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February 08, 2008

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On Booth Babes and Bill Heavey


This year's SHOT Show set new records for number of attendees, exhibits, floor space, and real he-men wearing tactical packs, but it was tragically lacking in booth babes. Our intrepid photographer shot the only good ones we found and then was forced to include beards, backpacks, and other stuff just to pad out the section.

Feel free to skip them. There were a number of booth babes who were, to be brutally honest, not babes. In fact, some of them looked like Bill Heavey with a bra. I'm sure they are fine people, but you are supposed to be a hottie if you do this kind of work.

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Dear Mr. Petzal -

I will be forwarding to your Managing Editor an invoice for the replacement of one keyboard (Dell QuietKey). This keyboard was irreparably damaged by a major coffee spew which occurred approximately 12 seconds into your post.


Dave I'll take your word on the report. I just hope your eye sight is not failing. I have been told that popping off something like the 577 T. Rex can cause vision problems.


C'mon now by night four at the hunting cabin -- after that bottle has made it's second trip around -- those 'Heavy in a bra' look-a-likes will start looking more like Beau Garrett or Elle McPherson!

Del in KS

That gun she's holding looks like something Elmer would have liked.

B. Cameron

Eegads, it's a ZZTop Reunion Tour!

Some interesting things from the show, but I can't say any of them have me reaching for my wallet...

Dave Petzal

To Jack: Bonnier Corp., which owns us, is indemnified against coffee spewing, projectile vomiting, and acts of random incontinence from now until the end of recorded time. Not only will our Managing Editor laugh at your claim; she will send Bill Heavey to live with you.

Take your loss and be more careful next time.


Better "Bill Heavey in a bra" than "Jim Zumbo in a thong."

Chad Love

I posted this to the article comments section when I meant to post to the blog, so...

Wow, nice facial hair. I didn't know ZZ Top, Santa Claus and Swami Krishna would be in attendance.

As for the booth babes, there are a bunch of stripper poles getting cold somewhere.

After last year's booth babe post I was accused of being a terrible downer for my rant on booth babes and the paramilitary wet dreams of all those tactical gear companies.

After seeing the coverage of this year's show I see no compelling reason to recant...

Steve C

I'm sure the SHOT promoters figured it was a waste of babe flesh on a bunch overweight and rapidly aging sports journalist.

Jim in Mo.

Who's that fella in photo #13 ?
He must be very good at what he does to get away wearing outfits like that.

Scott in Ohio

I typically prefer old model guns (e.g. Win Model 64, Savage Model 99, remington Model 141, etc.).

After reviewing the 2008 booth babe models, I have one question...... Anyone got an "old model" 2007 booth babe for sale or trade?!

Scott in Ohio

WHOA! Stop the presses.

Ya'all need to check out picture #6 in Phil Bourjaily's photo journal on new shotguns. I vote the new Model holding the Mossberg 500 Super Bantum "Babe of the 2008 Shot Show Ball". I'll take that sophisticated lady over the camo-clad bimbos any day (or night).

Dr. Ralph

Dave you were just in Nevada... figure it out! All the good looking women can make $300 for about five minutes work why stand around trying to impress a bunch of old rusty gun nuts for peanuts? Obviously you were at the wrong hotel if they didn't offer complimentary limo service to the Mustang & Chicken Ranch. Write it up on your expense account as research and development, or at the very least medical bills to cure an incipient cultural infection. So how much did you lose?

Dr. Ralph

Booth Babes? It's pretty sad when I have three women in the house that all look better than any of them. Click my name to see my baby girl if you want to see beautiful... by the way her boyfriend is in Kuwait so don't get any ideas he kills for a living.

Clay Cooper

Hey Doc, can she hunt and fish? It's ok if you have to bait the hook for her!

Dr. Ralph

She's my daughter Clay, she can probably outshoot you!

Dr. Ralph

Well obviously I'm officially over the hill. I was more excited looking at the rifles than the booth babes. I thought that new Marlin was named the Imp not the XL7 but my mind is also over the hill so maybe it was all a dream. I also thought I saw a pretty Savage too so now I know I'm delusional. What about the Norma cartridge Clay? When I said they made the best 7X57 you came back with some magnet crack... looks like I'm not the only one to come to the conclusion that those boys know what they're doing.

Clay Cooper

It wouldn’t be the first time I had my clock cleaned on the range by a young lady! Back in 1971, I was in Jensen’s sporting goods in Tucson Az. I was looking at a box of Norma 130 grain soft points thinking about reloading them. They were in a soft plastic see thru box and I dumped them all over the counter and floor. One of the guys used a magnet and picked all the bullets up within seconds, NO JOKE! Instead of a copper jacket, they were made out of steel!

Ed J

Thats called turnmetal. Its a leaded steel that has many of the caractoristics of guilding metal ,the cooper like stuff that most bullets are made from. It was used quite frequently during WWII. Making me stir up memories from my Tool Maker days.


Heavy in a bra? Im gonna have to go see my Therapist to get that out of my head, damnit!!!

Jim in Mo.

Del in Kansas,
So far no good.


What a let down! On both counts!
No. 13 must have been a resurrected "Tex" Ritter!
(No disrespect to the real Mr. Ritter intended!)


Del in KS

Dr. Ralph,

No luck clicking your name. Must be the machine. It's less than a year old. How did you do that anyhow? I have a pic of a beauty to share.

Dr. Ralph

Take pictures with digital camera. Download pictures into random file. Go to photobucket.com and open free account. Upload into photobucket from random file. Copy direct link and paste into URL on this site.

Del in KS

Dr. Ralph,

Thanks for the info. I clicked your name and it worked this time. I know you must be proud. She's a beauty. The pic I have is part of an e-mail. Don't think it would work.

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