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December 21, 2007

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Why the NRA Should Try Being Reasonable

... Give Up Asking for Money, Ect.

I am indebted to a Mr. Bill Heavey of Virginia for putting me on to an editorial that ran in The Washington Post on Sunday, Dec. 16th. It's titled "The NRA's Main Target? Its Members' Checkbooks," and is written by one Richard Feldman, who worked as a representative for the NRA from 1984 until 1997.

Mr. Feldman makes two points:

First: "In the NRA's lexicon, 'compromise' is a dirty word, code for gun owners surrendering their rights while getting nothing in return from gun-control advocates."

Second: "…the NRA itself…has become intoxicated with money and privilege. The leadership has lost sight of its mission. Safeguarding the rights of gun owners has become secondary to keeping the fundraising machinery well greased and the group's senior staff well compensated."

Mr. Feldman claims that Wayne LaPierre, the NRA's Executive Vice President, "…pocketed about $950,000 in 2005," and that NRA headquarters' parking lot is "filled with shiny new BMWs and Mercedez-Benzes.

Let's start with point one. If someone mentions compromise, the next phrase out of their mouths is usually "reasonable gun controls." I assure you that the measures Sarah Brady and Barbara Boxer and Chuck Schumer consider reasonable are quite different from what you consider reasonable.

People in the gun-control biz know nothing about guns, hate guns, and harbor a profound fear and mistrust of people who own them. It goes far, far beyond public policy; it is visceral. I cordially invite Mr. Feldman to achieve a meaningful compromise with this bunch, and I advise him to bring lunch because he's going to need it.

About point two: Wonder why Mr. Feldman quoted LaPierre's income for 2005, and not 04 or 06 or 07? It's because an NRA executive incentive plan paid off in that year and one time only, LaPierre did make $950,000. In any other year he makes far, far less, and in fact is paid a lot lower than many heads of other special-interest groups in Washington.

But I would not care much if Wayne LaPierre did pull down nearly a million every year or if the NRA parking lot teemed with Bugattis and Bentleys. Washington runs on money, and every special interest group pays people to keep the gutless twerps in Congress in a state of constant fear. Those who do this successfully are awarded very large sums of money--because they are worth it.

As long as Mr. La Pierre and company remain as terrifying as the Black Death they merit whatever they earn. If they keep Chuck Schumer well supplied with stomach acid they can have my contribution any time.


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Dr. Ralph

I think I'll retire... Mock 1 has it covered.


You're right on! We put far too much emphasis on what the speaker says, (substance) versus how he or she said it(delivery). I remeber how we were all moved to tears when he said "I did not have sex with that woman". The fact that he pointed directly at the camera when he said it just made the point! We now have a chance to elect his wife. Until this election season, I thought she sounded a lot like Adolph Hitler. Now, taking questions, she comes across with that cackle. I expect her to finish every answer with "And your little doggie too".

Seriously, I would have a problem questioning the President's IQ. He has a Bachelor's Degree from Yale, and an MBA from Harvard. You can't find those in Crackerjack boxes. I often wonder if I could have accomplished that much in those schools. Fact is, my high school GPA would have barred me from ever being accepted at either of them.

I don't think that most of us realize what we've been through this past generation. We spent the last part of the Seventies, hell bent on destroying the CIA. It was a "rogue organization" that was no longer necessary and many of our politicians wanted it gone. In the late Nineties, we were throwing rockets at vacant apirin factories and wondering exactly what kind of weapons our enemies had. In short, its been a tough time for anyone to govern. As I said earlier, we are making progress in the War on Terror. We have a 4 per cent unemployment rate. Our inflation rate is 4 per cent. If those reasons aren't enough to make you bend your knee and be a bit thankful, you probably need some help.




I don't think GWB is organically dumb; I just don't think things like policy were all that exciting to him.

Yale and Harvard were very different places when he went; he was the grandson of a senator, son of a war hero/alum/Congressman, and let's not forget that, in his undergrad days at least, the Ivys were all male and "Old Boy."

