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January 22, 2008

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Some Incidental Information

I have been asked what the high point of my job as a shooting editor has been, and it has nothing to do with guns. It occurred in Anchorage Airport at 3:30 AM about ten years ago when the lady agent at the ticket counter and I discovered that we both knew the lyrics to "They're Coming to Take Me Away, Ha Ha," which made it to #3 on the Billboard charts in the summer of 1966 before it was yanked off the air.

Recited by someone who billed himself as Napoleon XIV, the song was deemed offensive to the mentally ill, and the ticket agent and I recited the whole thing at the top of our lungs, causing the airport cops who were listening to unsnap the straps on their holsters. I have a 45 rpm record of it and play it because it irritates my wife intensely. You can find the lyrics on the Internet with very little trouble.

From the Mini Gun/Suburban Post. The cyclic rate of fire for the original modern-day Gatling, the 20mm Vulcan, was 6,000 rounds per minute. The current 7.62mm Mini Gun, the M-134, has an adjustable cyclic rate of 1,000 to 10,000 rounds per minute. Hoo boy! When I was in the Army, they told us that at 6,000 rpm you could put a round in every square inch of a football field in 60 seconds. Who figured that out I have no idea. A fighter jock I know (F-15s) says that at the rate his 30mm cannon spits out the lead, he has about 6 seconds of gun time. Why not carry more? Because it weighs a ton.

A blogger who signs himself Anon (for Anonymous, I presume) tells me to get over my irrational hatred of Hillary--she's not that bad, he says. To which I reply:
I do not hate Hillary, but she is a natural object of scorn, mockery, and derision, as is her husband. Some politicians lend themselves to this naturally. For example, I got this photo from three different sources in the space of an hour.


Others do not. Anyone heard any good Ron Paul jokes recently?

As for her likely performance in the nation's highest office, I believe she would do us in. If there still was a United States at the end of her term it would not elect another woman president for 100 years.


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Truth is I think I was about half loaded and just posted it late one night on one of these blogs. So its buried some where. We have pissed enough people off that it kinda scares me now. If a bunch of us got together we could possibly trade huntin or fishin trips. I dont have a lot of disposable income something like that would be pretty cool for us workin stiffs. Hopefully Ill be a workin stiff again soon!LOL Hell Ill cypher on an we will figure something out. I dont open emails I dont recognize any way.

Tommy S.

Thats how I feel GREG. My offer to you and Bubba from the other day stands. There is alot of public land we can hunt around my neck of the woods, around Jordan Lake in NC, and I could put you on deer with no problem and no money, except to get to old NC anyway. But at least your room and board would be free!
Anyway, maybe we will figure out something before next deer season.

PS, tell Bubba I still have a good deal of venison, and I would love for him to try me and the wife's "greasy quesadillas"! But better come on soon - cuz I eat that stuff just about daily. You know - maybe that's why I was so riled up yesterday - I have been told by my father in law, that that whitetail meat is getting to my head!


Black Rifle Addict

Come on Dave...time for another article for thought, please!


Maybe you have CWD Tommy. Couldnt help it you walked right into that one partner!LMAO


Ive probably lost my mind but any one who wants to write me can do so at [email protected] I wont hesitate to close this email account so Im askin please lets be men about it. Thanks guys.Post your name or handle in the subject line or I wont open it. Too many viruses floating around.

Tommy S.

I'll wait a few days GREG - then you will know it's me.



Now boys, let's not be pulling our pistols out of our pants.


Dave Petzal
I suppose you're at the SHOT show now. Time for a new topic. This one was great. Lots of lyrics. If I only could play an instrument! Thanks everyone for the music above. Some I remembered, some I forgot.
P.S. I hope that you are reminding all those manufacturers that the left handed portion of the population is still left handed. Left handed people have more money to spend. Since they are smarter than the general population, they spend it wisely. So guns that cost many thousands of dollars don't sell well with us.


Hey Yooper you are welcome to email me if you wish. Petzal isnt payin any attention to us if he is at the shot show. He is drooling over the shot show girls or a Rigby double rifle in .470 nitro express mag.that costs more than my house!LOL hell lets make up our own subject!!LOL


Pretty funny, serial typcist coming from Mr love ,. but thats Ok ,.. really dont feel the need to address that .

However I do not channel any one but me,..

