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January 16, 2008

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Revenge of the Southpaws

I got seriously interested in rifles in the late 1950s, and being a sensitive and intelligent lad, I quickly realized that there was something terribly wrong in that particular universe. My first .22, a Winchester Model 77, spit bits of brass and gunpowder into my right eye. When I shot on a summer camp rifle team cinched up in a military sling, my right thumb was more or less permanently implanted in my nose. I was, you see, a left-handed shooter in a right-handed world.

In 1958, Weatherby came out with a left-hand Mark V, but it cost $200, and who had $200? In that same year, Savage announced the left-hand Model 110, but while serviceable and affordable, it was no rifle for a person of taste and culture like myself.

And so I swore that one day I would make rifles so wonderful that everyone would lust after them, but they would be made left-hand only, and right handers could only grind their teeth in envy. Well, I got into this business instead, but someone else has done what I swore to do. His name is Mike Morreal, and his company is called Bedrock Industries.

Bedrock is the distributor for Noveske Rifleworks LLC, which is run by a gifted and meticulous gunsmith named John Noveske. There are two lines of Noveske rifles. One is left-hand bolt-action sporters; the other is true left-hand ARs in various configurations. They do not make right-hand guns. I’ve wanted to write that sentence for 50 years so I'll do it again. They do not make right-hand guns.



I haven't seen the ARs but I have shot a Noveske bolt-action in .280, and I can tell you that there is no one doing better work. The gun is so good that, if I were a right-handed shooter, I would be grinding my teeth. In both design and quality there is simply no way to improve it.

Eat your livers, right-handed swine!

For details and prices and more pictures, go to lefthandrifles.com.


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"I’ve wanted to write that sentence for 50 years so I'll do it again."

LOL! I'm a lefty. I completely understand exactly what you mean.


Rifles under $1000.00 that can be shot comfortably by lefties:
1. Ruger No. 1
2. NEF Handi-Rifle
3. T/C (not sure, Encore?)
4. I'm sure there are others, these just come quickly to mind!
Now, I'm going to try typing with my left hand only......



To YooperJack:
I just picked up a Ruger M77 Hawkeye in 308 for $550 at Ft Worth Tx. Cabela's.
Other stores I have shopped they most I saw was $650.




Hey guys, had I been left handed I would have done like most of you lefties, I'd shoot right handed -or- shoot an auto with a shell deflector. Another thing while I,m on here. A lot of you guys like shooting what is called a "propietary round" One made for a certain make of rifle or by a certain company. This isall all good but some times a certain round can not be found just any where. This could be a problem at times. Most have no advantage over a readily available round of a more common Company. I know it must be a free enterprise thing. I


I'm lefthanded and I picked up a wonderful Browning Stainless Steel .30-06 A-Bolt left handed for only $900 new. There are deals to be found for us southpaws


Hey Bubba, I was resigned looking only at single-shots because I have 4 kids, all RH, and only the boy hunts. Gues what! You get Grandkids, I've got 5, 2LH, and there is a strong interest in hunting!

I looked on the Ruger website and the list price for those is $790. That's a real good price for that. Especially at a store like Cabela's. I might have to schedule a trip. Nearest store is app. 300 miles.

Dave Lamenzo  ("Paratrooper Dave")


What a shame for you back in those yonder years at summer camp with those right-handed bolt actions.

Now, a simple and easy solution for you back then and now (and all of the other lefty shooters too) is to use a lever gun; problem solved !!

WA Mtnhunter


Try www.galleryofguns.com. Davidson's has a network of dealers with listed prices on almost all new guns. You might find a dealer right in your own backyard that has what you want.

Jim in Mo.

I'm terminally right-handed and left eye dominate but I didn't know that when I was young now people are telling me I need to do it the 'proper' way.
Geez you sissy's don't let every handicap send you to the social security office lookin for disability.


Been a sissy for 58 years now. Ain't gonna change! A disability pension would be great though, if I didn't have to earn it. I like me just the way I am.

Thanks for the link. Great website. Unfortunately, as usual, when I went to find a dealer near you, the response was "Try another zip code" But that's par for the course. I will check it every day. Because this area's so rural, there's an FFL behind every other tree.
Thanks again!


At the age of 15, went on an FFA trip to the State Fair in Dallas, Tex. Found a shooting gallery on the Midway that used the little Browning Gallery Model auto's that shot short's only! Got home I told pop about 'em. Next day we went to Babcock Bros down on Spring St. They didn't have one in stock but Lawrence said he'd order us one. They only cost $79.95(?) or something like that. (1965) My dad hit the ceiling, "Ain't no .22 in the world worth that kinda money! Especially if it only shoots shorts!" Needless to say, I never did get me a Gallery Model! (sniffle!)


