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March 24, 2008

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Video: On Guns and Nuts

A guest post from shooting editor and shotguns columnist Phil Bourjaily.

Spend even a few minutes searching for “guns” on YouTube and you’ll stumble across some mind-bogglingly irresponsible behavior with firearms. Like what you see in the clip above. This guy fires a shotgun without shooting glasses, without ear plugs . . . and without a cup.

Since this is a ballistic blog, I calculated the recoil of what am I guessing are those Wal-Mart promotional loads you buy in boxes of 100. In a 7-1/2 pound gun they generate 19.65 foot-pounds of recoil. That’s about a quarter of the force of a punch, but clearly this shotgun hit hard enough to put our shooter down for the count.

What’s baffling and more than a little disturbing about this clip is that there a bunch more videos on the Internet just like it. Do people see this and think “Sweet!” and run out to try it themselves? Is viral stupidity contagious? Is this some kind of voluntary self-sterilization program for morons? I’ve got lots of questions and no answers for this one.

--Phil Bourjaily

A Note from Dave: What you see here only appears to be terminally stupid. I recall that when we were introduced to the M-14 in basic training, the instructor would put the buttplate on his chin and fire off a round, and then do the same in his groin. At least I think I remember this. The object of the demonstration was to show all us girlie-men that the M-14 didn’t kick much and we shouldn’t be afraid of it.


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Mike F.

Absolute stupidity. There's way too much of this crap on the internet too. Too many paintballers with bad and unsafe habits playing with real guns.

John T. Jeffery

"A Note from Dave: What you see here only appears to be terminally stupid. I recall that when we were introduced to the M-14 in basic training, the instructor would put the buttplate on his chin and fire off a round, and then do the same in his groin. At least I think I remember this. The object of the demonstration was to show all us girlie-men that the M-14 didn’t kick much and we shouldn’t be afraid of it."

I did not see this done when we trained on the M14, but did see it with the M16. The problem that time was the Drill Sergeant wasn't watching the trainee demonstrator who, when told to fire with the weapon on his chin, chewed the top off the pole in front of the bleachers including the PA speaker and speaker wire. It was one of our more memorable moments at Ft. Dix (1970).

SFC John T. Jeffery
USARV 1971
OIF 2005-2006

Steve C

Blame Jackass, YouTube, Persons-Gone-Wild and their ilk. Our attention-starved youth have an audience, and often good money, in stupid behavior.


Why watch a clip on YouTube? Just visit any range a few weeks before deer season opens. I usually bring some popcorn and drinks (non-alchoholic, of course) and sit and laugh my butt off.

WA Mtnhunter

Almost as entertaining as the local boat ramp on opening day of fishing season...LOL


Being a confirmed member of the Ignorati as opposed to the Literati I must ask, is this where the term "numb nuts" originates?

Jim in Mo.

I'd put this on par with the video of them guys shooting the 577 T-Rex.

John Jeffrey, we did same thing in '71 at Ft. Ord with M16.


Been there done that. My father and I was asked my the local marina to tone it down a few notches because we were laughing too loud. It was the most fun we have had all winter long. And now it is a yearly tradition.


Not wearing a cup? Hmm. Where I come from (the UK), cups contain tea, not nuts 8-)). Isn't language a wonderful thing!

More importantly, teens who absorb 12g recoil with the aforementioned noisettes, or drink themselves into infertility, are simply reinforcing what the excellent Mr Darwin said: Survival of the fittest (and the numb nuts don't get to breed).


Personally I think I would of hurt the guy worse then his wounded sack for pulling something like that. I try to promote gun safety when I shoot and do not need some dumb kid pulling a stunt like that. I have few enough places to shoot right now as it is and do not need any of them shut down because a stray bullet entered some ones house a mile behind the back stop. I have already lost one perfectly good shooting range and been told we have to stop shooting in that direction on another. All because of idiots and A-Holes.


Walt Smith

I guess we should give the guy a break and say that he probably didn't know any better although he probably did know better and he now surly does know better,although if he did it once he'll probably surly do it again.


What an idiot. =( sad we have folks like that today.

Jim in Mo.

Walt Smith,
I doubt he'll do it again but unfortunately thousands of young dumb boys will see it and try to prove their manhood.

Dr. Ralph

It's all about the camera angle... this idiot no more hit himself where it counts than those idiots who chop down trees that fall on their cars do it unintentionally. $200 car with a blown engine why not try for $10,000 on America's Funniest Morons? One would have thought that the instantaneous and free exchange of ideas would have elevated the public consciousness but instead it is dragging us all down to the lowest common denominator...

