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December 07, 2007

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A List of Firearms Superlatives

1. THE MOST REVOLUTIONARY MODERN RIFLE:  The Remington Nylon Model 66 (1959). The Model 66 was an autoloader whose stock was made from a plastic called Zytel. It was like nothing that had come before but, unlike most radically different guns, which have terrible flaws, this one was absolutely terrific.
2. FINEST HANDGUN: The Korth. There is a double-action Korth revolver and a double-action auto, both made to a standard that is unattainable by all but the insane or by Germans; in this case, the latter. The guns cost so much that prices are not listed. If you buy one, will you be able to lord it over everyone else? Of Korth.
3. FINEST AMERICAN RIFLE:  The Winchester Model 86. This big lever-action was chambered for black-powder cartridges and is, as a piece of machinery, the best thing the United States ever sent out a factory door. Its complex mechanism is built with the precision of a watch.

4. COUPLE THAT HAS DONE THE MOST FOR THE SHOOTING INDUSTRY'S BOTTOM LINE: Bubba and Hillary. Clintonphobia has sold more guns, ammo, primers, high-capacity magazines, and AR-15s than you can shake a balance sheet at.
5. GREATEST SPOKESMAN FOR GUN OWNERS' RIGHTS: The Late Harlon Carter. With all respect to Charlton Heston, no one ever made jokes about Harlon. He was the founder of the NRA's Institute for Legislative Action and served as its Executive Director for its first two years. Carter was an orator, and a force. I once saw him send a whole roomful of anti-gun reporters slinking from a press conference like whipped dogs.
6. SINGLE BEST CARTRIDGE FOR HUNTING ALL NORTH AMERICAN GAME: The .338 Winchester Magnum. Loads of power, and finesse when you need it.



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Dave, do you have any cute Grand Daughters in their 20's or early 30's? I really need to become part of your family, respectfully.


According to the Gospel as preached by Petzal for a number of years, low recoil is prized. I seem to recall that he has noted that the 6.5 Swede is used to take moose in Finland, and, to almost quote, not knowing any better, the moose die. The implication was that the wise Europeans never use too much gun.

So. . .is there a new revelation? The 338 as the best caliber? Did grizzlies alter the equation, or is recoil not as important as Prophet Petzal has led to believe?


Dave, I couldn't agree more with everything in this article, except I'd never heard of the Korth. Thanks for the insight.


I absolutely love my Nylon 661 Ive had it for about 30 years.At one time I could light a match and shoot a penny lengthwise. Havin problems with it now. I think I have actually shot it out. Ill take it to a gunsmith before I give it up. Dont care if fixin it cost more than its worth too sentimental. No. 6 is really gonna get some reactions.


Typo on th Nylon 66, sorry.


Obviously this list of superlatives will generate alot of heat. It will make for lively discussion. With Black Bear being the largest game animal where I live and hunt I'll stick to my 270 WSM. Now that's putting fuel on the fire. Remember it's the Indian.


Ya ,.. day shoot da moose in Norway & Sweden tooo,vit da 6.5
So as much as I do respect da Petzal man,.. I gonna disagree dis time.
.338 only needed ven ole and Liena get into big argument ,.. Den vee need a lot of noise or a fire hose to get em apart ,.. or if you need to shoot a brown at 250 yd which i tink is a prettty risky proposition

Dave in St Pete


I'll back you up on the Nylon 66. I bought one about 3 months ago for 180 out the door.

Shoots like nothing I've ever held before. Fun, fast, accurate, light, just a joy to shoot.

Dr. Ralph

Cancel my subscription... oh wait, I'm not paying for this crap. Petzal has your home office been overtaken by the jack booted thugs? Bet they pulled up some bogus "illegal importation of firearms from South Africa" rap and have thrown you in the stockade. Never fear, help is on it's way. I warned you about not being anonymous, and in the middle of a presidential campaign you bring up baby burning and snipers taking out unarmed helpless women under an Attorney General hand picked by the FRONT RUNNER? You realize, of course, that the IRS will be next...
I know all of this because of the bad craziness you call the sixth superlative. It's an obvious cry for help. No sane man would make this call. You want everyone to know you are no longer in control of your facilities and need heavily armed men in body armor to intervene.
Either that or Clay Cooper has hacked into your system and replaced "30-06 Springfield" with ".338 Winchester Magnum".


Dang Doc I just spit my tea all over my keyboard.LOL


Off subject but let us not forget this day, Dec. 7 1941.

Blue Ox

.338 is fine for taking north american game, but I'd rather go with a .375 H&H. Good medicine for anything on the planet.
But that's just me.

Blue Ox

Greg, how many keyboards have you gone thru this weeek?


I keep several stacked in the corner away from the computer! About 3 I think?


Don't forget Sen. Boxer and Sen. Schumer as salepersons for the "get your guns now while you can award".

I always like the Rem. mod 522 speedmaster beter than nylon 66 even though it didn't look as cool.

There is no comparison to Harlan Carter.

Didn't we just do the 30-06 vs .270 thing.

How about a S & W Mod 29 or 1911?

