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March 17, 2008

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Putting the Wolf on Trial

(Note: I am deeply indebted to two of our regular bloggers who sent these items. You know who you are, and thanks.)

There have been a number of books published recently on the apparent American changeover from reason and knowledge to superstition, gut feelings, ignorance, and reality TV. We will get back to this in a minute, but now, let us go to medieval Europe, where a man-eating wolf was captured after scarfing down more Germans than he was allotted. Rather than simply bashing the beast in the head, the outraged burgomeisters dressed it as a man, cut off its snout, sat it in court, tried it, and convicted it of eating people, for which it was judicially put to death. That, they believed, would send a real message to any wolf with man-eating inclination.

Now we return to the 21st century, when the people who are allegedly running things and cannot control them are also turning to superstition to solve their problems. First on our list is the Penn Manor (PA) School District, which gave two days' detention to a student who wore a T-shirt with the image of a military sidearm and text authorizing the wearer to hunt terrorists. The kid was first asked to turn the t-shirt inside-out; when he refused, they threw the book at him.

Memo to the Penn Manor School District: A t-shirt is only a t-shirt. No one has ever been hurt by a T-shirt. No one has ever been provoked to violence by a t-shirt. Nothing is helped by banning dopey t-shirts or penalizing their wearers. (I have, however, seen major damage done in gym by rattail towels.)

Second on our list is the California legislature, which was sold a bill of goods on the wonders of microstamping technology and ballistic imaging and enacted both into law. (I'm sure you know what these alleged wonders are, and what they are supposed to be able to do.) In any event, the two procedures have been discredited by the California Department of Justice, the National Academy of Sciences, and the Maryland State Police Department. Maryland and New York have had these systems in place for nearly ten years and neither has produced a single arrest or prosecution.

But it's high tech, so it must work. The Germans who tried the wolf would understand completely.


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BCR Gary Theunick aka 'Lawcop' Of Subguns.com -

ROSE CITY -- Some folks say former Ogemaw County Prosecutor Frederick MacKinnon and his buddies were gun nuts -- a compliment of sorts in this tiny community in Michigan's north woods.

Others suspect the men may have been stockpiling machine guns, silencers and ammunition for a right-wing paramilitary group.

Federal officials say MacKinnon, along with former Chief Assistant Prosecutor Gary Theunick and ex-Rose City Police Chief Maxwell Garnett obtained the weapons illegally and failed to pay taxes on them. The men say they bought the equipment to protect residents.

... "My community consistently ranked in the top of the country in violent crime, but I never felt the need to have machine guns," said former Genesee County Prosecutor Arthur Busch of Flint.

... Before leaving office, MacKinnon and Theunick, the county's only prosecutors, decided to transfer the weapons -- at least on paper -- to the Rose City Police Department. The ATF approved the transfer. Garnett, the police chief who knew both men, appointed MacKinnon and Theunick reserve police officers so they could keep the weapons, court records show. Federal prosecutors say the men performed almost no work as reserve officers.

... Adding to the suspicion was a Michigan Militia shoulder patch that Theunick displayed on a wall of his office. He said it was a gift from a friend. Theunick, nicknamed Rambo, also carried a pistol in a shoulder holster and wore military fatigues to work, unusual behavior for a prosecutor.

Gary Theunick aka 'Lawcop' the whole sad story http://www.badcopnews.com/category/michigan/

you guys sure bitch a lot!

Walt Smith

The T-shirt situation is another reason if the schools were smart they would all adopt a dress code of uniforms and be done with it. that way no kid looks cooler than another or scuzzier or in any other way gets teased for what he/she wears.By the way I'm all for the kid in the story.


Ya know Ralph,. 2ond thought
,.. never mind,.. have another coores
Thought I was outa town for a few days but business keeps me here,.. so I checked in ,..

Im gonna let what I was thinkin slide off for now

Yaw yaw manatuck..skoal.


Sarg ,..
Yur right ,.. no guns in bars ,..Doubt that big Mic was ever in Army or other branch either ,.. wrong moves.
Just a big mean drunk who thougt being Irish on St pats day was his permit to act like an aSS..

In the field "in country " or back home anyone back then, no matter who,.. would think twice about oicking a fight
As even after discharge many guys at least for a time caried ,..
kives,.. or something deadly quicky accessable.

But that was Chi in 73 and it was a civilian bar / venue ,.. mostly
So unless you were one greasy dude ,.. you setttled things ,..with your fists,..
and then had a drink after.

The big Irishman was drunk which is not something I recomend but not the end of the world.

Hwever in my humble opion,..
said Irishman was not teribly bright.
IE: There are cures for many things ,.. but I have,. as of yet not been made aware of a cure for stupid.

Not to mention his predisposition toward pushing people around,..
is and was somwething I detest.

The guy was huge 6"4' minimum likley more,. and easily 320 lbs + . and that ladys and gentlemen
is a guy too big to fight in a bar ,.. in other venues you just shoot him
Lakinmg hat ability I was gonnaa break his leg just above knee,. or his hip with a side kick,.. which ever presented first oportuniy
,.. as he came in the second time ,.
A minor chop to the carotoyd ,. and he would been mine.
Or sombodys ,..but certainly not in control of himself.

I had no dougt then as I have no doubt now what the outcome waould have been/
As I have said ,.. had time to set and he was (will always remember) an easy target.
Big slow dumb and mean,.. very eveidient in just those few seconds (that take a week under those circumstances) ,. no training past bar fights and I in
those micro minutes and seconds inteneded to hurt him badly.

Lucky for him he didnt get close eough for me to do the thing ,.. my buddies wrapped him up,.they knew what was gonna happen..

IE: I was not kncked out,.. on my feet and set,.trust me ,..
it would have gone badly for him.

That said being honest ,.. I would not blame people who after a cetain age or given a certain circumstance might wanna carry ,.. have considerd it myself ,..

But I can still knock a guy out with one or two ,.. so to date have not pursued it ,...
However being honest,.. as alert and on top as I stil am for my age.

There is gonna come a time when I dont wanna or cant put up the fight ,..
I can then say with a modicum of certainty
I do not intend to let some low life mutt looking to finace the next 24 hrs worth of meth ruin my remaining time ,..nuf said ??


Southern Gentleman

If any of us think the courts are legit, think again. All depends on your status and $$$ in your community. If you got eough $ and the right people, you can get away with anythibng, including Murder. I have a CC permit, not to start trouble, but to protect my self as no one else will do so for fear of ending in jail. I tried to hire a Lawyer to help me with a Insurance case of which teh Agent really stole l42K from me. No attorney would even attempt to help as they stated, the Ins. Co's have full time lawyers to win such cases. I talked to several attorneys and got the same answers. One did offer, after my informing him of the many good deeds i had done for him over the yeas, offered to look into the situation for l0 grand up front with 50% of what-ever was recoved if any. I decided I had lost enough already and just forgot the possibilities. So, guys, the Courts and Lawyers thrive on us weaklings to poor or stupid to attempt to win in a fixed Court. $$$$ has always talked and will forever. If you have to defend yourself, make damn sure you shoot well enough that he can;'t appear against you in court, if he does you loose.I do adire the kid who wore the t-shirt, stand up for your rights as long as you have any left, which is damn few

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