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December 17, 2007

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Some Odds and Ends

1. In April of 06, I was talking about bears with a British Columbia guide who claimed that grizzlies attack humans for territorial reasons, but that black bears do it as a means of obtaining dinner, and will actually stalk a choice two-legged morsel as does a puma.  I'd never heard this before, but today, I saw the same information in Jeff Cooper's Gunsite Gossip. So it must be true. However, I'm certain that the brown bear who nailed Timothy Treadwell was simply irritated beyond endurance.

2. I've often ranted about how the news media screws up any fact relating to guns, but they often fall far short when dealing with the military as well. Earlier this year, for example, in The New York Times, it referred to a soldier whose body had been shipped home from Iraq as having received the Combat Action Ribbon. No, sorry. The CAR is awarded to naval personnel and Marines. Soldiers who have been shot at get the Combat Infantry Badge. You see this stuff all the time. They do not know, and do not know that they do not know.

3. This is kind of far from guns, but I have to pass it along. Years ago I knew a Marine who served in World War II. He makes it home alive and is discharged at the Philadelphia Naval Yard. Now a civilian, although still in uniform, he leaves the Yard and whom does he see but the very Drill Instructor who broke his nose when he was a boot at Parris Island. He steps up and breaks the Drill Instructor's nose, introduces himself, and they both go off to have a beer and celebrate the end of the war.


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Dennis L. Crabtrey II

Wrong. There is a Combat Action Badge. It's only a few years old.


This post lacked substance.

I expect more from future posts


When I discharged from the Army in 1977, there were only two comabt action badges: Combat Infantryman Badge (which I hold, Viet Nam 1970) and the Combat Medical Badge.

I'm sure that has changed to give all the REMF's a badge or two.



I had a drill sergeant in Basic Training at Fort Polk in 1969 that I hated so much that I swore I'd kill him if I ever got the chance.

I was deeply saddened to learn he was KIA a year later. Just goes to show you what stupid thoughts reckless young men have. I was ashamed that the thought ever crossed my mind.

Dennis L. Crabtrey II

To WAMtnhunter:

REMF's???!!! Wow. You must have been a jungle bunny. No love for all the UH-1 Pilots who got shot down that would've quailfied for the current CAB, but not the old CIB. Hate to tell you this but the CIB/CMB are only available to MOS's that quailfy i.e. 11b (infantry). CAB is for all those convoy drivers, MPs, and others who get shot up in a front line free battlefield. Learn what the battlespace is like in modern combat and you'll see more of these awards are required, if given when deserved. Many requests for CABs are turned down. MPs conduct foot patrols, even female MPs for searching suspected female enemies are on the "front Lines." So if you don't like the people in the Rear, keep it to yourself, you only make yourself look badly. try to google Combat Action Badge and read the Wikipedia link.

Brian T

The BC bears: Yeah, so? You forgot to mention that grizz can sprint as fast as a horse when they want to. Their optimum habitat is +/- 100yds of a big, south-facing avalanche track. Dogs to watch your "six" and 12ga buckshot at Mach 1+ to instill a false sense of confidence.



You are correct. The battlespace is light years ahead of where it was in 1945-1970. Back then, the Infantry comprised the vast majority of battlefield casualties. I am not implying that others did not make the ultimate sacrifice. Nor that current combatants don't deserve due recognition.

For years the CIB was retained as the only combat arms "badge" to distinguish those at the tip of the spear. Combat medics sustained way more than their fair share of casualties, too. Also, take note of how many Navy ships are named after Hospital Corpsmen deployed with the Marines.

My personal opinion, which I will post anytime I please Sir, is that ALL the services have been badge and medal happy for the past 20+ years. Those chests full of colorful decorations diminish the distinction of combat awards. But I'm sure with the war in Iraq, there is enough combat opportunity to go around.

I apologize if I offended anyone with my comment about "REMF's". But I see at least one person knows what it means!

One old 11F/11B4P, not a hero.


I have heard that in a bear attack a black bear is more likely to kill you if attacked. Reason is they are looking for food in a full out attack.

Steve C

Only people are stupid enough to write “rules” of animal behavior. You don’t have to go far to find that animals, particularly wild ones, don’t give a rip about the rules no matter how much people think they’re tuned into to their nature or how many years they’ve work around them. Of course you can’t debate this with Tim Treadwell but Siegfried and Roy are still around if you must.

Small world. I was a Huey pilot that took basic at Ft. Polk (a.k.a boil on the buttocks of the world).


Here ya go Dave:

Even today in remote areas of Russia, wolves attack and kill humans, as a food source. Most victims are less than 10 years of age! - Hans Kruup - Hunter and Hunted

A little something extra for your interesting file of useless information!



