please refer to item 7 in the description of the Standard Sporter Model.
Peep Sights
Even though the stock was primarily designed for scope use, I can provide this iron sight alternative that has been specifically designed for this model. This system incorporates a fiber optic bead-and-ramp front sight coupled with a receiver-mounted peep sight of my own design. This combination has an advantages over the traditional barrel mounted express sights by allowing the shooters eyes to acquire the target very rapidly, visually focus on the only the front bead and the target and has a much longer sight radius. This sight combination works extremely well in low light conditions are zeroed at 50 yards and are easily adjusted for both windage and elevation.
458 Lott. Please be aware that the 458 Lott is notorious for destroying variable power riflescopes regardless of size, weight, or manufacturer. Consequently I prefer to build the 458 Lott Heavy Sporter Model with our peep sights or a fixed power scope only.
Heavy Sporter Model, scoped or iron sight version, in left or right hand configuration….$14,000.00
Sales tax will be added for Utah residents.
Client is responsible for shipping and handling charges.
Optics are not included in the above price.
Accuracy and Reality
When I ship a rifle from our shop it has met my stringent accuracy requirements that are based on the type of hunting for which the rifle was designed. Practicality and intelligence dictates that a 458 Lott shooting the appropriate soft point and solid ammunition will not require the same level of accuracy that can be expected from a Long Range Sporter chambered for 300 Weatherby . When I put a rifle through it’s accuracy test I am often shooting bullets of known accuracy and construction checked on a Verne Junke machine. I use a 16X test scope of know reliability and repeatability. The majority of these accuracy trials are done with precision hand-loaded ammunition shot from a solid bench and under ideal range conditions. Consequently our range results may or may not always be duplicated exactly by the client. However, I will make the following guarantee:
I will supply you, the hunter, with a rifle that will maintain a consistent point of impact, with more accuracy than you can realistically utilize under field conditions.
To date I have installed and tested almost every make, model and manufacture of riflescope that would be applicable to the big game hunter today. In my experience there is no hands down winner when it comes to performance, longevity or reliability. It matters little if the manufacturer is domestic or foreign, 1” or 30mm, they all have their trade offs and potential for failure right out of the box. Unless we have good reason to object, we will install any scope the customer requests.
I will not be held responsible for any scope that fails and requires replacement at any time during the rifle’s construction or after the rifle’s delivery. This will include any scope purchased by us at the customer’s request or supplied to us by the customer. If a scope fails during any stage of the rifle’s construction, all additional expenses such as supplemental labor cost, range cost, ammunition expense, shipping, etc incurred as a result of the scope’s failure will be charged to the customer regardless. Please re-read the preceding statement.
Options Available
Load Development is available upon request. We only compile, test and then supply the load data. We do not supply or sell any ammunition. We can recommend companies that deal exclusively in loading custom ammunition for assembling the ammunition tailored to your rifle The cost for this service is dependent on the caliber, material cost, and the bench and range time required to complete the process. Load development cost begins at $ 1000.00 per load. Further information on this service can be addressed by calling us directly.
Custom Bottom Metal
We offer a custom straddle-guard floor-plate and trigger guard assembly that is a standard feature on our Classic rifles. Installing this unit into our fiberglass stock requires additional magazine box modifications, trigger width modifications and a surprising amount of hand fitting. Current cost for this upgrade is an additional $1200.00. Availability of these units is very, very limited.
Checkered Bolt Stop Release           $125.00
Remove and replace the factory knurled bolt knob with a smooth bolt knob    $400.00
Remove and replace the factory knurled bolt knob with a two-paneled checkered bolt knob    $700.00

