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January 15, 2008

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A Mini-Gun for Hillary?

This film clip came to us with no information. It looks like one of the black Suburbans that are used in presidential motorcades, but is equipped with what appears to be a 7.62mm mini-gun on a hydraulic lift (6,000 rounds per minute! Hoo boy!)

I wonder if this infernal combination is the latest word in presidential protection. Years ago I was told by a former Secret Service agent (or I think I was; it's getting harder to separate what actually happened from what I think happened) that the black Suburbans in the Presidential motorcade are filled with SS agents who are armed to the teeth, and that if there is any kind of trouble they'll pile out of the Chevy and shoot everything that moves.

If true, this mini-gun Suburban would certainly fit in with those kind of tactics. Or it might have been built for Hillary Clinton. The next person who makes her cry is going to get a response he/she didn't see coming.


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It was probably built for some rich actor who pretends to care about the environment but lives in a 10,000 square foot house and has a fleet of these 8 mpg suburbans.

Hillary should have a broom with submachine guns. It would be much more in character.


Blue Ox

Now that's what I call riot control! I've always wanted to strap on a mini-gun and try it out, just for shits and giggles. Where can I do this?


That's a PR/infomercial clip from Dillon Aero, who make the mini-gun and vehicle set up. If I recall correctly, it was indeed intended for VIP escort.

The gun was featured on a recent episode of Myth Busters, where they used to to shoot a barrel of water to pieces after they tested the myth of "shooting fish in a barrel." Here's the clip:


Black Rifle Addict

Sweet Ride, but unfortunately the bad guys usually have RPGs to take these things out of the fight.

Chad Love

Wow, what a perfect solution to a problem that doesn't exist.

Now I'm not one to perpetuate cliches. Sometimes a cigar really is just a cigar but when I see something like this I can't help but think that somewhere, someone has some deeply-rooted compensation issues.

I mean, really, a mini-gun mounted on a Suburban? That's not a practical weapon, that's a rolling phallus...

I wonder just how much all that smoke and thunder costs and what its intended purpose is, other than looking really, really cool?

But as BRA mentioned above, the bad guys don't really care how cool it looks, do they?
Take a single RPG that can be purchased in any back alley of any third-world country and operated by virtually anyone with two hands and a brain stem and our fancy black Suburban is no more.

And then what would we all do for cool video clips?

Clay Cooper

I remember when President Ford visiting Barksdale AFB LA and the SSA had Uzi’s laying on the floor board of the suburban’s on the flight line side of Hanger 7 Security Police Armory. Remember when Sen. Kennedy’s body guard checked in a Uzi at some motel and they made a big deal out of it and hushed it up!


Mini guns are so freaking cool. It would be crazy fun to play with one!


I want to play! Who's buying the ammo?

Blue Ox

Yea, the ammo would be crazy expensive. Then all we'd need is place to fire it and something to vaporize. Good clean fun!


Think this Suburban mounted weaponry is a rumor. If it isn’t then Homeland Security has more problems than is being let on.

Must be concerned of terrorist attacks. Since the 70’s terrorist attacks featured an unloading of incredible amount of rounds within a very short time span. […and there I was with snub nose S & W and six-rounds, but that’s another very long story]

From a previous post these fighters can get hold of RPG’s? I can believe it. The Patty Hearst crew was running around with LAWS in 60’s and 70’s.

Still, the concept doesn’t make sense. The fallout would ruin any political career by shooting loyal, voting constitutes. …..The liability issues…can’t even go there.

Relatives. There are always relatives

Tommy S.

I have always wanted to shoot an uzi. AK'S and AR-15's are cool and all, in a munch the ground up easily with a big rifle that doesn't kick near as much as you'd think, kind of way.

But an uzi - that would be pretty damn cool.

Steve C

It's not a rumor. It was on Mythbuster's two weeks ago and Jamie got to swiss-cheese a 55 gal drum. A rich kids toy.

Use to be (maybe still is) there was a machine gun hoedown outside of Phoenix every year. Basically hosted by a local businessman (in the reloading business) where his inner circle had an all day blastfest with stuff like a Suburban mini. His personal weapon of choice was a quad 50 from WWII. As I recall, his 15-20 seconds of therapy ran into the $thousands.

Dr. Ralph

I think they fire 3,000 rpm not 6,000 rpm which is still a very respectable 50 rounds every second... Tommy I knew someone who had an Uzi he won in a raffle at a local gathering of men in a field somewhere and there may or may not have been a burning cross in the near vicinity. The gun was totally awesome! The only problem with these weapons is they run out of ammo way too fast...


looked like fun to me....


Don't know or care about the armored suburban, but if you like to shoot the MGs, there's a place outside of Reno, NV called Mustang Shooting Range. If bullets come out of it, you can shoot it there. But but bring your Visa.

There are a couple of places near Vegas where you can shoot the SMGs like the UZI and MP5.

They're a kick in the pants to shoot... as long as nobody is shooting back.


oh just enjoy the video for the love of god


One of my wife's reltives--who will remain nameless--worked for a branch of law enforcement in the DC area during the period when the DC sniper was on the loose.

Apparently the majority of the profilers felt that the most likely culprit was a militia group of some sort. Anyhow, the agencey this person worked for brought in expertst to show them how to do handy things like fire 50 caliber weapons from a helicopter at moving cars on the DC beltway. Apparently sixty civilians was considered the acceptable number of collateral casualties that could be sustained if a firefight broke out.

Now I am sure that some of this was exaggerated, but it makes you wonder.


Regarding your comment on SS agents in black suburbans armed to the teeth:

Got to meet GWB at an airport hangar in our town many years ago. We were allowed to get reasonably close to the motorcade for a handshake and a picture. At least one of the Suburbans was packed with men in black with automatic weapons. As they drove off the tarmac, the window on the rear door was left open. These cats were scanning everything, fingers across trigger guards. They weren't smiling.

Reminded me of a Marine I know who told me he was taught to "have a plan to kill everyone you meet."


Great. Ralph hangs out with the KKK.

Dr. Ralph

tom, if you live in a rural area of the south you will encounter people with various affiliations to unethical organizations. I do not close my eyes and pretend it is not there... these are not my friends but if someone hands me an Uzi with a few loaded mags and says "git 'er done" don't think I won't.


I have to back back Dr.Ralph. If you live in the rural south you will run into these kinds of people. Where are you from Doc? Im from AL and AR.

Brian T

I can imagine that when reloaders have nightmares, they dream about handloading for the mini. OTOH, the RPG would spoil the operator's day.


The mini is nice but I would prefer a Barret 50BMG. I get my kicks one shell at a time.


As for the rude gathering of men in the white sheets. I think they are every where not just in the South. We have them up here in Michigan too. I have seen evidence of them in the woods occasionally. But I think these are more tied in with the Neo Nazi's.


A question for any of you who know about these marvels of weaponry. Do they operate with 7.62mm blanks? The last scene, it appears that a few cases have very long necks. I know nothing about the mini, but many years ago, a friend,(a captain in the national guard) demenstrated an auto for me, and he used 7.62mm blanks.
Just curious. I'd like to try that setup, as long as someone else was paying for the fodder.
As D.E.P. stated,Hoo Boy!!!!!

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