Jim in Mo.

YooperJack, That was exactly my point, I'm doin just fine and dandy, thank you.

Ralph the Rifleman

I don't have issue with the price tag, for it seems like a well made rifle, but they don't make any claim of accuracy?
By the way,Dave, what caliber are you getting your rifle in?


Bubba your story about the little Brownings reminds me of my first new gun purchases. I had just graduated from college in 1970 and didn't have much of anything. One day I wondered into the local Western Auto (we have discussed this chain before) and was approached by a salesman while I was examining a new but very crappy Model 94. Dooley Harris, turned out to be the owner and he vaguely knew who I was. Dooley asked me what I really wanted from his gun rack. I told him a Browning 12 gauge, a Browning .30-'06, and a little Browning .22 rifle. Take'em his said to which I replied that I did not have the total amount of about $500 to spend on all three guns. I barely made more than that in a month. How much a month can you pay Dooley asked to which I answered about $25.00. Mentally I was figuring $500.00 plus tax divided by $25.00 (this was before handheld calculators and to this day I can make change like a SOB) to see what year I could go hunting. Just take'em and pay $25.00 a month until you own them Dooley told me. I handed him $25.00 filled out a few papers and left with three new Brownings. It took me the better part of two years to pay Dooley for the guns but he knew he had made me one of the happiest people in the world. I often wonder how many times he did this for young people. Dooley went to the big deer stand in the sky years ago...rest his soul and all those wonderful real Americans like him.


Well lefties, rejoice! Remington is making the xcr rifle in leftie now, although in limited caliber selection. It's cool though, cause the 30'06 is offered, and who needs more than that?

Steve C

I'd give my right arm to be ambidextrous.

But truth is, left handed people are a drain on society. They’re constantly bumping my elbow at the dinner table, I can’t read those clever sayings on coffee mugs while they drink, they use corkscrews and can openers backwards, pencil sharpeners baffle them - the list is endless.

They could save $4k and just shoot the stupid gun upside down. If it was good enought for Jimi Hendrix it should be good enough for a bunch of left-handed whiners.


Steve C
How should I handle the recoil? To look through the scope, the rifle stock will be over my shoulder. It will solve the problem. After one shot, my right eye will probably be my only eye!


Yeah! Ambidextrous is the way to be!
I shoot a basketball with either hand (better right), swing a baseball bat, golf club and axe with either (all better left), box with both (depends on my opponent's stance), write with both (better right), throw football/baseball/frisbee with either (better right), flycast with either hand (with no difference or preference), handle a knife with either (better right), shoot with either hand, but am better with the right because I'm right eye dominant.

Eat your hearts out, One-Handers!


My dear old dad was a lefty. He shot a Ithaca M-37 but never complained about using my Auto-5. When he was in the South Pacific during WWII in the 6th Field Artillery attached to the 37th division, manning the 105 mm close behind army and marine infantry apparently was not a problem as he never mentioned which hand he employed fire the howitzer. However he definately did not like 7.7 mm's ricocheting off the gun. I wish I had some of his stories but like a lot of guys who saw what he saw, did what he did, and lived through almost three years of war, he never spoke much of it. The old buck sarg passed away last year due to leukemia but I still have his decorations, photos, etc.

Trae B.

no really I have to check somethin I just got into muzzle loadin and today bought the bullets and powder and percussion caps.it costed 62 buck did I get jipped or does that sound about right?


Hey Ed, why do we drive on the parkway, park on the driveway???

Ed J

because of military inteligence.
Discharged apr '71


Sit in a stand, See from a blind, Park on the Driveway, Drive on the Parkway, Man - see this is why I read all the way through! Too funny guys! Lefties? Got no problem with them, I would have been one if I was allowed to use my dominant traits in school. I am left-eyed and right-handed. Dad always told me to keep both eyes open and learn to FOCUS. Teachers only taught us how to do things right-handed. Hurray for public education!

SD Bob

For all you guys and gals who aren't in need of a left handed rifle, I've got a few great recommendations: Try a Kimber, Remington, soon to be reintroduced Winchester, Ruger Savage, Browning, Weatherby, Sako, Tikka, Thompson Center, etc, etc and drop your 500 to to a grand, buy a scope for 100 to 500 then take the 4500 you saved and buy your kids or wife or brother the same set up or your self two or three other rigs, settle for 1 moa accuracy or better yet invest that 3 to 4 thousand you saved and don't look back.
Good day!

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