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January 16, 2008

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Revenge of the Southpaws

I got seriously interested in rifles in the late 1950s, and being a sensitive and intelligent lad, I quickly realized that there was something terribly wrong in that particular universe. My first .22, a Winchester Model 77, spit bits of brass and gunpowder into my right eye. When I shot on a summer camp rifle team cinched up in a military sling, my right thumb was more or less permanently implanted in my nose. I was, you see, a left-handed shooter in a right-handed world.

In 1958, Weatherby came out with a left-hand Mark V, but it cost $200, and who had $200? In that same year, Savage announced the left-hand Model 110, but while serviceable and affordable, it was no rifle for a person of taste and culture like myself.

And so I swore that one day I would make rifles so wonderful that everyone would lust after them, but they would be made left-hand only, and right handers could only grind their teeth in envy. Well, I got into this business instead, but someone else has done what I swore to do. His name is Mike Morreal, and his company is called Bedrock Industries.

Bedrock is the distributor for Noveske Rifleworks LLC, which is run by a gifted and meticulous gunsmith named John Noveske. There are two lines of Noveske rifles. One is left-hand bolt-action sporters; the other is true left-hand ARs in various configurations. They do not make right-hand guns. I’ve wanted to write that sentence for 50 years so I'll do it again. They do not make right-hand guns.



I haven't seen the ARs but I have shot a Noveske bolt-action in .280, and I can tell you that there is no one doing better work. The gun is so good that, if I were a right-handed shooter, I would be grinding my teeth. In both design and quality there is simply no way to improve it.

Eat your livers, right-handed swine!

For details and prices and more pictures, go to lefthandrifles.com.


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Del in Kansas


Let me know which one is better. I got my recipe from an article in "muzzleblasts" or "Muzzleloader" years ago can't remember which one it was. One or two wet patches (no brush) melts away BP crud like a snowflake on a hot stove. Use it on my flintlock long rifle, Sharps BP cartridge gun and all three in- lines. It works well on the 3 pellet inline crud ring also. I have plenty of the above but will keep it in mind to try Windex next time I need it.


Some one mentioned above about being lefthanded but trained in school to be right handed. That's the way schools used to be here in Ky. I had good attendence wheni went to school, only missing one day in the third grade. Had to go vote. Just think, I could have had a day off this year being election year.. In the fifth grade I got a day off to visit the Air Force recruiter.


Sarg, unfortunately when I was in Elementary School that was the norm also. Teach each and every child to be right handed. I am the same way left handed but taught to write right handed. Yeah us Michiganders know about cold winters and starting vehicles. I live out in the Thumb of Michigan. Or as YooperJack would refer to as Troll Land because we are under the Mackinaw Bridge. (A 5 Mile long suspension bridge that separates upper and lower Michigan) It doesn't get as cold down here as it does in the Upper Peninsula. My International Eagle Semi still grunts and groans every time I need to start it on cold nights for work. Shoots Flames 3 foot out the stacks some times until all the cylinders have caught. That and enough white smoke to kill all the mosquitoes for half a mile if it was warmer outside. But then again if it was warmer it would not smoke.


Thomas, my next door neighbor drives a Kenworth with an aluminum flat trailer for Masum&Masum . He runs between E. Ky. and most of the times to Buffalo Ny. Sometimes he hauls Fire brick to Lousiville Ky.. For two years he talked about retiring, but he's having his truck painted right now. He's big into deer and turkey hunting..We have a small outdoor store here in town and about every day a bunch of us guys meet and talk guns or fishing of course. I've been looking at an old Mauser down there in 8 mm. think of getting it to tinkerwith this winter. Rebarrel in something like 270 or 243. Don't realy need it just like fooling with them..


Sarg, I haul auto parts for TRW mostly between Saginaw, Michigan to Fayette, Ohio, from there to Detroit, MI, (Yuck I hate the traffic there) and back to Saginaw. I pull a 6 or a 8 axle aluminum trailer usually loaded to 89,000 pounds of brake rotors. They Changed my route on me, I used to take empty rack up to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan in yooperJack's neck of the woods.

Jim Cahalan

The left-handed business was taken care of for me when I joined the Marine Corps in 1954. At the range with an M-1, I shouldered it the way I'd always done at home. The DI said "What the F*** are you doing S***head!! I said "I'm left-handed Sir." He said "No you are not! Now shoulder that F***ing weapon correctly!" I was in the Corps eight years. I still shoot right-handed, although I write and do everything else left-handed.

Jim Cahalan, ex-sgt, USMC


Not sure if it was mentioned but Stag Arms makes a lefty AR.


Jim, in the Army if you shoot left handed you just use a shell deflector on the M-16-A2

Citizen Norcal

Thanks Sarg for reminding me of my own Army days and the brass deflector I would implement with my M-16/ AR-15. I wish someone, be it the arms makers (to protect the shooter) or the scope makers (to protect my fixed - low power scope), would make a generic brass deflector.

Gauging the response here, as well as in the field, the person or company would make a pretty chunk of change on that little adapter. Such a beautiful little Utopia would develop when the righties and lefties could get back to doing what they should be doing.... hunting/ plinking/ sniping and protecting.

Citizen Norcal

or maybe it's just that the Gun makers know that Lefties are smarter, hence make more money than the Righties and just want to tap our extra income any way that they know how! hahahaha.


Citizen Norcal,
I think the new crop of Colt AR's has the brass deflectors built in to them. The A2 generation forward.


When I went through pre-sniper training, they asked who was a lefty, and if we wanted a 700, 70, or an m-14. I went m-14 and shoot my m-1a today. I've never really had problems w/ brass hitting me the wrong way, although, I did fire the 60 right handed on t and e and bipod. To this day I don't own a bolt action lefty because of the price, but I've alot of levers, singles, and autos in rifle and shotguns. I did spoil myself w/ a Benelli SBE lefty new into my marriage, but that wouldn't fly pricewise w/ her today. I don't get outshot too often at my gunclub by any of you righty bolt pushers, so I think we can all get along. Yuks. Not to sound like a kiss ass, but I've seen articles of Daves favorite rifles, and he don't have as many as I would have thought someone with his job description. I really hate to admit to the "beware the one rifle man" concept, because it usually is true, but MAN, so many firearms, so little time on this earth to play with. I hope thgere is a firing range in heaven (if I make it!)


I, too, am a lefty. Thank God for my old Winchester Model 12 16 gauge. I got the safety switched around, which was the only function of the gun not conducive to being a southpaw.


By the way, speaking of prices for everything, I just got in the mail from Cabellas my E-Z tip extractor for my TC Encore. My wife looked at it and said "Are you teling me you just paid 25 bucks for this little thing?!?! Is it made out of plastic?" I was going to tell her off, but, woops, she looks like she is getting off the phone, gotta go!

Scott in Ohio

YooperJack and Thomas,

I have the Novi show on my calendar as Feb 9-10.

Scott in Ohio

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