Jim in Mo.

Dr. R,
I may be over thinking things here but I believe much of it stems from the fact that no one writes letters and exchanges ideas anymore. It all has to do with instant gratification and the spirited young are quick to grab on to the most accessable method available.


This type of behavior should be encouraged among the mentally challenged. They are then not able to breed and drag down the intellect of the rest of the human race.
Remember Einstein's other law. Matter is finite. Stupidity is unlimited.

Blue Ox

I'd like to see him try that with a 10-guage using 3.5 inch goose loads.
Won't be laughing so much afterwords.

John R

Another Jackass show clone.
Mike F. please do not include all paintballers in with the safety challenged. I understand what you were trying to say, however paintball is one of the safest sports available and has an excellent safety record. We don't like to see people like the guy in the video play paintball either.


My best friend's Heym 88B Safari grade with significant embelliousments in .470 Nitro Express arrived last week after a 17 month wait. The rifle will accompany him to Tanzania later this year for buff. About $260.00 for a box of 20 rounds. We discussed the reloading possibilities and made some other interesting discoveries. RCBS dies are $289.00, RCBA shell holder is $20.00, bullets almost any price you are willing to pay, 20 empty brass about $120.00, and loaded Federals or Normas in the $180.00 to $290.00 range depending upon bullet choice. Experienced cape buffalo double gun owners seem to recommend a Bearclaw in the first barrel and a Sledgehammer in the second. IMR4350 in the 98-100 grain range is about max load. My bud wants me to load up a few so we can play with the rifle in the nearby desert prior to the hunt. He will buy all the goodies if I put everything togather and chrono the loads. Since the Heym is a triple lock and Greener crossbolt it should handle quite a bit of pressure with a 500 grainer at about 2150. Remarkably enough the rifle's recoil is rather managable, much less than I had anticipated, not sharp like say a .30-.378. However we have no intention of touching one off against our groins even with a kevlar cup. Does anyone have experience in loading the .470 NE who can indicate if I am on track? I will reduce the initial loads but they obviously won't shoot to point of regulation which is apparently based on Hornady ammo. Oh by the way the owner is an orthopaedic surgeon and his wife is an anesthesiologist in case you are wondering about the revenue source. I have loaded many rounds for .416 Taylor and .458 Lott but all were fired in bolt guns. This double rifle business is new to me...I never had $20,000 to $50,000 to buy one.


Blue Ox,
Better yet how about a William Moore & Co 8 gauge, double barrel goose gun.



Back in the 70's when the "bullet proof vest" thing was growing and becoming more available to the public, a young man stepped into a gun manufacturers office, produced a vest, donned it, handed the manufacturer an AK 47 and said, "Shoot me!"
The manufacturer declined, the salesman insisting!
The story ends with the salesman hanging the vest from a clothes hanger and watching in disbelief as the manufacturer repeatedly punched holes through and through the vest.


Mr. B

This to me looks like a self limiting problem. As most of these "Guys" may not have the brains to shoot they have the brains to reproduce. But if they keep this kind of stuff up then they will kill themselves off leaving only us smart people left. Kind of like drug addicts OD on new drugs.

What is disturbing is the amount of violence for pleasure I see in young people today. There is another bunch of videos on You Tube where two guys square off and kick each other in the groin until one falls over (roshambo). It kind of scares me when you see the leaders of tomorrow doing this to themselves. What do you think they are going to do when put in a position of power?

I do not know about you guys but in my 32 years on this earth I have gone out of my way to keep the family jewels intact and in the same place. So far I am shooting 100% on that. LOL get your minds out of the gutter.

Could repeated kicks, shotgun blasts to this area cause damage to sperm and cause birth defects?

Shoot I just blame it on the school system.

Man I did some stupid stuff as a kid but I knew better than to put a shotgun on my stuff and pull the trigger. I rode motorcycles without helmets or other protective equipment, I shot guns with out hearing protection, I tried to jump my motorcycles a little to far or take a corner on my atv just a little to fast. But dang it took one time for me to figure out how to not get hurt.

No wonder the world thinks we are a bunch of stupid inbreed morons. They do not see the smart people they see the dumbest and lowest forms of life in this country.


Somehow I hope that recoil did in fact cancel that moron's ability to reproduce! At the least I hope he learned a lesson!


If it was my son that did something like that I'd have to "put him back in school"!

Wouldn't surprise me if this guy's Dad didn't sue the manufacturer for not making the gun "safer for the general public"...


Dave ... Anymore like this one and I'd suggest that you don your helmet and get back on the 'short bus' .

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