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January 22, 2008

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Some Incidental Information

I have been asked what the high point of my job as a shooting editor has been, and it has nothing to do with guns. It occurred in Anchorage Airport at 3:30 AM about ten years ago when the lady agent at the ticket counter and I discovered that we both knew the lyrics to "They're Coming to Take Me Away, Ha Ha," which made it to #3 on the Billboard charts in the summer of 1966 before it was yanked off the air.

Recited by someone who billed himself as Napoleon XIV, the song was deemed offensive to the mentally ill, and the ticket agent and I recited the whole thing at the top of our lungs, causing the airport cops who were listening to unsnap the straps on their holsters. I have a 45 rpm record of it and play it because it irritates my wife intensely. You can find the lyrics on the Internet with very little trouble.

From the Mini Gun/Suburban Post. The cyclic rate of fire for the original modern-day Gatling, the 20mm Vulcan, was 6,000 rounds per minute. The current 7.62mm Mini Gun, the M-134, has an adjustable cyclic rate of 1,000 to 10,000 rounds per minute. Hoo boy! When I was in the Army, they told us that at 6,000 rpm you could put a round in every square inch of a football field in 60 seconds. Who figured that out I have no idea. A fighter jock I know (F-15s) says that at the rate his 30mm cannon spits out the lead, he has about 6 seconds of gun time. Why not carry more? Because it weighs a ton.

A blogger who signs himself Anon (for Anonymous, I presume) tells me to get over my irrational hatred of Hillary--she's not that bad, he says. To which I reply:
I do not hate Hillary, but she is a natural object of scorn, mockery, and derision, as is her husband. Some politicians lend themselves to this naturally. For example, I got this photo from three different sources in the space of an hour.


Others do not. Anyone heard any good Ron Paul jokes recently?

As for her likely performance in the nation's highest office, I believe she would do us in. If there still was a United States at the end of her term it would not elect another woman president for 100 years.


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Thanks for your service Mr. Kuntz.My uncle remebers the miniguns on the C-130s too. Trae B. you will do us proud good luck!

Trae B.

Thanks alot Greg.

Walt Smith

I think the Democrats really don't want anything to do with the presidency, thats why they have Hillary there. they know she'll never get elected anyhow, that way they can continue to go against anything the Republican president wants which is what they've been doing for the last 11 years.The one woman I would vote for no matter what-- Condeleza Rice,she put the fear of god into everyone and would be a excellent president.


John/John Russo:

So you worked on Aardvarks? Ever see a Spark-Vark?

Jim in Mo.

Wouldn' it be great if we had an election and it was actually difficult to decide who to vote for?


Good lord Walt I think I agree with you. I respect that woman more than all the Clintons and Pelozis(sp?)on the planet! She is a true badass and takes no guff from anyone. Not that it means anything but Im white 40ish an from South AL and I wouldnt mind seeing her for Veep and maybe run for POTUS. Wonder how many other "Good ole boys" would agree with us? Truly I think she is too smart to do it!LOL Like Colin Powell an Gen. Swartzkopf. (sp?)


Dave Petzal
I remember listening to that song on WLS AM in Chicago. As much as my Dad hated that song, they played it to death! I'd love to hear it one more time though. Unfortunately, we could only get that station after dark in the U.P. I should stop someday at the Yoopers Tourist Trap. I just found out last summer that I'm related to one of them. It goes way back, almost to French Canada.

I'm really aprehensive about this election! Rush Limbaugh is very anti John McCain. If we conservatives divide, we'll guarantee at least one term for Bilary. Can she get us all in one term? I like McCain a lot. For all of the talk about all the others making good VPs, I think Condeleza Rice would be the best choice.
Funny you guys would metion the machine guns, and relative uselessness. If I sit down for a beer, and Viet Nam comes up in the conversation, and the other party happens also to be a veteran, upon finding out that I was Naval Air, the inevitable question arises:"Why the hell didn't you guys have machine guns?" They say that, in a tight spot, they always hoped for Army of Air Force air cover because we dropped bombs and left. The others stuck around and strafed. Apparently that wasquited effective.


To Bernie Kuntz, I failed to say my Uncle Kenny served in Viet-Nam.He remembers seeing them at night and said it was awesome!


Oh Good here we go again,..Pretzal hatwes Hilary ,.. ths of course in the face of near market meltdown,.

Then Howdy Dudy his own sef stands around telling everyone The US economy is strong and resiliat ,"the secatary is monitering the economy outside as well as inside" ( what the f ,.over ?)

