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February 22, 2008

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Two Books You Gotta Have

Book good. Not have to turn book off and on. Can read book in bathroom. Can throw book at cat when cat knock porcelain vase off shelf.

Anyway, here are two real good books that you should know about. The first is Wild and Fair: Tales of Hunting Big Game in North America, edited by Tom McIntyre and published by Safari Press. Tom has rounded up 23 people who have hunted a lot and can actually write and had them contribute short chapters on whatever they wanted to write on whatever type of hunting they chose.

This book will not relieve the heartache of psoriasis, or cure bad breath in dogs, or show you how to factor Chandler's wobble into a doe's estrous cycle. But, on the other hand, you can actually read the sumbitch for the fun of it, which is the object of the drill, and pretty scarce these days. Safaripress.com

The second book won't be out until late this year. It's the revise/update of Safari Rifles, written by Craig Boddington in 1991. (This one will be called, logically enough, Safari Rifles II.) Since then, the book has gone on to become the definitive work in the field, eclipsing even John Taylor's African Rifles and Cartridges. Craig has been on 75 safaris. I will say that again: Craig has been on 75 safaris, and has no axes to grind, so his is the most impartial and best grounded advice available. It's also a Safari Press book. Watch for it.


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Jason B - I remember that article, and it came across as rude to me too. His initial response to the question was to state that it "was in poor taste" to ask such a question. I didn't see anything wrong with the question. If he gets hunts paid for by his TV shows, big deal. If they are sponsored by manufacturers so he will promote their products on his tv shows, big deal. We are not out to get him, we are just curious. And jealous.



Thanks for the support. Some of the posters seemed to think I was criticizing C.B.'s work. That wasn't my intention. I still have my subscription to Hunting Magazine, where he's featured every month. And I almost always enjoy his articles. But, I was disappointed with his response to the person who asked how he afforded all of his trips; and, it came to mind after reading Concerned-Soldier's post.


I never said anything Bad about COL or BG CB.

I did not know he was a reservist.

He is a good writer, I just wish I could go on about 1 safari!!

just my 2 cents.




A Bible and a Qur'an?

WA Mtnhunter

I would like to also clarify my comments on C.B.

First, he has been on many safaris, which is prudent for a writer who pounds the keys on the subject. I could care less who pays for them. I have always assumed that most writers (an under-paid bunch for the most part) are subsidized by the magazine publisher, equipment manufacturers, sponsors, etc. Why wouldn't they be?

Secondly, my comment about him being a Marine Reservist is not intended to be a negative comment, just a fact.

Finally, the publication I refered to has since presented more articles by well known authors other than Craig.

This month's Rifle Shooter magazine has a very well written article by Craig on the 10 most important skills of a rifleman or some title to that effect.

I missed the well endowed lady in question. For that I am truly sorry!

Dr. Ralph

Two Books You Gotta Have... "Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance" by Robert Pirsig and "The Divine Comedy" by Dante

Two Books You Gotta Have... "1984" and "Animal Farm" by George Orwell

Clay Cooper

And the third book, Colonel Hatchers Notebook!

This book is not for the intellectually challenged!!

Clay Cooper

A Bible and a Qur'an and Buddha?

That’s beyond Oxymoron!

Dr. Ralph

If you don't read them all, you're running on uninformed blind faith... I would add the Bhagvad Gita the holy book of the world's third largest religion Hindu. Christianity and Muslim are the largest religions thus the Bible and Koran...

Two books you gotta read: The Unabridged Mark Twain Volume I and II. Two thousand pages of pure and unadulterated genius and life experiences from a man who did it all 150 years ago.

Jim in Mo.

Arthur C. Clarke passed today. It has nothing to do with hunting/fishing but I spent many hours in the military reading his works.


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