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March 24, 2008

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Video: On Guns and Nuts

A guest post from shooting editor and shotguns columnist Phil Bourjaily.

Spend even a few minutes searching for “guns” on YouTube and you’ll stumble across some mind-bogglingly irresponsible behavior with firearms. Like what you see in the clip above. This guy fires a shotgun without shooting glasses, without ear plugs . . . and without a cup.

Since this is a ballistic blog, I calculated the recoil of what am I guessing are those Wal-Mart promotional loads you buy in boxes of 100. In a 7-1/2 pound gun they generate 19.65 foot-pounds of recoil. That’s about a quarter of the force of a punch, but clearly this shotgun hit hard enough to put our shooter down for the count.

What’s baffling and more than a little disturbing about this clip is that there a bunch more videos on the Internet just like it. Do people see this and think “Sweet!” and run out to try it themselves? Is viral stupidity contagious? Is this some kind of voluntary self-sterilization program for morons? I’ve got lots of questions and no answers for this one.

--Phil Bourjaily

A Note from Dave: What you see here only appears to be terminally stupid. I recall that when we were introduced to the M-14 in basic training, the instructor would put the buttplate on his chin and fire off a round, and then do the same in his groin. At least I think I remember this. The object of the demonstration was to show all us girlie-men that the M-14 didn’t kick much and we shouldn’t be afraid of it.


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From the Britannica on Plato's philosophy on the education of children: "He argued that early absorption in fictional accounts can dull an person's ability to make accurate judgments regarding matters of fact and that excessive participation in dramatic recitations might encourage some people to emulate the worst behavior of the tragic heros. (Republic 395c) Worst of all, excessive attention to fictional contexts may lead to a kind of self-deception, in which individuals are ignorant of the truth about their own natures as human beings. (Republic 382b) Thus, on Plato's view, it is vital for a society to exercise strict control over the content of everything that children read, see, or hear." He seems to be emphasizing good parenting as a foundation for good children. This fellow, in his display of stupidity, has obviously to ignore the intentions of his parenting. We have become Rome.


Please excuse me. "...chosen to ignore the intentions of his parenting."
Typo extremus.

Jim Kiser

people like the guy in the video are the reason I had a job as a Firefighter for over 30 years. It never ceases to amaze me how stupid people in general are becoming. If the power goes off for over a week 50% of the US is going to die. Thankfully the majority will be democrats/socialist type people.


There is no excusing human behavior.
It started with the "hippies"! When they finally became parents, saw what was happening to their children, some of them clamped down, exhibiting extreme control in the name of child protection. When those children became parents, they allowed their children to grow up in a "no control" environment, ergo: the "I-DOTS!" we have running around today!
You must be able to "control" your children, but they must also be given "responsibility"! It is a delicate balance I wish I had been able to achieve a little better. I only have two, the older a local law enforcement, the younger, federal law enforcement! Not bad, huh?


Chev Jim

Some years ago I swore off going back to the national forests to hunt, because of all the gun slobs I encountered. If they didn't see a deer within 30 minutes, they'd start shooting at pine cones. One idiot told me he almost mistook my fluorescent orange cap for a turkey's breast! I had a cousin by marriage who used to hunt deer with an M-1 carbine, and would say, "I saw some movement in the brush and I shot at it, but I don't know if I hit anything or not." A gun or car or other instrument in the hands of an idiot is a "stupidity multiplier." Where I live only five percent of the drivers use their turn signals, and their willy-nilly, unpredictable lane changes account for scores of accidents on the interstates everyday--but they never learn.


Hmmmm... let me get this straight; due to freedom of speech, the lawmakers cannot do anything about these careless examples of behavior with firearms, or the incredibly violent video games available to kids, but; they can re-interpret the 2nd amendment. Sounds about right. May be the firearms and ammunition lobby is not greasing enough political hands.


I can go you one better, talking aout firing the M-14 off the chin. When I was in boot camp in the early 60's our instructor fired a rifle grenade on an M-1 off his chin. I declined the offer but if you lean into the direction of fire it is doable, just not by me.

Cherry Spring Kid

This is nothing more than some much needed "natural selection." Very similar to watching snowboarders trying to outrun an avalanche.


Dave, let it go. True it is stupid and dangerous. It is wrong, wrong headed, and demonstrates a complete disregard for common sense. Just keep thinking about Darwin, and the so called Darwin awards. Teach your sons and daughters what they need to know and let the idiots thin out their herds.


As I said before " I would have hurt that kid a lot more then the shotgun kick to the groan" if I caught him doing that at the local range. I enjoy shooting and do not need to have some one's stupidity close down my local range. I also do not need to have a stray projectile come through my house and kill some one. I live on the edge of farm fields and the first time I hear BB's raining down on my house some one getting an arse whipping.



I am pretty sure there are two type of people on this blog. The ones who done dumb stuff and the ones who lie about it. The differnce between us and the people in the video is that injuries incurred were accidental. What an abhorent mind set one would have to have to want to hit themselves in the groin with anything much less a 12 gauge shot gun. I can respect a kid falls off his skateboard unto a handrail which the results in a nasty faceplant, because at least he is trying, but just to hurt yourself for pain sake is just a mental defect.

William Giordano

To diress a bit. Dave, tell your friend Phil not to knock the " cheapo " ammo at Wal-Mart. I just got sticker shock at my gun shop when I was told a case of 12 ga. Federal target loads went from $ 50.00 to $ 70.00. I'll help everyone and say that that's a 40% increase. Reload shot shells? Has anyone priced a bag of shot lately ? The guy in the video should turn the gun around and then pull the trigger

Brian T

To be "terminally stupid", the shooter has to turn the gun around, bleed to death and hope he's nominated for a Darwin Award. Ignorant is one thing, just plain stupid is another

Dr. Ralph

Those anesthesiologists get all the money ish, my best advice to you is to concentrate on stealing your friend's wife so you too can purchase a $30,000 rifle.

Bubba congratulations, you're batting 1,000.

So what's the difference between a Drill Sergeant and Drill Instructor? Sorry so stupid. Dave did you tell those boys nothing but steers and queers come from their hometown and launch grenades off your chin?

I could take my 1100 with Wallyworld specials and shoot it all day like the guy on the video and probably out shoot 90% of the population after an hour of practice... but I'm not putting a .308 on my chin.


I'll see your stupidity, and raise you one...


Clay Cooper

I hope his problem isn’t hereditary and if so, I hope that shot gave him a vasectomy! People like that shouldn’t have kids!!

Blue Ox

Patsy wins the Darwin award just for being married to that idiot.

Jim in Mo.

There's a new invention called a 'drill'.


This country is going to hell in a handbasket


If the Bradys, Hillary, Barak, et al are looking for visible proof to justify labeling gun owners as cranks, lunatics, fruits and nuts, etc., this boob just gave them some. This kind of publicity we just don't need.

Clay Cooper

Need to take this idiot Brown Bear hunting in Alaska and make sure you put Oreo Cookies in his back pack!

Add that idiot to the Alaska Bear Hunt trip!

Man Shooting Hole Through Wall Kills Wife
Deepwater Man Fatally Shoots Wife While Installing Satellite TV

How stupid can you get!

I believe and accept a certain level of stupidity and we all have pulled some good ones ourselves now and then. I just have a problem with those that abuse the privilege!

Clay Cooper

Another stupid person!
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wua4VgJwBQ4◀ Back to results

Clay Cooper

Above link didn't work


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