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March 26, 2008

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Give Hillary a Medal

You are all no doubt familiar with Hillary Clinton's discredited claim that she embarked at the Tuzla Air Base under sniper fire and had to run for it. I believe this points out the need for a medal for public persons who claim to have been in danger, and weren't. But we need a name for this decoration.

An example: Some months ago there was a contest to name the Clinton's house in Chappaqua. The winner was, I believe, "Disgraceland." Now we need you all to kick the dung heaps of your minds and see what slithers out. I will pick a winner, if there is one, and accord him great glory on this very blog.


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Sarah to Jason

So Jason, you are saying that if you served in the military and received something like the Medal of Honor or flew choppers in Vietnam, and later become a Democrat, you served only for the money or because you are a marxists or anti-US? I also served and saw a lot of brain-dead "the US can do no wrong" "anyone who disagrees with me is a commie" types also.

All types

All kinds end up in the service


If HRC were running against John McCain the media would be behind her Bosnia tale 100%. She's in a battle with a guy who's even more liberal-so they are treating her like the Republican in the race. If it were the general election network news would drop this story faster than you can hoist a white flag over Baghdad.

Hillary is an idiot

She is an idiot, so she sets herself up as braving sniper fire and the person who can make tough decision in a crisis at 3am? So assume she get the nomination and goes against McCain??? The hero braving "sniper fire" vs the hero who flew jets and spent 5 years in the hell of a POW camp? The 3am phone call to the ex 1st lady vs the former Navy Pilot? She will get crushed!


Non-partisan polling shows that anywhere from 67%-80% of active US troops vote Republican. Contrary to what John Kerry said, it's not stupid, dropouts that end up in Iraq. Today's soldiers are better educated than the population in general. Remember 2000 when the Democrats were trying to get military ballots thrown out. I hear now they are doing voter registration drives in county jails in battleground states as 85% of the registered prison population are democrats.


I have two ideas:
One is the "Forgive me because I'm with Bill Medal" and another is the "Patholigical Liar Star".. she will truely say or do anything to get the presidency. It's sad, she actually thinks she DESERVES it. But if I had to spend all that time with someone like Bill I might feel like I deserve it too. Or you could always go with the..

"Oops, I'm FU#*ED Again Medal"

Clay Cooper

It’s incredible what these two criminals will do and get away with. For example, go to Mena Arkansas and ask about the Clintons and the drug smuggling out of the City of Mena Air Port. Everyone knows about it, yet the national media turns a blind eye on it.

james t

if we don't start doing sometging soon it's going to be the lying witch or the deceptive creepy obama. better get behind mcain or start turning in you firearms. they are gonna have to decide how much my guns are worth if they come for them! this is a scary election year. who is the nra gonna back and when are they gonna let it out?

WA Mtnhunter


To set the record straight:
the Honorable James Webb, Senator from VA, is in fact a Democrat, but was a Republican until 2006. He was Secratary of the Navy under President Reagan. I had occasion to make his aquaintance during my naval service.

I don't know why he switched parties.

Don't forget John Glenn....

Patriotic service to one's country knows few political boundaries, particularly in our youth. Murtha would not fit my stereotype of a Marine either.

Never forget

Never forget that we serve a Nation that values and support diverse viewpoints and opinions.


All right your guys (and gal).

DEP's request was for an award to be conferred upon "public persons who claim to have been in danger, and weren't."

Stay focused.

Mike Reeder

How about the "Clintonian Award for Conspicuous Lack of Valor"?

Either that, or the "Autobiographical Medal of Fictional Combat"?


The Crossed wings of the ChickenHawk.


Opps! We thought it was Monica, sorry



How about
"The Congressional Medal of Horror", as in "That was terrifying, I was almost in 1% of the danger that I send other people off to face every day!"


How about the "Bosnian Order of Omnipresent Self Delusion"? It fits all the facts? and it doesn't degrade any of our service given awards.


How about:
The Richard Nixon Presidential Award for Honesty in Public Service

Thos. Fowler

The Wanna Be Medal.

Politicians so want to be admired, brave, veterans, and most of all...elected.

Tom Fowler


Maybe "The Deflated Beachball Badge" is appropriate for Madams' never being photographed below the waist-line, but "The Stained Blivit Medal for Terminal Halitosis" is hereby awarded to all others.


Steve C

- Pour le Lỉar
- Order of Backpedaling
- Conspicuous Gallantry in Heels
- Commander of the Order of Bovine Scatology
- Officer of the Order of Please, Please God – Let Me Be Elected

Max M

The Couch Commando Medal of Bravery

Mike Reeder

I don't want to wander too far off subject, but I saw a comment that stuck in my craw re. W's flight service. I know facts no longer matter, just as the science of global warming is settled, Gore really won FL and Saddam never helped terrorists or supped tea with those that do. Still, the W/guard business grates. For the record, at the time he joined in Texas there were more pilot openings than applications. The program he entered provided the fastest jet pilot training of any service available. The plane he flew -- the F-102 -- was one of the most dangerous jets in service with one of the highest failure and crash rates. W flew that plane for hundreds of hours, in all kinds of conditions, and exceeded all of his flight requirements. Whatever you think about that service, he didn't spend his enlistment on a golf course and he put his life on the line every time he climbed in the cockpit. Contrary to myth, it was not uncommon for guard pilots to be called to active combat duty in Vietnam. In fact, W volunteered for Vietnam duty, but was passed over in favor of another applicant with more experience. At the time, the war was winding down and the services had a glut of pilots. W only opted out after the plane he had been trained to fly was being mothballed. There was nothing unusual about either his service or the way it ended. He left the guard after satisfying all of his obligations, and was honorably discharged. To be honest, I don't think military service is all that important for a President. Neither Lincoln nor FDR served, but both were pretty good wartime Presidents. Grant did serve, and he was a lousy President. McCain has an inspiring service record and I'll probably end up voting for him, but I'll do it with a clothes pin on my nose while stifling a gag. What is disqualifying to me is someone who either makes up combat experience or dangerous service out of whole cloth, or someone who lies to an honorable old officer in order to get his help enrolling in ROTC, and then spits in the eye of that same officer and tells him he "loathes" the military, once he knows he's clear of the draft. Seems to me there's a pattern there.

Dr. Ralph

How about a ribbon cut from the cloth of the infamous "stained blue dress"... never mind the name, it's the thought that counts. Then again the "Lewinski Medal of Dishonor" is a good one as Monica was under fire from Bubba... What he shot at her was a different story entirely.


Great ideas here. My input is the "My Bad!" badge. Caught flat foot lying--But she's only human, right?Lie now-lie later. It's a human thing. How can you mis-remember having your a-- shot at?
To Troy: you're on your game today! To Ryan: you omitted one squirrel from you list--Carl Rove.

Walt Smith

How about the "Black Factx" to synonym Nazi germany's black max.

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