Iffn you dont want to get et by a bahr.........dont tred in the bahrs kitchen...and especially DO NOT bring pepper sauce....seems bears enjoy pepper spiced human.



That post is reminiscent of COL Cooper's rants that were always in the back of Guns and Ammo.

Good stuff! Ever think about writing for both magazines?

WAMTNHUNTER, Alot of us know what REMF means!




There were a bunch of Warrant Officer Candidates in my basic company. I kept up with a few of them after boot camp. All those I personally knew made it through, to the best of my recollection. I have never been so glad to hear a noise than that wop-wop-wop of a slick inbound! Particularly if you were getting on it to rtb.

Blue Ox

Treadwell was a fruitcake and got what he deserved. Another example of Darwinism at it's finest.


Dave Petzal
How in the heck did you find something in the Jeff Cooper Blog? I went to his website. There would be at least 6 months of reading there if you didn't stop! I wish I would've read some of his stuff back when he was writing it.


I would tend to agree that Treadwell was a little off and he chose poorly to stay amongst so many bears. I would stop short of saying that he deserved to be eaten, but the gene pool is probably better off....


you guys are right on.. But no CIB for us Engineers, even when we go ahead of a mechanized group and breach a perimiter or open a tank trap. Us Commo people 31U -31g tagging along ...No .CIB. WE do get a little color on our chest from time to time. BLow afew bridges, build a few Air strips for the C-130 or clear a beach head.. Really guys It take A wide variety of MOS's to complete the mission. Know a lot of special forces troop who done the same thing under fire with no support from anyone. I salute you all, comrades in arms..

suburban bushwacker

"This post lacked substance.I expect more from future posts"

I felt it had too much substance and would like to see something more ephemeral in the new year, if not before.


Doesn't surprise me. Many in the media don't know a shotgun from a cannon.While I was the manager of the FAA control tower in Missoula Montana,we'd had one airplane taxi into the tail of another aircraft at night on a taxiway on their way to the runway. As I passed the female reporter calling in her story from a payphone (1986) she was reading her story to her editor and stated that the aircraft had collided on the runway. After she hung up, as a way to educate her and correct her story, I said, "Miss, the airplanes collided on the taxiway not the runway." Her response? "Runway taxiway, what's the difference." With such unconcerned stupidity on the part of some reporters, it's best to read or watch their stories with a bit of skepticism!

Black Rifle Addict

I guess any predator can stalk a human as food..if driven by hunger.
Blackies do prefer fresh kill over slightly rotted meat as Griz does.
I had many WWII vet-friends that would fight at the drop of a hat until age seem to mellow them out;I sure miss those old battle shooters.

Galen Burgett

In 2005 I was hunting moose in the Susitna River country and during a solid three day downpour I read a book about Treadwell and his misadventures. I cannot remember the author's name. The last chapter or appendix was devoted to a discussion which detailed the difference between grizzly and black bear behavior relative to attacks on humans. If I remember correctly, a lot of the data and info was researched by Alaska Game & Fish researchers. The conclusion was that griz attacks are more likely territorial or defense of cubs and black bears are intending to consume humans for lunch. It also noted that black bears probably do stalk humans and that an all out black bear attack has greater potential for a fatal end.


As to "Timothy Treadwell," (which was as phony a name as the man, himself):

In true liberal fashion, his juvenile obsessions precipitated the destruction of the very objects of his sympathies:

Not only did he get his own stupid ass killed and eaten, ("nothing became him in life like the leaving,") but he also got his girlfriend killed and eaten as well, so that his brown bear- buddies eventually had to be destroyed, too.

I haven't seen the mischief that Hollywood has done with this story, (and never will!,) but I'll bet it's as phony and perverse as anything that bunch has produced...


Kinda off the subject here folks, but I got a question.
Recently I received a questionaire type thingy from the NRA. It's labeled "2007 National Gun Owner's Action Survey".
What I'm asking is: Has anyone else out there received one and what was your response?



I received one too. I haven't filled it out yet, actually haven't even opened it. Its on my list of things to do (opening it). I usually fill out and return mailed surveys, unlike email surveys. Generally, if you fill out one sent email, you get somewhere around 100 more in your inbox. That's my experience, anyway. Hell, I've got so many color TV's Plasma sets, Ipods, etc on the way, I'll probably need a bigger house with LOTS of plug ins. Sorry Algore.


Animals are not humans, nor can they be quantified or psychologically dissected. The basic rule to apply to bears and mountain lions (especially cats)is the fact they are predators. Just about everything is part of the food chain to them. Wild animals are just that; wild, and as such are unpredictable.

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