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December 14, 2007

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A Commercial for Christmas

The average television commercial is one of the more dismal aspects of modern life, being designed for the brain-damaged and the permanently silly. This one, however, is a small masterpiece, and is particularly appropriate for this time of year. It was sent me by a former captain in the 101st Airborne, and was sent to him by a fellow Screaming Eagle captain who served two tours in Viet Nam and was wounded near the end of the second one. A hand salute to A-B and to the people who made this gem.


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G man, ... no lectures here. If you know for sure that invading Iraq was not central to the security of the United States or other dedocratic countries, please explain 911, bombings in England and France, Russia etc... Explain why the Muslim faith have declared "Death to America ". vowing to take America from with-in it's self, wait a minute, I might have answered my own question


Hey ,,any of you guys in the military during the Cuban Blockade? I wonder what would have happened if it had not been defused in six days? Do you think an invasion could have happened...we could have waited for a 911 in Miami..


Ret'd Mil
I received an email letter from my Congressman tonite. The topic was Iraq. While he said that "He supports the troops but cannot support the mission". I gave it to him both barrels. Thank you for all of the ammo.


Enough politics, religions etc.. Back to hunting and fishing. I just this afternoon went through several guns, cleaning and oiling.. going to go down to the creek and shoot some ice cicles off the cliffs. Didn't get to go back out during this late muzzle season.. Before long I'm going through my fishing gear, get ready for Muskies in March or before if weather cooperates.. Cave Run Lake here in Kentucky has a good supply of keeper muskies, 50-60 Inchers. You guys in Wi. should have the same.. lot of grouse right now also.


sarg (SFC Smith): I am in for the duration, which means age 60 (2 yrs 8 mos to go). At that I will only get 24+ years due to a 16+ year civilian break.

My MOS is 63M now, although I have been 63T, 75B, 71L, 88M and 76P. All over the MOS map!


SFC JTJ Good to have more than One MOS.. Should help with Rank, I just retired a couple of years ago, I too had a length break in service befor returning. 63 M, track mechanic? I was A 63 B ,62B I was the Battalion Commo NCO for A engineer group, five companies and Headquarters. I turned down E-8 with a helicopter group (Blackhawks) at Frankfort Ky. They had just grounded the new Sincgar radios , They had the Vic-1 intercom. It was funny ,butwhen I was going to school for ANOC for my E-7 I almost didn't finish, I only had 6 years to go and with only one E-7 in commo I thought "no use" but went ahead. Then while in Ecudor about two weeks later the E-7 had to get out. so i became the battalion commo nco. You be sure you stay in and finish. The insurance is worth it all. Tricare Prime $462.00 per year. cannot beat that.


Hey Alamo, you from Texas?.. If you are, been there sveral times. Lackland AFB and Ft. Hood.


sarg: 63T = track vehicle mechanic, 63M = BFV SYS mechanic (Bradley IFVs). Just for fun, if you haven't seen it yet, you must watch "Pentagon Wars". Truth is much stranger than fiction!


I knew 63 T was track .we Engineers used a lot of 113-A2 and 577's.Roger that Pentagon Wars. Hey , speaking of the Pentagon, I know the Chief of staff,s aid and driver, and his wife is the aid to the Vice Chief of Staff.. I've got their "coins" and large autographed pictures of Gen. Cody and Gen Schoomaker just before he went back into retirement.. Gen Casey took his position as Chief Of Staff


SGT JTJ, you in the 2nd. Army reserve component. The big reda nd white 2?


Yeah Sarge, sixth generation.

My brother went through OTS at Lackland in 85, then returned there in 02 as an XO. He's now at Maxwell. My old man did basic at Lackland as well then aviation cadets at Keesler. BTW, I've heard deer hunting on the reservation at Hood is some of the best.

You mentioned the Cuban Missle Crisis in an above post. My dad was a shavetail crew member aboard the RB-47 overflights that did ELINT in conjunction with the U-2 photo intel. His outfit lost two airplanes during the crisis-not shootdowns obviously- just that the sortie load was so heavy.

You ask the million dollar question-What could have happened? After looking back from a perspective of a carrer that advanced into the intelligence community, my father believes the Soviets were a hell a of a lot more frightened than we. Our technological advatange was still enormous. Castro has also admitted that he knew he was in a no win situation, essentially saying that giving the most powerful nation on earth a pretext for invasion was insanity. Although some interpreted the cooling of relations between Cuba and the USSR was because the Soviets backed down, Castro insists that it was precisely because the Soviets almost precipitated the destruction of Cuba & La Revelucion.

I'm in KY now- Gotta hear more about the muskie fishing at Cave Hollow. USed to fish for them at Pomme de Terre in MO-Lots of fun.