Alamo ,. its clear ,.. any time spent purveying logic is wasted on you,..
To whomever wrote get off the steroids ,.. quit being aggressive ,.. crack kills or sum such BS
Thanks,. you gave me first laugh of the day in an already looong week,..
If you knew me you would realize what an off the wall statement that is,..
As an amature boxer for better than 30 years.
I am fully aware of the give an take as it relates to the ever changing venue of a$$ kicking.
Thus while fighting for a long time at 220 I know full well.
There is always someone somewhere 30 lb lighter younger quicker and bad enough to take you out. and I knew this when i was 25.
Howeve I will say this ,.. if you throw down on me for real in any venue,..win loose or draw,.. its gonna cost ya,..
I got that attitde from a small mrine i knew,. who got beat in a bar fight,.. saw him not long after ,..
I asked him what the other guy looed like,..
He said well son (I was two years younger but every one was son to him) he looks a little bettern me ,..he took a pull on his ber and said
" but damn sure he gonna think twice about winnin anther fight with me".
When I was youg that is how I survived and i dont expect at 57 its gonna change a lot.

I simply become incdredulous at some the things I read here.

Doing what i did and now do,
has lead to my aquaintence with a few (very few) people so wealthy and connected that they could,..not to say they have not,. make finacial grease spots out of nearly anyone oppossing them.
These people scare me,.. really scare me,. because they essentially do not play by any rules that they don't make or have a hand in making .

I have also distanced my self from them over the years,.. cause if you play soccer with elephants sooner or later (on purpose or not) your gonna get stepped on. I now simply bring it to your attention that that animal exists.
To further the point .
The kind of power of which I speak is so damn rarified and scary there is no describing it ( similar to combat) until you have been in it or so close in dosent matter. no words will do it .

That is why I push when ever I can for a change ,. cause if we give em too much more time ,.. we will not be able to take our country back without a minior revolution.
We do not need to wory about some whack job woaman in the whitehouse taking our guns away.
What we DO need to be worried about is people in power now and their ilk taking our country away from us .
This by the way has nothing to do with party ,..
But it is my beliefe that a more liberal face on government is the less of two evils.
To those who think I am a libral or a concervative your wrong ,. and its clear to me now ,.those you who hang the lable are simply unaware of a much greater
impending chrises..
But here is how you find (Figure it) out ,.. look around you decide what parts of your life are and have been becoming ever more restriced and by what " economic abeations "
Begin to put two and two together ,. this will result ina conclusiion which will be summarised by definition of a few words
This definiton and or conclusion will not be inclusive of the word Democracy.

As to us as a group ,..
I'm more of a hunter than a gun nut ,..hunted exclusivly with a bow for a time,..
I do still belive we are appart form the rest. A thing I used to be slightly embarrased about ,..but am now proud of.
Our founding fathers ( in general ) came here for basic freedoms ,. religion ,speech later deciding we had the right to bear arm,.. Unlike England and much of western Europe at the time.

Hunting in our country has gone from necessary ( for food) to sport. due to economic evolution,.. it has been debated as wether it is a right or privilage,.

My take is that governments change as do rghts and privliges.
Its up to us to help maintain it as not only a privilage but an enherant right.
Not to be infringed upon by people who eat meat,.. wear leather but dont hunt.
Also not to be infringed upon by vegans and or other parties with an agenda that endangers shooting and hunting..

I also by beliefe that to kill other life forms consituting protien to drag it back to the cave fullfulls a very ancient calling ,.. or need if you will.

What also sets us as agroup apart is that we see (literally precipitate ) part of the cycle of life.
One thing needs to kill another to survive,..
which is significant in that while we kill and eat the meat of the animal never knew a hunter who did not respect and appreciate that which was killed.

On an aside here ,.. I do not personally kill anmals I do not intend to eat and I dont respect killing that does not in some way untilize the meat.
Im not high on trohy hunting but I dont feel I can judge that activity
However if the neighbors dog makes like it might attack my niece ,. that dogs actuarial probabability for a long healthy life.
Will severly deminish on an exponentially accelerating scale of deminishing marginal retuns. .
And I dont eat dog

Here is also part of our being a group within,... but apart.
A very beautiful woman I used to "see socially " could and did eat meat.
Grilled meeat to be specific
but moose meat and beef sirloin were high oin her list.
Now when I say she liked meat i mean like maybe her grandmother was a part cougar,the woman was aclassic carnivor.
But she was rabidly against hunting and all forms of killing ,..
This to me does not compute ,..

Also I lost a pretty sweet account once,. when the lady with the assets discovered i was something of serial hunter.
She didnt know at the time I was a serial typest.( Lord knows what that might have casued)

Embarassed as Iam to say it
It was then I decided not to advertize the fact that I hunted,. back then ( the 80's just bad for busines)
Since then however I have decided the hell with that ,. if i dont get busines becsuse I hunt ,. its business I dont want.