I used to say that in all his public pronouncements that the only thing he sounded really passionate about was physical fitness. And years later I came across this acid quote from James Baker that W's core values were "God and exercise."

Had W been a regular Joe who rose to his own level, I think he'd be a successful owner of a chain of health clubs, not POTUS.

That said, I think Hillary and Bill were indicative of the first wave of the Ivy "meritocracy," which has given us the absurd over-emphasis on a very small percentage of colleges turning out the "cream" of society, and we've abdicated a lot of our role as citizens to this small cadre. When H first ran for Senate, I was quite put off; she had never spent any real time in NY in her life. But because she "went to the best schools," she was considered qualified to be a NY senator.

As a 7th or 8th-generation upstater, I just can't see how H can, on anything but a theoretical basis, really understand the concerns of the average guy on a small farm in the Adirondacks or in a one-factory town.

But she's more symptom than cause.


You raise an interesting point. I've always heard that LBJ, who went to a teachers's college in Texas, always felt inadequate around Ivy Leaguers. GWB, and John Kerry both did Yale, and yet Kerry seemed to be the "cerebreal candidate". But frankly, neither let you forget their education. Every speech that Mrs. Bill Clinton gives, contains a reference to both Radcliff and Yale. I enjoy how she can incorporate that into condescending to middle class black women.
My gut feeling is that the candidate who DIDN'T go to Yale or Harvard might be the better choice, everything else being equal. There is a sense of infallibilty with those graduates that you and I don't see in the "real world". Keep in mind that one of the better Presidents was Harry Truman, who never went to college.

Clay Cooper

Just got my AR15 back after having it rebarreled with a 1-9 twist heavy. After sighting it in a 100 yards, my 8 year old Grandson Alex functioned checked it for me with two 20 round and one 30 round mag as fast as he can empty it and I can change mags. The tree stump he was squirting at was safe has long as it remained still! Yep, the barrel did get a bit warm!


Dr Ralph, been reading your responses,and everyone else's for about a year now and haven't responded much. Didn't even see a deer today, but got to get out w/ my friend's nephew. I've cooled down after last night's rant and decided not to change my mind at all! Thanks for the compliment. (But don't retire, Ilike you and Coop's input)



I see the exorcism has been held for those overwhelmed by the Christmas Spirits.

’08 should be quite a year. Can’t wait to see what will be wrought after observing the more thoughtful blogger-mouths on this site.

Rocky Mtn Hunter

Yooper JAck; I don;t know where you live, but where I live, teh jobs are gone and teh cities and counties are draining the home owner to the pits to run the County and City.AS for Education at Yale and Harvard, I have a Nephew who has a degree from both and he don;t have enough common sense to boil water. I thin he is majoring in Education. If he ahd to get a job to make a living he would starbe to death. Common sense will take you a lot further than a degree. AS our folks running for Pres. all strike out. Where are our statesmen as we had back in teh 40's and 50's/ None to be found. This country is going to pay a heavy price from W's stupid mistakes for the past 7 years. He listens to no one, not even his Mom now.His Dad has sense enough not to enter Bagdad, as he had no way out. Little W. did not think that far ahead. All he wanted was to get even with Hussen for the attempt on big W's life??????. If he had chained and taped Cheney's mouth shut, we would not be in l/2 the mess we now in. But, he will not/has not took advice from the EXPERTS period, he's going to do it his way come Hwll or high water. As for Brains, Hillary is head and shouldes above most running. No way could she screw up the country anyway more so than Little W has. I would love to see the Clintons in the W house again, at least we could all pay our bills and have a job.As for Gun Control, forget it, who-ever gets to be Pres. wan;t have time to worry about your firearm, will take all their time trying to make peace with the world and find jobs for those without job and no prospects.Sure some have made it big during W;s term, but the Repbulicians have always looked after their own, that how they stay in powetr and keep the Banks full.Just prove to me, that this country is better off now than it was in 2000?????? and I will listen to you. All my life was told that the Dems looked after the poor and the Reps looked after the Rich? Do believe that has proven correct, or it has in my neck of the woods.Your Guns are safe, just know whetr they are when you need them. Thats what Vaults/Home firearm safes for. A old expression I love, don;t leave home without one, I don;t and sleep with one near by. HAppy New Year, may your pennies turn to dollars, and your job is still there when you return, if you not retired. If retired, best you watch your investments, they on shakey ground now. Those 5-10K hunting trips and l500.00 firearms are History, just wistful thinking. It's magazine time for hunting trips again.Just pray for one more Rocky Mountain hunt, will see come Nov. 2008.