He's now so petrifired that many will find out what a few of already know,..me being one
Which is that we are NOW IN a recession and have benen for months.
Some one probly woke him up and said George you got and economic Katrina sittin at the foot of your bed yo gotta get up and do somethin,.. He then says I assume) dam boys we got trouble,.. we took to much out no we gotta quick put some back.

We gotta put together a stimulous package "to hep the peoples" ,,.. Which for those of you who havent been watchin since his ole man had the rains is one very lame a$$ed attempt at bottom up economics ,.
A complete reversdal of his onging eniomic policy of smoke and mirrors ,..alleging a trickle down or top down econimics policy . which historically has proven not to work. His policy has been really no plicy other than he got the keys fort knox.

Our problem gents and ladys if any out there
is not Hiliary for christ sake,.

Its core inflation cause by war and oil (transprt cost?) and tax cuts for the wealthy.
We let him ( Bush) cut taxes for the wealthy while he turns screws on the peole who build the buildings lay the raods sweep the floors pick up the trash ,..
fix the cars run the laiths and presses etc etc.

Every body hates Hiliray even Petzal ,..
well sumbitch, tell me somthing new.
If had to sleep with her I probabaly swear off weomen all together ,.dont wonder what drove Bill to what he did based on what I see and heaer anyway,.. But who the" F " cares
.. I donmt care who ietehr o sleeps with.
Ive said it before ,.. pull the collective head out of the collective rectum far enough for the eyes and ears to clear and check it out.

Am also sick of this thinly veiled attack on people who need
help throug sound economic policy by bashing away at the left praching the boostrap atitude self relince and all that
Then we talk tax and spend ,.. take a good look at the GOP
Then look at the two who we put into office.
We ( well you, not me) gave this dunce a mandate to rape the many by the greed of the few or better said he people he calls his base,..
What he did,.. what anyone who voteed this genius in did was.

Let the waiters convice the chikens it was one hell of a good idea to vote for colonel Sanders ,..
It aint much mroe complicate than that ,..
Try this on for size excepting Heer Petzal ,.
(do believe he may be too far gone ) and maybe they shoud take him for a whie anyway ,..
If your paying 2500 less in taxes ,and maybe makin a little more than before ..would it not be a little easier to maybe pick up that varment gun or shotgun you have been watching for the passed 20 months or maybe some thing nice for your wife

The,.. is what it is ,....is,.. ,..
that you gotta be makin well over 200 k in order to vote GOP as it presently stands and as it will stand ,..
and if you dont believe me

Plain and simple Hilary dont give two squirts about your guns ,.. not that i want her as presedent ,. I actuallt dont ,.. but we need to get money to the what si becoming a phantom middel class ,.. the hunters the handlaoders the guys with one rifle and one shotgun and a distant wish for a second gun if the wife clears it and the kids dont need something worse.

Well,.. that oughta lite a fire ,.. but if I dont respond to the slings and arrows sure to come ,.. its not becasue i donty want to ,. its because im busy trying to convince people not to sell everthing and run for cover,..
Whci crerates another tax (expence) and locks in a loss,..
So have at it I'll look in ,..
in a few days or when ever i come up for air.

Napoleon XIV

Remember when you ran away
And I got on my knees and begged you
Not to go because I'd go berserk?


You left me anyhow and
Then the days got worse and worse
And now you see I've gone completely
out of my mind,


[chorus 1]
They're coming to take me away,
Haha, they're coming to take me away,
Ho ho, hee hee, ha ha,
To the funny farm
Where Life is Beautiful all the time
And I'll be happy to see
Those Nice Young Men
In their Clean White Coats
And they're coming to take me AWAY,

You thought it was a joke,
When I had said that losing you
Would make me flip my lid,


You know you laughed.
I HEARD you laugh, you laughed
And laughed and laughed
And then you left,
And now you know I'm Utterly Mad


[chorus 2]
They're coming to take me away,
Haha, they're coming to take me away,
Ho ho, hee hee, ha ha,
To the Happy Home with Trees and Flowers
And Chirping Birds and basket weavers
Who sit and smile and
Twiddle their thumbs and toes
And they're coming to Take me Away,

I cooked your food,
I cleaned your house,
And this is how you pay me back
For all my kind unselfish loving deeds


Well, you just wait,
They'll find you yet,
And when they do, they'll put you in
the ASPCA, you mangy MUTT,


Black Rifle Addict

This blog is making my head hurt!

Chad Love

It does my heart (and my self-esteem) good to know there are fellow gun nuts out there as nerdy and possibly even more nerdy than myself...


