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March 19, 2008

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Our Supreme Moment

This week the Supreme decides whether we can have guns or not. For the first time since 1934, the Highest Court is going to rule on whether Article II of the Bill of Rights allows individuals to keep and bear arms, or whether only well-regulated militias can keep and bear them, or whether only Senator Diane Feinstein (D-CA) can keep and bear them.

The case itself is a challenge to Washington D.C.'s draconian gun control law, which can best be described as a raging failure. Congresspersons, high-level government functionaries, Supreme Court Justices, and ranking media figures do not get held up or murdered an awful lot. Ordinary people in D.C., however, have good reason to fear.

The D.C. law is being challenged as unconstitutional. If the Supremes find it so, we are told, we can all rush out and buy MP-5s. If they find for the District of Columbia, we are warned that assorted jackbooted thugs will immediately begin kicking in doors, frightening old people into heart attacks, stomping on kittens and puppies, and taking every gun they can lay their hands on, legal or not.

Except, that we are talking about THE LAW here, and nothing about THE LAW is ever clear, simple, and unambiguous. However it finds, the Supreme Court will then have to delineate some kind of guidelines on how far the individual's right extends, and on how far the government may go in enforcing controls on guns. This is where the real nut-cutting will take place.

If our side wins (whatever a "win" is), that does not mean we can assume that the long nightmare is over. Sarah Brady, et al, will never quit and never go away.

But if the DC law prevails, I would not rush out in the dark of night to bury my firearms. The Feds have equipment that can overfly a chunk of real estate and find a hairpin buried 50 feet deep. Or so I am told.


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Bill's view that the "militia" were farmers, doctors and tradesmen, etc, who owned guns isn't entirely correct. It isn't entirely wrong either. The "framers" were all paranoid regarding having "a well-regulated militia" in our midst without a counterbalancing armed citizenry in-place should insurrection become necessary. This fear was raised often in their deliberations in Philadelphia. They conceded that we needed a well-regulated militia,i.e.,Army to protect our interest, etc. But don't forget that the colonies had just confronted the British Army and knew firsthand what havoc a tyrannical unopposed armed force could wreak. The British troops were well-trained and equipped and if it weren't for England's failure to recognize the logistical impossibility of conducting a war across 3000 miles of cruel ocean, they would have prevailed with relative ease.
In Bill's defense,in medieval England the citizenry were required to prove their proficiency with the longbow on an annual basis. How strictly this requirement was enforced is hard to determine but the intent of the law was clear - if the need arose, the Crown could turn-out a formidible force/militia in relatively short order and the longbow was as revolutionary in its day as the firearm was in its day.
Whatever the framers intended, having an armed populace was their intent and it was an individual thing, not well-regulated at all.

Rocky Mtn Hunter

As to out present elected officials in DC who have trillion of $$$ or they never would have been elected.The only thing left for them is POWER, thats why Millions are spent to get Joe Blow elected. Again, when you got all the $$$ you eill ever need, teh only othr option to you is the POWER. Why would a guy making less than $300K a year spend millions to get elected.AS for a 3rd party, remember Ross Perot, he had zillions, but lost. A 3rd party will never make it to the WH. When the american people wake up, find someone who really cares about us Peons will things change in DC. Don;t bet you bank accoutn on the Supreme Court voting in the gun owner favor, it all depends who has the most $$ to give them.Or who offers other ammetites they enjoy. Never will we be a free nation again. Back many years ago,Stalin of Russia, stated that a 3rd world country would control the USA and never fire a shot.So we better hunt as long as we can, as time will come, when it's against the law to hunt.When Nov. comes around, we all better VOTE, poor choices, but all we got to choose from at present. Mr. Bush will go back to Texas and get SS protection for life and teh Idiot will sell his Memo's to a publisher who don;t know who Peanuts is. Had he not declared war on Iraq look how much better off we would be.In fact, he declared war o wrong country.He sohould have gone afer the Sadius,l5 of thr l7 in teh panes who hit the Twin towers were Sadius????? best records state.

