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March 26, 2008

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Give Hillary a Medal

You are all no doubt familiar with Hillary Clinton's discredited claim that she embarked at the Tuzla Air Base under sniper fire and had to run for it. I believe this points out the need for a medal for public persons who claim to have been in danger, and weren't. But we need a name for this decoration.

An example: Some months ago there was a contest to name the Clinton's house in Chappaqua. The winner was, I believe, "Disgraceland." Now we need you all to kick the dung heaps of your minds and see what slithers out. I will pick a winner, if there is one, and accord him great glory on this very blog.


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Re-Writing History Award.

Del in KS

How about the PLOTUS award. Pathelogical Liar of the United States.

Mike Diehl

How about the "Goad Star Medal"

Awarded to any politician who proffers a whopper so egregious that the press can't resist checking up on it.

Jim in Mo.

I borrowed this meritorious medals name from a semi retired, flatulent gun writer, but I can't remember who. The 'Duck its Hillary' award. Hanging from a black ribbon will be a tarnished brass medallion of a public figure crouching behind a skirted little girl.

John Huesman

How about "The congressional medal of fodder"


"The Distinguished Lying Cross" in place of the famous "Distinguished Flying Cross"


"The Hillarine Campaign Medal" in place of the honorable "Philippine Campaign Medal"


...and if I happen to come up with a winner, I'd rather be awarded that small-frame 28 gauge you mentioned awhile back than the "great glory" of being mentioned in your blog! No disrespect of course, I enjoy your writing immensely, but certain things in this world take priority.


Ya'll have it all wrong.
Hillary is gets the

"Acomplished Fisherman (Person)" Medal of Honor
"for the truth is not in her"


The name of the award must address that the recipient of said award was engaging in a superficial attempt to convey the appearance of familiarity with a situation with which he/she is not even passibly familiar nor psychologically equipped to handle.

Walt Smith

How about the "I'm a freeking liar!Vote for me!! Medal.


bravery under fire,,, not award

Jim in Mo.

John Huesman, good one

Blue Ox

If indeed there is a way to bronze a cow patty, I would award her the Congressional Medal of Bullshit.

Dr. Ralph

How about the WMD Ribbon? Woman of Mass Dementia. IBLR Medal... Inside the Beltway Lacking Reality. Medal of Dishonor, Disgusting Service Cross, etc... What really scares me is that she can just spout preposterous lies and still have millions of people back her up.

Trae B.

The "I'm sorry they missed" award


That could be one to.

Trae B.

Probably a bee flew past her and she thought it was a bullet.Now she's really going to try to get rid of guns.For her "personal safty".

Yellow Pants Medal


The Larry Craig Perfect Recall Medal


Zumbo: Are you our Jim in Cody or someone else? Just wondering.

WA Mtnhunter

Too bad she didn't get a medal awarded posthumously. Lying weasel..........

What's more, the beaatch can lie with a straight face, or with that little Clinton smirk both those lying thieves have perfected so well.


According to PBhead, I'm not allowed to participate in this. As a proud Yooper(Michigan), I'm disenfranchized. C'Est le vie! To tell the truth, there's probabably fifty entries above far better than I could ideate. Maybe there's someone from Florida with whom I can commune with over a bottle of LaBatts. They're not franchized either.

as moeggs

I'm just going to vote for Troy. Very funny.


I like the "Purple Phart," so far.

By the way, does Hillary's 3AM phone call ad strike anyone as about the same as a fireman's wife thinking she could go out and battle a blaze, just because she might have been nearby in the past when the call came in?


How about the "OH %$#@! CNN IS HERE AWARD"

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