Yee gads Yohan, do a spelling check will you! hukt on foniks reelly hept mi


At the office now its 5;55 cst by my watch been her since 4 am cst,..
It appers word markets are rebounding ,.. thank God

Buck Stopper,.. not that I can't spell at all,. like the spelling cop Ralph says,.
but certianly a not a good speller

My real weakness in this arena that I am a rather bad typist,. and when the brain goes faster than my fingers its many times not pretty.
I have also found no way to spell check on this Blog ,..

I do howeer stand by what I said if you can sypher it YUK YUK


Consider me appropriately chastised.

Del in Kansas

Dave and Bernie,

Did time in 'Nam myself as Squad leader in the Screaming Eagles. If memory is correct the original Puff mounted several 7.62mm electric Gatling guns. Years later
in the 80's (before I retired from the army) I saw a demonstration of Puff at Ft Benning. They had added different versions of tricked out C130's. The one we saw then had a 40mm cannon that fired semi-auto(not a Gatling). It could hit a tank in total darkness while puff flew high overhead with no lights. It was very impressive to say the least. The instructor said they can mount a 105mm howitzer, miniguns and a 40 mm grenade launcher also. I suspect they have improved a great deal since then. The instructor said Puff has a thermal imaging sight for darkness.
Heaven help us if the Clintonistas move back into the Whitehouse. The first time they moved in I upgraded to life membership in the NRA.
Yohann ol buddie have you been listening to Dan Rather and his friends run the Prez down? Where do you get your information? Mr Bush has outfoxed the Dems more times than I can remember. GWB is not stupid he's inarticulate. Theres a difference. Also notice we have not been hit in the USA since 9-11-01. Better our soldiers fight those terrorist bastards in Irag, or Afghanistan than have the police and firemen here dealing with them. Anyhow thats how one old soldier feels.



While yer probably too damn old to learn economics at this point, consider this:

The "Government" can positively impact the economy in only one way- Reduce taxes. Let the folks who earn the money spend it or save it. Cycling cash throught he federal government is the greaest waste of resources imaginable.

Saying you "need help" from the government is just a veiled manner of saying "give me".


I'm a former Naval Aviator and I know the Spads (AD-1s) and A-4s would get in the weeds in NAM and strafe. The Spad could remain on station for a long time. Both aircraft carried 20MM cannon. Fighters were another story, the Phantom was an interceptor and ill-suited to dogfighting. The F-4 was a missile only platform, although the AF did mount a gun pod on the hard points on occasion. This inequity was corrected with subsequent Navy fighters (F-14 and F-18) which were fitted with the 20 mike mike Vulcans.


Hey Dave, just two comments this morning.... 1). why do i get the blogs two days late.. I'm taking the magazine...(joke)
2). That sticker just had to be on a Kentucky Auto. That tell you any thing? (no joke)


Hey yohan, about your typing, do as I do, blame the keyboard.....


Yohan, we can tell that your brain works faster than your fingers by what you carry in the woods..(YUK YUK). My wife does that when she reads. She puts a lot of words there that are not really there. By the way she's left handed.


Del in Kansas, Deadly, Just a minute to say thank you for your service to our country and fellow countrymen.. Good job. I alway passon my thanks and hold you guys up highly.
deadly, I guess you have been to Hood a lot..


As Neil Cavuto on Fox News said yesterday, "Oh how bad it is, to be rescued from 5% unemployment and 3% growth!" Hitlary sucks. Socialism sucks. The stock market is tanking because of that part of Wall Street's inherent greed. Let it tank and weed out the weak. That's true capitalism.
Now about that new Mauser I was thinking of buying!


Hey Sarg I was hatched in Louisville. Where abouts are you? I cut my hunting teeth around Paducah for geese, ducks ,deer and Small game. Fishin was great in KY and Barkley lakes too.


We flew F4's, A6's and A7's in combat ops. Only the A7 had the 20mm. Others could only drop bombs and launch missles. I know our pilots were very disappointed that they couldn't do more for the troops.


Bless you Yohan! I could hardly believe my eyes while reading your post! Amen brother!
I've said it before, the "base" that convinced the electoral college to enthrone "W" has preached self reliance with cutting taxes for the wealthy to "invest" in the economy-all the while denouncing "tax and spend" democratic practices. Well, we see now that the "enlightened" ones know how to borrow and spend like drunken sailors, while the rich invest offshore! Nothing like a good war to stimulate investment now is there? Had I only the money to invest in Haliburton............
I would also respond to Alamo by saying that asking for help from the gov. is a clear way of saying "give me BACK"!

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