USMC Armorer

Diane Feinstein-Chuck Schumer-all the other Jewish folks who hate guns and freedom that they have purchased for America (with the resultant grave markers at Arlington-) forget a crazy Austrian WW1 Corporal-Iron Cross, last name translates "turnip digger" until he changed it to Hitler-seized citizen's firearms in 1933-if the Jews in Europe had guns and were willing to use them- Sobibor, Auschewitz, Bergen-Belsen and Nord und Saxen Hausen would have been "Biere Gartens Ja" and Arbeit Macht Frei would have been like the Hindenberg 1937-first time some Gangsta Rapper Lad assults Lady Diane Feinstein at a Rap Concert-while her bodyguard is "relieving himself elsewhere" is when she gets a CCW and a Glock- Lock and Load

Jim in Mo.

USMC Armorer,
Don't like Diane,Chuck or the rest but I don't think being Jewish has anything to do with it.

Trae B.

Maybe they will realize that if they tried to take guns a very very large amount of the country will absolutly rebel and most will be so pissed they wont even care to follow any laws and start a new civil war.
That probably won't happen but if we tell congress it will.and that we will go after them first you know what their answer will be.

Rocky Mtn Hunter

Best I recall, the S-Court will vote this week. If DC was not involved in this ruling, it just might go in gun ownerships favor.But DC does not want it to passI think he reason they did not vote last week, as they wanted the week-in to see what kind of Deals they could make on other bills attached to his one.If the gun ownership was up/down vote I kind think they would be forced to vote in or favor. However, I will not hold my breath till it happens.With DC so close to Canada, I bet over 50% of the folks in DC have firearms at home,cars,boats, etc. I would if I lived there. I believe thats why so many of the congres lives in VA or MD. But in a election year, anything may pass, as those in want to stay in and those out, will say/do anything to get in. We all need to check records and history in regards to members of Congress and on gun ownership in the states they from. MAybe the folks who bugged the files on the 3 Canidates would help us out.(Rice is taing the blame for that deal)If that crazy bunch in DC thinks all is a secret, they crazy. With a litle research you can find out about anyone in the Country. Do you recall about a month ago, the guy who worked at a BAnk etc.and go over 7 Billion and pissd it away prio to some Puter junkie found out. He did his Borrowing the Billions over l8 months,some control that bank had over our $$$$, right? O well, hopefully the bill will pass in our favor, if not, start digging. I hate to see/read what will be taking place in general till NOV. 2008. But any change should improve our status for what we now got up there. Better pass the bill soon, as the Congress will be going home to campaign for another term and we will continue to spend Billions in Iraq.As things now stand,we will be there forever, like Korea and many other counries.I'm no expert on any subject, but do( have a tad of common sense) and wish I was in the WH for l week. For Damn sure I could not be any worse than those there now. The old gunslinger for down South. Shoot-un-straight and often. The best thing we all can do is, try to get everyone who owns a gun to go vote, plus convince those who do not own one to vote for passage.

Clay Cooper

My wife and I own a business that manages another business next us. Both owner and employees know I carry cancelled (XD45) and they have no problems with it at all. My neighborhood is quite except when the kids are playing out in the street and the parents of these kids know that they are safe, especially when they see the 4door 4x4 Silverado in my driveway. When they go on vacation and the grass gets high, the news papers pile up, the mystery “T” Shirt man springs into action on a riding lawn mower and weed eater that takes quick care of it and they know where they can go when they need help. That’s the kind of neighborhood I grew up in and now if you wave and say hi to your neighbor or passerby they think you’re some wacked out lunatic!


Surely you have your Springfield with you when you mow the grass.

Rocky Mtn Hunter

Homer: If I got my pants on, I got my handgun. In the house, one is at arms reach.each vehicle I own has at least one someplace. Learned long ago,best we protect our selves, not depend on others.Just get a CC Permit and don;t worry.



Obama claims his staff filled out this questionnaire, but his handwriting turned up on the original document. He was against parental notification for abortion and supported a ban of the manufacture, sale and possession of handguns.

Gun control and abortion will KILL this guy in PA. He is unelectable.


Gun control WILL, without a doubt, initiate the most severe period of human control ever witnessed by man - just give it time.
If law abiding citizens don't have guns, lawmaking politicians can pass any law they want -without fear of revolt.
Power unchecked is the goal of Feinstein, Clinton, Kennedy, and other prominent DEM's - don't you forget it.

