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December 28, 2007

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Gun Videos

Mike Toth, our Executive Editor, put me on to a small brochure called Gun Video. (What else would you call a booklet that advertises gun videos? Ralph?) But I digress. There are all sorts of interesting titles in here, but two in particular caught my eye.

One is called "Hot Shots; Hot Girls, Hot Guns," and shows ten topless girls shooting machine guns. The copy says, with disarming frankness, that "…some of the girls are a bit rough about the edges. But if this is what you're looking for, it's only a phone call away." Fair enough. I don't think I'll send for this one, but if Ms. Beau Garrett or Ms. Elisha Cuthbert ever shoot a machine gun topless, my order is on the way.

The second tape (actually, two tapes) is a bit harder to understand. To put it in perspective you should know that there are tapes for bored pussycats that show rodents hopping hither and thither. These tapes play for hours, and even the most jaded feline is mesmerized by them. What we have here is "Exploding Varmints, Part I and 2," which show 500 prairie dogs being reduced to the proverbial red mist. Now a cat is lower on the evolutionary scale than we are (or so I am told; I have my doubts) and I can understand one watching a rodent tape. Hell, a cat will look at the wall for hours. But I think that any Homo sapiens who can watch prairie dogs doing Mary Lou Rettons and Olga Korbuts 500 times should surrender his sapiens to the local police.

Aside from that, there are some very solid and valuable looking DVDs in here, and in case you're interested, you can all 800-942-8273; [email protected].


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Just another exploitive bunch of nonsense! A large percentage of the non-gun-owning population already considers most of us as knuckle dragging neanderthals, these type of videos do nothing but reinforce the stereotype! The two video set of exploding rodents is nothing but a pander to the video game addicted among us!

Swen Swenson

Federico Felline would like to register his protest of your suggestion that cats are beneath us on the evolutionary ladder. After all, who gets to lay about the house and have his every whim gratified while we work our butts off?

Got to agree with the exploding PDs though.

Dr. Ralph

What? No Elisha Cuthbert pictures? Going soft on us Dave, pun intended... After perusing the web I have found the definitive image of this innocent child for our eternal enjoyment and perverse pleasure... beats the hell out of looking at exploding varmints!


I just reflect on all the neat stuff people sell today. Water that's probably inferior to your tap water, but comes in a plastic bottle. Pay per listen radio (Sirius, XM). Now, we can buy videos of people shooting. We can choose half-naked ladies or lots of Prairie dogs dying, or both. Any one of us could have made the videos. Who would of thought that they could sell them? It just amazes me!
I did note above, that there is a link posted to buy these things. If you need them, you REALLY had a bad Christmas!
I guess I'd have much rather seen a link to where the books in the previous blog could be purchased. I would make the choice to spend my free time perusing the books from the previous blog than watching the videos described here.


Topless babes with machine guns? Hours of exploding varmits? Is this the best site on the Web or what? Happy New Year to all!

YooperJack: Amazon.com should be able to supply the books or direct you to a used dealer. They are pretty reasonable.

Dr. Ralph

Well, I'm doing my duty as a true sportsman... tomorrow I will venture forth in pursuit of the white tail with three teenagers only one of which has ever shot a deer, and that was when I took him last year. Years of studying the patterns and movements of the Odocoileus Virginianus in my particular area will hopefully help these boys discover the joy, pain, sorrow, excitement and growth that comes from taking the life of a worthy opponent. Wish us luck... by the way, tomorrow if it's brown it's down and 3 antlerless deer per day for the remainder of the season is the law.

Steve C

I'm sure the low-lifes peddling this crap appreciate this. Those suckers at Remington and Ford have to pay for such advertisement.


Good luck, Dr. Ralph. As for me, I'm going to spend some time looking for a topless babe to mount, er, hunt, er, go hunting with. Yeah, that's it...

Ralph the Rifleman

Hummm...topless machine gunning babes...Happy New year to all!


One thing for sure, they will not shoot the Browning, 50cal with out some clothing on. The hulls and belt clips flying around gets awful hot... "know what I mean Vern?"


Anyone who thinks cats are "lower on the evolutionary scale" than we are hasn't spent much time in Detroit, Washington, D.C., Newark or L.A.


I have no wisdom for this...as I'm looking at my Sports Illustrated 2008 desk calendar. January 1 shows a girl dressed (I say, barely) in a bikini made entirely of guitar picks. What a country !!!!!

Dave Lamenzo  ("Paratrooper Dave")



You must tell us all who Ms. Beau Garrett and Ms. Elisha Cuthbert are and why they mean so much to you.

Look forward to your reply!

Paratrooper Dave

Clay Cooper

What’s next? Naked pictures of Janet Reno playing with matches! What people get off on and think of next? I’m glad my Grandson Alex didn’t read this, this time!!


Topless Babes with machine guns? Think I would like to view this before making a judgement. It may jiggle and firm up my attitude.


