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December 21, 2007

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Why the NRA Should Try Being Reasonable

... Give Up Asking for Money, Ect.

I am indebted to a Mr. Bill Heavey of Virginia for putting me on to an editorial that ran in The Washington Post on Sunday, Dec. 16th. It's titled "The NRA's Main Target? Its Members' Checkbooks," and is written by one Richard Feldman, who worked as a representative for the NRA from 1984 until 1997.

Mr. Feldman makes two points:

First: "In the NRA's lexicon, 'compromise' is a dirty word, code for gun owners surrendering their rights while getting nothing in return from gun-control advocates."

Second: "…the NRA itself…has become intoxicated with money and privilege. The leadership has lost sight of its mission. Safeguarding the rights of gun owners has become secondary to keeping the fundraising machinery well greased and the group's senior staff well compensated."

Mr. Feldman claims that Wayne LaPierre, the NRA's Executive Vice President, "…pocketed about $950,000 in 2005," and that NRA headquarters' parking lot is "filled with shiny new BMWs and Mercedez-Benzes.

Let's start with point one. If someone mentions compromise, the next phrase out of their mouths is usually "reasonable gun controls." I assure you that the measures Sarah Brady and Barbara Boxer and Chuck Schumer consider reasonable are quite different from what you consider reasonable.

People in the gun-control biz know nothing about guns, hate guns, and harbor a profound fear and mistrust of people who own them. It goes far, far beyond public policy; it is visceral. I cordially invite Mr. Feldman to achieve a meaningful compromise with this bunch, and I advise him to bring lunch because he's going to need it.

About point two: Wonder why Mr. Feldman quoted LaPierre's income for 2005, and not 04 or 06 or 07? It's because an NRA executive incentive plan paid off in that year and one time only, LaPierre did make $950,000. In any other year he makes far, far less, and in fact is paid a lot lower than many heads of other special-interest groups in Washington.

But I would not care much if Wayne LaPierre did pull down nearly a million every year or if the NRA parking lot teemed with Bugattis and Bentleys. Washington runs on money, and every special interest group pays people to keep the gutless twerps in Congress in a state of constant fear. Those who do this successfully are awarded very large sums of money--because they are worth it.

As long as Mr. La Pierre and company remain as terrifying as the Black Death they merit whatever they earn. If they keep Chuck Schumer well supplied with stomach acid they can have my contribution any time.


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oppressed canadian

to all those who think the NRA takes too hard a line look at us Canadians. the anti-gunners kept pushing how a gun registry and banning certain guns would fight crime but after wasting billions and confiscating millions of guns our crime is out of control and still they want more control. you need to fight them hard and not give an inch because you never get it back. I hate leaving the US everytime I visit family there because I have to come back to a country that denies me several rights you people still enjoy.

WA Mtnhunter

Sage Sam

I guess if there is no habitat left to hunt, you won't need your guns?

I know there will come a day when I am no longer physically able to hunt. I will want my guns EVEN MORE THEN to defend myself.

Habitat conservation is a close second in priority to me personally.

Merry Christmas, All!





Interesting conversation.

I refused to join the NRA for many years, primarily because I disagreed with the No Compromise position and the recruitment tactics that relied so heavily on fear and misinformation.
My mind changed after moving to CA several years ago and seeing, first hand, the attacks on our gun rights both blatant and subtle. After a lot of thought and consideration, I joined for life.

I appreciate the fact that the NRA is there fighting, right or wrong, but loudly and brashly on the national level. Someone needs to be the hounds of hell up there, because the opposition is equally frenzied. The result is some sort of balance, constantly at risk but at least it's still teetering and hasn't fallen.

I'm not happy with everything they've done, but I'd be even less happy if they didn't do anything.

BUT... hunters need to organize our own voices and step up to defend ourselves. The NRA is neither equipped nor focused to address our unique challenges. We need the scalpel of a surgeon... the NRA is a D-9 dozer.


As usual, DP is right on the money. You may love, loathe or tolerate the NRA, but they are about the only thing that keeps firearms in our hands.
Sagebrush, if you don't think that someone will come and take your guns, you may want to revisit history. After all, Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini, Mao, et all were only being reasonable.


We better listen to the fella from Canada.

Dr. Ralph

GREG, you and I are on the same page for a change...


Thanks Doc. I can get a little excited at times. Glad to have wiser Gentlemen such as yourself to give me a metaphorical slap in the mouth to check me. MERRY CHRISTMAS

Clay Cooper

Anyone who keeps Chuck Schumer well supplied with stomach acid is worth billions to me. Let’s face it folks, the left especially the Clintons would love for all of America to be disarmed including yes let’s not forget the United Nations!!! Show me a country disarmed and I’ll show you a country overrun by criminals. Hell, take a look at Australia crime rate !


Right on, Coop. As for missinformation, spread by the NRA, I have never caught them in a lie. We absolutely must have someone in Washington who can deal with the rabid gun "control"
loby. And the only people who can do that is one who is just as rabid on our side.
I don't have to like Mr.LaPierre
in order to support the NRA,what I like is the freedom to own and posses firearms for my personal use, and the NRA is THE organization to fill this job. I will be an anual member as long as I live, or until policy changes.
Mr.Sage Sam, please re-read the post by our neighbor to the north,
and don't ever think "it can't happen in the USA", because it surely can.