Rocky Mtn Hunter

Did you guys see the News Tonight about the Truckers and fuel. I did not know that 90% of the trucks on the road were indep.ownes.If they do as they say, that is park them for 5 days, will see a impact on us. That is higher every thing we purchase. Gas will not go down till congress controls big oil. With a profit of 122 Billion last year, the big oil Co's love that and not about to adjust a cent. All it's gonna do for us is cost more. The only way we as USA citizens can do is watch our spending and save. Sooner or later business will begin to hurt more and then all Hell will break loose. More Robberies, killings for gas, Conv, stores will be robbed, you name it, nothing good is goona happen till our economy is brought under control. No way can we borrow our selves out of deb, if could I would be worth Millions and buy what I'd like Best we can do is come November, is Vote out all that are in and elect new ones, at least will take them a fewe years to learn how the present Crooks operate. We should pass laws that the Pres can only Serve l term, same for Senate and 4 ys for house of Rep. Once the one's now in office get in they make a career of it. They love the Power too much to give it away.The Republicans chose the wrong guy so did the Dems, How can any sane person vote for a Muslim, thats whom we fighting in Iraq now.McCain has said that we will be in Iraq for 100 yrs and that we need more troops there now. So he's just a 3rd Bush. Say what you want , but we never had it so good as we did from 92 thru 2000, even if Bill did get the Blue dress dirty.At least was enough $ to buy a new one. I recall the 40's and believe me, times are worse now, as we in debt to our eyeballs.Bush W is taking us to the cleaners, he and the VP, At least his Dad had sense enough to know if he went into Bagdad he had no way out. His Son did not have enough brains to understand a out period. How he has lived is a mystery, other than the Musims love him, look at all we have given then and will continue for-ever. That place will never be a free country.They been fighting since time began. O well. Hope got enough gas to go to grocery and Dr. in Am. About to forget long distance hunting and hunt my place here.With gas going to be over 5 bucks a gallon in 60 days or less, plane tickets already up by $200.00 since last year( a fact as i just checked the price 30 minutes ago).Same Motel is l5.00 higher, and I know food is more, as all is delivered by TRUCKERS. Ok I've blabbed enough,but did get a few things said that needed saying to us sportsmen for now.

Rocky Mtn Hunter

Gas went up by l8 cents today now is over 3.50. I can see 4 bucks or more by July 4th. Tonights news said the big jump was due to the Truckes strike????? That 600.00 will not go far, as a tank for my old Blazer was near 50 bucks prior to todays hike. If this trend in cost of mdse continues, doubt many average Joe's will be going far fom home to hunt. If I had not been aprovd to hunt Mt. doubt I would go myself. But got to remember, at 73 I may not be here long,and then will not matter the cost of anything. So got to save big time and hope can make the hunt.T bad my silver spoon was made of wood.

country boy

what is a bigger cause of death? Guns or car crashes. are they going to take away our rights to own cars?


Ditto Brian!

Remember Ruby Ridge - anyone?

The 2nd Amendment puts no restrictions on the type, size, or quantity of arms that the governement will not infringe upon. Just the opposite - it guarantees the individual's right and recommendation that people and militias be well prepared for battle.


Yet there's some presumption that the government needs to have bigger/better weapons than the common man. When will we learn??

Why are we so many people so cowardly to defend our rights? How dare ANYONE presume to take away my natural right of defense?!

Our founding fathers knew FROM EXPERIENCE the importance to document the God-given right to protect self, family, and country against any enemy, especially the threat of a tyranical government.


Get your CCW now, before the theives steal that from you too!


Jim in Mo.

Hard to believe the vote was so close. Whew!


This is from the opinion....looks like a pretty strong attack on certain gun-control measures.

After an
exhaustive discussion of the arguments for and against
gun control, JUSTICE BREYER arrives at his interestbalanced
answer: because handgun violence is a problem,
because the law is limited to an urban area, and because
there were somewhat similar restrictions in the founding
period (a false proposition that we have already discussed),
the interest-balancing inquiry results in the
constitutionality of the handgun ban. QED.
We know of no other enumerated constitutional right
whose core protection has been subjected to a freestanding
“interest-balancing” approach. The very enumeration of
the right takes out of the hands of government—even the
Third Branch of Government—the power to decide on a
case-by-case basis whether the right is really worth insisting
upon. A constitutional guarantee subject to future
judges’ assessments of its usefulness is no constitutional
guarantee at all. Constitutional rights are enshrined with
the scope they were understood to have when the people
adopted them, whether or not future legislatures or (yes)
even future judges think that scope too broad.


I'd like to buy the majority of the SC a frosty beer and toast their good sense. I'd like to buy the dissenters a history book.

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