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January 30, 2008

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... and the Poor Man Shall Rejoice

Since the last couple of blogs seem to deal with the impecunious, here is a brand new big-game rifle that just about anyone can afford and is a remarkably good gun to boot. It's called the Marlin XL-7. It's made in .25/06, .270, and .30/06 and costs $326 with a black synthetic stock and $356 with the same stock in camo.


What makes the XL-7 remarkable is the things it does not have, as well as things it has. Here are the latter:
*An excellent trigger, called the Pro-Fire, which is reminiscent of the Savage Accu-Trigger.
*A real, honest-to God recoil pad instead of a slab of rocklike rubberized substance.
*Just the right weight and barrel length, and extremely handsome lines.

Here's what it doesn't have that is universal on cheap guns:
* Mold marks on the stock.
*That most loathsome of mechanical excressences, a detachable magazine. (The magazine is blind and holds 4 rounds.)
*Tool marks on the metal.

The XL-7 is plain, simple, and straightforward. Marlin resisted the urge to equip it with wonderful new features that are needed as much as a big zit right where your collar meets your neck. I haven't had a chance to shoot it yet, but the test group that came with the gun measured .829. I will let you know how my shooting goes.

To see the XL-7 go to marlinfirearms.com and click on bolt-action centerfire rifles.


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Well, Well, Well,
So DEP is a gun snob AND a Jackass? I would wish I could be counted in that agust company, since I agree with him about 95% of the time, except for Winchester
Model 70s. (My 3 are fine. And left handed.) I too own some lower end guns, and what I usually grab when I want to go bang and see something fall dead is an older Remington 700 ADL in .30-'06. At last count, it has 24 marks on the stock signifing dead deer. Can't see any use in swapping my LH mag 1100 for anything by Benelli, either, since it would be wrong handed, and the 1100 shoots faster than I do, anyway.
Whoever wanted the LH .25-'06, currently the only ones availaible are Ruger and Savage. Browning made some in the A-bolt for a while, but I think they have since discontinued the caliber. A good shooting .22? The Kimber will shoot into the same hole all day as long as you do your part, and if it must be a lefty, both CZ and Savage make one in .22LR.
On the political front, I sincerely hope that we may coninue to enjoy our discourse on DEP's blog past the next general election, because I can not see a whoop in hell difference in Hitlery, Husain Osama, or King John McCain. None of them have very good records regarding the Second Ammendment, and two of them are avowed gun-grabbers. Join the NRA, and your State Rifle Association.


Does anyone know the twist rate and hand for a TC Icon with 24" barrel in .308?

Gordon Kreth

I have a Remington Woodmaster 742,308 Win.w/Weaver Scope k460c.for sale,can you help.

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