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March 17, 2008

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Putting the Wolf on Trial

(Note: I am deeply indebted to two of our regular bloggers who sent these items. You know who you are, and thanks.)

There have been a number of books published recently on the apparent American changeover from reason and knowledge to superstition, gut feelings, ignorance, and reality TV. We will get back to this in a minute, but now, let us go to medieval Europe, where a man-eating wolf was captured after scarfing down more Germans than he was allotted. Rather than simply bashing the beast in the head, the outraged burgomeisters dressed it as a man, cut off its snout, sat it in court, tried it, and convicted it of eating people, for which it was judicially put to death. That, they believed, would send a real message to any wolf with man-eating inclination.

Now we return to the 21st century, when the people who are allegedly running things and cannot control them are also turning to superstition to solve their problems. First on our list is the Penn Manor (PA) School District, which gave two days' detention to a student who wore a T-shirt with the image of a military sidearm and text authorizing the wearer to hunt terrorists. The kid was first asked to turn the t-shirt inside-out; when he refused, they threw the book at him.

Memo to the Penn Manor School District: A t-shirt is only a t-shirt. No one has ever been hurt by a T-shirt. No one has ever been provoked to violence by a t-shirt. Nothing is helped by banning dopey t-shirts or penalizing their wearers. (I have, however, seen major damage done in gym by rattail towels.)

Second on our list is the California legislature, which was sold a bill of goods on the wonders of microstamping technology and ballistic imaging and enacted both into law. (I'm sure you know what these alleged wonders are, and what they are supposed to be able to do.) In any event, the two procedures have been discredited by the California Department of Justice, the National Academy of Sciences, and the Maryland State Police Department. Maryland and New York have had these systems in place for nearly ten years and neither has produced a single arrest or prosecution.

But it's high tech, so it must work. The Germans who tried the wolf would understand completely.


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Chev Jim

The current Second Amendment case before the US Supreme Court is proving very interesting. The majority of the US Senate and House passed a resolution stating that the court should not find any "lineal descendant" of firearms used at the time the Constitution was drafted be declared as "not covered" by the Second Amendment. Guess what? Bush and his Justice Department are opposing the Congress and the Vice President. I'll swear to God, Bush doesn't have any idea as to what he's doing. He's completely lost touch with the average American, and he's forgotten who voted for him. I'm now convinced that he just lacks the brainpower to be effective. I'm deeply disappointed in him.



I might lose respect for the police for selective enforcement but it happens all the time. It's just the way it works.

As far as the kid goes, hopefully his parents took the opportunity to show the kid how to fight against something they disagree with. Go to the school board, explain the shirt, try to get the rule changed. Go through the process. It's the way the system works (or doesn't!).

The legislation for handgun and AR ammo that states are talking about microstamping is being pushed in about a dozen states @ this point.

I agree it's stupid, but common sense long ago vacated politics.



At one time in my life, I thought I had a handle on the meaning of the word 'service.'

'It's the act of doing things for other people.'

Then I heard these terms which reference the word SERVICE:

Internal Revenue Service
Postal Service
Telephone Service
Civil Service
City & County Public Service
Customer Service
Service Stations

Then I became confused about the word 'service.' This is not what I thought 'service' meant.

So today, I overheard two farmers talking, and one of them said he had hired a bull to 'service' a few of his cows. BAM! It all came into perspective. Now I understand what all those 'service' agencies are doing to us..

I hope you now are as enlightened as I am.

Rusty in Missouri

My grandson is now nine but at the age of seven he was suspended from school for taking a picture of a gun. They invoked the Message that Advocates Violence clause. This same boy took his first deer at age six and did not understand what he had done wrong. The school board did say it was an over reaction but the suspension still happened. This is where we are and a far cry from where we need to be. Far too many knee JERK reactions trying to PROTECT the people.

Milton  Burton

Note to SilverArrow: NO, rights are NOT conferred by the first ten ammendments and nowhere will you see "Citizens are given the right to..." More aptly, they should be called the Bill of Restrictions--restrictions ALL placed on government. In our threory of law rights are given by God or Nature and are "inalienable," which means they cannot be legitimately taken away by government. Read the first ten amendments and pay attention to what they actually SAY. This is an important distinction; if government can "give" rights, then legitimately it can take them back.

