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March 26, 2008

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Give Hillary a Medal

You are all no doubt familiar with Hillary Clinton's discredited claim that she embarked at the Tuzla Air Base under sniper fire and had to run for it. I believe this points out the need for a medal for public persons who claim to have been in danger, and weren't. But we need a name for this decoration.

An example: Some months ago there was a contest to name the Clinton's house in Chappaqua. The winner was, I believe, "Disgraceland." Now we need you all to kick the dung heaps of your minds and see what slithers out. I will pick a winner, if there is one, and accord him great glory on this very blog.


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Scott Mahl

Well, I wanted to contribute 2 possible entries. How about the perfidious award of valor or maybe the vainglorious metal of honor? Anyway, if this shrew gets elected I'm moving to Austratlia.


The Pinocchio Honesty Award


How about the "Mendacious Bravery Award". You could also award one to Bill Clinton for standing up to the "Vast right-wing conspiracy" during his impeachment.


"Slicks Ho"


A couple ideas: "The WiRNMeT," as in "Will Rogers Never Met Them."
Another idea: it could just be called "Our Fault." (Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.)

Dean J

The Jessica Lynch Badge of Media Coverage.


I feel a poem coming on...

Stay tuned.

George Cook

The American Award for Exceptional Pretentiousness


This is great! Create the "Order of the Wishful Weasel". It comes in three grades, Black or First Class, Tan or Second Class and Grey or Thrid Class, reflecting the degree of the lie and its believability. Grey, the lowest level can have the weasel poking his/her nose from around the corner of a chicken coop. Tan, the weasel has exposed half of his/her profile around the corner of the coop. Black, the weasel appears in front of the coop, rampant, with feathers near its mouth. Place a white chicken coop on a black background inorder to see the weasels better. It should be obvious from observing the medal that the activities are taking place at night so a few stars above the top of the coop could help.


The George Bush Memorial Award for Wartime Service in Georgia

Kyle Janda

The first annual 'they must think we're stupid' award. But I can understand her getting confused... I mean those kids she was with probably took her on a snipe hunt... and she just got it confused with snipers, right??


The Medal of Misrememberment

Call Me Jimmy for Short

Call it the "Honest Abe Award" or "Total Waste of Life" or "Pea Shooter".


"National Donkey" (Donkey can be substituted with @$$)
Even if she was under fire those snipers must have stunk. Hillary is slow mentally and physically.


The Order of Karl Marx.

Nic Spallas

Here are my entries:

Liberals are From Uranus Award
Her Thighness Award for Valantry


Award of Alternate Reality
The Grand Order of Grand Delusion
Order of Delusional Disorder


There can only be one name:
"The Chicken Little Silver Star with Yellow Clusters"


Her Thighness!!!!



I can’t hold a candle to the previous entries.

I would give: “The 3 AM Red Telephone Medal”

Poor Hillary. Her Party is now beginning to call for her to drop out.

“Where a Queen cries, There Rue grows.”


How about the "Say What?" award?

Mark Corrales

How about the "John Kerry Agrandizing Award"

Old Bull

Meretricious Laureate of Alternate Reality.
(Yes, meretricious is a word. Usually connotated with prostitution....)

Still rolling on floor from "Medal of Misrememberment".

Dave in St Pete

The "Medal of Self Aggrandizement"


NAFFF - National Award for Flagrant Fragrant Flatus
DEAF - Democratic Excellence in Assinine Feats
DEMOCRAT - Dis-Engage Mind Once Creative Reasoning Attains Terror
HRC - Honestly!, Reclaiming Credibility?


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