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January 16, 2008

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Revenge of the Southpaws

I got seriously interested in rifles in the late 1950s, and being a sensitive and intelligent lad, I quickly realized that there was something terribly wrong in that particular universe. My first .22, a Winchester Model 77, spit bits of brass and gunpowder into my right eye. When I shot on a summer camp rifle team cinched up in a military sling, my right thumb was more or less permanently implanted in my nose. I was, you see, a left-handed shooter in a right-handed world.

In 1958, Weatherby came out with a left-hand Mark V, but it cost $200, and who had $200? In that same year, Savage announced the left-hand Model 110, but while serviceable and affordable, it was no rifle for a person of taste and culture like myself.

And so I swore that one day I would make rifles so wonderful that everyone would lust after them, but they would be made left-hand only, and right handers could only grind their teeth in envy. Well, I got into this business instead, but someone else has done what I swore to do. His name is Mike Morreal, and his company is called Bedrock Industries.

Bedrock is the distributor for Noveske Rifleworks LLC, which is run by a gifted and meticulous gunsmith named John Noveske. There are two lines of Noveske rifles. One is left-hand bolt-action sporters; the other is true left-hand ARs in various configurations. They do not make right-hand guns. I’ve wanted to write that sentence for 50 years so I'll do it again. They do not make right-hand guns.



I haven't seen the ARs but I have shot a Noveske bolt-action in .280, and I can tell you that there is no one doing better work. The gun is so good that, if I were a right-handed shooter, I would be grinding my teeth. In both design and quality there is simply no way to improve it.

Eat your livers, right-handed swine!

For details and prices and more pictures, go to lefthandrifles.com.


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I wonder, if in fact, Bedrock or Noveske will experience a "sales bump" because of this publicity? I've always heard that we were a bit smarter that our righty bretheren. Possibly, the price reflects the income disparity between us and the righties because of our increased inteligence? I'd probably buy one, but its my right- handed wife. She might not understand.


Steve C, Think a minute on what you just Quoted... You would give your right arm to be "ambidextrous".. would that make you ambidextrous? I think not, you would only be left-handed then.


hey guys , the thing with a blind as such, You learn that in the Army camoflauge does not alway means to be hidden, but that with in the blind or camoflauge is to be unreconized.. Would you use a million dollar rocket on a camaflauged net not knowing what was under or behind it? Is it another million dollar rocket launcher or a lonly little jeep, totally harles?? Often deer see a blind but to the deer it is not reconized as a threat. One thing I learned this year deer hunting from a tree "stand"( yes I was sitting in that thing hanging on a tree,) was that when the sun came up, my every move was reflected to a tree trunk about 50 yds away . If deer notices movement as one of theeir defenses, I was not helping my case very much other than their sense of smell. Next year I,ll position my stand so that there will be no shadows projected to the ground. Yes I got a deer from this stand but only because it came the other direction this time..


All this talk about left handers remind me about the time I took my wife Muskie fishing, she is left handed and every time I cast my Bait caster, I would cast right handed, then shift to my left hand to crank it in. She did not have to shift hands ,she would cast lefthanded but retrieve with her right. She was casting twice as often as I was and if you ever muskie fish this is an advantage as it takes a lot of casting to catch these critters. When we would go shooting she would shoot left handed but never complained about being left handed She is not ambidextrous but does a lot of stuff right handed,Right now she is on the other computer playing a game, using the mouse right handed. All my automobiles have the shifter on the right side, she still drives without complaints. The only auto i know of with the shifter on the left side was a 1950 something Plymouth with push button drive.
"Plymouth" now theres a word you dont hear every day.


Hey Guys, I need make a correction to the last post, my with just informed me that she shoots right handed and throws a baseball right handed, It's been a while since she has shot with me. I remember when we were in California in the later '60's she would shoot left but decided that she was going to shoot righthanded, She was shooting a Win. lever gun in .22. I still have this gun and don't believe Win. still makes this critter.


Lighten up Sarge. Steve C just made a very clever joke!


Hey Sarg,
Did the push button drive actually WORK in yours?
Didn't own one myself (little before my time) but remember Dad saying it was the crappiest car he ever owned!
Said it was yellow and that the color was very appropriate, it was a big LEMON! The dealership ended up taking it back after several months of it spending more time in the garage than the driveway, they never could get it to work right.

As to the post subject, 5 Grand for a rifle? Not around here, my most expensive gun is a 1911A1 I bought used for $300, I've got a 30-30 that cost me $120 fairly new (it was a store demo, unfired, just been handled alot) a Swede Mauser that I bought for $80 and sporterized myself, a couple of $100 pump shotguns, $80 SKS and AK, $60 Chinese 22 that shoots cloverleafs at 50 yds with the right ammo and a .380 pistol that cost me $120, also used.
Oh and my current vehicle cost me $800 plus about $2000 in repairs over the last year and a half.
($600 of those repairs were replacing a blown head gasket, and that's just parts, I did the work myself!)

I think I'd rather pass even if they were available right handed thank you.


Zermoid, Did they work, The name should tellyou smething about that, no, I never liked Chrysler products, never had the Plymouth, spent some time in Montana in the early '60,s, they just would not start in that kind of cold. I had a '51 Chevy , Started ever day.(did take the battery in ever night). Would run twenty miles before it would change gears , and the older nylon tires were like wagon wheels in the cold, but really liked Montana. Back to being Right or Left handed, to me what would affect me more would be Right or Left eye dominent.


Those push button transmissions only lasted a couple of years. As I remember, Plymouth was the car you bought if cold weather starting was important. I think most cars will start if you bring the battery in at night. Worst I ever saw was a Chevy II where my friend would have to crawl under it on cold mornings and heat the oil pan with a blowtorch.