John R


I completely agree with you that if a school or any other institution enacts a set of rules, and one must attend that institution either compulsory or voluntarily, one is subject to said rules. If you don't like them, work to have them changed or modified. If your attendence is voluntary, go somewhere else.
However, and that's a big word, I also agree with Yoop that rules and laws should be enforced equally without respect to persons, otherwise all one has is just another "good ole boy" system. Our country was supposed to be founded on fairness and equality under the law; a good ideal. I understand that in "the real world" this is not the case otherwise we would not see the appearence of new terms such as "selective enforcement" and the like. Just because some of the idiots present in our society practice selective enforcement doesn't necessarily mean that we as citizens have to like it and/or put up with it. I understand that life is not fair sometimes and I can accept that. I will not however let someone walk all over me if it is in my power to prevent it. Wasn't it Edmund Burke who said "the best way for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing"?

I'm class of '67!

Micro-stamping and all the other feel good legislation is exactly that...feel good. It does nothing to curtail violence or prevent crime. There is a very good article in the current April American Rifleman Magazine about some of the disinformation dissemminated by the Violence Policy Center (?) formally known as the Brady Bunch.
Gosh, I better wipe the foam off of my mouth and step down from the soapbox and let someone else have a turn.


Bubba quote:I will not however let someone walk all over me if it is in my power to prevent it. Wasn't it Edmund Burke who said "the best way for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing"?

The rule of law is supposed to be fair and justice is supposed to be blind, but when has it ever really been that way?

How many times have wealthy or well connected people walked away from crimes (of all types) and poor people have rotted in jail for years until dna evidence proved their innocence or they served out their sentences?

We all wish the world was black and white and fair to all but it isn't and it never will be.

Miscarriages of justice shouldn't occur and our system guarantees the right to your day in court but it doesn't guarantee you that the local school or the cop on the street can't enforce rules or laws @ their discretion.

It's enough to make people crazy but where do you think the saying "you can't fight city hall" comes from?


Mark (A)

Thanks for the story, Dave. I can't think of a more appropriate analogy for the gun registry up here north of 49. Our wolf has been in trial up here for some time now, and everybody "feels good".

"Miscarriages of justice shouldn't occur and our system guarantees the right to your day in court"

Unfortunately it doesn't seem to guarantee a FAIR day in court, and if you don't have thousands to spend on a good attorney it's pretty much guaranteed you will lose.
You were at one time supposed to be innocent until proven guilty. Those days are gone and if you are unlucky enough to end up in court on any charges whatsoever it seems to be assumed you are guilty. And you had better be able to prove it otherwise or you will be paying for whatever you were charged with, innocence not withstanding.


Whoops, that last post was me!


I think the school, if they are going to have rules like this, (to avoid the whole what t-shirts to allow and what not),should just have a dress code say like,
NO T-SHIRTS . How about a standard school uniform or clothes that come close to it. Like a school poloshirt ...and so on. THey are going to have to weir a uniform of somekind whether they go to college or get somekind of job. Then their would be a whole lot less hassle. But I guess thats just common sense ...which why would our public school systems use that?!?!?


When I was in high school a kid wore a t-shirt that had a picture of Jesus that said beLIEver on it and no one did anything. Anyone else see a double standard here?

Chev Jim

I'm not defending criminal conduct, but the fact that the Duke Lacrosse players were prosecuted and the fact that people on death row have subsequently been found innocent proves one thing: there are police and prosecutors who will try to "railroad" those whom they know to be innocent. That's a very chilling idea to contemplate. In fact, you KNOW there are thousands of innocent persons who accepted a "plea bargain" because they didn't think they could prevail in a trial, with all of the assets of the "state" arrayed against them. I'm really hoping that our current Supreme Court won't "roll over" on the Second Amendment case, but politicians wearing robes are nothing but robed politicians.


Ya, I understand "ethnic unmerciful joking. I was born in MN in a communtiy of Swedes, Norwegians, Belgians, Germans, and a few Icelanders, of which I was one. Talk about unmerciful!
My daughter took an undergraduate degree at Luther College (Decroah, IA). At the campus bookstore a long section was devoted to books - subject - Ole and Lena jokes. There were no Amos and Andy joke books.