Alamo, thats Cave Run Lake in Rowan County, or Morehead, Ky. Great Muskie fishing lately, I know a couple of guides that come in to the little sport shop we visit a lot. One had some nice pictures the other day. Muskie fishing is a cold weather sport here. I did see some deer at Hood but didn't get to do much, Ft.Knox here in Ky. has a lot of nice deer. Seasons are no over except bow season. It's still in. I will get my boat cleaned up in March or maybe Feb. if weather will permit. Several good bass lakes here close. Some i don't like as much as Cave Run. I'm waiting for the Elk to improve in our area. they are drawing for them now until April. If you are interested in the guides phone # let me know.. both are nice guys, known them for ever. Or you can do like a lot of people, just fish on your own..
The advantage to the guide you don't have to hunt for the muskies. If you raise a nice muskie but don't get him, he will be at the same place tomorrow.. that where the guides come. not necessary for great fishing, well got traveel a little this morning. You have Merry Christmas..


Well ,.. just looked at the video,.. didnt see it before,.

I can if provoked ramble,.. and given the subject matter ,.. I could really get going here.
But I wont
Will say however,..
A range of emotions washed over me I did not expect,or maybe just havent felt in a very long ,. time ,..

Went from being immediatly pi$$ed off.
That we were treated like, and accused of being the scum retuning from a 13 month US subsidized baby killing spree
Back in 70.
To that of Thank God its not like that now.

I agree with Mr Cooper seldom,.. about anything other than 30-06 and few other minor parallels, but in this case I do.
Active Military in / on war footing should not be taxed for anything.

Becuase know it or not ,.. they will NOT EVER be the same after combat.their family will never be the same either .
We are in for some socieital ride when guys who have three tours in,. come back and try to reintegrate. a lot wont make it.
Thank you Mr Bush

I would also borrow from Mr. Petzal here in that.
Like the guy MR Goldstien
cold-cocked on post office steps
( congratulation Mr Goldstien I did something similar) I believe they did not know enough to know what they didn't know.
My father use to say
"The damn fool isnt smart enough know how damn dumb he is."
Both I believe apply in many cases where the venue is clouded by way more mouth than brains or comon sence.

However I can also say those "mutts" ( bug infested hippie scum) took liscense they had no right to take ,..back then.
As for damn sure I did not or anyone I ever met.
Wake up one morning at 17 and decide.
Ya know,.. I needed to go to south east asia to kill VC when I turn 19,.. nobody does.

I my case Mr Goldstien ,. I was not long out of the green (man eating) machine ,..when I was accosted by one of the bug infested individules you describe .
Skinny little mutt with fringed leather vest over a flowered shirt ( hate flowerd shirts to this day ) hanging with a tall girl with big "calibers" swinging all over the place.

He got his mouth going and he got too close ( something you do not do with somone fresh out of that arena) ,. and got his A$$ kicked quickly ,.. then she came at me ,.. shreiking some Jane Fonda crap.
When I walked a way a few seconds later both were siting down with that "car accident" look Wondering I am certain what the hell just happend.
Only time I ever laid a hand on a woman in anger,.. and never again .

But I can say if I saw those two this afternoon I would forth with,.. kick there a$$es again.

God Bless out troops.

If Ralph the spelling cop reads this ,. save it ,.. its Christmas



I am interested in where you encountered the scummy bastards you referred to. I saw that kind of behavior on the news, but never witnessed it.
When my father returned from his last go round in 71, my mother, brother and I were living in a small town in Nebraska- population 400. We went into Omaha to pick up my father who had been gone for 11 months. When we got back from the airport, there was a huge sign on our garage that said Welcome Home! and was signed by just about everyone in the entire town.
My fellow southerners sometimes ask me why I tend to be more charitable to Yankees- I just tell them that story. And needless to say, I have and always will have a deep and abiding respect and love for small town and rural folks. The most special aspects of the American character are preserved in our small communities.


Alamo, Yohan:
I bet that Yohan was talking about San Francisco. I never met more scum than in that city.
When we came back under the Golden Gate, the bridge was packed with pedestrians. I, the eternal moron, thought that they were there to welcome us home! An old CPO said "You idiot! Every one of them has a bag of either poop or pee, and there going to drop them on us"!
I used to dread every trip off that base. When time came to reup, I went home. I never wanted to see the West Coast again!
P.S. Chief didn't say pee or poop.



Ya ,.. small towns better in that regard.

and the further south you got the more sympathy / empathy for returning troops.Not sure why. Being from a major city in the North I did apprecaite it.

Specifically I incountered the set of mutts i mentined.
Late one afternoon close to
the central commons area on the UW Wisconsin White Water campus.