Fluted 26" Barrels, these chrome-moly barrels can be had up to 30 caliber and all have .700 muzzle diameter and 8 flutes $ 400.00
Placing an Order
Ordering a Legend rifle is simple. It can be done by letter, phone, E-mail, or in person. We encourage any prospective customer to visit our shop if possible. Here you can see the effort that is required to create one of our rifles. A $6000.00 deposit is required to confirm and schedule a project and acquire the raw materials, with the balance due prior to shipment. A current and signed Federal Firearms License is required from the dealer in your area who will be receiving shipment of the rifle. Rifles not claimed within 30 days of completion will be considered forfeited. Deposit will also be forfeited in cases where the rifle is unclaimed within the 30-day window. Any rifles ordered with non-standard upgrade options (Custom Floor-plate and Trigger guard, 30mm rings in non-standard dimension) or an unusually long or short length of pull that is returned for a refund will be subject to a refund that forfeits the cost of all option upgrades or non standard length of pull stock installed by request on that particular rifle.
Customer Supplied Actions: I have no problem using a customer-supplied action in the construction of a Legend. However there are two conditions that the client must understand and agree to. First the action supplied most meet our inspection standards. Not all actions are created equally. When an action is received it is carefully disassembled and gone over with a very fine toothcomb. If any action does not meet our standards the action is rejected and returned to the customer. Second, if for what ever reason the finished rifle does not meet the customers expectations and a full refund is requested we reserve the right to purchase the action from the customer for $600.00 to prevent from having to tear apart a perfectly good rifle and return that action to the original customer. The cost for all three Legend configurations will be at current market value less a credit of $ 600.00 that is deducted from the current list price for those supplying an action.
Example: Legend standard Sporter current list price                                                $ 14,000.00
Credit adjustment for a customer supplied action                                                       - $ 600.00
Total base cost less optics, shipping, insurance, and test fire ammunition               $ 13,400.00
Delivery at this time is approximately 12 to 16 months. Since you have read this brochure to this point you will have hopefully become aware that these Legends are not in any way a mass-produced rifle. Each individual rifle is being assembled with the utmost care and attention to detail. Unfortunately, unexpected delays are sometimes encountered, which are most often due to a particular rifle that is not performing as we think it should, thereby requiring additional time for diagnosis and correction. This is a rare occurrence, but should give the prospective client an idea of our dedication for excellence to each and every rifle that leaves our shop. Please feel free to contact our previous clients listed as references for further insight about our rifles.
For those prospective clients that are interested in supplying their own actions please contact us directly.
Brochure # 14             Dated 5/19/07             Prices subject to change without notice


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I took the opportunity to determine what a man of means with an interest in hunting and some knowledge of firearms might think of the LEGEND. Remember me asking you guys (apparently you knew no more than me) about my thoughts on reloading the .470 NE for my orthopaedic surgeon friend's newly acquired Heym 88B double gun? Well he paid about 30 grand for the rifle plus about 600 bucks for a couple boxes of Federal ammo. He gets paid $10,000 to $25,000 per surgery depending if it is an ACL repair on to total hips and knees. So he has money and can get more, lots more.
I showed him info on the LEGEND, explained what I knew about the design, alterations, materials, and workmanship. When I told him the price sort of suggesting that he should consider buying one he asked "Why would I pay that much for a rifle that is will do nothing more than my Weatherbys, Sakos, or Remingtons which costed 10% or less?" I am confident that he based his statement as much on appearance as anything I had said. Nevertheless he just paid more money for the Heym when a Ruger in .458 Lott would have functioned just as well, but he wanted a double gun (don't we all?). The differences between a LEGEND and a Mark V just were not strong enough to sway him in such a way that he would consider buying one. Neither of his partners have a LEGEND but altogather own probably a hundred guns each, mostly high end stuff. Based on this little experiment I doubt D'arcy sells many of these rifles at 14 grand. This is not in any way meant to degrade Mr. Echols, his workmanship, or his finished product. All are no doubt outstanding. It simply points out that some folks who can buy a rackful without blinking probably will not.


Chev Jim:
I forgot to add that this doctor friend bought a Rem Mtn Rifle in .280 at the same time I purchased the one I had. He kept his and dearly loves it. Maybe his judgement (and certainly financial status) is better than mine. His .280 is a real shooter also consistantly giving us 5 in 0.75 at 100 with a Leupold Vari-X II 2x-7x and 145 gr Grand Slams. A few years ago his wife killed a 320 B & C bull with one shot using this rig. It has also made one shot kills on two Bighorn sheep, numerous whitetails and mulies, and a few antelopes. Great rifle and is worth as much or more now than when he bought it.

Dick Mcplenty

That double rifle if taken care of will hold its value,if not increase in value.Due in large part to the romantic notion of a double and the limited amount craftsman able to build a double rifle,they tend to be worth more then the sum of their parts.

A M70 with a tupperware stock are a dime a dozen.D'arcy doesn't even attempt to use a proprietary action or custom production action,because it would take away from his already inflated bottom line.

The legends I shot were both owned by a trust funder. His family worked their nuts off ranching and farming,to have him sell off all the property to subdivison development. He likes to play the high roller and books zoo hunts to africa every year.He's over extended to the max and this latest housing market may bring his gravy train to an end.Outdoor life even made the poor choice to have him as one of their firearms testers.

Dick Mcplenty

You've got a bunch of baby boomers out there that have done little to earn their money.They love status.As a result the hunting world has seen a couple so called riflesmiths that ask idiotic prices and idiots pay.D'arcy and David Miller are at the top.Next in line would be gene simillion.

