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March 31, 2008

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A Look Over the Fence

Five years ago, I was on a hunt in a high-fence ranch in northern South Africa when a friend shot and wounded an eland. He, I, the PH and two trackers followed the animal for four days, dawn to dusk, when the blood trail finally dried up and we could see that he was eating and drinking and not hit seriously.

The point is that we were hunting inside a high fence and we never caught up. Hunting in the RSA is now a big business, and game animals are becoming extremely valuable, so a high fence makes sense because it keeps them from wandering off, and it keeps non-paying personnel from wandering in and poaching your critters.

The plain fact is, that if you have enough acreage inside the fence and enough cover, the game has all the chance it needs to stay alive. Aesthetically it is not nearly so pleasing as hunting without fences, but that is the way things are today.


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Peter ,. normally wouldnt do this
but you remind me of,.. me ,..
a loooong time ago ,. or at least your statement ,.."this is joke".
I said exactly that ,. fed up with the way my immediate family friends and cousins went at the hunting.
Last minute this,. last minute that,. no real preperation or commitment
To them it was not important ,.. or they had just given up ,..not sure which .
It was however something I lived and breathed for ,.. so I separatd from them ,.. Yup ,..just went my own way all by my self.
The amazing part is,.. as soon as I did that i became a hunter who consitantly scored.

I bought the gear i needed to cold weather camp in WI( it gets cold there) and I went to the big woods by myself,
And on Sunday afternoon when the woods were empty ,. i was still hunting,. and on Monday and on Tuesday,.. usually made it back for thanksgiving ,. but a time or two decided rather stay in the woods. My mother suffered from that for which i am sorry ,. but she did understand.

Many of the deer and much of the other game that fell to the gun or bow, over the years was when the wekend warriors went home,. Even the more acssessable areas ( more heavily hinted) are just beautiful when the landscepe does not look like the hunting section in K mart.

Sound like too big a commitment ? Maye so ,. but I decided (WAY BACK THEN) unlike any of those i had been hunting with brothers, father, cousins, all,.. I was sick of 1/2 a$$ing it.
And so I decided,.. was gonna do it my way,. what ever that would be.
Couldnt be worse than what I was doing or more specifically not doing,. and those that I hunted with were not going to change.

So I went my own way.
Yes,. more commitment in time more money ( although much less money than one would imagine) but the results and quality of the exoperince were 10 times that of the fray of the blaze orange army.
Tell ya somehting else
Seems as though that workes in life and busness too.

Oh,.. and one other thing ,.
. results are apparntly diffuclt to arguie with,.
When I showed up with two deer and some smaller stuff for my efforts just before thanksgiving.
Instead of no deer for a 1/2 a$$ed effort ,.. the brothers and others decided I was right ,..

We did it better after that .
Since then I have always listened to anyone whom I though was worth it ,.. but in the end
i still do it my way ,.. and it has worked out rather well for me.

Good luck and good hunting !!


Sarge next time you come at me like that please warn me
,. or something ,.. maybe like,..
OK Yohan Im gonna get sarcastic hear and make you laugh.
So put the coffee down so you blow it up your nose,.

Which is what damn near happened,..
Thank you ,. for the YUK
Like Bubba's 300 mag case necked down to handle phone-o- graph needle ,.. pull the trigger and it whistles for a week? That did cause nasal passaage coffe back-up

Truth is I trolled about 10,000 miles on Michigan for kings cohos browns etc,. and im sick of trolling for anything except pretty women.
Sold the Salmon Boat and actually now mostly fly fish . steelies blue gills ,.. carp on flyrod lots of fun,..Spawning Bluegill my all time favorite tho.

That said I unequivically do not have anything against boats and i do not swim out and float im my back to fish . I dont float in fresh water I sink.
Dont have issue with 4 wheeler either ,.used sensibly reponsibly

None of us is gonna get out of this alive right,.. and we all get older ,..some quicker than others,..and I would hate to curtail anyones hunting or legitimate effort to do so.
Take hunting away from me and Im not the same person.
I would in my opinion be way less.
But lets stay real ,. is all Im saying .
To me fair chace is not violasted if a guy who for one legitimate reason or another cant walk ,.. If the law permits use a machine,
Its the abuse that makes me crazy.
Case in point,. you shoot a moose you for sure don't drag it out whole ,.you 1/4 it or you get it with a machine,.and you stil need two -three guys
But you dont run moose with a 4 wheeler ,.. right.
However always exeption to rule In Norway they run moose with dogs ( Norwegian Elk hounds) and sometinmes if it is not a huge moose (ElG) they get 4-6 guys on ropes and they do drag it out whole.
To where thy can get it off the ground on to mini carrier on tracks ( not wheels) tracks to get to trucks.

Have great day Sarg


Why do I get the feeling that the next topic will be: "Shooting exotic rats in cages from a moving 4-wheeler utilizing a 6.5 x 55 mm without the aid of a rangefinder"?

Dave Petzal

To Ishawooa: As far as I know there are no exotic rats, but otherwise, a terrific idea. Thanks.


Ok all my Chi town goombodies are here ,. im cookin and they wanna know what the H im doin on some f blog,.. YUK YUK
I tell em stayin outta trouble .

Clay ,..you are a piece of work ,
Like the super dooper scope ,..super dooper mag super dooper coamo ,12 feet of the ground in a tree house ...but behind the guy is ususally not espresso (alothough there could be) .. its wet bar,..with cable tv.and and lord know what else,.