The person in the WH is not the problem, it's the agenda of the Party elected. Our democracy is supposed to be a government "of the people, by the people, for the people!" Personal agendas have no place in a position of power, and we have already heard HRC claim that she "will see that ALL Americans have affordable healthcare, and will pay for it by repealing some of Bush's tax cuts!" Is this not interpreted by saying, "I'll just make sure you pay for your government based health care, whether you like it or not!"?
If Bill DID NOT have sex with that woman, what was it?
If he thinks being a Rhode's Scholar puts him above the correct answer to that question, what else has he lied about. Yep, I said "LIE"! Not only that, but he went on public television to do it! Ergo: He lied to me publicly!
If Hillary will believe that BS, what's she gonna believe from her advisors? Any self respecting female would not, under any circumstances, stay with a man who would cheat and lie like that!If she didn't have her own personal agenda to fill, (re: POTUS) she would have kicked ol' Billy boy back to AR whar he larned thet stuff! Being a divorced woman would have been a hard blemish to cover up. Having the backbone to stand up to WJC would have taken more spine than that but she cratered to her agenda!
Maybe Dubya ain't the answer to "a maiden's prayer!", but I can't see the U.S. would have come out better with any of the alternatives available to us at the time!

Bubba, aka: "Converted to GOPism after 1 WJC term!"


What is the Billary plan for jobs? Will she require everything bought here be made here. That idea has some shortfalls, not the least of another World War. Whether we like it or not, the economy is global. Besides, our biggest overseas problem is Red China. Since they are a principal financier of her campaign, you won't many restrictions on anything with respect to that nation.
Whose advice should GWB take? Before he went to war in Iraq, he relied on advice from the CIA, the other US Intelligence Agencies, Mossad, Britain's MI6,and Senior Senators and Representatives FROM BOTH PARTIES, including Billary. Had he ignored that advice, he'd be in the same boat, except the madman would still be free.

As for investments, in your case I would get rid of those 1911 style handguns,DA Revolvers, any semi-automatic or pump rifles and shotguns and any rifle that could be used for long range sniping. Buy youself an antique style muzzle loader for big game and maybe a SA Revolver for home defense. Those should be safe under a Billary Administration, assumming that they're registered properly.