I got to witness Genes work first hand.A local millionaire bought a Gene Simillion wonder.It was supposed to have load work done on it also.Like all of these guys the scope HAS TO BE MOUNTED IN HOUSE.Mere mortals are liable to phuck up a delicate process like scope mounting.The rifle was shipped to a local ffl who happens to be a gunsmith and even went to the same school as D'arcy. The owner showed up and I happened to be in picking up a rifle myself.Upon hearing that it was a Gene Simillion masterpiece,I stuck around to see it unveiled.Turns out it was the second time it had been unveiled.The first time the rifle was shipped with the bolt incomplete and the scope hadn't been mounted.The owner called gene and confronted him about it.He then asked for the parts plus the scope to be sent to his ffl/gunsmith so he could install both. Gene replied no way.This requires a professional and I'll do load development on the rifle. So the rifle was sent back and returned a month later. The owner picked it up and tried to cycle the bolt,in front of both the ffl/gunsmith and myself,but it wouldn't cycle because the scope was to far forward and the bolt handle couldn't be lifted all the way up and pulled rearward. On top of this there was a bill for load development.

O Garcia

This Echols rifle would be proud to sit beside my David Miller and Kenny Jarrett.

Just kidding. Who can afford these things? For that kind of money, I'd buy two Brown Precisions and a Merkel double. No offense.

Dick Mcplenty's Boss

Get back to work Dick! You will have to work 6000 more hours cooking French Frys at McDonald's to afford one of these rifles.

Envy is an ugly thing.

Dick Mcplenty's boss's wife

I wish you'd satisfy me as much as dick mcplenty does

Dr. Ralph

Yeah, Plenty O'Dick is definately on a tear against Mr. Echols... maybe he asked for a complimentary rifle and was turned down. He talks about having writters (sic) in the "You Bet Your Glass" blog so he is either an editor or just sleeps around a lot with famous writters... sometimes I just hate myself but I can't stop!

Dick Mcplenty

Speaking of the bet your glass blog dr ralph.Did you ever get that 15 inches of pecker off your chin or is that why you hate yourself.


Hell, my ruger 77 mkII in 30-06 shoots kills critters just fine. I don't need a fancy rifle like that.

Use your check wisely. Pay down your debt. Live frugally. Survive the economic nightmare that will come when gas hits $4 on memorial day, and gas and food prices shoot out of sight.

We have Bush, the Democrats and Republicans to thank for this mess.

Rocky Mtn Hunter

The 600.00 bucks we may get, is like HER promish, not now, maybe next time. $600.00 will not help many of us, but will surely keep our kids, grandkids and great grandkids nose to the grindstone for many years. Best I recall Bush got a Balanced budget when he went in, now how many trillion are we in debt and he has 9 months left. Pray they tie his tongue for the remaining 9 months, as we don;t need his promishes anymore. McCain will be the 3rd Bush elected, O' I can see the next 2nd check now. Got to bug the gun shops and decide which gun I want, or which gas stations I will buy from for 12 tanks full. O Happy trail days are here again, will the checks arrive befoer Nov, 2008, you bet, how else will McCain get elected. What a neat way to buy Votes for you by your former BOSS. Hey, maybe us gun nuts and hunters should try that. Run for some office and get a free hunt or gun?

Will Pogue

I would give my eyeteeth, not to mention any money, for a pre '64 Model 94 Winchester .30-30. Bolt guns are a dime a dozen. And I prefer a used gun that handles like hot butter to a new stiff gun.

Rocky Mtn Hunter

I don;t have to worry about what I will do with my $600.00 check. UPS just delivered my new Marlin XL7 in 270. I'm well pleased with the gun, providing it shots as soon as I get the Weaver two piece bases and scope mounted. The Action and bbl all fit well for a Syn rifle. It has a fluted bolt which enhances the looks.But any Black stock ( with cheek piece)blue bbl gun is just a plain Jane compared to some of my Walnut firearms. I wanted a 4 wheeler/truck gun to haul around, as my Semi-Custom 06's take a few additional dents each outing.Poviding the gun works well, action slick and I get the mounts on and scope zeroed to my shooting I will be happy, For the money, I can;t see paying 14K bucks for a firearm that only shoots where you aim.I never owned or shot a 270, but here in w-tail country should do ok. For Rocky Mtn hunting will continue to use my 700's in 25-06 and 30-06. Now I've spent most of my $600.00 and enough left to buy a couple tanks of gas to hunt this fall.O, forgot, no 270 shells here, so gotta buy a few of them, so now only l tank of gas. Shoot-um-straight and often. The old Gunslinger.

