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February 14, 2008

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A Valentine for Gun Nuts

Are you fed up with the usual Valentine’s Day blackmail? Do you agree that Al Capone came up with the right way to celebrate February 14th? Do you yearn for the smell of gunpowder rather than flowers? Do you want to turn the badger loose? Well, fellow bloggers, this isn’t quite the real thing, but it’s sort of fun.


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Very Nice Dave.




That is Damn fun and funny!!! almost makes up for the 100 dollars of appeasement money!!LOL

John B

I'm not sure what was with the pickles though.

Dave in St Pete



45-years ago this would have been another visit to the school shrink.

Blue Ox

Good stuff!!
Not as much fun as the real thing, but still good clean fun!!


Far out and groovy, dude!!

Ain't had that much fun since gramaw's parakeet died!



It seems like some of those were shot with a shotgun

Steve C

Where's the Yukon with the minigun when you need it?


Great thoughts Dave. I always thought Al Capone should have been put on the Illinois commemorative quarter. Let's start a new movement, "National Buy a Gun Day". Could we use your birthday? I suspect that you are too modest for the honor so my second choice would be John Browning's birthday.


Wow, including my blog, this thing is gonna get an awful lot of hits today!

It'd be real cool if they would splice together one long video of all the impacts at the end... just so we could watch more stuff blow up!

Clay Cooper

Went by the office today and one of the employees asked my wife what I got here for Valentine’s Day and another busted out and said; everyday is Valentine’s Day for them! Valentines’ day is 24/7 for Mary and I

Dave in St Pete

John B,

What pickles?

Ralph the Rifleman

Thanks for range practice my friend. So Dave, what did you get Mrs.Petzal for Valentine's Day?
Mrs.Rifleman received a lap top computer and must say she was very surprized!




The kid and I have a useless spot on the backside of our place where we shoot similiar items ranging from popcans to old electronics to worn out washing machines. The cleaning up is not much fun but is done out of necessity. I thought of just covering it up one day and letting someone locate in a couple hundred years just to give them something to think about.

John B

I swear: When I did it this morning the last thing on the menu was a jar of pickles, which are no longer there. Really!


I almost peed I laughed so hard!

Jim in Mo.

John B.
Those were candles man. I don't post til I have some coffee.
This was fun.

Jim in Mo.

I don't know how I missed your post. I just sent Del a mail about just general shooting for fun, that is the best and kids just love it. No rules (other than saftey) just have fun!!


Almost as much fun as shooting pumpkins filled with water with a .50 Beowulf.

Ed J

Jim in Mo

John B is right. there was a jar of pickles and now their gone.

Jim in Mo.

Ed J
I didn't see the early post, my boss called and asked if I could work today. But Pickles! I would have liked to seen that too!

Man, do you have any experience with the Beowolf. If so tell us about it, I've only read about it but it looks like fun.


A few cartons of eggs, old produce, or crackers can easily become fun targets if you have a place to shoot them without the resulting mess offending others. My family lives in a rural area of Wyoming by choice so we have such a spot complete with a live creek flowing through it. We are very environmentally friendly to the creek so targets placed on its surface are highly selective. None of the above targets meet the water but one other does. The other side of the creek belongs to me and is mostly comprised of a hillside about 100 feet high. The angle of fire produces only a rare ricochet which is caught by the aforementioned dirt hill. There are no neighbors in our line of fire. I guess I am saying don't try this at home unless home is safe. Anyway a floating marshmellow will fly straight up when you shoot just under it. There is a power line which has a pole on top of the 100 foot hill. Obviously the lines are even higher. The kid and I use Model 39's and compete to see who can make the most marshmellows travel up and over the power lines. Better than golf if you have nothing else to do. And yes safety is always first.

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