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March 26, 2008

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Give Hillary a Medal

You are all no doubt familiar with Hillary Clinton's discredited claim that she embarked at the Tuzla Air Base under sniper fire and had to run for it. I believe this points out the need for a medal for public persons who claim to have been in danger, and weren't. But we need a name for this decoration.

An example: Some months ago there was a contest to name the Clinton's house in Chappaqua. The winner was, I believe, "Disgraceland." Now we need you all to kick the dung heaps of your minds and see what slithers out. I will pick a winner, if there is one, and accord him great glory on this very blog.


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The "Alfred E. Neuman "What, Me worry?" medal.


The Self-Important Star.


Seared In My Memory Campaign Ribbon


1. Make it from the only metal maleable enough for a politician -- Lead!
2. Shape it like a turd.
3. Call it the Lead LuLu

Other thoughts; give her one of john kerry's Purple Hearts - he got his in the same way. For those above who expressed dismay at her contiuned support after the incidend; never discount the stupidity of the American public, remember that slick willy was re-elected.

One last potential name; Political Integrity Gap medal -- PIG for short!

Old Bull

If Al Gore can win the Nobel Peace Prize, certainly, Hillary qualifies for the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction.


We give her the medal and tell her it is the "Loyal League of Persons Outrunning Fire" - the LLPOF. She will love it, cherise it and best of all, wear it!

But we will know is stands for "Liar, Liar, Pants On Fire".

Will she wonder why it depicts a flaming yellow pantsuit? Yea, probably - we can come up with something.

Old Bull

For avoiding imaginary sniper fire and writing (misremembering) Shakespearean quality fiction:
"The Artful Dodger"

george bodden

Re: Hillary's lie:

Give her a break; she got closer to a firefight than her husband!!!

Tom Obuhanych

How about ..

The "Cross de Imagin' ation"

Apologies to the "Cross de Guerre"


paul Wilke

Got to be three of them.
In bronze, a small replica of a pile of bull [email protected]#t, embossed with the initials "BS".
In silver a larger pile of the same stuff embossed with "BS/MS". (bull [email protected]#t/ more [email protected]#t).
And the grand award, issued only to the very best
(most persistent and outrageous), the largest pile of that stuff in gold and embossed with "PHD" (pilled higher and deeper).
Suggested by a professor of mine.


If I want to hear a politician talk about being under fire, I'll listen to Max Cleland (lost 3 limbs in Vietnam), Bob Dole (fought in Italy in WWII, critically wounded, Bob Kerry (lost leg in Vietnam Medal of Honor) or John McCain (5 years POW).


I hate political types who try to act the hero when they have no clue, Bush with his flight suit photo op and tough talk now Clinton with her under fire talk.

Ask some 19 year old grunt in the Iraqi what war is.


Wait Bob Kerry is a Democrat!


"the liberal heart", for those liberals that have faced mortal danger and have attempted to gain votes with their story

Phillip G.

The Walter Mitty Medal of Valor

Jim Chamberlain

"PURPLE HAZE" in place of the "PURPLE HEART".


Yes Bob Kerry is a Democrat..........and received the Medal Of Honor. Max Cleland is also a Democrat and served as a Captain in Vietnam before losing 3 limbs. Bob Dole, Rep. served as an infantry platoon leader in Italy in WWII (truly a job that takes no back seat to anyone for bravery)

Serving ones Nation during War, both parties have an equal share of real Veterans and War Heros. Both parties also have their own chickenhawks or ones who want to look tough. Hillary with her "3am phone call" and "ducking sniper fire" and Dick "other priorities" Chenney and the Bush/Rumsfield "bring them own" cowboy talk.

Political ideology and war service are NOT one and the same.


Ah ... send her a can of Phoney Fart as I doubt she can cut a Real one. :-D


The Loyal Order of the Chickenhawk presented by George Bush and includes such brave war heros as:

Dick Chenny
Rudy Giuliani
Trent Lott
Dennis Hastert
Newt Gingrich
Fred Thompson
to name a few


Democrat does NOT mean not having served!

Daniel Inouye Medal of Honor WWII
Bob Kerry Medal of Honor, Navy Seal
Jim Webb Navy Cross Platoon Leader Vietnam
Jack Murtha 37 years Marine Corp 2 Purple Hearts
Al Gore Served in Vietnam,
John Kerry, forget what the swift boat guys said, it has been proven they were full of it, he served
Jack Reed US Army Ranger
Fritz Hollings WWII Bronze Star
Leonard Boswell Vietnam Distin. Flying Cross flying helicopters

Who are the Republicans?
Donald Rumsfield US Navy 54-57
John McCain 5 years POW, his record takes a back seat to no one
Chuck Hagel Infantry Vietnam 2 Purple Hearts
Bob Dole WWII Purple Heart


We need to do what we can now to save succeeding generations of Americans from this recurring, or seemingly never ending Election nonsense. Let us find and nominate a Spanish speaking Black Muslim Lesbian for President NOW!


Sad that our political leaders think they have to lie about heroic military service. President Regan lied about: having film concentration camps as part of his war duites, he never left the States.

Time for a change

Clinton, she had her time in power for 8 years with her husband

McCain, his time has past and he has sold out to try to regain it.


The Dick Chenny Award for "Straight Shootin"


To Sarah's comment: As someone who has served recently, there are many in the military who are communists, socialists, and other anti-american/anit-freedom types. Why are they there? Money. Not to say that there aren't true patriots in as well, but there aren't enough of them from my experience. I salute all the troops, but I am not so naive to think they all have pure motives. I noticed in my time in service that patriotic soldiers are usually far better than the unpatriotic marxist rats that somehow end up there because they want to be taken care of instead of taking care of themselves. More than once I heard certain soldiers say America sucks. If they think it sucks so bad they should not be in the military.

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