Southern Gentleman

Why on God's word would anyone, regardless of the amount of $$$ he has, pay $14.000 bucks for a reworked Winchester Model 70???. What could anyone do to make the firearm shoot any better or kill any deader.With 14K bucks one should be able to buy a firearm completely made from scratch. My gunsmith, is a Jewel, was a Tool-Dye man for many years then decided to fiddle with guns. He bought all the equipment necessary to make a gun you desired from scratch.He had a Stock marchine, a machine to make BBls, and metal to make all the other metal parts. Between he and Brownells,and some other suppliers could make what-ever you wanted. The most he ever charged for a complete made firearm was 5K bucks.I have a Custom made on a Mauser Action? he reworked as the orig. maker used flawed materials in the magazine and safety, etc. Poor quality materials in general. He rechamberd the rifle to a 30-06 for God knows what it was to begin with. Gun was made in Germany. We tried several rounds prior to rechambering, but never found the exact caliber. Me being found of a 30-06 we agreed that would be the better choice. So after about 3 weeks, working as he could, he finished the remake and now the gun is a Jewel, shoots l/2 to l" groups. Firearm has dble set triggers (12 oz) and a solid rib from action to muzzle. Has 3 screws to hold together, plus a wedge like a TC Hawken B/P gun on the hand groved tappered forearm. Wood is Turkish Walnut and is beautiful. Many gun collectors have offered mega bucks for the gun, but not for sale, is my pride and joy,plus show and tell . My point is, this gun is custom made and did not cost anywher near l4K bucks. I seldom use this rifle when I hunt Westward, I use a Remington 700 in 30-06 that will shoot sub minutes all day.I zeroed it at 200 yds and it will place 3 rounds in a 2" circle at that distance. Doubt any custom will do as well.Prior to my first shot on this 700, I carried it to this gun smith to take apart and check all the parts. He re-assembled after a few minor adjustments and told me to go hunting. It's topped with a Nikon Monarch scope with Leupold Dual Dove tails mounts. Stays zero constantly. So guys, save your $, but a quality USA made firearm and pratice then go hunting.For less than a Thousand dollars, you can get a quality firearm and scope. Just make sure all lugs/screws are tight and keep the firearm clean and wipe it down after each handling. Be suprised how many fine guns have been ruined by finger print rust.A re-blued gun is worth about l/2 of what the Orig was.Any you guys seen/shot the new Marlin XL7? if so what's your opinion?I'd like a 25-06 for my wife if this gun is as advertised in Shooting Times,Petersens Hunting by expert Wayne Van Zoll.Pratice often, pratice safety

Jim in Mo.

Rocky Mtn Hntr.
Been waiting to hear about your new rifle, I have considered it myself. Let us know the shooting results. Enjoy your comments.

Southern Gentleman

Will: I know a guy who has many firearms, will see if he has a pe 64. Can you find out what S#'s were used prior to 64? About the only way to know exact yr made. I found a Sears 30-30 some months back price at 600.00, will check to see if yet available. Sears made 3 different guns in 30-30 and Bolt. the plain Sears, J.C. . Higgins ( who was a employee of Sears) (and Ted Williams, Sears thought a guy like Williams would sell their sports equiptment, did not) I'd like a model 50 bolt in 06 by Sears.Marlin, Winchester and Rem made many guns for Sears as some other Co/s who I'm unable to learn about. Would love a Model 50 Sears made by Winchester in 06.Off the subject a tad, but at one time, you could buy a home from Sears? True, was a pre-fab shipped by rail to the nearest Station near you. When I was young Lad, I bugged the Sears book till pages worn out.

