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March 26, 2008

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Give Hillary a Medal

You are all no doubt familiar with Hillary Clinton's discredited claim that she embarked at the Tuzla Air Base under sniper fire and had to run for it. I believe this points out the need for a medal for public persons who claim to have been in danger, and weren't. But we need a name for this decoration.

An example: Some months ago there was a contest to name the Clinton's house in Chappaqua. The winner was, I believe, "Disgraceland." Now we need you all to kick the dung heaps of your minds and see what slithers out. I will pick a winner, if there is one, and accord him great glory on this very blog.


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HEY!!! DR. RALPH!!!!

Tonight's news stated that HRC "mis-spoke!"!
How about a "Mis-Spoken Token"

Bubba (and I don't miss!)LMAO!!!!

Now look what you statred DAVE, we'll have a Mexican President and the crow will be our National Emblem...


The medal will be constructed as follows: A yellow ribbon, beneath which hangs a bronze eagle with only one wing- the right one. This represents a vast right-wing conspiracy. The eagle will be clutching in its right claw a scroll. You can't read it on the medal, but it represents a pardon. The left claw is grasping a crossed camera and microphone to represent the ever-critical photo-op and sound bite. The medal can only be awarded by Congress, as only Congress can fully grasp the power of prevarication. We shall call it the Congressional Medal of Political Expediency, and the honorees shall forever be barred from burial in Arlington Memorial.

Trae B.

I would probably be way more into politics if I could understand all the big words they use.


It should be a round pendant hanging from a black ribbon, on which, in bas-relief, appears the south end of a northbound jackass, with severely visible testicles protruding through the hair of the tail.

Call it the Order of the Ass.


Obviously you're referring to the coveted
Houdini Cross for Disappearance in Action

Ah, the Houdini Cross!


How about:

"The I Learned How To Lie Poorly From My Poorly Lying, Cheating, Husband Award"


"The I Am Clinton, Therefore I Lie Award"


"The Clinton Lying Poker Face Award"


"The Cubic Zirconia of Politicians Award"


"The Fuhghessi Politician Award"

or just

"The Fuhghessi Award"


Joint Services Condemnation Medal

as opposed to Commendation.


Prisoner of Whore Medal

as opposed to Prisoner of War Medal.

Joe Messinger

How about the "Walking Eagle" award
presented to someone who's so full of crap they can't fly?



We do know this, had she actually come under fire the medal would have been yellow in front, brown in rear. But the mileage she'd have gotten out of it... I dodged bullets, bill dodged the draft...


1. "Depends What the Definition of Sniper Is" award.

2. "I Did Not Have Sex With That Sniper" medal.


Dave, you sure know how to stir the pot.
This isn't any worse than Hillary recalling a duck hunt in Arkansas where she "stood in the icy water clutching her rifle...."
All politicians lie. This is a fact of life. However, I would place Hillary above all others in the ability to spew out untruths with a straight face. The problem with compulsive liars is when they start to believe their own bullshit. So, I think she should be awarded the ICOTWR...
medal for her impersonation of a person who is concerned with the welfare of others. Before November gets here though, Obama may take the medal from her.

WA Mtnhunter

How about someone with the stones to look her lyin' ass right in the eye and spit a little Beech Nut in her face and tell her, "You madam, are a liar".

That is the guy to give the medal to.


From SF, the BOHICA (bend over here it comes again) award with "V" device for veracity.


How about the "Medal of Dishonor" or the "Bad Conduct Award"



retired way car rider

Ever notice that all the women ---injected--- by slick willy seem to be a step or two behind the rest of us--could be the length of the barrel or the fit of the knee pads. might even be the hair trigger. If Hillary was running bent over----how could a sniper miss???


In a tribute to the late, great author George MacDonald Fraser,
I would call this medal...

the Harry P. Flashman Lifetime Achievement Award for Exemplary
Absence in the Line of Fire.

I would also recommend the following:

The Order of Missing Valor

The Legion of Invisible Distinction

Josh F.

How bout:

The Richard Simmons Award for Bravery or

The Purple Fart


The Fictitious Courage of a Career Politican medal.

Rocky Mtn Hunter

How about to Save our ASS as for 7+ yrs of Georgie, anyone would be a improvement. I feel sorry for her if she wins, as will take most of her time to un-do some of the doable mess Gerogie Boy left us. Savior would be a honest award. Why elect someone such as we are fighting in Iraq at present. And for Georgie I suggest Dumb Ass

Jim in Mo.

Audacious Dignitary Award. Same medal design as posted before.

Will Pogue

Fantastic. This is the woman who wants to lead our country and can't remember if she was shot at in a war zone? She may hear someone cough and think that she's under attack.

Scott in Ohio

The qualifications: "the need for a medal for public persons who claim to have been in danger, and weren't. But we need a name for this decoration"

For his esteemed service in the National Guard and other scary positions.

The George W. Bush award of Skeptical Valor.

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