Hunting ?? nah thats shooting
and i bet they didnt walk to the blind niether no-how ,..


To Yohan,
good word.


thnx for your comment to me

Dr. Ralph

The latest news from the TWRA is that the introduction of Elk to Royal Blue WMA has resulted in a hybridization of the Whitetail and Wapiti... it seems an over-sized buck has bred several elk cows and the offspring are thriving. Haven't seen any pictures yet but they're naming the new species the Eldeer.


I can't stand fat wheelers. If you are coming out west to hunt this fall leave your fat wheeler at home, take up jogging/hiking instead.


Dr.Ralph, was that Atterbury In. If so, been there many times in uniform..

Jason B. I'm in eastern Ky. Almost Heaven to all you West Virginia folks... I'm almost as far East as you con go...Carter County. and you???

Dick Mcplenty

Far too many variables involved in a high fence operation.I've seen one elk ranch in montana,that is high fenced,but consists of 25000 acres.Which is about 21,000 acres larger then most people hunt elk in every year.The ranch was owned by a major german investment banker at one time,who brought out his fellow eurotrash every year.Many of these guys had hunted all over the world and were 10x the hunter that most americans are.They insisted on hunting on foot and would walk from the main ranch house every morning.Their success rate in that fenced in area was about like the average public land hunt about 30% success.And it wasn't from a lack of elk present either.

Whitetail deer are the most hunted big game animal in america.The vast majority of your whitetail deer are killed from tree stands. Which is nothing but sitting on your nuts waiting for a deer to wander by,and in a vast amount of cases,the deer is showing up because of food or lure.Just as pathetic as shooting one in a 40acre enclosure. In fact many of your northern states didn't even legalize tree stands up until the late 1960's.When treestands were legalized,the success rate more then tripled in many areas.

As for atv's,they get blamed for everything.Back when archery seasons were first implemented and bowhunting wasn't mainstream,you'd hear "Those phuckin bowhunters are ruining everything,they're educating all the animals,before gun season".Now everybody bowhunts,so you have to blame something else like atv's,for your lack of ability to fill tags.

The bottom line is more people are on public lands hunting,because private lands aren't as available.Therefore hunting is tougher.Especially when you're hunting areas,that seldom have any game in them to begin with.


Just having a little fun with youguys, hunt behind a fence if you want..just have fun...

Yohan, I ain't dropped a drink all night

Dr.Ralph, you recon those Eldeers will migrate north. I'm comming down your way in a couple weeks, go visit Pigeon Forge Again.. running out of knives.


Hey yohan, try your compound bow on those carp, lot of fun. you'll have to use a boat, you can't walk on water yet


To the guy that posted first, the only reason those wolves are going to the cattle is because the farmers are destroying land that natural food sources thrive on. The dont know how to rotate fields so they dont destroy land. Also there is a group that pays farmers for every livestock animal tat is killed by wolves.

Dr. Ralph

Yeah sarge, I grew up in cornfield USA in Indiana. Camp Atterbury held hunts they advertised and my dad always took me. If nothing else a canned hunt for very large, very slow pheasant was a wonderful way to introduce an eight year old with an H&H single barrel 20 ga. to wingshooting. If I remember correctly you were allowed three birds and if need be you could probably shoot at twenty or more in a half day hunt. Take a child on a hunt like this and he will be hooked for life... especially when the pheasant are beside the turkey on Thanksgiving and you know you brought it home!

Dr. Ralph

H&R.. Harrington and Richardson 20 ga. my mistake, certainly not Holland and Holland..


Yes I knew what you ment, I ve got a nice Steven single my wife bought me in 1967. $35.00, still looks like it just came out of the box. I'll send you a pic of it. I always liked Atterbury, been there many time with the National Guard.


Very good debate going here. Althogh I have already commented I have to say that I couldn't have said it better than some of you. Phonies, there is no better way to describe it. Someone commented to me that this is the new world. Another said that hunting on public land is a joke due to the high concentration of hunters. Well, I guess that depends on your atitude and drive. I imagine these things happen when you can't seem to hump more than 100 yds from where you parked your big rig. Public land is a beautiful thing and many take it for granted. Growing up in Texas my options were limited. Now stationed in Cali I share all my hunting experience here with others, and I must say, it may be the best yet.


Now look what you started Dave, you better straighten this mess up again...Right yohan.

Clay Cooper


About the espresso, I was tring to be nice

Clay Cooper

I remember the day I shot a huge 10 point (5x5) mulie with a bow on the tallest ridge and ran down into the deepest canyon to die and I thank God I had my Suzuki 250cc 4x4 ATV.


To Jeff. I agree with you on Public Hunting. I use to Hunt George Washington National forest in VA. If I camped close to the road where most others did I would always make it a point to get up 1 to 2 hours earlier then the others and hump back up into the woods and find my spot.
By the time the other many hunters awoke and headed to the woods they would push the deer my way.
Sometimes I would go up into the woods and set up a mini spike camp stay the night and you are right in the middle of the chit.
I know hunt Private land but I am glad I cut my teeth on Public land.


On the TV show hunts I understand why they whisper as they stalk or sit and wait in a blind,
But can someone please tell me why do they whisper after the shot??????


On the TV show hunts I understand why they whisper as they stalk or sit and wait in a blind,
But can someone please tell me why do they whisper after the shot??????

Why is the grass greener on the other side of the fence?
That’s where the septic tank is located at!

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