Duty and the market calls

Some light reading for all you people who believe in Man Made Global Warming


Chad Love

Now Yohan, don't get testy. I made that crack in jest. I always make it a point to read your stuff.
And point well taken. I never could learn when to stop typing.
I don't know about you, but I think being long-winded is a sign of intelligence...:)


"Scared, Incoherent, and Long-Winded"

Must be the Yohan family motto.

If this rambling is representative of your logic, I can only infer that your long amatuer boxing career involved taking a lot of blows to the head. And hard ones at that.

Napoleon XIV

This one ain't a song...

The .com bust led to excessive drops in interest rates, brought to us by Greenspan. Impact: lots of folks could service much larger debts... which they used to jack up housing prices way beyond what a later market with more normalized interest rates could afford if we maintained low wage inflation. When it was time to raise the interest rates, the addicted housing market died since nobody coming into the market can afford to service the costs that current debt holders are carrying. The market is doomed to freeze out. Since that was a huge chunk of our economy, we're in trouble. Further, our currency is dropping -- both because of our economic health and because we're not exporting (ultimately, the trade deficit has to get in its licks - if supply and demand still works...). Since it is almost impossible to avoid buying stuff made somewhere else since we don't make as much, we will experience inflation -- not just fuel, but all sorts of goods. Right now, there's a lot of debt obligation sitting out there being held by home owners that artificially inflates the values of their homes. Until that is discharged, our economy ultimately will have this huge sick sector weighing down a huge amount of capital (yes, that is *real* money -- something that people didn't seem to realize when they were thinking "I can afford that, get a new house, maybe refinance and get new cars, flat screen TV's, 6 new ATVs for the kids...").

Unfortunately, I didn't see ANY politician talk about this problem.. too much like the Social Security third rail.

When *I* would bring it up, it would be:

You know you laughed.
I HEARD you laugh, you laughed
And laughed and laughed
And then you laughed some more,
And now you know I'm Utterly Mad


[chorus 2]
They're coming to take me away,
Haha, they're coming to take me away,
Ho ho, hee hee, ha ha,
To the Happy Home with Trees and Flowers
And Chirping Birds and basket weavers
Who sit and smile and
Twiddle their thumbs and toes
And they're coming to Take me Away,


But more seriously, do you really want to support someone who refuses to respect our 2nd amendment rights?


Just stopped in here ,.. on my way out fer about three fingers of scotch,.. prety good day all and all.

Mr Love ,.. I tested the waters with you ,.. and you float ,.. look forward to your next post .
That Tommy S guy sems to be thinkr to.
Raph ,.. I knew youe wree a smart guy ,.. now all we gota do is get past this party stuff.

Alamo ,.. alamo alamo,..
Don't you realize ,.. (my mistake ) course you don't,... you already lost ,..
That little bitty thing you call Your clip,.. was near empty before you started shooting,.
and it sure didnt take long,..to run throug the last few rounds YUK YUK

Never engage an oponent uless properly aprized of his stregth,
position,.. supply lines and flank protection.

nfortunately you me of Mr Bush and an old song I used to hear,..

Fools rush in,.. where Angels dare to tread.

Yup the scoth is gonna taste damn good tonight


I meant Alamo unfortunatly you remeind me of Mr Bush and an old song ,.. I used to hear.


Yohan, Yohan, Yohan, The steriod thing was from me Mock-1. I still swear that you have to be an accountant, year end is here. My Sis does it and she just left our house for my 10 yr old daughter's B-Day. Yep, accountant or postal worker. Yux. Although I completley disagree w/ your perception of the rich (They had to make it some way, and only the strong survive)i've had the mispleasure of fighting some of you big guys before. I didn't loose as bad as I did against guys smaller than me. But neither here nor there. I've noticed that the longer you have to keep telling other people how tough you are, and how you are ready at ant time to "throw down" makes me wonder if you are really that insecure or if you have never had your ass kicked hard enough that you were begging them to stop. Well, neither here nor there, but remember, we are all men (and Women, sorry ladies) and I don't think we all have to run around sniffen each other's butts. We are all armed, and at every gathering I'm at where all others are armed, I see a pretty polite society. I've never felt the need to draw on someone unless I intend to shoot, which I've had to do and never felt the need to challenge anyone physically over a keyboard, or in person over an opinion. But, hey, you make for some interesting reading. Even if I think your opinion is wrong in my eyes, it doesn't make it wrong in yours. Everyone has an opinion which should be respected, no matter how wrong I think it is. Look forward to your post's, even if I don't agree w/ all of them. Have a good weekend, unless you want to look silly on here to me again! Yux. Now go do another tax return mister, your making a killing off of us

Tommy S.