Rocky Mtn Hunter

I will assure you they are legal and registered, and I can and will use them when necessary. As for Little G. he listened to no one. He does not have the know how to take advice other than what he so chooses. I do believe even his Mon and Dad have divorsed him as well as JEB Clampett in Fl. Have you forgotten his other brothers sswindle of millions in the S&L scandal years ago. No doubt you recall that we tax payers payed out millions in that little swindle, O how memory is short when it fits our needs. AS for Sex with that WOMAN, manbe she did and he didn;t, were you there? there is a difference I;m told. Hillary is no fool, she knew the way to the WH was with his Help and knowledge. He will go down in history as one of the smartest pres.we ever had, but the Monica L. will overshadow till it runs is course. After 8 years of Bushie Boy, it should have run it's course. I do hope that Hillary does get the health plan approved, as the Medicare plan D that AARP sold us out to W is a joke. All I want is same plan that congress has at same cost to the taxpayers. I got Plan D and it's a joke, the medication they pay for is about l in lK of what we all need. Doubt you recall, but many years Stalin of Russia, stated that a 3rd world country would take over the USA and never fire a shot. Do belive that time has arrived, try buying something not made in China. The NRA is a SHAME, all it does is take our dues and blows it on high $ salaries. Our 2nd amd, is our least worry now, best we worry about those Muslim countries coming over again by PLANE. Hey, o news tonight, believe was 63 of Bushies cabinet who got their degrees by the internet. They available for anyone, believe I will get a PHD or Dr, what-efer it takes to make some extra $$$$ to hunt the Rockies with MY BOLT GUNS and Single Action Handguns, if they don;t work, then will take my Auto's,. But it's not the firearm, it's the man behind teh butt stock that matters, and do confess, a pretty good shot with any firearm. If you recall my previous comments, Pratice and Pratice and do so ofen, shoot straight. Hey, in the MArket for a A. Uberti in 44-40, got one for sell, they about 900.00 bucks. Well, hunting season is now over for this area, so suppose all we can hunt is Politicians for next l0+ months, then back to the basic's, the Rocky Mountains. O I invited Cheney to go along on next trip, so long as he carries a sling-shot HAPPY NRE YEAR All. Hopefully we can resolve the worlds problems in 2008 if not then 2009 for sure.If I;m not around, you guys take csre of things on the home front, as we already lost the rest of the world. When does thr Season close in Canada ?.

Rocky Mtn Hunter

To all who have seen or heard the results of last nights Iowa Corn squenzins better hang on to what you got. From those results, if continues thru NH, Hell will Freeze over. If you saw the DOW results tonight, the market feels the same. We headed down the road to no recovery.No one to throw us a rope, we are on our own. I bet the Muslim world has had a Tea party all day and night, as they now have us in their dress or what-ever you call that bed-sheet they wear . If this country don;t wake up fast and make drastic changes in our long range thinking, we are hopeless lost to a 3rd world country. And, the NRA can;t stop that. Our only chance is to VOTE and take your neighbor to Vote and explain to him the ABC's of life. I or you cannot change what happened l00 yrs ago, but we sure as Hell can change it for now and another 4 years. Yep, the Rich have gotten richer the past 7 years and the poor have gotten poorer and will even more so.I;ve lived almost 73 years and recall the Bad times, fair times, and god times and the Bad again.I hate to think my grandchildren will have to endure the pitfalls some of us have had to cross. Listen to your heart and soul and then decide what is best not only for you but for your family and the country. The path we are beginning to take leads to a dead end with no turn around. Some peope are born leaders, some are born to follow.We all cannot be leaders, so we must follow the best there is to follow. Within a few weeks, I do believe you will see who to follow and that person has got to have enough experience to take on the entire Muslim world. So far we have only had a taste of the damage conrol they got. i for one don;t care to see the remainder. And, as for the NRA, they can;t or wan't be able to help but spend your money. Better save it for ammo. and a R-l5. O how I wish hunting season opened in Am out West, to see the beauty of our MAKERS work, is worth the expense and trip out, even if you don;t pull the trigger.At my age of 72+ just pray can go again this year and enjoy that god-given beauty that is there to enjoy and see. To bad we all not born with enough $ to see this great country, but with some hard work and lots of luck we can see some of it. See you on the trail. Shoot straight and shoot often. The Old Gunslinger down South who can and does shoot well. Be sure and Vote when time comes to your state,one of the few freebies left.


Spot On Mr. Petzal!!!


Why can't the anti's get it through their thick craniums. The 2nd ammendment is about our ability to defend ourselves against criminals and potential dictators. The only reasonable gun law that exists is to keep guns out of the hands of violent felons. In my opinion the NFA should have been declared unconstitutional and repealed years ago.

Jim in Mo.

I would like to offer the NRA a little constructive criticisum.
I do believe a lot of money is wasted on these constant renewal alerts. Gentlemen you are preaching to the choir. Cut the notices in half and spend the rest on new membership drives.

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