Dr. Ralph

Peter said a mouthful... no pun intended. Lots of school systems are now adopting the uniform policy, mainly in response to the baggy pants and flagrant sexual dress that our youth favor. At first I didn't like it but when you see all the kids waiting for the bus in khaki's and polo shirts it's pretty impressive. When I went to High School in the 70's bell bottoms and T-shirts with crude sayings and drug references were all the rage. The Zig-Zag man and Coca-caine (looked just like Coca-Cola) logos were everywhere along with the turtle humping an army helmet. One girl with questionable morals to say the least wore one that said "duck a sick" almost every day... maybe uniforms are the answer, plus those Catholic school girl uniforms are quite nice.



My sympathy empathy and congratulations go out to you.
We are of a feather.
Iclanders are vikings and da Norvagans,.many in Icleand. were of the worst most blood thirsty of the lot.
Check out "the Berserkers",.. a viking tribe after which the word Berserk in or present day Englih language comes.

What I used to tell people who were " rippiin " on the people of the Midnight sun,..Norwegians in my case
Was that Norway is a country of approx 4 millon people ,.. and it "tisbygollyyoubetcha a good ting for the Irisgh and Italina an polish German an da rest ,.. Any nmore of us come to "dees her U-nighted states of da Americas,..and da rest of you fellas be woking for us ,.. YUK YUK

My favorite Joke is ,..
Why do Norwegians like to stand on da mountain top in da tunder and da lighting ?

All da flash and noise makes em tink dey gat da pictire took.

I got a million of em,..
Have agreat day .


The Rights given in the Bill of Rights are absolutely NOT given by the government and the government has no power to unilaterally usurp them! The United States Constitution is the foundation on which our government is built, not the other way around!

Again, and until my dying breath, I say that if we want kids to respect our Constitution we must allow them the same Rights we enjoy! If kids grow up not respecting our foundational document then we are all in for a rough road ahead.


It's obvious. The kid had a shirt with a 9mm military sidearm on it, the principal was still mad about them dropping 45 ACP.


Yow, Yow, skoal pe fiskin

Dr. Ralph

Enough Viking jokes... my mom grew up in an Italian/Swedish neighborhood and her favorite was "You know how an Italian tire go? Dago through mud, dago through snow, and when de flat dago wop,wop,wop..." Guess which side she was on?

Schools are no longer responsible to anyone... they can search your locker, kick you out for possessing an aspirin, or turn dogs loose in the parking lot with noses that nullify the need for a search warrant and are trained to detect explosives and drugs. This is the land of the free and the home of the brave? It makes me sick...

What about the wolf? This was half of our gun guru's rant and yet not a single post about the poor soul. I wonder if the removal of the snout was some sort of medieval torture technique I am unaware of. This would disturb me greatly as I am a student of the art and have never heard of it. The old put rats in kettle, tie the kettle to the torturee's stomach and start a fire under the kettle until the rats eat through the victims stomach has always been my favorite. Perhaps it was to make the wolf appear more man-like... in this case removing the ears, forming them to a more rounded shape and sewing them back on the side of the head probably would have been more effective.

This post was powered and sponsored by German immigrants... the Adolph Coors family.


I will add that old time German jurors appear to have possessed considerable more knowledge and apptitude toward handling wolves than do current day American bureaucrats. By the way your tax dollars fund not only "our" wolves but also the livlihoods of their omnipotent federal overseers. Tax dollars at work...the more wolves the less deer, elk, etc. hence decreased hunter interest and a lessened need for guns. Could this possibly be part of the overall plan?

Ralph the Rifleman

T-shirts,gun rights,and $3.50/gal gas. What's next Hillary as President?


yohan, your encounter in the bar is why, even with our right to carry, should not be done in bars... This situation could have got nasty, You would have to protect your self if your buddies had not been with you. After reading this blog, I 'm thinking of getting my permit. Not sure that I need it, but could save trouble if stopped. I see nothing wrong with carrying at colleges, but not kept in dorm rooms, which does get just as the bar you were in.


In each of the cases cited by DEP, the force and power of government is abused and misused by people who believe they know better. A classic example of inmates running the asylum. (with apologies to 'nuts' everywhere)

"The only power any government has is the power to crack down on criminals. Well, when there aren't enough criminals, one makes them. One declares so many things to be a crime that it becomes impossible for men to live without breaking laws." - Rand


Completey off topic, but relevant to the Gun Nut blog. Where is that bit on D.E.P.'s .22 rimfire shooting regimine? I remember reading about it on this blog, but I couldn't locate it in the past posts. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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