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January 15, 2008

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A Mini-Gun for Hillary?

This film clip came to us with no information. It looks like one of the black Suburbans that are used in presidential motorcades, but is equipped with what appears to be a 7.62mm mini-gun on a hydraulic lift (6,000 rounds per minute! Hoo boy!)

I wonder if this infernal combination is the latest word in presidential protection. Years ago I was told by a former Secret Service agent (or I think I was; it's getting harder to separate what actually happened from what I think happened) that the black Suburbans in the Presidential motorcade are filled with SS agents who are armed to the teeth, and that if there is any kind of trouble they'll pile out of the Chevy and shoot everything that moves.

If true, this mini-gun Suburban would certainly fit in with those kind of tactics. Or it might have been built for Hillary Clinton. The next person who makes her cry is going to get a response he/she didn't see coming.


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Here is another yarn that might interest some of you. When old George was president he took a week or so vacation behind Pahaska just outside Y-stone Park to fish and camp. A couple of friends and I decided to take a ride up the drainage that joined the one where Bush was camped. At the trailhead we were approached by a "Hank Williams" looking guy dressed is his idea of a cowboy or trailrider except his outfit was fresh storebought clean. He showed us his Secret Service badge and inquired if our revolvers were loaded. We assured him that they were as it is difficult to beat off an attacking grizzley with an empty Super Blackhawk even if John Linebaugh had gone through it. He asked us politely to unload which we did and proceeded on down the trail. At the turn to Jones Creek is Sam Berry Meadow which we intended to cross and proceed to Red Creek thus avoiding the president. In the Meadow was another "Hank" sitting in a tree. We pulled rein and waited so he could climb down and unload us again. We went through the same routine with him and again the guy was extremely civil but a little more cautious than the first one. This agent was a black man and probably wondered where he was and who we were but he never asked. He simply stated that it would be best if we went on to our stated destination but if we did want to go up Jones Creek we should be prepared to encounter several more gents of his group. We departed the Meadow at a trot and rode on to Red Creek. Of course as soon as we were out of sight we reloaded our .44s and .45s for the original purpose of bear protection. Certainly the president was in no danger due to our presence and I understand he enjoyed his trip. The fact is if some terrorist has somehow found his way into our corner of the Rockies I believe that our revolvers would have gladly assisted our newly acquired city dwelling friends with their duties. I am sorry that I did not get to meet George but we had a great evening catching brookies with our flyrods anyway.


This mini gun Suburban is at least a decade old. I remember reading about one in Car & Driver way, way back. It was orginally built for some Middle East ruler as defense against attack (I don't remember which). One funny thing about it was it completely lacked armor, the theory being that if the occupants had armor they'd hide if attacked, without it they'll have to fight back if they want to live.

And really, get over your irrational Hillary-hate. Learn to think for yourself and stop being someone else's puppet. She is not that bad and the politicians you worship aren't that good.


"A question for any of you who know about these marvels of weaponry. Do they operate with 7.62mm blanks?"

Almost all modern gatling guns are electrically powered, so they'll cycle empty cases if that is what they are fed. The Russians did field a gas powered gatling gun, the GSh-6-23.


Hint guys.
Any weapon/weapons system you see profiled on Youtube or Mythbusters or probably even 'Future Weapons' is already in service and on its way to being replaces by the nextgen fasterlouderblaster! But it sure would be a fun time in the turret of that bad-boy!
Unfortunately, Dr. Ralph, those hate groups are everywhere, not just the south, and not just the KKK, anywhere you combine ignorance, hate, fear and greed. They do us no favors.


by the way; the thought of Hillary with a wrist-rocket scares me!



Imagine Hillary with a "pocket rocket"

Tommy S.

Ohh, lighten up on ole doc. I'd say he is no more involved with a hate group than Hillary would ride around in an abomination like this thread has shown.

If I happened upon a bunch of "haters" and they offered me to shoot up their ammo - I probably would accept, burn the ammo, and bid a hasty retreat.

Dr. Ralph may have used just enough bullets to actually keep a few out of someone. You never know.


I just thought that this story was so ironic because of the past two items. We started with accuracy in rifles, then marksmanship with accurate rifles. Now we see that if we can somehow acquire this gun, accuracy and marksmanship are obsolete! Tom's post above reflects my feelings also. I'm in awe of anything that can shoot a target at a range where I have trouble seeing it!

Blue Ox

Maybe that's why hillary always seems to have that silly look on her head.


Nice try Ox but ya gotta do better than that.LOL


Neat story ish.


For Chad Love:

There are plenty of cool video clips flying through the ether!

Check this out:


This would be great for the securing of our boarders. Maybe they could outfit it with paintballs and send them back in a wave of red paint!
"I can see it now........"

Jim Kiser

Some probably think that the goverment is worried about collateral deaths and injuries but they are not. The S.S. sole mission is to protect the president or whoever they're charge is. Everybody else doesn't count including themselves. (Kinda of the same mentality that the suicide bombers have.) If you come to the DC area you can see the armed and manned 50 cal units around the Pentagon and the anti air weapons are still deployed. Now a 50 cal round or a anti air missle that doesn't hit its target has to come down somewhere like an elementary school or your house or your car. I was working in public safety when the muslim sniper squad was doing its business and there many instances of swat approaching cars with with fingers on the trigger. So please understand one thing no politician will allow him or herself to be sacrificed for you or yours. The sooner many of you get that, the sooner we can get these idiots out of office from both parties who consider us serfs and slaves to be used and discarde.


Willy T,
I can see it now instead of Red Paint ball I would use Florescent Yellow or Pink, And use Black light spot lights. Give it the tracer look and the impact of the paint balls a whole new look.


Bill and Hillary belong in the BigHouse not the WhiteHouse!


Come on guys! Haven't you seen the movies??! This stuff is all real...I mean, haven't we all seen Arnie taking out entire battalions of men with a pocket knife and duct tape? I say more power to 'em. If we can create something like this for VIP protection, just imagine what that'll do for a private in the army! Best I remember, s**t rolls downhill! Oh, and when's the last time we have seen anything like an RPG loose here in the good 'ol USA? (Other than Knob Creek?)


"Don't know or care about the armored suburban, but if you like to shoot the MGs, there's a place outside of Reno, NV called Mustang Shooting Range. If bullets come out of it, you can shoot it there. But but bring your Visa."

I think I've heard of this place, but is was called the Mustang Ranch, and it was a different type of "gun" club.

Chev Jim

It reminds me of when I was posted to Brussels, and we had to arrange security for President Clinton when he visited that Belgian city. We had personal security teams surrounding the President, team members scattered throughout the crowd, gendarmes everywhere, and even snipers on rooftops. For all of our precautions, a drunken Belgian managed to get close enough to the President to throw a mug of beer at him. Luckily for the President, however, it was a draft beer and he was able to dodge it.


Nice pun Chev!


What La-La environment are you living in?
That is the most dangerous female in America.


Florescent paintballs and blacklights........Sure would be funny seeing a bunch of paint splattered illegals running for the border in the opposite direction covered with florescent paint, could only imagine the amount of bruises all over them as they grimmace in the pain of a thousand welts.....ahhhhh haaaaa haaaaaaaaaaa..............:)


"Presidential Motorcade," my ass!

I need one of those here in St. Louis...

The Yukon XL mounted mini gun could be briefly seen on Mythbustera again last night (James Bond Special), although they used the Humvee version to toast a propane tank.



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