But I had other run-ins with that bunch.
Once in college bar where i
and one other of my ilk ,.. had to defend ourselves ,. viggerously. and another time in Chicago ,..
truthfully tho ,. he majority of the working people no matter where you went were better than the so called hippies with a cauase.
More like rebels without a clue.
preaching noncoformity yt who all ware the stupid lookin sissy cloths and who all needed to be high to identify with there group

These were no more than kids who's parents had enough money that they had nothig better to do that find something to bitch about.
Fact is in my opinion we didnt ccomplish a dam thing there except loose a lot of american lives . Also have to admit while am reservig judgement,. have similar feeling about our present situation. Not so much that we went ,.. but how we went when and where we went.
I can hardly wait to read the book that is certain to come from
Col Powel ,. once hes got enough distance beteen him and the what I refer to as Bush Rumsfeld Libby genius pool .

Sorry if ruffled feathers ,. but I as many know for a certainty ,. we went at it all wrong this time.

However,.. again,.. still,.. and alweays.

God Bless our troops.


Yooper ,. ya
Also the great San Fran,.. but we were told about that ,. and we were ready (as you canbe) for that kind of thing
The Whitewater thing and a couple times in Chi for some reason shocked me and at the same time Pi$$ed me off,.. which is when i started to get back in a few faces. Funny how those Chicken $hit mooks reacted when you went right back at em.
Couple times walked away with their women too YUK YUK ,.
Who apparently had hd enough of the toked out sissy A$$ mommas boys .
Sensitive to every little bug on the planet ,. including the ones living in there skivies.

can’t get your trackbacks to work. I’ve linked from

Walter Cronkite: Still stuck on stupid. An excerpt::

The part that Michelle and Austin didn’t mention is that the ‘68 Tet
offensive was a major military defeat for the Viet Cong, not for the South or
for the US. With the VC beaten and broken after the offensive, the North
Vietnamese would have abandoned their hopes of conquering the south if not for
the assistance they got from Walter Cronkite, John Kerry, Jane Fonda and
others of their pathetic ilk.

We were still winning when I left in ‘72.

Comment by Bill Faith — 1/15/2006 @ 10:10 pm

Clay Cooper

Received an email letter from my Congressman tonight?
I hope you are starting to see what I see Sir…

Sarg, if you’re talking about the Cuban Missile crises, we came within a press of a button to WWIII. I remember that day like it happened today. I was 7 years old and my Father was stationed at Vandenberg AFB California. He was with the Titan II propulsion section. I got a lot of inside info that others don’t know. I can say that the reason we came so close is that we had a U2 spy plane flying into north Russia that was being thought of the first bomber coming in. Another come close is, Cape Canaveral just launched a rocket/missile and nobody in the military knew about the launch. They first thought it was a sub launched ballistic missile. Praise God for cool heads on both sides!


Clay, I musT be a little older than you , I was at Lackland, then to Chanute,Il. when that was taking place.


Clay, go to Military.com and read the article about the M-4 carbines.. see what you think.


Clay Cooper
I was able to get a response from the Congressman. He detailed all of the votes he made to fund the troops and get a pullout date. I think that on that issue, he is beyond hope! Unfortunately or fortunately, his support of Right To Life and 2A are both impeccable and unwavering. Maybe Ms. Pelosi has some type of menu that these people may choose "deviant paths" from. As long as they vote with her on other issues, they might be able to stray a bit on others.


I was in fifth or sixth grade when the Cuban Missle Crisis happened. We were scared. We lived about 100 miles from K.I. Sawyer AFB. Home of B-52s and nukes. Everyone was trying to find out the range of fallout from Russian bombs and missles. On another note, we used to drill for Nuclear blast. The technique involved being next to a reinforced wall, Crouching, grabbing your ankles and tucking the chin. Fortunately, we never had to find out that this didn't work. A priest and I were talking about this a few years ago. He was teaching in an all black inner city school at that time and was going through the drill with his students. He said "Grab your ankles" A fifth grade boy said "And kiss your ass goodbye". The student wasn't punished.


sarg: >
No. Left shoulder wears a Keystone (ACU - black, Class A - red, courtesy of the PAARNG). Right shoulder has USARV, but I am authorized now to wear four other combat patches from sandbox time.

Dr. Ralph

I grew up in middle America USA. Farmland... flyover country... hard working people with no money but plenty of guns. We welcomed our soldiers home, had parades, Vietnam vets came to my grade school and were heroes. No protesting, no hippies that didn't get their asses kicked regularly until they moved, and no spitting on soldiers. We realized they were fighting for us. We played army and killed gooks... what the hell is wrong with these city folk?

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