YooperJack and Scott in Ohio,
I can not find an official listing for the Novi Gun and Knife show but have find a couple of listing for Antique Arms Show on Feb 9th & 10th,
Wolverine Knife Collectors Show combined with Antique Arms Show on April 19th & 20th,
Another Antique Arms Show Sept 6th & 7th, and November 29th & 30th.

They are about a 2 hour drive for me.


Us Left handers are in our Right Minds. The Right half of the Brain controls the Left side of our bodies. I am ambidextrous with a left dominate eye. I have shot left handed most of my life. The most comfortable rifle for me to shoot left handed was a Anschutz Model 64LH target rifle. It fit me like a glove and was fully adjustable to my frame size and length.

Dr. Ralph

Sarg, if you are hunting in a mountainous region always set up so the sun is at your back, coming up to light up the other side of the hollow... you will be in the dark and hidden and any movement where the sun has already hit will be easily detectable. You will also be much colder for many hours. In the afternoon switch your stand to the other side of the valley so that you are covered once again by shadows and darkness and your quarry is in the light with the sun in their eyes. Works for me and I'm surprised it's never mentioned in magazines. I think the "stand" in tree stand doesn't necessarily mean standing up so much as taking a stand or standing your ground.

Yooper was it a 396 in that Chevy II? They were infamous for not starting in Northern Indiana where I was born and raised for 18 years. By the way my dad grew up a Michigander in Lenawee County and my mom and dad graduated from Michigan State College as it was referred to in the 40's. I shot many a pheasant in the Great Lake State on grandma's farm.

Trae, more information on your new front stuffer please! What's the twist rate, ignition, etc... If you want to muzzle load, buy only RWS percussion caps. Many studies have proven them to be far more reliable and to make your gun more accurate. Then get Hornady XTP .45 caliber hollow points and the Hornady sabots in bulk. As for powder Goex will do the job better than any black powder substitute and will give you more reliable ignition but is a pain in the rear to clean. Probably Pyrodex is less time consuming but the pellets they sell don't ignite worth a shit... thus the trend towards 209 and musket caps. Buy a powder measure and use #10 RWS percussion caps with Hornady XTP's and your gun will shoot every time, kill what you hit, and be easy to clean. I've been doing it for over twenty years.


Dr Ralph
It was a six cylinder of all things. I never met a 396 that wasn't kept in a garage. Up here in South Central U.P., morning temps are dropping below zero now. Its warmer in the Lake Superior watershed. Until that lake freezes, it keeps that area warmer. But boy, the snow!


Hey Yooperjack, I've heard of people building fires under their cars to warm them up. In Montana, I belive the most fun I had was watching those guys park their trucks in nuetral gear, If they got them to start they couldn,t get them in gear. It was quite comical.


didn,t proofread did I?


Dr.Ralph, I agree with what you say about the MZ ldr But I do use Pyrodex P (3fg) in mine. Quicker ignition the 2fg or PyrodexR-S is a little slower.


We built a fire under an Int. Harvester Paystar one time. The truck had a tent over the cowl and was plugged in. Days high temp was -10. The chill factor was -50. Talk about not wanting to go to work.


Did they keep them in neutral so they could push-start them?

Dr. Ralph

Sarg you know that P stands for pistol... FFFG is not meant for rifles but if you use an accurate load like 70 or 80 grains instead of 150 like an idiot you will be safe.


Dr. Ralph, I have something here, would have to hunt it up, but it said that 3fg was good for rifles up to .50 cal. Not anything any larger. The boys over at the Kentucky Long rifle club in Morehead said they all use 3fg in their mz ldr up to .50 cal, They use the original black powder and I started using it a few years ago when I was shooting it in Pistols. It is faster Ignition and is safe up to .50 cal. I would not use it in a .54 or .58 . I shoot 90 gr. in my wolf and in a CVA side hammer.
Yes you are right about it being used in pistols because of the quicker ign. and pressure. A good way of testing for excessive powder is to lay a white cloth or paper in from of the muzzle when fireing and see how much powder is no burnt. Like I said I shoot 90 gr.. I don,t get up to the 100 or150 gr. margin because most of my shooting is at 50-100 yds. In my side hammer I shoot 365gr. plains bullet but shoot the sabots in my Wolf because of the twist in the barrel.


yooper Jack, Only the boys from Michigan tried to start their trucks in neutral. Push them all morning.(Just kidding) , You people in Michigan should know about starting on a cold morning. It did get almost 50 below once in Montana. Most of the AirForce trucks were kept in a warm storage building, but at night out on the flightline(now that's a word I haven't used in a long time) a truck might stall or parked for a while and not start.

Del in Kansas

Hey Sarg and Dr ralph,

Mix equal parts Murphy oil soap, Denatured alcohol and hydrogen peroxide. Makes the best BP solvent you will ever use. Better than anything I ever bought at the store. Just store it a dark bottle.


Any of you guys familuar with Glasgo AFB know where Ophien Radar site is up at the Canada ian border We had a snow weasel for emergencies as a way to get to Ophien The only thing that was allowed up in that area certain times of the year.


Del, when I bought my first muzzle loader, my neighbor, an old seasoned hunter told me to use Windex window to clean my gun with, I thought he was leading me on, so i went to Wal-mart and paid $8.00 for abottle of some kind of muzzle loader cleaner, When i opened the bottle, It had to be Windex No doubt, so now I just use Windex.


Thanks Del for the info. I,ll try it. I thing it was the amonia in the windex that done the trick...

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