Rocky Mtn Hunter

Jim in M0: Well pleased with the appearence of the XL7. The Syn stock is really made to fill in the metal. No areas wider than necessary for the metal to fit snug. Fluted bolt works well and I have not oiled it yet. Waiting till my gun smith installs the Weaver Bases (included) and the B-Square rings. Srock is black syn with a cheek piece and straight comb. Recoil pad appears to be a Limbsaver. Had planned to use a Bushnell 2.5 x 10 x 45 but changed my mind and ordered another Nikon Monarch. Decided was foolish to install the Bushnell and waste Ammo to fine tune, so save a few cents on Ammo and buy a $375.00 Scope ( kinda crazy, yes), save cents, spend dollars. The gun advertised in what I had read and on the Marlin webb site stated the gun had a one piece base installed. Mine did not come that way. It has a 2 piece Weaver Bases. With the one piece base it was a worry I had, would there be enough space to load the shells ok from the top. Now with the 2 pieces base, no problem in that respect. I got 3 other guns to take to my Gun-Smith,50 miles away and will take this New Marlin along for him to install and bore sight it. My daughter has a 20 yr old model 70, never been fired. I bought her a scope, bases and rings, so will have to wait a fewe days till she bring the gun down to me, then will take all to the smith.Afterwards, I will go to my shooting range ( my own at 250 yds) and fine tune the Marlin and her Winchester. Once I get all this done, will give you and the other guys a detail description of how it all came together. But as for looks, have handled many firearms in my life (73 yrs) and the fit and quality of this gun is equal to any factory gun I;ve owned or seen , plus you can;t beat the price of $327.00+ tax-freight your scope, rings, etc.2nd time I ever bought a firearm sight un-seen. If this one turns out as well as the 700 CDL I will be more than happy. May even take it to Wy and MT rather than the 25-06. But for Lopes,love the 25-06 700 Custom Classic I;ve had 30 yrs. Needed another gun as I need a hole in my head, but at 73, how many years of hunting do I have???? few if live a long time. In closing, so far, unless the gun smith finds a problem,I;m well pleased with this Marlin. I always have my gunsmith check out a gun, new or old before I shoot it.Did not intend to go on and on, but do like the gun and thought some of the other guys could like what I got. Details are sometimes lacking in magazines and books. But this one meets all requirements.When Wayne Van Zoll says a gun is ok, I take him serious. Read his story on the XL7 in last issue of Petersens Hunting. Take care, shoot-um-straight and often.The old Gunslinger

Rocky Mtn Hunter

Jim, me again.This Marlin makes the Rem 710 (discontinued) 715 and 770 look like made from Beer cans and the stock fitted the metal like was whittled by a youngster from a 2 x 4. No comparison. I've used Remingtons for 50 ys and have enjoyed them all. But when Remington was sold to a investment group back a few yrs ago, the quality has gone to pot. This same investment Co. bought a Electrical Co here at home, and its cut corners to the bear min. All they looking at is the bottom line. A fact stated. The Remington Co did $500.000.00 last year 07, and The Investement Co. informed management of Rem to double the sales to l Million by end of 09. That to me is why we see the junk on the racks of most spoting stores.The Rem 700 CDL I bought 3-4 yrs ago when first came out, is by far better made than a new one today, metal and wood wise. As we all know, most buy-outs-mergers only take place for someone to cut quality and make more $$$$. Ok, my sermon for today. Take care. Chat again, I hope. Gunslinger

Jim in Mo.

Rocky Mtn Hunter,
Your comment about being 'crazy'. Not at all. Did some computer software work for a man with an automative warehouse. All he ever said was, take care of the cents and the dollars will take care of themselves.

Rocky Mtn Hunter

Jim : True story: A guy applied for a job, after the interview his potential new Boss caried him to lunch. One the way to the resturant, a penny was lying on the side-walk, The job seeker walked right past it, but the Boss picket it up. Then on to lunch. After lunch, the 2 were having a 2nd Tea and the Boss told the guy, you had the job untill you passed the penny on the sidewalk and walked righ on by. If you don;t know the Value of a Penny, you would not look after my Company's best interest,which is to make a quality product and save the Co money. Sorry, but thats how I started my Co. by saving Pennies.. So I'd say a lot of truth in your statement. Now I aways look down when walking on sidewalks and especially parking lots. Be suprised the money dropped when getting the Keys out of your pocket.( found $20 bucks once) Yep, Love the XL7. Can;t wait to get scope and it zeroed in so can kill some Bull's eye. The Old Gun Slinger

Jim in Mo.

Just opened my May issue of Rifleshooter mag. and they have a write up on the new Win. M 70. The pictures are good, I really like the dark wood and they didn't give Dick Metcalf the highest grade available. Win. promised 1" groups and surprisingly this rifle did slightly better using Win. lead free bullet.

Dr. Ralph

Henry Ford always took a man to lunch and if he put salt and pepper on his food before tasting it would not hire him...

Jim in Mo.

Mr.Ford was a genious but a strange bird. He went so far as to have his management people sit in church and 'check off' the men that attended, just as they did when coming to work.He put out pamphlets telling his men how to bath and how often (which wasn't a bad idea back then).
Thats a fact, I worked for his sons for many years. He most certainly was a control freak.

Jim in Mo.

Just came back from the local gun shop (grafs) where I wanted to look at the new Ruger LCP. One fella said they couldn't get any at this time but the other counter man said they had two cases in the back but they weren't their's to sell. Seems the Ruger rep had them to pass out to friends. What kind of PR is that?
If you happen to be one of those friends please e-mail me on the side.

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