Topless babes with machine guns eh. Sounds like a Dillon Press Video. Opps those girls aren't topless but we wish they were. If you subscribe to the Dillon Blue Press magazine you know what I mean. Honest I just subscribe to it just for the articles.

Chev Jim

I'd hate to think what would happen if one of those topless babes had a hot cartridge case land in her "bosom" while firing full auto! Who hasn't had a hot case go down his or her shirt during a range session? Once upon a time, at a Ft. Benning range, a "lefty" basic trainee was firing his M16 prone and had a cartridge case go down his neck. He jumped up and shot the trainee next to him. After a few such incidents, the Army mandated the use of a "bumper" behind the ejection port to help redirect the trajectories of ejected cases.

Chev Jim

I'd hate to think what would happen if one of those topless babes had a hot cartridge case land in her "bosom" while firing full auto! Who hasn't had a hot case go down his or her shirt during a range session? Once upon a time, at a Ft. Benning range, a "lefty" basic trainee was firing his M16 prone and had a cartridge case go down his neck. He jumped up and shot the trainee next to him. After a few such incidents, the Army mandated the use of a "bumper" behind the ejection port to help redirect the trajectories of ejected cases.


I prefer the babes' Chesticles. I watched "First Blood" tonight. Rambo's did nothing for me.


For actual live enjoyment rather than videos I suggest SHOTGUN WILLIE'S just out of Billings, Montana for in-the-flesh topless babes. Insofar as the P-dawgs there will be mega-thousands ready for the rifle this spring around Miles City. Don't know much about the machine gun part but certainly feel that if you could latch onto to an M-16, a few thousand rounds, and one of Willie's girls for the day you would probably forego the videos in favor of the real thing. You probably should take along your own video camera so you will have a treasure to watch in your old age. However it turns out it has got to be better than most of the TV hunting shows.


Also concerning the TV hunting videos, have you guys every noticed the preponderance of single shot rifles in use? Most seem to be some variation of a T/C. I see a few of these every now and then in the west gun stores but don't personally know anyone who uses them. There certainly is nothing wrong with the rifle within its limitations but I just don't observe as much use in the Rockies as one would think after watching a day of guys and gals shooting those deer with hammer, break-open single shots on the tube. I do encounter quite a few No. 1s but most everyone has a bolt action of some sort plus the occassional lever gun around camp. Just curious if its like this everywhere.



Think T/C passed out a lot of rifles as "promo" items. May be why they had to sell out or allow themselves to be bought out!
IMHO, T/C made really great "replica" rifles in the Hawken and Renegade. Haven't had the pleasure of dealing with their single shot's.


Eldon  Dickens


Sorry, sir, you need to catch up in your reading of Stephen Jay Gould. There is no such thing as an "evolutionary scale," (except in the minds of social darwinists, who always consider themselves more advanced than lower beings regardless of the overwhelming lack of evidence). Evolution does not support the idea of progress, whatever that is, neither in the individual, nor society, nor nature at large. (The idea of evolution equating with progress has rather become a liberal sop. Progress usually boils down to a collection of things that some person likes, but that others might not, such as parking lots and iPods and popular election of the President. Just FYI, I consider myself a political and somewhat asocial liberal. How do I justify being on this blog with such a radical position: the Right to Keep and Bear Arms, indeed, the idea of Natural Rigths and Natural Law, are liberal ideas. The Federalists tended to be conservative, wanting to retain power in a central government bureaucracy much like dear Mother England. Yes, most people who call themselves liberals, whether they are or not, seem to have forgotten their history.)

The videos do not tend to support that humans are somehow a higher race than than any other on this planet. We humans have built machine guns, automobiles and space rockets which among an infinite number of other things, no other beasty has accomplished. The only practical use of any of these might be in improving our hunting, which makes machine guns a bit anachromistic. Cars are somewhat more dependable though more expensive and environmentally dubious than horses and mules. Satellites can do good geological and biological survey work. All the rest, except Beethoven, Bach, Mozart and Tchaikovsky et al (I can't list them all, after all.), fine wine, and good literature, are largely superfluous. Did I fail to mention women? Well, they are members of our race, all appearances to the contrary, and absolutely necessary to the enjoyment of life, but also one of its great challenges. If you can get them to shoot machine guns with you, clothed or not, more power to you.



You are absolutely correct regarding the replica Hawkins and Renegades by T/C. My limited experiences with them as well as a couple of the older Contenders were nothing but successful. I finally gave up on the Contenders because of the excessive costs associated with buying dies, brass, bullets, scopes, etc. for each barrel of different caliber. I always had several other handguns and rifles anyway. I still had fun with them for a few years before letting go of the whole lot to a guy who wanted them much more than me. I agree that the TV T/Cs must be promo items as well.
Happy New Year to everyone...

Blue Ox

So uh, Dickens, just how much more advanced are ya? I was just wondering, 'cause them's an awfull lot of big words that youse flingin' at us up there.

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