Oppressed Canadian, Greg, and Clay as well as others bring forth extremely valid observations and offer important comments that each of us should consider long and hard. All shooters, collectors, etc. need to unify and remain so indefinately regardless of the organization of which we are members. When you consider not only our wonderful neighbors in Canada, my ancestors in England, their friends in Australia as well as almost every other nation on this planet, we are in a position to be envied. Let's not let that be changed by anyone for any reason. We can quibble over calibers and actions amongst ourselves but we must not be out of agreement on possession of our firearms. We are fortunate in Wyoming in that it is easy to contact our people in Washington. If you want to speak with the governor you phone Cheyenne and believe it or not he will take the call if he can. I wish I could grant that accessibility to each of you in your resident states. Do the best with what you have, we must help each other and never give up an inch.

Clay Cooper

It's against Australia law to protect yourself against a armed knife/gun attacker robbing you and attacking even when the attacker has already cut or shot you!

Clay Cooper

The left, the antis are playing for keeps!

What about you?

This is no game and there is no compromise either. History speaks for itself!!!


I was an annual member, for one year, quit; I hated all the stuff that was coming to me to support candidates whose only redeeming value was stated support of the 2A. Hated all the solicitations for money. Still not happy that they jumped into the New Jersey fray only in time to bask in the glow of a victory won by the New Jersey Sportsmens' Alliance and other concerned individuals mobilized.
At this juncture, like all they say and do or not, I am rejoining as my holiday gift to myself. We do need the voice in Washington and NO they should not be reasonable, the left sure ain't!




Bubba Joe

Done with the NRA-Now...if we could get another 2 million to do so...perhaps we could put together an effective organization out of the ashes.

One where the president held up an AR-15 and shouted..”From my cold dead fingers”..

One that looked into the camera and says…”You the government exist because of OUR sufferage..WE ALLOW YOU TO EXIST. Get OUT of the gun business..or cease to exist….

Clay Cooper

Those like Clinton have an agenda that will put a UN soldier on every street corner and in every Mall in the US! Think about it? How did China get all those nuclear secrets and North Korea with all the nuclear fuel so easily??? Figured it out yet!

What Government entity is responsible for your personal safety???? That question even Rush won’t take up on his show!!!! RUSH CLAY SAYS YOU ARE A WIMP!


As far as I'm concerned there is no being reasonable when it comes to communists weaing politicians masks trying to take away our gun rights. I think we have already been steamrolled as it is. Instead of giving up any more rights we should be raising hell to get back the ones we've already lost!

The actual fact is communists attack within! They make their enemy self implode!!

The real enemy is with in!!!

Richard Paradis

I am a Life - Endowment member of the NRA and have been for decades. The only time I disagree with the NRA is when I don't know what I am talking about.

Without the NRA this column would not have been written because firearms and hunting would not be an issue. There would be neither.


I keep seeing folks whining because of the current presidency. Their main concern is that Bush did or did not do this or that. Wake up. Neither YOU nor Dubya are perfect! The GOP at least seems to understand man's frailties. The Dems still want to "help" us all by telling us what they want us to do. "If you will elect me, I'll see that you have excellent health care and 'I'll pay for it by repealing the current president's tax cuts'!" (''Hillary's words, not mine or Dubya's)Ergo: you get health care, but you're still paying out the wah-zoo for it.
If you believe in 2A, pro-life, smaller government, less taxes, then you are basically GOP.



Iam GOP all the way Bubba. Although I am a registered Independent I have never voted for one . What little rebel I have in me I guess. I agree with all those above that the NRA cannot fight unreasonableness(sp) with reason. It doesnt matter if we like Mr. LaPierre or not. It takes money that I cannot fathom to fight the fight. We have to get in their face because they are already in ours. Probably gonna dissapoint Dr. Ralph but I will not ever give up my 2A rights without a fight. Can you imagine going to an amory to fill out your forms to check out your rifle and three or four shells just to go hunting on a beautiful fall afternoon?


I would've cancelled my subsription to this email should Mr. Petzl have even suggested we should drop our NRA membership! They are a powerful and effective lobbying group-made so by the srtength and support of it's membership! All that needs to happen for them to fail in their mission is to have enough short-sighted, cheap, curmudgeons drop from the ranks of supporters!


Sgt Bubba

The NRA is the only show in town. The NRA has grown to the point that it is the most influencial group in America and hated by anti gun zealots as Schumer,Fienstein, Kennedy and comrad Hillary. Without the NRA and Wayne LaPierre and millions of other volunteers, all of America will become a "gun free zone".
We have liberal politicans abusing the constitution and trying to strip us of our rights, the U.N. trying to strip us of our soverity and rights and you say Lapierre is arrogant? Give me a break!
Thanks to guys like Ted Nugant, who risk their careers to protect your rights.
Twenty years ago the NRA had 225 law enforcement officials come to D.C., to show that all law enforcement was not against guns, just some politically motivated chiefs looking to forwrd their careers. I was one of those officers. I gave an hour long interview to USA today and the only thing that got published was that the NRA PAID these cops to come to D.C. Don't expect thte truth from the media.
We weren't paid, we did it for your rights and many of those officers were punished and had their careers cut short. Politically motivated chiefs and Mayors who abused their office, to impose their views on these officers.
Hey, when the NRA calls, reach for your wallet and donate. Its the least you can do. Its the best investment in freedon that you can make. Sgt Bubba(life member)

Bubba Joe

There is a time for all things, a time to preach and a time to pray, but those times have passed away. There is a time to fight, and that time has now come.
Peter Muhlenberg, from a Lutheran sermon read at Woodstock, Virginia, January 1776

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