Steve C

1. As a owner of a Nylon 66, it’s a fine gun but still just a plinker. Also makes you wonder why they stopped making it 20 years ago if it’s still the most modern revolutionary rifle.

6. We’re talking about game which can run from a 20lb bobcat to a 2000lb polar bear. No doubt, a .338 will kill them all. Then again, same could be said for a .460 Weatherby. I’d vote for the .300 Winchester Magnum as the best one-size-fits-all. Bullets and loads are available for true sporting use for the full range of game without the mess. But have that .460 Weatherby ready as a back up in case you get sloppy on the polar bear.

7. When it comes to the kinds of people I want in the woods with a gun, I’d have to put educated before patient.

Dr. Ralph

Thanks Greg... sorry to say I had forgotten. My Great Uncle Engdahl was in Pearl Harbor that day and lived to his mid eighty's. Retired from the military and then the Army Corps of Engineers. Last time I saw him was at my mom's funeral in 2000 and he was drinking bourbon and talking about the Japanese culture and how they were so much different from us because of their tradition of "saving face". It was the one thing he could not forgive them... they were the enemy.


Ruger 10-.22 out shoots, out reliables, out lasts and looks better (IMhO) than the Nylon 66!

As to the Korth; have you seen and handled the new S&W .460 X-Frame yet? Here is a factory offering which fires probably the best big game revolver round yet invented and the ones I've handled (in gun stores only -- the same ones we all can buy) seem excellent. The Korth is by all accounts precision crafted, meticulously finished and beautiful but who among us plebes has ever even laid eyes on one? I haven't

On the single best cartridge for all North American game I have to disagree; but you knew that! Although on paper the .338 Win Mag has the best attributes for the job the reality is that few people will put the money and effort into being able to shoot it well enough! If we restrict the discussion here to rifle cartridges then the .30-06 gets the nod; there are factory loads for every conceivable hunting situation, rifles aplenty and almost anyone can learn to shoot it well with out breaking the bank! If we open this up then the 12 Gauge shotgun wins hands down; everything from pigeons to polar bears have fallen to its bellow.

Dave in St Pete

Dr Ralph,

I won't question your statement that your Uncle still saw them as the enemy, but in any case I think he is correct.

I believe we in the US including (especially) our diplomats are naive beyond imaging when dealing with foreign cultures. Especially near and far Eastern ones.

Dave in St Pete


I've never been a 10-22 fan. I think it's because everyone has one. (I guess I'm just a pervert...errr I mean PERVERSE).

As far as the 12 gauge I'll go along with that. If I could only have one long gun it would be a 12.


Do people around here not have any sense of class. I agree with the winchester 1886 as americas greatest rifle. In 405 or 45-70 they are a great rifle heck look at the model 71 winchester. Its the same design as the 86 except in smokeless and chambered in a great cartridge. The designed the 94 after the 86 action. Iagree with most of your stuff but i think the 375H&H is a better all around cartridge.


Doc R:

-On DP’s rant, It’s The Enemies! They’re everywhere!

-Dec 7th: I’ve yet to find a Pacific War Vet that had or wanted to show any kindness to the Japanese. There has to be rationale to carry that grudge, that deeply, for that long and go to the grave with no apologies or remorse.

--Remington has come out with a number of Model 66 type .22’s. The Viper and 597 are the latest using synthetics. Except for the barrel and a few other parts the Viper is re-cycled pop bottles. Survival rifles, they are IMO.

--338 is really good for the world’s hunting as well as North America big game. Most people can handle a 338 Mag. 375 HH takes a special action and the rifles are too bulky compared to a 338.

--H Carter made Conan the Barbarian look like a whimp as he “crushed his enemies, saw them driven before him, and heard the lamentations of the women”. The 2A Battle stems from Harlon and people are obviously still talking about him.

--Clinton’s—Fatally flawed. Hillary elected president will have her being Billy’s mouth piece for his 90’s policies in a new century and millennium. I feel like I'm watching 40-year old campus radical battles. Obama will never get the Dem’s blessing even if he deserves it. No way the Clinton crowd is going to be locked out of the loop. The Democratic Party will be hijacked, if it hasn’t already.

--Patience and Self-Control; Yeah. …And they can go at any time, to any one at the most inconvenient moments.


Dave: Harlon Carter remains as controversial as he was in the 70s, but he saw its membership as the strength of the NRA as nobody has before or since. Included in his remarks to the NRA Cincinnati meeting in '77 was this immortal passage: "You, the membership, are entitled to have an NRA that is responsive to your wishes. That is right, that is what you have demanded, and that's the way it is going to be ... You are the NRA, not I, not these gentleman here [referring to the Directors and staff on the dais]. You are all we have."


I know that Pearl Harbor Vets who still hold a grudge are probably wrong, but I find it hard to judge them after what they experienced. I beleive that any of the WWII Vets can have those feelings.


338 Win Mah in a custom Belgian Browning my grandfather gave is the best gone I've ever owned. It does not have bad recoil!!!! It also shoots .6 inch groups at 100 yards. Thanks for praising the 338.

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