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January 15, 2008

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A Mini-Gun for Hillary?

This film clip came to us with no information. It looks like one of the black Suburbans that are used in presidential motorcades, but is equipped with what appears to be a 7.62mm mini-gun on a hydraulic lift (6,000 rounds per minute! Hoo boy!)

I wonder if this infernal combination is the latest word in presidential protection. Years ago I was told by a former Secret Service agent (or I think I was; it's getting harder to separate what actually happened from what I think happened) that the black Suburbans in the Presidential motorcade are filled with SS agents who are armed to the teeth, and that if there is any kind of trouble they'll pile out of the Chevy and shoot everything that moves.

If true, this mini-gun Suburban would certainly fit in with those kind of tactics. Or it might have been built for Hillary Clinton. The next person who makes her cry is going to get a response he/she didn't see coming.


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FYI, WJC cannot be VP. You have to be eligible to be POTUS in order to run for VP. WJC has served two terms, and as such, is ineligible.


A Mini-Gun for Hillary?

Sounds like a Damn good deal to me! I'll take a mini-gun over her any day!


Yooper, hate to tell you sir, WJC IS eligible to be POTUS, one may not serve more than two CONSECUTIVE terms. He can not be Hillary's Veep because they both reside in the same state. Were he to declare himself an Arkansas resident again he could technically be Veep, spouse is not a blood relative.
Anyway; Hill-a-bitch is NOT the most dangerous woman in the US, that designation goes to Melinda Gates. Gates controls (reigns over might be better verbiage) a multi-billion dollar foundation and has shown a decided aversion to 'blood sports' and guns in general. Scary.

Dave in St Pete


There has been discussion whether WJC could be VP or not. Many say not as if the Pres dies WJC could not take the office due to the 2 term rule so that would disqualify him for VP.


Dave in St.Pete
Bill Clinton did serve two terms but he has now been out of office and as such may run again. There was a lot of early speculation that he would before Hill-a-bitch decided to toss her hat in the ring. As it stands now he can not be her Veep because they both reside in the same state.


I'm pretty sure that yoou are wrong about the Clintonistas. You might be right about Melinda Gates.
The 12th Amendment states that no one can be elected Vice-President if they are ineligible to be President. The 22nd Amendment states that no one will be elected to the office of President more than twice. Hell, having either one near the White House is scary, especially with a Democratic Congress.

Dr. Ralph

Actually, Billy Bob's third term is still being debated by constitutional scholars... "you may not be elected to a third term" and "you may not become VP if you are ineligible to become president" are the rules. As I see it neither would keep him from a reunion with Monica in the Oval Orifice errrrr... Office if Hillary were elected and met an untimely demise. He would not have been elected to a third term if he were VP and forced to take over. Of course it all depends upon what the meaning of the word is is.


Dr. Ralph, you almost made me barf! Just thinking about that crap and it was ten years ago. Anyway, I carefully read both the 12th and 22nd Amendments. I don't know if you're right, or if I am. You can't run for a second term if you have served more than two years of your predessessor's term. You can't run for a third term. Anyway, we can solve the problem by voting Republican.

The old discovery show "Monster Garage", Jesse James used a mini gun on a suburban to blow up his RX-7 sand rail after it failed. That was some crazy sh*t!!

Clay Cooper

Sarg, I turned loose my sister in law with an AR15 1:9 twist heavy barrel with one 30 round and two 20 round mags on a Volkswagen rabbit with green tip penetrators. I really thought it was catching on fire! 70 rounds just as fast as she can pull the trigger. 90 minutes later it was in a metal scrap yard. Those green tip penetrators are nasty stuff!!

This is obrurd. now we know what osama will use next.

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