Small world Yohan.

Glad you think I am a "thinkr".
When was the last time you spoke with Doug?
He used to be a fly-fishing guide, who now resides North of Durham , NC in a nice log cabin that borders alot of state land.
Seems to be a real cool fella. Maybe I will tell you how we met if you read this. He has been in my and my wife's house. I read an email you sent him a little while back - which I belive perhaps concerned striper fly-fishing.
Are you the same Yohan?


Mock 1 (?)

This gotta be brief,..I am at times an instigator,.
I like to stir the pot as it were ,.but make no mistake ,. i believe what I say politically,..AND
I actually hate the polotics of polotics,.

There is plenty of reasons and or justification to my position ,.. but I diont have the time now

This is so you dont chew on it over the weekend ,..

Was actually trying to draw some one else into the frey when
the Alamo came running up ,.. and you eased out of the woods YUK YUK
Again if you knew me there would be no issue,.I am a rsther hunble indivuidule in most ways,..
I am thankfull to be alive but also I am thankfull for a number
happin-satnces in my youth that prevented me from residing in what is sometimes called the Crowbar hotel. Organized boxing helped.

I was something of a bad ass in the ring and I can still swat ,..I know that ,. so I dont need to say it,.. but for the reaction it gets,.. sometimes from some people.
You took the bait so your one of the tuff guys ,.. right ?

Throw down is a word used not only in a gun fight ,..but in my world a move buy one on another,.. be it individule or corperate,.. pulic or private,.. financially ,..

I am a Stock Broker and I own a small (unrelated) service co.

You came out of no where,..
I didnt mean to pi$$ you off ,.. but then again ,. kinda is what it is HUGH ,.

Yup had my behind kicked good by a special forces fella,.. didnt have to beg him to stop ,.. was uuuun-concious,..
But I put up enough of a fight that he and became good friends,. and he later taught me stuff most people shouldnt know,..
Put anotehr way ,.. i done been around the block,.. and then some,.
However my intent is not malicious ,.well maybe a little

Have a good weekend,.. everyone.
You too Alamo


Tomy S ,..
maye another yohan ,..
I do flyfish but have never been to NC to fish ,..
A few years ago I was fishin blue gills In midwest with a #5 81/2 ft rod with 4lb leader ,.a big musky sipped it ,.. played him for quiet a while ,.. got him close ,.. but no net so couldnt land him,..

All the best


Yohan, I'm not a tough guy. I'm a beer drinker/philosipher. I was jumping out of planes and putting ordinance from planes, chops, jets, you know, one of those FAC guys, but, as tough as I was back then, I'm a cream puff now. Like you, I HATE Politics. I saw a movie one time w/ Rip Torn in it and he said, "the only thing worse than a politition is a child molester" Evrething's so screwed up in this nation right now that I don't know if anyone can fix it. I knew a stockbroker once who told me it was the perfect name, that he was broker as many times as richer. Crazy job. I guess you don't meet too many rich people. Yeah, right. What, are you selling stocks for K-Mart blue light special blue-haired ladies? Also, Yohan, you don't piss me off at all. I still value, if not agree, with your opinions all the time. Just don't put on a tie-died T-shirt and start singing "We are the world"! By the way, throw down means just that, no matter what the situation. If I have a competitor move into my delivery area, he's throwing down, you know, from the middle ages days as in "throw down the Gauntlett" I won't even disrespect you to assume you didn't know what I was inferring about throwing down. Anyways, mister, as far as I'm concerned, this is at least one place that sooner or later, we all have our own individual unauthorized, "To strong for TV personall Rants" As far as I'm concerned, we ALL deserve them. Just be careful of us "short, fat, bald guys that ease out of the woods" Always let your enemy underestimate you. You are blessed if your friends do as well. Good luck w/ the stock thing. I wish people would listen to the ghost of FDR (a guy I didn't agree w/ on most things throgh history classes) The only thing we have to fear is... you know what I'm saying. Be well, sell something and have a good weekend


FDR may have repeated it but Winston Churchill was the one who said "The ONLY thing we have to fear is fear itself!"
So now you can add plagurist to you litany of reasons for disliking FDR.


Tommy S, you have your abbreviations wrong, should read: "PUSS".


OK SA. Didn't know that, but I guess it doesn't surprise me. Who says you can't learn anything from a bunch of gun nut's?

Tommy S.


Whatever that means my friend, I am sure you have yourself all happy now. Good luck with that.

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